Credit Repair Business Opportunity

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					                   INFOMERCIAL CATEGORY LIST

Category                          Sub-Category                    Description

Automotive                        Cleaners, Polish                Waxes, cleaners
                                  Engine/Oil Treatments           Oil additives, etc.
                                  Other – Automotive              All other

Beauty                            Cosmetics                       Cosmetics
                                  Dental                          Brushes, whiteners
                                  Hair Care                       Colors, extensions, shampoo
                                  Skin Care                       Moisturizers, exfoliants
                                  Other – Beauty                  All other

Brand / Image Aware, Lead Gen.    Brand Awareness                 Corporate image
                                  Lead Generation                 Lead generation
                                  Pharmaceutical                  Pharmaceutical

Business & Finance                Business Opportunity            Business Opportunity
                                  Credit                          Credit repair
                                  Finance                         Insurance, Banking, Stocks

Computers & Electronics           Computer                        Computer and related products
                                  Electronics                     Electronics except security and games
                                  Internet                        Websites, promotions
                                  Software                        Operating systems, programs

Crafts & Hobbies                  Collectibles                    Cards, dolls, etc.
                                  Crafts                          Handmade articles, gifts
                                  Hobbies                         Models, knitting, sewing, photos

Education & Self Help             Adult Education                 Adult and parent educations
                                  Children Education              Children education
                                  Relationships                   Relationships
                                  Self Help                       Help for all ages

Entertainment, Travel & Leisure   Betting                         Betting lines, clubs
                                  Dating                          Dating services, phone lines
                                  Leisure                         Games, including electronics
                                  Music                           CDs, tapes, albums
                                  Psychic                         Psychic, astrology
                                  Travel                          Travel, vacation
                                  Video                           Video tapes
                                  Other – Entertainment           All other

Fashion                           Accessories                     Hair clips, belts, bags
                                  Apparel                         Clothing
                                  Jewelry                         Jewelry
                                  Sunglasses                      Sunglasses

Health & Fitness                  Diet & Weightloss               Diet & Weightloss
                                  Diet Supplements & Vitamins     Vitamins, powders, gels
                                  Exercise Equipment              Steppers, treads, weights
                                  Exercise Programs               Workout videos, books
                                  Other – Health & Fitness        All other

Household                         Appliance – Household           Vacuums, steamers, filters, etc.
                                  Cleaners                        Liquids, mops, brooms
                                  Home Improvements               Windows, siding, roofs, fixtures
                                  Housewares                      Linens, pillows, mattresses, etc.
                                  Outdoor/Garden                  Garden, lawn, cookout
                                  Safety & Security – Household   Alarms, safety devices
                                  Tools                           Wrenches, screw drivers, etc.

Kitchen                           Appliance – Kitchen             Juicers, mixers, electrical devices
                                  Cookware                        Pots, pans, non-electrical
                                  Slicer-Dicers                   Knives, slicers, choppers
                                  Other – Kitchen                 All other

Miscellaneous                     Not For Profit                  Save/adopt a child, etc.
                                  Pet                             Brushes, foods, tags
                                  Religious                       All products of religious origin
                                  Other – Miscellaneous           All other

Personal                          Bath & Massage                  Aromatherapy, oils, lotions
                                  Pain Relief                     Pain relief
                                  Self Defense                    Self protection, defense
                                  Other – Personal                All other

Sports                            Fishing                         Lures, tackle, poles
                                  Golf                            Putters, drivers, etc.
                                  Other – Sports                  All other

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