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The name of this organization shall be The MA/RI Chapter of the Employee Assistance
Professionals Association (EAPA). The purpose of this Chapter is to afford members and
their guests the opportunity to meet periodically to discuss matters of mutual professional
interest, professional development, development of training programs, maintenance of
EAPA program standards, resources to the community at-large, promotion of the
development of ethical and credible employee assistance (EA) programs, and the
exchange of ideas.

                                     EAPA Goals

   1. Professional Ethics: Support the highest level of ethical practice among employee
      assistance professionals.
   2. Professional Development: Continuously improve the competency and
      qualifications of employee assistance professionals.
   3. Professional Standards: Foster the highest level of employee assistance program


No person shall be a member of the Chapter unless he/she is also a member in good
standing of EAPA International. Also, no person who is a member of EAPA International
will be denied membership in the Chapter.

Section 1: Types of Membership

A. INDIVIDUAL Membership
1. Professional Member – An individual currently engaged in employee assistance
professional activities, including direct delivery or management of EA services, EA
consulting, teaching of EA programming or any of its specialized functions at an
Accredited college or university, and EA related research. Professional members may
vote and hold office in EAPA at the chapter or branch level. However only professionals
currently active in the profession may hold office at the international level.
a) Certified Professional Member – A Professional Member who is currently a
Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP).
b) Retired Professional Member - A Professional Member retired from active
employment in employee assistance.

2. Associate Member – An individual who is associated with or interested in the field of
Employee assistance, for example; an affiliate provider, vendor, government official,
Human resources professional or other individual not directly engaged in an EA role.
Associate members may vote and hold office other than president at the chapter level.
Associate members may not vote or hold office at the international level.
3. Student Member – An individual who is currently enrolled in a degree-granting
program at a nationally or regionally accredited educational institution. Students must
submit evidence of their student status annually. Student members may not vote or hold
office at the chapter, branch, or international level.
4. Emeritus Member – This is an honorary membership category. To achieve this status,
an individual must be nominated by a member of the board of directors and approved by
the board of directors. To be eligible for this award, the individual must have at least 15
years of individual membership in EAPA; be retired from any active employee assistance
paid work; be a past or current CEAP; and have served EAPA in at least two elected or
appointed positions at either the chapter, branch, or international level. The individual
must be personally present at the annual conference awards ceremony to receive the
award unless medically or financially unable to attend. A maximum of two individuals
may be approved in any given year. Emeritus members may vote and hold office at the
chapter or branch level, but not at the international level.

1. Organizational Member - A company, labor union, institution, agency, or
governmental unit interested in or supportive of employee assistance programs,
professionals, or services. Organizational membership carries no voting or office-holding
privileges at the chapter, branch, or international levels. Only one designated
representative is allowed membership status per this designation.
2. Government Agency Member - An optional category for a governmental unit. Under
this membership, the governmental unit receives none of the services/benefits otherwise
associated with organizational membership, and instead designates one employee of
the unit to receive individual member benefits. The designated employee of a
Government agency member will have the voting and office holding privileges associated
with either the individual professional or associate membership, depending upon
whether he/she is currently personally engaged or not engaged in employee assistance
professional activities.

Section 2: Dues and Assessments

   a. In addition to EAPA International dues, each Chapter member shall pay Chapter
      dues as determined by the Chapter Executive Committee.
   b. Emeritus or other honorary members shall not be assessed any dues or
      assessments as condition of such membership.

Section 3: Nondiscrimination

   a. No person shall be denied membership in the Chapter on the basis of race, age,
      disability, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation or gender identity and
      expression. The Chapter welcomes individuals of diverse backgrounds as
      members and is committed to facilitating their inclusion and participation in all
      Chapter activities.

Chapter meetings may be held at such intervals as may be decided by the Chapter, but not
less than four (4) times per year.


Section 1: Chapters Officers shall comprise the Executive Committee. All Chapter
Officers shall be voting members for board decisions. The members of the Executive
Committee shall be:

   a.   President
   b.   Vice President
   c.   Secretary
   d.   Treasurer
   e.   Labor Officer
   f.   Immediate Past President

Section 2: Specifications for Officers

    a. All candidates for Chapter Officer must be members of the Chapter.
    b. Chapter Officers shall be elected biennially by a majority of eligible voting
    c. An Officer may be elected to the same position for no more than two consecutive
    d. The Chapter President must be:
                1. A Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP).
                 2. Employed at an EAP/LAP or MAP.
       e. The Chapter Labor Officer must meet the following qualifications:
             (1) Possess a valid union card
             (2) Be a member in good standing by paying monthly union dues to the
             appropriate Local Union. This must be validated by a letter from the
             secretary/treasurer or recording secretary of such Union.
             (3) Be actively involved in providing or administering a joint Labor-
             Management EAP or Member Assistance Program (MAP).
Section 3: Duties of the Officers

   a. President:

             (1) Serves as the chief spokesperson for the Chapter.
             (2) Presides at all Chapter meetings.
             (3) Chairs the Chapter Executive Committee.
             (4) Appoints committee chairpersons with the majority approval of the
                 Chapter Executive Committee.
             (5) Is the Chapter liaison to the EAPA International District Director.
             (6) Performs such other duties incident to the office of President.
             (7) Performs such other duties and has such other powers as the Chapter
                 Executive Committee prescribes.
             (8) Represents or designates Chapter representatives whenever possible to
                 attend district and international conferences.
             (9) In the case of a tie vote, will have the deciding vote
             (10)      In the event of the resignation or death of a Chapter Officer, will
                 appoint another Chapter member to fill that position for the remainder of
                 the term. The Chapter President will attempt 3 times to appoint a
                 member to a vacant office, and if unsuccessful, the position will remain

   b. Vice President:

             (1) In the absence or disability of the President, performs the duties and
                 exercises the powers of the President, if necessary, for the remainder of
                 the elected term.
             (2) Chairs the Chapter Program Planning Committee.
             (3) Performs such other duties and has such other powers as the Chapter
                 Executive Committee prescribes
             (4) In the event of the resignation or death of the President, immediately
                 becomes the Chapter President for the remainder of the elected term.
                 The former Vice President is then able to serve, if elected, as Chapter
                 President for two additional full terms or to be re-elected as Vice
                 President for one additional full term as Vice President if qualified as
                 stated in Article IV, Section 2 c.
   c.   Secretary:

             (1) Keeps the minutes of all Chapter Executive Committee meetings.
             (2) Provides the mailing of formal notice of all Chapter meetings through
                  letter, website posting and/or electronic mail.
             (3) Provides the mailing of the Ballot of Officers to the voting members of
             the Chapter by letter and/or electronic mail.
             (4) In an election year, notifies Chapter members of the upcoming election
             by electronic mail in the months of December and January.
             (1) Performs such other duties incident to the office of Secretary.
            (2) Performs such other duties and has such other powers as the Chapter
                Executive Committee prescribes.

    d. Treasurer:

            (1) Works under the guidelines established by the Chapter Executive
            Committee and Association Bylaws.
            (2) Supervises the funds of the Chapter.
            (3) Submits to EAPA International whatever reports may be required.
            (4) Reports annually to the Chapter membership within three months of the
            end of the fiscal year (Fiscal year is July 1 – June 30)
            (5) Is responsible to ensure that the official corporate and financial records
            of the Association are properly maintained.
            (6) Cooperates with the Audit Committee appointed by the Executive
            (7) Performs such other duties incident to the office of Treasurer.
            (8) Performs such other duties and has such other powers as the Chapter
            Executive Committee prescribes.

    e. Labor Officer:

              (1) Represents the interests of all Labor EAP’s and their dues paying
            (2) Takes responsibility for the planning and programming of the “Labor
                 Month” meeting.
            (3) May represent the Chapter at the EAPA International Labor Caucus.
            (4) Performs such other duties and has such other powers as the Chapter
                       Executive Committee prescribes.

    f. Immediate Past President:

            (1) Advises the Chapter Executive Committee.
.            (2) Serves for one full term following the term as president.
             (3) If not running for another office, in an election year, selects an
            Elections Committee Chairperson.
            (4) In the event of a dispute about the interpretation and/or application of
                these bylaws, will chair an ad hoc committee and select two other
                Chapter members to serve on such committee. This committee will hear
                and rule upon such dispute and its decision will be binding.

Elections for Officers will occur biennially on the odd-numbered years.

Section 1: Notification of Election

   a. A Chapter Officer shall notify all chapter members from the floor of the
      December and January meetings that a Chapter election is upcoming. In lieu of, or
      in addition to these floor announcements, the Chapter Secretary shall send
      electronic notification of the election and the election process to all chapter
      members during these same two months.

Section 2: Election Process

   a. The Chapter Immediate Past President shall appoint, by November 30 in an
      election year, an Elections Committee Chairperson. This appointed Chairperson
      must be a chapter member. The Chairperson will select two other chapter
      members to serve on this Committee. If the Immediate Past President is running
      for election, the highest-ranking Chapter officer not running for election or re-
      election shall appoint the Elections Committee Chairperson.

   b. To stand for nomination, a potential nominee must have been or have become a
      Chapter member by the time of the convening of the January Chapter meeting.

   c. The Elections Committee shall take nominations for Officers from the floor of the
      Chapter meetings in December and January.

   d. Nominees may request one copy of member mailing labels for campaigning

   e. The Elections Committee shall mail ballots by February 28 to all Chapter
      members of record. If the Chapter has the ability to conduct the balloting
      electronically, this shall be the preferred method and no paper ballots will be

   f. If paper ballots are used, the stamped and addressed ballot envelopes must be
      returned by (postmark) March 21 or electronic ballots returned by (electronic
      dating) March 21 to the Elections Committee.

   g. The Elections Committee shall meet and count the ballots and report the results to
      the Executive Committee by March 31.

   h. The results of the election shall be published in the April and/or May meeting
      notice, whichever comes first.
   i. The new Officers will be sworn in and will assume office during the May Chapter


The president may appoint such committees as may be deemed necessary in furtherance
of the purpose of the organization.

Chapter expenses will be financed through member dues; however, additional funds may
be received from other sources


Use of the Association name and/or logo must be submitted to EAPA International for
approval prior to use.


The Chapter may periodically review its bylaws. Chapter bylaw amendments must first
be approved in accordance with to the current requirement in the bylaws of EAPA
International. Bylaw amendments must then be approved by a majority of Chapter
members in attendance at a member’s meeting, provided that notice of any proposed
amendments and voting shall be made available to all voting members at least four (4)
weeks before the voting date.


Any member of the Chapter Executive Committee or any Chapter committee who has a
financial, fiduciary or other interest, or the appearance of such interest, in a matter which
comes before the Chapter shall bring such interest or apparent interest to the attention of
the Chapter or committee and shall abstain from voting on the matter.

Any person who has knowledge of such interest or apparent interest on the part of any
member of the Chapter or any committee shall also bring such interest or apparent
interest to the attention of the Chapter and/or Executive Committee and the relevant
Chapter or committee member shall abstain from voting on the matter.

At the request of any member of the Chapter or any committee with a real or apparent
financial or fiduciary interest in a matter, the Chapter or committee shall vote to
determine whether an actual conflict of interest exists, and if it does, the member shall
refrain from voting on the matter before the Chapter or committee.

Upon dissolution of a chapter, a full accounting shall be made to show payment of all
debts and expenses, and whatever monies remain shall be returned to EAPA headquarters
to be credited to EAPA general accounts pending further direction by the board.


Members who serve as volunteers of the Chapter may be reimbursed only for actual out-
of-pocket expenses, approved in advance by the Executive Committee. The Chapter
membership may choose to pay the travel expenses and/or conference fees for designated
members of the Chapter (should their own supporting organizations fail to pay) to travel
to EAPA or allied events.

REVISED:                            October, 2006
APPROVED BY EAPA, INT’L::           December 12, 2006

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