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Myrna Rudder
Dan Solarek
     Communication Modes
• Business Letters
  – Cover letters
     • Similar letters
  – ―Thank You‖ letters
• Professional eMail
• Telephone Basics

Business Letters

Especially Cover Letters
Cover Letter / Letter of Application

 • Isn’t it just a throwaway?
 • When do I need to write a cover letter?

        A handshake
        through the mail

          Cover Letters
• When you send a resume, you always
  include a cover letter.
• The cover letter should be addressed
  to a specific person.
• The cover letter should be targeted
  toward the job or opportunity. It is
  NEVER generic.
• Cover letters should be one page.
         Cover Letter Goals
• Express your intent, interest, and
  enthusiasm in position
  – to connect yourself with the job
  – to connect with the recipient
  – to demonstrate you’ve done your “homework”
• Demonstrate your personality and writing
  – to impress with your style and clarity
• Complement and emphasize highlights of
  your resumé
  – to “flesh out” the resumé as it relates to the job
Fit the Argument to the Context

1. If you’re well qualified for the job,
            convince with your experience

e.g.: “ My record as an engineer at ABC
    manufacturing is excellent, and I am
    excited at the possibility of contributing
    to the success of your company.”

Fit the Argument to the Context

2. If your general background fits, but the job
     description doesn’t really,
              convince with related skills

e.g.: “The education and experience I’ve gained as an
     engineering technology student have prepared me
     for the co-op position.”

Fit the Argument to the Context

3. If your skills and experience don’t fit,
             persuade with your interest

e.g. “Although I’ve worked in the fashion industry for
     ten years, I’ve always wanted to be an engineer.”

   Refer to job advertisement
   Mention company contact
   Preview qualifications
Supporting Details
   Prove claims with examples
   Tie qualifications to the
        requirements of the position
   Quantify evidence
   Detail your experience
Goodwill Closing
   Offer to meet for an interview
   Refer to resumé
   Make your final pitch               10
Some Writers Prefer the Me-You-We Model:

•   Me (paragraph 1) – I’m very interested in this job,
    and here are my related qualifications.
•   You (paragraph 2) – This is what interests me in
    your organization and this is how I fit the
•   We (paragraph 3) – We will work well together, and
    you should give me the job.

• Opening Paragraph
  – State which position you are applying for,
    and how you found out about the
    organization and/or position
  – Express what is attracting you to work for
    this organization and in this position
  – Arouse the reader’s interest in reading
    more about your qualifications

• Middle Paragraph(s)
  – Give detailed information about how your
    qualifications fit with the position’s
  – Use key words from the job description to make
    the connection between the employer’s needs
    and your skills
  – Include information about academics, job
    experience, and/or personal attributes relevant
    to the position
• Closing Paragraph
  –   Summarize your qualifications
  –   Refer the reader to your enclosed resume
  –   Mention your interest in an interview
  –   State when and how you will contact them
      Note: Follow up exactly when you say
      you will follow up!

           Common Errors

•   Don’t overuse “I” – try me/my or
    “burying” the I in mid-sentence
        e.g., “When working in the engineering
          department, I accomplished….”
•   Negative comments
•   Vague form letters
•   Typos!
• Good cover letters have the following
  – formatted as a professional business letter
  – well written with no grammatical or spelling
  – written to a specific company or organization for
    a specific position – NO MASS MAILINGS PLEASE
  – contains detail that makes the reader want to
    read your resume more closely and interview you

• The 3-paragraph
  style for a cover
  letter is shown
  at right:

• The figure at
  right shows the
  basic template
  for a full-block
  style cover

              Your street address
              City, State Zip Code
              October 14, 2002

              Ms. Michele Smith (name of the person if you have it)
              General Mills Resume Processing Center
              P.O. Box 549240
              Suite 129
              Waltham, MA 02545

              Dear Ms. Smith: (if you do not have the name of the person use Hiring Manager, Human
              Resources Representative, or Search Committee)

              It is with great interest that I am applying for theco-op position at General Mills which
              was posted with the College of Engineering’s Co-op Office. I look forward to using my
              knowledge and experiences within Mechanical Engineering Technology to make a
              significant contribution to the efficiency of the department and the building of solid
              relationships throughout General Mills.

An example:   As a self-starter, I’ve been recognized as someone with sound judgment and the ability to
              lead a team toward its goals. With my coursework in project management and process
              control, I have gained valuable knowledge about the field and have developed effective
              communication skills by leading several team projects to successful completion. As a co-
              op engineer at Dana, my strong leadership and negotiation skills led to developing solid
              working relationships with nine suppliers I help introduce to that organization.

              In addition to communication, negotiation, and leadership skills, the various customer
              interaction opportunities I’ve developed my problem solving and decision-making skills,
              increasing the overall efficiency of the department. My experiences and skill level will
              ensure the continued quality of the system at General Mills.

              I look forward to a meeting with you to discuss my qualifications in mor detail. I will
              call you the week of October 22, to set up a time convenient for you. If you need any
              additional information, please call me at (419)-XXX-XXXX.


              (Sign Here)

              Your Name

        Cover Letter Checklist
• One page only and limited to three targeted paragraphs
• type written or word processor, with full spell check and proofing
• Written to someone specific, with the name and title spelled
• Company name and address are correct and complete
• Quality bond paper, 8x11 inches, ideally the same as your resume
• Three focused paragraphs (focused on the reader's need, not
• Closes with "Sincerely‖ (anything else can be too chummy) Signed
  with a blue or black pen
• Place the resume behind and fold in a tri-fold, with no staples
• Type or neatly print address on envelope
• Seal the envelope
• Conservative stamp on the envelope
• Final step: do not forget to follow up, or all the other steps will
  be in vain!                                                      20
       Other Business Letters
•   Thank-you
•   Networking
•   Prospecting / Inquiry
•   Acceptance
•   Non-acceptance

             Thank You Letters
• Generally, a thank you letter has three basic parts:
   – Start by thanking the interviewer for taking the time to talk with
     you. It is generally a good idea to include the actual date on
     which the interview occurred.
   – Reaffirm your interest in the firm by pointing out particular issues
     brought during the interview that appeal to you. Try to
     personalize the letter by referring to some topic or common
     interest you discussed during the interview.
   – Close the letter with another word of appreciation, an offer to
     provide more information and a statement that you look forward
     to hearing from them.
• Resist the temptation to sell yourself by reiterating your
  resume strengths. Keep it short and to the point. If you receive
  a call back interview, you should send another thank you

              Your Street Address
              City, State Zip Code

              Mr. Patrick Dodson
              Lone Cactus Food and Beverage Company
              162 Getzen Derive
              Scottsdale, AZ 85258

              Dear Mr. Dodson:

              Thank you for interviewing me for the engineering co-op position with Lone Cactus
              Construction. I enjoyed meeting you and learning more about Lone Cactus’ customer
              base and philosophy. Your approach to providing exceptional quality service is a

An example:   management philosophy well aligned with my expectations.

              As we discussed in the interview, my engineering technology experience and formal
              training provide the essential skills necessary to meet the needs of your rapidly expanding
              organization. My strong background in construction management, coupled with my
              coursework in construction graphics, make me an excellent match for this position.

              I reiterate my interest and enthusiasm for the position, and I know I can make a solid
              contribution to Lone Cactus’ objectives. Please feel free to contact me for any additional
              information at (419) XXX-XXXX. Thank you again for your interest and time.


              (Sign here)

              Your Name

   Business eMail

It isn’t IM or a chat room
  Professional eMail Address
• Use a professional email address
  – University
  – Engineering
• Refer back to Lesson 1

     Business eMail Address
• Use the company-provided address
  – business purposes only
  – keep personal email messages separate,
    use a separate account from UT or Co-op

     Business eMail Purpose

What is a Good Business eMail?
A good business email is one that can
clearly and effectively deliver your
intention, meaning, background/or
reason … without ambiguity.

• Avoid terseness, which can be
• Use face-to-face communication if
  issue is sensitive
• Read your emails aloud, looking for

        Tone: Example One
To:     Female employees
From:   H. Honcho
Re:     Dress code
Date:   4 July 2010

Clients will be visiting next week.
Halter tops and jeans will not make
the right impression. It’s time you
started dressing for the office
instead of the beach. Leave your
flip-flops at home!
        Tone: Example Two
To:     All staff
From:   H. Honcho
Re:     Reminder about what to wear to work
Date:   4 July 2010

During the summer, our dress code is
business casual. We think “business
casual” means clothes that feel
comfortable and look professional.

      Men               Women
•khaki pants    •casual pants and skirts
•leather shoes… •leather or fabric shoes…
     Business eMail Content
• General Business eMail communication
  tips …
  – it is not the same as talking in a chat room
    or informally with friends
  – include full name in body of email
  – provide a Subject/Description that is clear
    and specific
  – pay attention to coherence, stay on topic
  Four Parts of Business eMail
The Opening   tells the reader why you are writing

 The Focus    tells the details about the topic

 The Action   tells what you want to happen and
              gives a time frame

The Closing   thank the reader and mention future
     No Blank Subject Lines
• Never, ever have a blank subject line

• People are unlikely to read it thinking
  the email may contain a virus
• It won’t stand out to them as they scan
  through their inbox
        Long Subject Lines

• Try not to let the subject lines get too
  – Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Your Question

• No one wants to see this, and
  eventually the important words won’t
  be seen in the email window
        Keep the Thread?
• Sometimes it is needed for

• Sometimes it simply increases the size
  of the message and gets in the way

• Use your judgement
     Business eMail Content
• It is professional communication
• It is professional writing
  – Shorter
  – Less formal (but not informal)
  – It can make-or-break all else you do
• It can be effective
  – If the employer accepts/likes this form of
           Long Messages
• First, don’t make email messages
  really, really long unless it’s necessary

• If it is long, say if you’re coordinating
  group work and email is the only way
  you communicate, let people know

  – Subject: Long email about final report
          Attaching a File
• May be an alternative to a long email
  message body

• Some email systems do not allow
  – ask
  – use PDF for attachments

           Really Big Files
• You may have the need to send a big
  report or other large document …

• Place on a web server
  – Get help if you need it

• Send the link to your recipient(s)
     Business eMail as Writing
Why are good business writing skills
1.Employers may see your writing more than they
 see you.
2.Good writing skills show that you really care.
3.Good writing skills contribute more forcefully to
4.Good writing skills reduce risk of damaging a
 relationship and fosters good relationships with
   Greetings and Goodbyes

• Emails should begin with a greeting:
  – Dear Janet

• And end with a salutation:
  – Best wishes
  – Thank you
  – Best regards
     First Name or Title?

• If you have never met the person, use
  – Mr. or Ms. Or Dr., etc.
• If you have met the person, and they
  have invited you to call them by their
  first name, go ahead and do so.
• However, if you think they might not
  remember that invitation (it was at a
  cocktail party or a long time ago) revert
  to the title.
             But . . .
• If you have been exchanging emails
  with the person all day, it’s okay to
  skip the greeting and salutation as if
  you’re having one long conversation
      Use Short Paragraphs
• Don’t use long paragraphs
  – Anything more than five sentences can be
    too long

• Remember
  – The reader may be viewing the email in a
    much smaller window than you are
      Business eMail Policies
• What is the company policy for email
  usage on-the-job?
  – Monitored?
  – Archived
  – Abuse is cause for termination

 In a study of 500 companies with ethics codes, 90%
 of them monitored their employees’ email, and
 not all of their employees knew it …
Have a Professional Signature

• Every email program has a way you can add a
  signature to your outgoing emails automatically. Make
  sure this signature has your name, number, and email
  address for business contacts.

• When you join the workforce, ask if there is a
  standard email signature for the company. If not, add
  one—it should contain all of the information on your
  business card.
               An Example
• Angela Eastin
  Technical Support Division
  ACME Engineers and Architects
  Fremont, Ohio 43420
  Office: 419-555-2500 x231
  Fax: 419-555-2600
  Signatures Do NOT Include
• Inspirational quotations

• ―A life with love will have some thorns,
  but a life without love will have no

• ―May the Force be with you.‖
       Business eMail Caution
• eMail is forever
• Don’t send anything you wouldn’t want
  your Mother to read
  –   Or your spouse
  –   Or your boss
  –   Or the general public
  –   etc.

Telephone Basics

Common Sense
         Telephone Basics
• Calling an Employer
  – No background noise
  – Speak clearly, slowly
  – Identify yourself early in the call
• Leaving a Voice Mail
  – As above
  – Repeat your return number

         Telephone Basics
• Cell Phones
  – Turn off in meetings (interviews)
  – Don’t ignore others to talk on phone
• Being called
  – You message … is it professional?
• On the job
  – Company phone policies?
  – No personal calls
• Your questions and comments are


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