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									                      Procurement Card Guidelines

                        Oklahoma State University

                                Tulsa Campuses

The Oklahoma State University purchasing card (Procard) program was established and
approved by the Board of Regents in 2001 to facilitate the acquisition of lower dollar
goods and services needed for conducting official University business.

The following information can not cover all aspects of procard policy and procedures.
Exceptional cases will be resolved as circumstances and prudent business practices
warrant on a case-by-case basis. Other documents of reference include the Oklahoma
State University Purchasing Card Policies and Procedures and Purchasing Policies and


1.1    Statement Period: Is the period in which charges begin and end. For example,
       06/21/2006 – 07/20/2006, all transactions initiated by the cardholder from the 21st
       of the month to the 20th of the next month will be within one statement period and
       must be recorded on transaction log as transaction occur, not after they post to the
       bank statement.

1.2    Invoice/Receipt: Must support each purchase and shall consist of the following:
       vendor’s name, date of transaction, an itemized description of what was
       purchased as well as an itemized description of charges. (Packing list is accepted)
       otherwise it is determined you have a missing receipt.

1.3    Sub-codes: Sub-codes indicate the type of goods and services provided by the
       merchant. Each sub-code represents a particular part of your budget as well. It is
       important that monies are taken out of the correct sub-account so that your
       financial reports show exactly where the departmental funds are allocated. Close
       attention must be given to which sub-code is being used.

1.4    Split Purchasing: Is dividing or failing to consolidate a known quantity of goods
       of service for the purpose of evading the procard single transaction limit or the
       limit established for an individual. For an example: If you have the knowledge
       that 3 computers are needed in your department and 3 people purchase one each
       on their Procard, to avoid the requisition process. Another example: If the vendor
       is running your transaction twice to complete one purchase, indicate your single
       credit limit is being exceeded. The limit for most cardholders is $2,500 per
       transaction and upon approval can be raised to 5,000 per single purchase.

1.5    Transaction: Transaction means a single purchase or credit.
                     Procurement Card Guidelines


2.1   OSU Director of Purchasing: Responsible for management of the Procard

2.2   OSU Procard Administrator: The Purchasing Department staff member
      designated to assist the Purchasing Director with implementation and operation
      of the procard program.

2.3   Approving Officials: One or more unit, departmental or university staff
      members designated by the Vice President, Dean or Department Head to review
      and approve cardholder transactions.

2.4   Cardholders: Staff members designated by the Vice President, Dean or
      Department Head to execute purchases using their assigned procard.

2.5   Purchase Card Employee Agreement: Approving Officials and Cardholders
      must sign the OSU Purchase Card Employee Agreement Form prior to assuming
      their duties and being issued Procards.


3.1   The Procard is issued by Oklahoma State University in coordination with a bank.
      The Procard will include the institution’s name, tax ID, cardholder’s name,
      cardholder’s department, and unique individual account number.

3.2   Cardholder must be an Oklahoma State University permanent employee (.75 FTE
      and above)

3.3   Procard shall not be issued to temporary employees.

3.4   Student Organization Cards are available.

3.5   Only the advisor, president, and/or treasurer of the student organization are
      eligible for a card.

3.6   The advisor, president and/or treasurer must have procard training before a card
      will be issued to the organization.

3.7   These funds are taxable.

3.8   Student organizations can buy nearly anything except alcohol.

3.9   The Purchases must be appropriate.
                      Procurement Card Guidelines
3.10   The card must be kept in the office and checked out by the student to make the

3.11   The card must be returned, along with the receipt, after the purchase is made.

3.12   Property of Oklahoma State University: All Procard issued under this program is
       the property of Oklahoma State University and shall be surrendered to the
       Supervisor, Human Resources or the Purchasing Director upon request or upon
       termination of employment.


4.1    The Department head, Vice President and Purchasing Director are required to
       approve the credit limits on each Procard as required by the bank.

4.2    Single purchase limit shall not exceed $5,000 per vendor, per month or limits
       established by said officials. (Including all shipping, handling, freight, etc.)

4.3    Single purchase limit for student organizations shall not exceed $100.00 per
       vendor, per month or limits established by said officials. (Including all shipping,
       handling, freight, etc.)

4.4    Monthly purchase credit limit shall not exceed $50,000 per billing cycle.

4.5    Monthly purchase credit limit for student organizations shall not exceed
       $2,500.00 per billing cycle.

Note: Quotes are not required but, are strongly recommended that you secure a
minimum of two quotes. After determining that the anticipated purchase does not
conflict with University policies, the cardholder may select a vendor who has the
best price.


5.1    Total responsibility and accountability for the procard records resides at the
       departmental level. All records must reside with the department upon designated
       employee termination.

5.2    Procard records are not to leave the department upon transferring to a different
       department. Department Procard records shall be maintained in a central location
       within the department. Records shall include, but are not limited to, transaction
       logs, receipts, invoice, and bank reconciliation form, dispute documents, food
       request form and any other pertinent documents whether in paper or electronic
                      Procurement Card Guidelines
5.3   It is the department responsibility to retain all procard records. All records shall
      be maintained as prescribed in OSU Policy and Procedures. Records shall be
      archived and not disposed at a minimum of ten years and then approval to destroy
      shall be given by the record retention personnel. Accounting records shall be
      maintained in the appropriate departmental accounting office


6.1   Cardholder must reconcile the individual receipts to the transaction log to verify
      that purchases and returns are accurately listed and charged to the appropriate
      account. The cardholder is responsible for the purchases, as well as obtaining
      appropriate documentation, and maintaining a Transaction Log. The cardholder
      shall sign the Transaction Log and date the signature, indicating that the
      cardholder did make those purchases.

6.2   The cardholder is responsible for and accountable to the University for all charges
      made with the Procard. Use of the Procard is solely for official University
      purchases. Personal purchases are strictly forbidden and may result in a
      disciplinary action.


7.1   Approving officials shall review documentation for accuracy, completeness,
      appropriateness of the purchase, and whether the transactions were conducted in
      accordance with policies and procedures.

7.2   The approving official shall sign and date the Transaction Log indicating that the
      purchases were reviewed and reconciled. Anything posted to PVSNET shall be
      recorded on a Transaction Log either within this statement period or on a previous
      Transaction Log.

7.3   Any issue which cannot be resolved between the approving official and the
      cardholder shall be brought to the immediate attention of the cardholder’s

Note: A cardholder can be the approving official in PVSNET however; the
cardholder shall not be their own approving official on the Transaction Log.


8.1   All training is conducted in Stillwater by the Procurement Card Administrator.
      Except authorized by the Purchasing Director.

8.2   The departmental approving officials and cardholders must successfully complete
      the training prescribed by the OSU Purchasing Director prior to being issued their
      Procard or assuming their official approving duties.
                      Procurement Card Guidelines

8.3   After training is completed the following three forms must be submitted to the
      Tulsa campus Procard Coordinator to ensure completion and accuracy before
      sending to Stillwater for processing. These forms must be complete with all
      signatures before processing can begin. It will take approximately three weeks
      for processing. Procard will be mailed to Tulsa Procard Coordinator to be picked
      up at your convenience.

      8.3.1   Commercial Card Cardholder Account
      8.3.2   Employee Agreement
      8.3.3   Web Access Form

Note: These forms must obtain off the Tulsa web site since the Vice President
signature is a requirement before any application can be processed.

9     REBATES:

9.1   Rebate checks are generally applied to a ledger one account (general funds of the
      university) However, rebates can be applied to your ledger 2, 3 or ledger 5
      account upon request.

9.2   Mail in rebate is most common and usually the vendor will make the cardholder
      the recipient of the rebate check rather than the university. Cardholder shall sign
      the check over to the university and send it to the OSU Tulsa campuses Procard
      Coordinator for deposit with a memo including the appropriate account
      information for deposit.

9.3   If you receive an in store credit card; it shall be used for university purchases
      only. (This in store credit card is not for personal use)

10    SERVICE AGREEMENT: Service Agreement must be in place prior to
      construction/repair services and must be executed by the Director of Purchasing.
      For further instruction please contact the Purchasing Department.

11    MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT: This agreement must be executed by the
      Director of Purchasing and can not exceed $2,500 per year. This agreement is
      initiated by the department then the request is sent to vendor by the Purchasing
      Department. The agreement goes into effect after the director of purchasing as
      approved. The Purchasing Department keeps the original document on file and
      sends a copy for your procard records.

12    LICENSING AGREEMENTS: Are allowed on your procard however, can not
      exceed your procard limit per vendor, per month.

Note: Director of purchasing must review and sign all contracts requiring a
signature. No lease agreements are allowed on Procard.
                       Procurement Card Guidelines

13     CONTRACT: OSU Purchasing Department has competitively bid various
       contracts for products, goods and services for the use of the university. OSU
       employees strongly advised to use these competitive prices. Contact the
       purchasing department for a complete listing of contracts.

14     CONFERENCE: The procard may be used for conference registration fees.
       Before registration can be made ensure that the following criteria are met:

       14.1 Early Registration discount
       14.2 100% refund if conference itself is cancelled
       14.3 Transferable

Note: An OSU Conference Registration form (Conference Registration Form (DOC))
must be completed and attached to procard record if these three are not clearly
stated. In addition, if travel is involved with this conference you must keep a copy of
travel form (blue form) with registration form to be view upon auditors auditing
procard records.

15     TRAINING FEES: Payment is allowed upon supervisor’s approval in writing
       and a copy of approval attached to procard records. Training can be taken on-line
       or in class room. If you are conducting a training it can also be used to contract
       equipment (such as audio or video equipment), and training rooms.

16     INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERSHIPS: Institutional memberships are allowed.
       This membership should be listed in the name of OSU and transferable if the
       member separates from the University. An OSU Membership registration form
       (Membership Dues Form (DOC)) must be completed and attached to the procard

17     INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIPS: This membership is prohibited. This is a
       personal membership and is exclusively for applicant and is not transferable in the
       event of separation from OSU.

18     NOTARY: If your job description states that being a notary is a part of your job
       duties, payment is allowed.

19     LOST RECEIPTS: If receipts are lost, the cardholder shall note the loss on the
       Transaction Log and complete a Missing Receipt Form. The bank can provide a
       copy for a fee, which will be charged to the cardholder’s account. Repeated loss
       of receipts may be grounds for discontinuing a cardholder’s procard use or other
       disciplinary action.

20     GRANTS AND CONTRACTS: There shall not be any postage stamp charges,
       gas card or gift cards purchases. When the procard is used for grant or contract
       purchases, those purchases must comply with the terms and conditions of the
                         Procurement Card Guidelines
         award, award budget, and all OSU purchasing policies and procedures. Purchases
         must also be made within the time frame of the award. If a purchase is made on a
         contract or grant, agency award requirements will dictate the length of time that
         the department must maintain the receipts to support the purchase and be
         available for audit. (Reference OSU Policy and         Procedures Letter “Records
         and Documents Retention, Security and Control” #3-0190) If procard purchases
         from a grant or contract are determined (by audit or otherwise) to be unallowable
         on the grant or contract, charges will be transferred to the employee’s department.

21       LOST OR STOLEN CARDS: Immediately upon determining that a Procard is
         lost or stolen, the cardholder shall notify Bank One at 800-843-2813 or 800-316-
         6056. These numbers are available 24 hours per day. Cardholders should keep
         these phone numbers readily available but separate from the card. (Note: When
         calling these numbers, you may be asked to input the first four digits of the card
         number. If you do not know this number, hold for a customer service
         representative.) Upon notification, the customer service representative will block
         the use of the card. The cardholder shall record the date and time the bank was
         notified, as well as the name of the bank customer service representative
         contacted. Next, the cardholder shall complete a Lost or Stolen Procard
         Notification Form and promptly provide it to the Purchasing Department with a
         copy to the appropriate approving official. The cardholder’s department is
         responsible for all charges incurred against a lost/stolen card until the card is
         reported to the bank as lost or stolen.


22.1     Transaction Flow for Cardholder:
22.1.1   Cardholder makes purchase from Vendor
22.1.2   Cardholder record current date transaction was initiated on Transaction Log
22.1.3   Cardholder retain receipt including those via phone, fax, internet or point of sale

22.2     Transaction Flow for Vendor:
22.2.1   Vendor delivers goods or services
22.2.2   Vendor submit transaction to bank for payment
22.2.3   Vendor receives payment from bank

23.3 Transaction Flow for Bank:
22.3.1 Bank pays vendor
22.3.2 The bank furnishes OSU cardholders with a bank statement indicating purchases
       made for current statement period. This statement will come about one week after
       billing cycle end.

Note: OSU will make timely payment to the bank for all credit card purchases
without regard to individual discrepancies in transaction billing.

23       Transaction Flow for OSU Accounting Department:
                        Procurement Card Guidelines

23.1    OSU Accounting Department makes a single payment to the bank on behalf of all
        OSU departments. The Accounting Department debits/credits departmental
        accounts after the reconciliation deadline.

24      Transaction Flow for Cardholder and PVSNET Approver:

24.1    Cardholder reconciles receipts to transaction log and bank statement and forwards
        to the approving official.

24.2.   Approver official has 3 to 4 calendar days after billing cycle ends to update in


25.1    Cardholder sharing or loaning his/her Procard – First occurrence will result in the
        lowering of the procard limit to $3 and additional training will have to be
        completed before privileges are reinstated. Second offense will result in
        revocation of the card until further notice from Purchasing Director.

25.2    Using Procard for personal use - First occurrence will result in the lowering of the
        procard limit to $3 and additional training will have to be completed before
        privileges are reinstated. Second offense will result in revocation of the card until
        further notice from Purchasing Director. Third offense is possible termination of
        employment with OSU.


Note: For other methods of payment please contact the purchasing department.

26.1    Split Purchases: See 1.4

26.2    Sales tax: Notify vendor of exemption however, taxes may be charged from out
        of state vendors. (They may not honor our exemption.)

26.3    Cash: Cash advances, automated teller machine (ATM) transactions

26.4    Decoration: for private offices including lamps, flowers, trees, etc.

26.5    Gift Certificates

26.6    Travel expenses: including but not limited to airline tickets, food and beverages,
        lodging, travel agencies, and other items that normally would be paid on a travel
        voucher. (Reference travel policy)

26.7    Personal items: such as flowers, candy, haircuts, meals, etc.
                       Procurement Card Guidelines

26.8   Trade-in: Purchases involving trade- in of University property.

26.9   Conflict of interest: As with any purchase made for the University, a cardholder
       shall not purchase goods or services from a member of their immediate family or
       realize personal gain. The cardholder shall inform his/her supervisor in writing of
       reasonable foreseen potential conflicts of interest.

26.10 University Departments/Auxiliaries: Goods or services available from
      University sources, such as a conference given by OSU, Student Union Bookstore
      in Stillwater, or riding the bus to and from Stillwater (use the Campus Vendor

26.11 Gasoline: should be purchased from Transportation Services or with a gasoline
      credit card.

26.12 Mail: All U.S. mail, including parcel post, certified, and registered mail, should
      be sent through Central Mailing.

26.13 Professional/Personal services: Rendered by individuals, corporations,
      partnerships, or any other entity, including but not limited to consultants,
      attorneys, physicians, engineers, architects, public accountants, or computer

26.14 Food Purchases: Due to stringent requirements related to purchases of food with
      state funds. A food request form Food Request Form (DOC) must be approved
      by your department head and submitted to the purchasing director for his approval
      before you commit to food purchase.

26.15 Other purchases not permitted under OSU Policy and Procedures.

27     PROCARD CANCELLATION: All procards issued under this program are the
       property of Oklahoma State University and shall be surrendered to the department
       administrator upon termination of employment with the department that
       authorized the card, or upon request of the cardholder’s supervisor, department
       procard approver, or the OSU Purchasing Director. When a procard is cancelled,
       the department’s approving official must reclaim it and return the card to the
       procard coordinator along with a Cardholder Application Form marked for

28     MISUSE OF THE PROCARD: Misuse of the procard in any manner by a
       cardholder may result in revocation of the privilege to use the procard,
       disciplinary action, termination of employment, and/or criminal charges being
       filed with the appropriate authority.
                     Procurement Card Guidelines

Note: Any violation of procard policy could result in your procard limit being
lowered to $3 and training completed before privileges are reinstated.

29    AUDITS: The objective of the audit will be to determine compliance with
      University Policy and Procedures. On a daily and or a monthly basis the procard
      coordinator will review a report of all procard transactions posted on your card.
      In addition a yearly on site audit will be conducted and at that time we will
      request original copies of procard records for review. You will then receive a
      copy of the audit findings and recommended changes for your review and
      correction. Corrections must be completed and a copy submitted to the Procard

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