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Sample Land Marketing Heads of Agreement - PowerPoint


Sample Land Marketing Heads of Agreement document sample

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									Goals & Objectives

Status Report
November 21, 2005
Board of Selectmen Meeting
Goal #1: Fiscal Stability
Balance Revenues & Expenditures
 ACTION:                       STATUS:
 Prepare Balanced Budget        Budget Manuals distributed 10/5.
 for FY’07                      Department submissions received 11/15.
                                Draft budget document in progress.

 Prepare Capital Budget for     Capital Budget Manuals distributed 10/5.
 FY’07- FY’12                   Department proposals due 11/30.

 Select Audit Firm for FY’07    RFP complete.
                                Out to bid in January.

 Comply with GASB 45              On-going.

 Update Five Year Forecast &    Mid-year adjustments complete.
 Financial Trends Report        Annual update in progress.

Goal #1: Fiscal Stability
Enhance Revenues
ACTION:                       STATUS:
Identify Additional Revenue    New growth acceleration changed to allow for
Opportunities – New areas,    more timely collections.
Fees, Property Growth          New permitting & licensing software will increase
                              fee collection rates (by identifying expirations or
                              non-payments from one department before
                              approval by another).
                               Permits fees & resulting revenues will be
                              recorded, processed & reported more efficiently.
Preparation of Town-Owned      In progress.
Land Disposition Report        Inventory being collected by Assessor & Planner.

Continue Efforts for             On-going.
Increased State Aid

Goal #1: Fiscal Stability
Minimize Tax Impacts
 ACTION:                      STATUS:
 Develop Strategy for          Complete.
 Increased Tax Exemptions      Approved at Town Meeting 10/17.

 Review Property Assessment    Board of Selectmen Subcommittee Report
 Process & Develop Town        BOS Policy drafted and being finalized
 Increase Use of Senior Tax    Discussed with Department Heads.
 Rebate Program                Senior volunteer selected for various Town
                              projects as-needed.
                               Identifying options for volunteers with
                              School Department & local non-profits.

Goal #2: Manage Town Growth
Maintain Town Character & Mitigate Sprawl

 ACTION:                       STATUS:
 Initiate Master Plan Update    In progress.
                                Researching the feasibility of conducting
                               a Master Plan Study.
                                Researching costs & potential vendors.

 Continue Support for North     Monitoring federal transportation
 Chelmsford Train Station      legislation.
                                Met with Nashua Citizen’s Group.
                                Need a vote by the state legislature
                               authorizing MBTA to extend the line.
                                Letter mailed to State delegation in
                               support of the project.

Goal #2: Manage Town Growth
Focus on Town Centers

ACTION:                 STATUS:
Continue efforts in      In progress.
Chelmsford Center        Finalizing private property easements for utility equipment.
including Utility        Bidding the utility depression this winter.
Depression.              Anticipate spring construction period.

Review Drum Hill         Review completed.
Master Plan &            NMCOG Traffic Study complete by Spring 2006.
Implement                Phase II to include planning for landscaping & streetscape
Recommendations         improvements; traffic & pedestrian circulation improvements;
                        private property impacts.
Initiate Vinal Square    Topic requires further discussion.
Planning Committee       Prior revitalization initiatives opposed by neighborhood.
                         Strategy for the formation of a Committee will be
                        discussed with the Planning Board.

Goal #2: Manage Town Growth
Promote Economic Development

 ACTION:                          STATUS:
 Update Marketing Materials for    In progress.
 Economic Development Efforts      Economic development data & Town
 & Create Website Information     information being compiled.
                                   Fact sheets being drafted.
                                   Presentation being designed for on-line
                                  access via Town website.
 Continue Involvement on             On-going.
 MVEDC - Merrimack Valley
 Economic Development

Goal #2: Manage Town Growth
Expand Housing Opportunities & Manage 40B Impacts

 ACTION:                         STATUS:
 Submit Housing Master Plan to    Complete.
 State for Approval               Plan approved by the State.
                                  Letter being drafted to Planning Board for
                                 implementation strategy & planning.
 Create Development Plan for      In progress.
 Wilson/Chelmsford St Property    RFP being drafted for hiring of consultant.

 Study Possible Uses of Ledge     In progress.
 Road Property                    Appraisal research is underway.
                                  Study potential uses
                                  Open land possibility.

Goal #3: Enhance Government Structure
Review Local Government Structure

 ACTION:                           STATUS:
 Review Town Charter to             In progress.
 Determine Adequacy in              Charter Review Committee is meeting
 Producing Efficient Operation &   regularly.
 Citizen Accountability             Reviewed 1989 report & compiled
                                   recommendations to further improve the
                                   existing Town Charter.
                                    Held meetings with Charter Committee as
                                   needed to discuss draft proposals, give
                                   feedback & provide information.
 Document Succession Plan for       In progress.
 Town Manager                       Research & sample text being compiled
                                   from other Towns and peer communities.

Goal #3: Enhance Government Structure
Evaluate Operations

 ACTION:                             STATUS:
 Study Fire Department                In progress.
 Organization, Staffing & Station     Sample RFP’s researched & collected.
 Locations with Outside Consultant    RFP document to be drafted.

 Continue Development of              In process.
 Quarterly Department Activity &      Draft reporting template to be designed.
 Performance Reports                  Quarterly reporting to be discussed at
                                     next Department Head Meeting.
                                      New website enhancements will further
                                     improve tracking & reporting of incoming
                                     citizen issues - from the time of initial
                                     contact to the point of resolution or closure.

Goal #3: Enhance Government Structure
Evaluate Operations
 ACTION:             STATUS:
 Expand Electronic    In progress/on-going.
 Functions            All payroll converted to on-line submittals.
                      Sewer billing software installed in Tax Collector’s Office.
                      Permitting & Licensing Software purchased. Department
                     training & full implementation by January 1.
                      Town website being evaluated for effectiveness, ease of use,
                     overall design. Possible new vendors being researched.
                      E-Gov enhancements coming to website for citizens to
                     electronically submit issues & problems; Departments may use
                     for internal work orders and to track citizen complaints &
                     department referrals through final resolution & closure.
                      Zerox scanner/fax/copier machine installed for more efficient
                     office functions: e-faxes, paperless distribution of documents
                     and files, scanning of town reports & paper documents.
                     Software installed & training completed.

Goal #3: Enhance Government Structure
Review Town Policies, Promote Professionalism
Explore Service Delivery Alternatives
ACTION:                      STATUS:
Collaborate with Selectmen    In progress. Research being compiled from MMA
in Reviewing Town Policies   sources and peer communities.

Continue Employee             On-going.
Development Programs          EAP training resources announced at Department
                             Head Meeting. Training needs & ideas being
                             compiled for further discussion.
                              Department staff regularly attend the trainings,
                             workshops & meetings of their respective
                             professional associations.
Build Relationships with      In progress.
Neighboring Communities to    Regional Town Manager’s Group Kick-Off Meeting
Explore Regional Service     to be hosted on December 1st with Billerica, Dracut,
Delivery Options             Westford, Tyngsboro & Tewksbury.

Goal #4: Improve Public Infrastructure
Maintain & Improve Existing Public Facilities
ACTION:                 STATUS:
Complete Approved        In progress.
School Projects          Additions to High School, Parker & McCarthy schools
                        designed & approved. Sub-bids received 11/16. General
                        bids due by 12/8. Notice to proceed anticipated by 12/19.
                         Generators 90% complete at Harrington & Westlands.
                         Byam rooftop exhaust fans & housing complete.
                         South Row Elementary air handler replacement – all
                        equipment ordered and to be scheduled for installation.
                         New administration 50% complete. January completion.

Prepare Improvement      In progress.
Strategy for Town        Tour of Recreation Facilities held November 7th.
Recreation Facilities    Draft plan complete. Final document due by December.

Initiate DPW Facility    In progress.
Implementation           Researching vendors for modular proposals.

Goal #4: Improve Public Infrastructure
Public Facilities Operations

 ACTION:             STATUS:
 Continue Facility    Building assessments, including electrical, fire alarms,
 Assessment          plumbing systems, are 85% complete.
 Process              Town-wide RoofTrac Program complete – Repair work to
                     address all deficiencies is in progress.
 Develop Plan for     On-going. Continuing to develop schedules based on
 Scheduled           building assessments and maintenance priorities.
 Maintenance          Implemented full maintenance program for all roofs.
                      Implemented maintenance program for HVAC – work being
                     performed by Johnson Controls.
 Implement            In progress. Software installation complete.
 Maintenance          Working with Tech Support to set up all town-owned

 Work-Order          properties in the system.
 System               Staff training to take place following completion of the
                     building inventory & system configuration.

Goal #4: Improve Public Infrastructure
Improve Transportation Infrastructure

ACTION:                          STATUS:
Complete Improvements in          Traffic lights & signalization complete.
Chelmsford Center                 Small adjustments being analyzed.
                                  Utility depression scheduled for Spring ’06.

Implement North Road              In progress.
Signalization Projects            All land taking procedures complete.
                                  Project out to bid by MassHighway on 9/30.
                                  Construction planned for Spring ’06.

Update Pedestrian Master Plan     In progress.
                                  Draft Pedestrian Master Plan Map completed.
                                  Windshield survey in progress.
                                  Final plan anticipated by January.

Continue Support for Bike Path      On-going.

Goal #4: Improve Public Infrastructure
Improve Transportation Infrastructure

ACTION:                    STATUS:
Implement FY’06 Road        In progress – 50% complete.
Maintenance Projects        Mill & Golden Cove (except @ Billerica) complete.
                            Mill Rd paving & striping after Verizon work complete.
                            Elizabeth, Scientia & Dunstable paving in Spring ’06.

Implement FY’06             In progress -- 95% complete.
Sidewalks Plan              Mill Road 98% complete.
                            Golden Cove Road complete.
                            Next construction activity in Spring ’06.
                            Stedman Street scheduled for 2006.

Negotiate Public Parking      On going.
Agreement for Chelmsford
Center - Northbound

Goal #4: Improve Public Infrastructure
Comply with State & Federal Requirements for
Environmental Projection of Water Resources

  ACTION:                   STATUS:
  Continue Implementation    On-going.
  of EPA Storm Water Plan    Bylaw being drafted for Spring Town Meeting.

  Continue Sewer Project     In progress.
                             High Street & Pine Street Underway

  Implement FY’06            In progress - 75% Complete.
  Drainage Projects          Buckman Drive, Mill Road & Ansie completed.
                             Hitchinpost Road in progress.


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