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									Companies Currently Attending (More continue to be added):

Accenture                             IBM
Acumen Solutions                      ICF International
Aflac                                 Intergraph Corporation
Avenity                               Johnson Lambert & Co. LLP
Balfour Beatty Construction           Kroll
BB&T                                  Maximus
BBN Technologies                      Oxford Finance Corp
Beers & Cutler                        Precipia Systems Inc
Booz Allen Hamilton                   Resources Global
Cadmus Group                          RoamSecure
Capgemini USA LLC                     RosettaStone
Cigital Inc.                          RSM McGladrey
Corporate Executive Board             Spin Systems Inc.
DMG Securities, Inc.                  Sprint Nextel Corporation
Eagle Hill Consulting                 Stephen James Associates
ESRI                                  Studley, Inc.
FedEx Services                        The Mergis Group
FedSources                            The Siegfried Group
First Financial Group                 The Wolf Group
G&B Solutions, Inc.                   TRAK Legal
Grant Thornton                        Wiley & Wilson
GWU                                   WilliamsTison
HOK                                   WTAS

See following pages for recruiter details

Company Description: Accenture is a global management consulting, technology
services and outsourcing company. Committed to delivering innovation, Accenture
collaborates with its clients to help them become high-performance businesses and
governments. With deep industry and business process expertise, broad global
resources and a proven track record, Accenture can mobilize the right people, skills
and technologies to help clients improve their performance. Its home page is

Positions Available: Choose a career at Accenture and enjoy an innovative
environment where challenging and interesting work is part of daily life. Accenture is
one of the world‘s leading management consulting, technology services and
outsourcing companies and we have entry-level consulting opportunities for
graduates in Systems Integration & Technology Consulting.

Accenture‘s consulting workforce is involved in business consulting, process design
work and the application of technologies to business. Working as a consultant at
Accenture, you will build core business, technology and industry expertise helping to
deliver world-class business and technology solutions that enable clients to become
high-performance businesses.

As a consulting analyst, you will be part of the Systems Integration or Technology
Consulting workgroup, focus mainly on project delivery, work across several industry
groups and, develop a broad set of skills. You will be able to advance your career by
developing specialized skills, following one of our distinct career paths enabling you
to become an expert in your field of choice.

Systems Integration & Technology Consulting analysts typically support the delivery
of large-scale, complex programs that marry processes with technology to help our
clients achieve high performance. You‘ll specialize in the design, development,
integration and delivery of functional and industry solutions and processes for clients
based on existing packages such as SAP and PeopleSoft, Retek, or custom-built
systems. Some business-oriented analysts may focus on the analysis of current
processes and capabilities and the design and development of new processes and

More technically-oriented analysts may focus on delivering technology innovation, by
designing enterprise architecture and technology solutions, assessing and diagnosing
technology environments, designing technology infrastructure such as networks,
security and platforms, setting strategies, and tuning technology environments for
optimal performance

Experience Level Sought: Less than 2 years


Acumen Solutions

Company Description: Acumen Solutions, Inc. is a leading business and technology
consulting firm with offices across the U.S. and in Europe. Our comprehensive yet
practical approach is Right From the Start(tm) and allows us to optimize Customer
Value, Technology, Risk Management and Economics. We provide a different kind of
consulting, separated from the rest by our unmatched quality and service in these
industries: Communications and Media; Financial Services; Public Sector; and
Consumer and Commercial Products. Our proven track record with Fortune 500
clients and other emergent industry leaders speaks for itself.

Positions Available: Please visit our Career Page

Experience Level Sought: Depends on the position. Most of our positions require 5
years and up, although we have a few junior positions as well.



Company Description: Business to Business Sales - Employee Benefits

Positions Available: Account Management, and Sales Managers

Experience Level Sought: Any



Company Description: Information Technology professional services firm

Positions Available: Business Analyst, Lead Business Analyst, Senior Business
Analyst/Project Manager, Software Developer, Senior Software Developer, Senior
Development Manager/Technical Architect

Experience Level Sought: Varies by position. Entry to senior levels.


Balfour Beatty Construction


BBN Technologies
Company Description:     BBN Technologies is a leading provider of advanced technology
and research and development which means that R&D--especially the "development"
component--is our primary source of revenue, not the cost of doing business. For over 55
years we have helped our customers solve complex technology problems by building
practical and affordable solutions. With principal offices in Cambridge, MA and the
Washington, DC area, BBN attracts the most talented scientists and engineers who are
willing to take risks and challenge conventions in pursuit of new and fundamentally
better solutions.

Positions Available: Software Engineers, Network Scientists, Language Understanding
Scientist , Image Processing Scientist, Speech and Language Processing Scientist

Experience Level Sought: Go to to search on the
available positions and read detailed descriptions/qualifications


Beers & Cutler

Company Description: Beers & Cutler is the leading accounting and consulting firm
focused on the Washington DC Region with nearly 300 employees providing tax,
assurance and consulting services to many of the area‘s top companies and
institutions. As experts in the industries that drive the region‘s economy, Beers &
Cutler blends technical expertise with in-depth industry experience in real estate,
commercial business, professional services and government contracting. The
reputation we have gained over the past 30 years has resulted in strong business
relationships with many of the area‘s leading companies and major U.S.
Corporations. Our strategy is to attract and retain the best business talent in order
to provide the highest quality services for our clients‘ most challenging business
problems. Our ability to execute on our strategy has driven our dramatic growth
over the past few years.

Beers & Cutler has been recognized by Inside Public Accounting as one of the
nation‘s ―25 Best Managed Firms‖ and as a ―Top 50 Firm‖ nationally according to
Accounting Today. The firm is an independent member of Baker Tilly International, a
premiere network of accounting and advisory firms.

Positions Available: Government Contracts Senior Consultant; Government Contracts
Manager; Business Information Systems Senior Consultant; Tax Accountants;
Auditors; Tax & Assurance Accountants

Experience Level Sought: Seniors and Managers

Contact: Saguna Hitapot

Booz Allen Hamilton
Company Description: Consulting Company

Positions Available: All Kinds

Experience Level Sought: All Kinds


Cadmus Group

Capgemini USA LLC

Company Description: Company Overview:
Capgemini, one of the world‘s foremost providers of Consulting, Technology and
Outsourcing services, assists clients via the Collaborative Business Experience. CBE
is designed to help our clients achieve better, faster, more sustainable results
through seamless access to our network of world-leading technology partners and
collaboration-focused methods and tools. We help clients implement growth
strategies, leverage technology, and thrive through the power of collaboration.
Capgemini employs more than 68,000 people worldwide and reported 2006 global
revenues of 7.7 million euros

Positions Available: Staff Business Consultant and Staff Technology Consultant

Experience Level Sought: Entry Level.


Cigital Inc.

Company Description: Cigital is driven by the simple, compelling notion that software
must work. Cigital‘s mission is to help enterprises improve the security and quality of
their software to effectively meet their business goals.
As a consulting firm, Cigital employs a team of industry leading experts in the fields
of software development, software quality, and software security. Our consultants
work directly with customers to analyze and fix software systems and the
development processes surrounding them. Cigital applies proprietary techniques to
uncover security and quality defects in software systems, then recommend and
implement improvements to the software design, implementation, and surrounding

Positions Available: As a Software Engineering Intern at Cigital, you will work with
world-class members in your field using a broad spectrum of cutting edge
technologies across many Fortune 500 industries.
Our clients develop business-critical systems in a wide variety of fields ranging from
financial and government services to embedded software. Our clients depend on
their software to be secure, of high quality and outstanding availability.
What we offer:
At Cigital, people are our biggest asset. We select our people carefully; we train
them, mentor them and enable them to succeed with our customers. Cigital offers a
competitive benefits and salary package with an opportunity to work in an exciting,
fast-paced environment.

Specific objectives of the Cigital internship program:
Cigital has two primary objectives for training:
        First, to teach Cigital‘s proprietary Software Risk Management approach to
identify security vulnerabilities and quality defects and determine the steps needed
to harden the software. .
        Second, to use the newly trained intern to gather cutting-edge expertise in
securing implementations of the latest software technology platforms and
automating their analysis using code analysis tools.
Program supervision and evaluation:
Cigital prefers the ‗apprenticeship‘ model for employee development. The intern will
work with and under the direct supervision of senior staff members performing
analysis and documenting results.

What skills will the trainee acquire during the program?
The trainee will acquire skills in line with use of portions of the Software Risk
Management methodology including:
       Analysis of software design and source code
       Knowledge of building secure, robust software systems
       Specific knowledge automated code security analysis techniques on the latest
software technology platforms.

Skills needed to be successful on the job
Cigital's technical employees must be familiar with the technologies employed by our
customers: secure distributed component architectures, database management
systems, smart cards, real-time embedded systems and intelligent devices, to name
just a few. Our consultants make use of a broad range of skills every day:
•       Technologies like JavaEE, Hibernate, Spring, Struts, Servlets, Log4J, JSP,
JAAS, XML, AJAX, JavaScript, JavaSE, Acegi, EJB, .NET, C#, VB, C++, Perl, Unix
•       Good communication skills: presenting, writing, interacting with teams
Experience with the following technologies and activities is beneficial:
•       Software Quality Assurance, Software Security Fundamentals, Cryptography,
Source Code Analysis
•       Fortify, Coverity, Watchfire, Spidynamics
•       Test Automation, Penetration Testing, Source Code Analysis, Cryptography
•       Security tools like Tamper Data, Fiddler, Cookie editors
  Associate Consultant:
As the entry role into our organization, Associate Consultants enroll into a fast paced
program to learn what it takes to become a practicing software engineer and a
consultant to software engineers.
The objectives for the Associate Consultant apprenticeship program include:
        Exposing new employees to real-life software development practices designed
to balance fulfillment of customer requirements while maintaining business-
appropriate levels of quality and security within budgets.
        Teaching new employees to identify and differentiate quality and security
software vulnerabilities that put software at risk. This is achieved via assignments in
Cigital‘s Quality and Security practices.
        Learning our proprietary Software Risk Management methodology and in
doing so, train them to critically analyze software products and frameworks with
regards to security. Specifically, what security vulnerabilities the software is
susceptible to and (more importantly) what steps could be taken to harden the
software against attacks involving the identified vulnerabilities.
        Allow new employees to gather cutting-edge expertise in securing
implementations of the latest software technology platforms and automating their
analysis using code analysis tools via hands-on client code analysis assignments.
New Employee supervision and evaluation
        New employees work with and under the supervision of full-time employee
mentors: Principal consultants, Technical Managers, and Senior Consultants. These
mentors are responsible for the new employee‘s success. They also coach the new
employee on balancing professional, career, and personal growth. Technically,
mentors work to expose the new employee to security and quality vulnerabilities of
the latest software technology platforms, and develop documentation, fixes, or
workarounds as are appropriate and viable to make them secure and identifiable
using code analysis tools.

What skills are new employees taught, what roles are they prepared to fulfill?
New employees will acquire skills to support the use of the Software Risk
Management methodology including:
       Risk analysis and prioritization
       Software architectural analysis and review
       General security knowledge: Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability
       Specific knowledge automated code security analysis techniques on the latest
software technology platforms.
New employees will be prepared to fulfill the following roles:
       Requirements Engineering             Configuration Management
       Code Analysis         Quality Assurance Engineering
       Application Quality and Security Engineering and design            Network
Security Engineering
       Secure Software Development                 Project Management awareness

How does on-the-job training, as opposed to theoretical learning, help the new
employee master the skills and prepare for the roles listed above?
Cigital prefers ‗apprenticeship‘ with its less experienced new employees. Those who
have only read Software Risk Management documentation are at a significant
disadvantage to those who have executed even a single review with experienced
Purely theoretical alternatives, such as those covered in advanced graduate
computer science programs, fall short of Cigital‘s method for review and do not
benefit from our supporting resources such as our knowledge base of known attacks,
vulnerabilities, and automated scripts for vulnerability recognition.
In addition, because of the variety of technologies and processes used by our
customers, time spend during a Cigital apprenticeship is equivalents to many times
the equivalent time working at a single job.
At the end of a Cigital apprenticeship, new employees shall be proficient at:
•       Consulting skills
–       Ability to interface with clients, utilizing consulting and negotiating skills
–       Ability to undertake and complete tasks independently, meet schedules and
delivery timelines, and to move swiftly from concepts and theory to action
•       Team-oriented skills
–       Ability to collaborate with project team members, take direction from the
project lead and execute tasks consistently
•       Project Management
–       Awareness of end-to-end project management life-cycle including planning,
execution and closeout
•       Communication
–       Written communication skills for use in preparing formal documentation,
Statements of Work, proposals, white papers, and case studies
–       Verbal skills that include the ability to clearly articulate thoughts and to
deliver presentation and training to all levels of management
–       Ability to persuade
•       Demeanor
–       Enthusiasm and commitment along with professional interpersonal skills and
an entrepreneurial drive

Experience Level Sought:


Corporate Executive Board

Company Description: The Corporate Executive Board Company (CEB) is a leading
provider of best practices research and analysis focusing on corporate strategy,
operations and general management issues in ten different practice areas. CEB
provides its integrated set of services currently to executives at more than 3,700 of
the world's largest and most prestigious corporations, including over 80% of the
Fortune 500. These services are provided primarily on an annual subscription basis
and include best practices research studies, executive education seminars,
customized research briefs and web-based access to the program content databases
and decision support tools.

Positions Available: We are currently seeking experienced sales professionals with a
successful tack record of managing client relationships, and identifying and closing
deals using a consultative sales approach. The Relationship Specialist is a sales role
with a focus on delivering high quality service to existing c-level executive members
by assisting them in expanding their membership offerings, and renewing their
membership on an annual basis. The Relationship Specialist will work closely with a
Portfolio Manager who holds ultimate responsibility for a book of renewal business
with the expectations of renewing over $3M each year. This is a pivotal role for our
Member Services division, and is a great opportunity for someone who is looking to
take his/her career to the next level.

Responsibilities include:

•      Build and maintain member relationships through a consultative selling
•      Discuss cutting edge strategic issues with an executive-level audience of
Global 4000 companies
•       Understand the changing business terrains that potential members face,
effectively articulate the value proposition of the Executive Programs and sell the
benefits of participating in these programs
•       Identify the largest risk segment and membership (non-renewals) and devise
resolution strategy
•       Manage the membership renewal process through the attainment of
aggressive quarterly and annual revenue goals
•       Stay current and knowledgeable on all CEB program offerings in order to align
member with appropriate support resources

Successful candidate will possess:
•       Two to five years of proven success in relevant role, i.e., account
management, fundraising, recruiting, sales or revenue. Experience calling on c-level
executives highly desirable.
•       Bachelor‘s degree with a history of job stability.
•       Desire to succeed in a quota driven sales environment for a high growth
global company.
•       Understand the changing business terrains that potential members face,
effectively articulate the value proposition of the Executive Programs and sell the
benefits of participating in these programs
•       Strong interpersonal skills, able to build rapport and credibility with an
executive-level audience as well as conduct substantive content discussions with
these senior-level contacts at member organizations
•       Superior time management skills and strong attention to detail
•       Ability to manage sales process and forecast with precision
•       Solid grounding in business concepts and dynamics
•       Willingness to travel (at least 30%)
The Corporate Executive Board has a competitive employment offer that includes:
•       Competitive base salary plus incentive package
•       Career advancement based on meritocracy
•       Formal training and on-boarding program
•       Full benefits package that includes 401 K, medical, dental, vision, flexible
spending, and employee stock purchase plan

Experience Level Sought: 2-5 years of sale experience


DMG Securities, Inc.

Eagle Hill Consulting


Company Description: ESRI is the world leader in geographic information system
(GIS) mapping software, headquartered in Redlands, California with 10 U.S. regional
offices and 80 international distributors. ESRI develops GIS software and provides
related services and support to our GIS users and clients around the world.
Positions Available: Software Development Programmers
Technical Analysts
Software Product Engineers
Software Test Engineers
Database Analysts
Support Services Analysts
Internet Programmers
Systems Administrators
Sales Associates

Experience Level Sought: Entry-Level to Experienced Professional


FedEx Services

Company Description: Global Logistics Corporation

Positions Available: Sales Positions

Experience Level Sought: 0-2 years of business to business sales



Company Description:
We want you to be successful in selling to the government. Our in-depth market
analysis, customized consulting, informative events and exceptional client service
provide the resources you need to win government business.

FedSources, A Washington Management Group Company, is the nation's premier
provider of government market intelligence. Since 1984, we have been providing
information and insight to industry and government decision makers via market
intelligence services, customized consulting and informational events. These
programs, underscored by a hands-on approach to client support, enable companies
and government agencies to make informed decisions to win more public sector
business. FedSources is headquartered in McLean, VA.

Positions Available: Market Intelligence Analyst
FedSources is currently seeking Market Intelligence Analysts. The successful
candidates will be self-motivated and enthusiastic individuals with a record of
success both academically and in extra-curricular activities and the workplace. The
successful candidates will be responsible for:

•Collecting and analyzing data on public sector contract opportunities, market size,
competitors, technologies, and general government industry information
•Performing primary and secondary research through internet, databases, industry
trade associations, literature searches, and phone calls to knowledgeable sources
•Staying abreast of IT industry and public sector procurement developments and
trends; ability to see market trends
•Efficiently organizes, manages parallel tasks and projects, and meets deadlines
Requirements include:
•Bachelors degree
•0-2 years experience, interested in a career in market research or business
•Must have intellectual curiosity (government and IT related), creative problem
solving skills, initiative, enthusiasm, research skills, and analysis aptitude
•Ability to work with minimal supervision
•Confidence, self-starting ability and comfort with ambiguity; team player
•Excellent written and oral communication skills with strong attention to detail

FedSources is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Experience Level Sought: 0-2 Years


First Financial Group

Company Description: Financial Planning Firm

Positions Available: The financial services career is rated as the 3rd best career of
choice today (after Software Engineer & College Professor). Benefits include:
1. You own your practice and clientele,
2. You get renewable income and are a private business owner (Schedule C).
3. You get a defined benefit pension based on your production.
4. You learn how to be an entrepreneur, not just a stockbroker, insurance agent or
5. You positively help people, and have an impact on their families, businesses and

The reason that FFG has grown from has to do with how we differentiate our advisors
and the service we provide clientele.

Experience Level Sought: No previous exprecience required


G&B Solutions, Inc.

Company Description: G&B Solutions, Inc. specializes in information technology and
management consulting solutions. We serve a variety of Federal Government clients
at 26 locations in 10+ states. Our technically-skilled personnel provide high-level
enterprise-wide support – primarily to CIOs and Senior Executives. G&B is a leader in
IT Infrastructure Support, Enterprise Architecture and IT Security. ISO 9001:2000

Positions Available:

   •    Systems Support Specialists
   •    UNIX Systems Support Specialists
   •    Help Desk and Desktop Support
   •    Computer Security Specialists
   •    Web Developers
   •    Task Managers
   •    Senior IV&V Specialist
   •    Management and EA Consultants
   •    Project Managers
   •    Business Development Professionals
   •    Business Analysts
   •    Senior Pricing Analyst

Experience Level Sought: Opportunities Available at the junior, mid and senior levels


Grant Thornton



Company Description: HOK Washington, one of 24 offices of Hellmuth, Obata +
Kassabaum, provides a full range of design services to our clients in the mid-Atlantic
region and worldwide. HOK is well known for its ability to manage the total planning,
design, and construction process for large, complex projects with an emphasis on
sustainable design. Our team of over 100 talented professionals bring unique and
timeless designs to fruition.

Positions Available: Position 1:
Responsibilities will include:
+Making decisions and recommendations that are recognized as authoritative and
have an important impact on extensive architectural activities.
+Assisting in developing project fees, schedules and work plans.
+Plannning and organizing project documentation and delivery activities.
+Planning, organizing and supervising the work of others.
+Monitoring and controlling project budget.
+Scheduling and maintaining quality assurance.
+Extensive client contact.

Qualified candidates will possess the following:
+Bachelor‘s degree in Architecture, Engineering or related field.
+5-8 years of related experience.
+Proven proficiency at construction administration and document preparation.
+Strong applied computer graphic software skills in AutoCAD.
+Experience using Revit desirable.
+Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Word and Excel particularly)knowledge
+Excellent communications skills and team leadership skills.
+Proven ability to present to clients and assist in marketing interviews.
+Ability to travel as needed for various projects.
+Proven ability to work independently and meet required deadlines.

Position 2:

Responsibilities will include:
+Organize the work process inline with the project work plan.
+Operate independently on project tasks with periodic supervisition.
+Complete projects for at least two service lines.
+Work on project assignments with two other location teams.
+Assist in the preparation of proposals, including project approach, schedule and
definition of deliverables.
+Perform analysis tasks on projects (e.g. site and zoning analysis, code analysis,
organizational analysis, personnel forecast, space type analysis, density analysis,
space inventory, efficiency rations, and capacity models, and facility benchmarks).

Qualified candidates will possess the following:
+Bachelors or Masters in Architecture, Real Estate, Interiors or Planning.
+4 or more years of previous experience, including experience in two or more
building types.
+Intermediate skills in AutoCad, Access and Graphics software appilications.
+Ability to work effectively in a team environment and under deadlines.

Position 3:

Responisbilities will include:
+Builds national expertise and capability in offerings that provide value added
service for clients and promotes the Brand strategy.
+Leads business unit as a cost center.
+Develops and improves methods and processes for services and practice.
+Defines services and deliverables.
+Knows client buing patterns and competitor situation.
+Prepares marketing strategy for are of specialization.
+Develops existing and new clients and maintains client account relationships.
+Prepares and negotiates proposals and prime contracts.
+Responsible for achieving local and group-wide sales goals.
+Prepares business plan for area of responsibility and oversees its achievement.
+Conducts executive level interviews/presentations.
+Speaks at client conferences and publishes in industry journals.
+Communicates business performance the end of each accounting period.
+Provides leadership within Advance Strategies and with HOK offices and focus
Qualified candidates will possess the following:
+BA or MA (preferred) in Architecture, Real Estate, Interiors or Planning.
+10-14 years of previous experience.
+Advanced software skills in Microsoft Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel.
+Ability to travel frequently and as needed.

Experience Level Sought:



ICF International

Company Description: ICF International is a global professional services firm that
combines the entrepreneurship and dynamism of a new company with the solid
consulting reputation that comes after nearly 40 years of superior performance. ICF
provides consulting and implementation services to address today‘s most complex
management, technology, and policy challenges. Our work is primarily focused in
four key markets: energy and climate change; environment and infrastructure;
health, human services, and social programs; and homeland security and defense.

Since 1969, ICF has been serving all levels of government, major corporations, and
multilateral institutions. Across our markets, we provide end-to-end services
throughout the entire life of programs, project, and initiatives. More than 2,500
employees on four continents combine passion with our work with industry and
technical expertise to protect and improve the quality of life.

Positions Available: ICF International currently has over 150 job openings.

Experience Level Sought: Varies


Intergraph Corporation

Company Description: As a leading global provider of spatial information
management (SIM) software, Intergraph Corporation fuses spatial capabilities to
security, helping some of the world‘s largest government, military, and industrial
organizations in more than 60 countries better manage their operations and
safeguard their infrastructure. Using our solutions, these organizations build and
manage complex systems and operations that make the world work – from oil and
gas, utilities, communications, and transportation networks to national security and
public safety systems
Positions Available: Represents the Company with respect to promotion, direct sales
and service of Company products to major customer accounts within a defined
industry geographical sales area. Develops and maintains a strategic relationship
with executive level customer contacts. Assists in planning sales strategy and, as
necessary, in training less experienced sales representatives. Works independently
with little or no supervision. Applies extensive knowledge of products, pricing plans,
competition, and selling skills to determine the best method of obtaining sales,
servicing the customer and increasing market penetration. Coordinates activities of
sales/support team on a focused account. Responsible for new account development
and growth of existing accounts within an established regional geographic territory or
industry market segment.

Experience Level Sought: College Degree Required. TS/SCI Security Clearance


Johnson Lambert & Co. LLP

Company Description: Johnson Lambert & Co. LLP is a dynamic, growth-oriented, public
accounting firm that has achieved much success in the more than twenty years we have been in
business. We believe this success has everything to do with our amazing people and our culture
of excellence. Johnson Lambert & Co. has been recognized in national publications as a leading
CPA firm, including being named to the Top 10 insurance audit firms in North America. Our
executive team is actively involved in professional activities at a state and national level. Our
clients range from private companies to SEC registered companies, and we are committed to
providing them with the highest quality of service. Johnson Lambert & Co. has several offices on
the east coast in order to serve our growing client base. Our offices are in Falls Church, VA;
Burlington, VT; Red Bank, NJ; Raleigh, NC; Charleston, SC; and Jacksonville, FL. There are
opportunities in all of our locations.

Positions Available: In the audit department you will:
    Document and test client internal controls
    Analyze client accounts and financial statements
    Assist in preparation of monthly, quarterly, and annual reports
    Work with electronic audit tools in documenting a variety of audit procedures
    Travel to client sites to perform audits and other assurance services
    Engage in and assist in client interviews, primarily relating to internal controls and specific
        account analysis
    Actively engage with clients and our service teams in all phases of the audits
    Provide input and help draft management letters
    Work with team to develop new ways to solve client business problems

In the tax department (Raleigh, NC office Only) you will:
      Prepare tax returns for clients and review with team
      Research tax matters and consult with clients
      Gather and analyze data for tax return preparation and tax accounting
       Communicate with clients to resolve tax-related issues and make recommended
       Participate in the day-to-day delivery of tax services provided by the tax team
       Work with team to develop new ways to solve client business problems

Experience Level Sought: 2+ years (insurance specific experience preferred)



Company Description: KKroll is the world‘s leading risk consulting company. For
more than 30 years, Kroll has helped companies, government agencies and
individuals reduce their exposure to risk and capitalize on business opportunities.
Kroll is an operating unit of Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc., the global
professional services firm. With offices in more than 60 cities in the U.S. and abroad,
Kroll can operate and restructure businesses; scrutinize accounting practices and
financial documents; gather and filter electronic evidence for attorneys; recover lost
or damaged data from computers and servers; conduct in-depth investigations;
screen domestic and foreign-born job candidates; protect individuals, and enhance
security systems and procedures.
Kroll's Investigations, Financial Advisory and Intelligence has a broad range of
expertise, our professionals include former big 4 CPAs, white-collar crime
prosecutors, forensic accountants, intelligence analysts, computer forensics
professionals, corporate governance specialists, business journalists, litigation
consultants, regulatory experts and accountants who specialize in complex insurance
claims, damages calculations and business valuations. In addition to detecting and
deterring fraud, we are dedicated to leveraging new technologies and the specialized
knowledge of our employees to help businesses resolve critical issues and stay

Positions Available: Our Northern Virginia/Washington, DC practice is looking for
candidates with 2+ years experience working in a Big 4 auditing/consulting
environment to work with us as in a Senior Consultant - Director positon, depending
on level of experience. Individuals with accounting or finance backgrounds are
preferred. Candidates should have excellent written and verbal communication skills
and strong analytical skills. Prior experience supervising staff in a team environment
is a plus. They should also be willing and able to work in a changing environment,
which may require travel.

Experience Level Sought: 2+ years experience


Oxford Finance Corp

Company Description: Leading provider of debt financing to life science and biotech
companies in the US, Canada, and Europe. Serving companies at all stages of
growth, from Series A to post-IPO.

Positions Available: Portfolio Analyst or Portfolio Manager

Experience Level Sought: 1-3+ years


Precipia Systems Inc

Company Description: Precipia Systems Inc—whose designation was derived from
the Latin word ―precipio,‖ meaning to anticipate, instruct, advise, and inform— is a
multi-national organization headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. Precipia Systems
offers knowledge discovery and information management solutions to some of
today‘s leading intelligence, defense, and government agencies. Precipia recognizes
that contemporary problems are complex and dynamic and as such, require
innovative solutions. Precipia‘s solution provides organizations the ability to extract,
utilize, and exploit information relevant to its organizational needs for the purposes
of improved planning and decision making.

Precipia‘s flagship product, DIANE, allows organizations to shift their efforts from
reactive to proactive by affording them the analytical resources necessary to
understand the situations of today and anticipate those of tomorrow. Additionally,
DIANE‘s collaborative and workflow management functionalities help organizations to
track past insights and best practices while ensuring that their geographically
disperse workers are collaborating toward the desired end-goal. Precipia, through
DIANE and other products and services, helps its customers maintain and strengthen
their competitive edge while operating in an expanding global environment
increasingly marked by unique and evolving challenges, new types of terrorism and
criminal activity, and nameless situational factors.

Positions Available: 1. J2EE Engineer: Precipia Systems is looking for highly
motivated, well-qualified candidates with 2 to 5 years of experience in web services
and service-oriented architectures. The incumbent will work closely with the senior
architect and report directly to the Director of Engineering. Successful candidates will
have a proven track record of achieving quality deliverables under strict timelines.
Candidates must be U.S. citizens. While security clearance is not a requirement,
candidates with any level of security clearance are highly desirable.

Critical Requirements:
•       3-5 years of experience in Java Application development
•       Java & J2EE including JSP, Servlets, Java Beans, JDBC
•       XML Technologies: SAX/DOM, XSLT
•       Web Services
•       Application servers: JBoss, Weblogic
•       Oracle: ability to write and execute queries
Superior Requirements:
•      Network Security
•      JMS
•      Performance analysis and tuning
•      Eclipse RCP

This is an exciting opportunity to work in a fast-paced, start-up environment!
Incumbents will gain marketable, diverse experience and will be given high levels of
responsibiity immediately upon starting work at Precipia Systems. Precipia Systems
offers a competitive base salary, stock options, a comprehensive benefits package,
an innovative work atmosophere, flexible schedules, and other cool perks!

2. Quality Assurance Engineer: We are seeking an experienced QA engineer with a
demonstrated ability to multi-task and work both independently and as part of a
team. This engineer should be skilled in: problem solving, root-cause analysis, and
project management (high level of follow-through necessary).

US citizenship is required. While security clearance is not a requirement, candidates
with any level of security clearance are highly desirable.
•       Performing various types of testing on complex internet business applications:
black and white box, performance, load/stress, automated, regression, and freelance
•       Estimating test efforts as part of project planning for software release or
•       Developing effective software testing strategies
•       Working with project and development teams to understand functional
•       Assisting customer support in troubleshooting support issues
•       Designing, developing, upgrading and maintaining manual regression tests
•       Daily Interfacing with Software Engineers, Project Managers and Systems
Administrators to resolve software-related issues
•       Ensuring standards are being followed and suggesting alternative solutions
when necessary
•       Effectively reporting test result metrics to management
•       Playing an integral role during the pre-release and post-release processes
including coordination of final testing and documentation preparation
•       Document, trouble-shoot and follow up on issues found during testing. Add
additional test cases to test suites where appropriate.
•       Actively work with other members of the QA team to constantly improve the
process, tools, and effectiveness of the team.
•       Bachelor‘s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Software
•       2+ years QA experience
•       Familiar with writing test plans and executing manual tests on web-based
•       Experience with web-based automated testing software design,
implementation and execution
•       Strong understanding of the software development life cycle
•       Excellent analytical and reasoning skills
•       Excellent verbal and written communication skills
•       Ability to function as part of a team
•      Must be flexible, willing to participate in all aspects of the software testing
•      Comfortable working with ambiguous specifications and can prioritize on the
•      Participate in QA testing for multiple projects/products concurrently.
Superior Requirements
•      Software development experience (SQL, Java, JavaScript)

This is an exciting opportunity to work in a fast-paced, start-up environment!
Incumbents will gain marketable, relavent experience and will be given high levels of
responsibiity immediately upon starting work at Precipia Systems. Precipia Systems
offers a competitive base salary, stock options, a comprehensive benefits package,
an innovative work atmosophere, flexible schedules, and other cool perks!

3. UI Engineer: We are seeking a highly creative, mid-to-senior level user interface
engineer to help build and expand an exciting product with cutting-edge
technologies. Strong communication and user interface design skills are critical.
Also, incumbents must have a demonstrated commitment to improving the usability
of rich-client and web-user interfaces. The position will require working with existing
products (both web and rich-client) in a small team. The ability to rapidly understand
a complex toolset, make it accessible to end-users, and achieve buy- in from the
development staff will be key to success in this position. The incumbent will work
closely with the senior architect and report directly to the Director of Engineering.
Successful candidates will have a proven track record of achieving quality
deliverables to meet very strict timelines.

Candidate must be a US Citizen. While security clearance is not a requirement,
candidates with any level of security clearance are highly desirable.

Critical Requirements:
•       3+ years of experience in UI design and testing
•       Experience with Rich Internet Technologies such as Macromedia Flex
This is an exciting opportunity to work in a fast-paced, start-up environment!
Incumbents will gain marketable, relavent experience and will be given high levels of
responsibiity immediately upon starting work at Precipia Systems. Precipia Systems
offers a competitive base salary, stock options, a comprehensive benefits package,
an innovative work atmosophere, flexible schedules, and other cool perks!

4. Precipia Systems also has two exciting internship openings for which we are
recruiting. We welcome graduate students to apply. The internship openings are
listed below in brief. For more information, visit our website at
A. Java Engineering Intern
We are currently looking for a highly motivated Java Engineering graduate-student
intern. This incumbent should have educational and occupational experience relevant
to web-services or service-oriented architecture. The position in question will involve
assisting in the development and expansion of a service-oriented architecture and
will include using today‘s forward-thinking and cutting edge technologies. Strong
communication and analytical skills are critical. Applicants should expect to be given
high levels of responsibility and task variety. This internship is an opportunity to
gain marketable and worthwhile experience.
B. Marketing Communications Intern
This individual will be required to participate and assist in all levels of marketing and
business communication endeavors. Such duties might include, but are not limited
to, the following: conducting market research; determining possible media outlets for
press releases and media pitches; making recommendations for marketing outreach;
responding to or disseminating customer inquiries; editing and developing marketing
collateral and promotional material; updating website content; attending marketing
meetings; proposing new and innovative marketing and brand representation ideas;
and generally supporting members of the marketing and business development
team. This internship is a unique opportunity for a graduate student to gain the type
of hands-on marketing experience that will distinguish you from your fellow
classmates when it comes time to apply for a job.

Experience Level Sought: 1. J2EE Engineer: 2 + years
2. Quality Assurance Engineer: 2 +years
3. UIEngineer: 2+years
4. Java Engineering Intern: 6 months + of coursework or other internship experience
5. Marketing Communications Intern: 6 months + of courswork or other internship


Resources Global



Company Description: Language Learning Software

Positions Available: view for details

Experience Level Sought: all levels


RSM McGladrey

Company Description: See our jobs listed under

Positions Available: Various

Experience Level Sought: Entry level to experienced

Spin Systems Inc.

Company Description: Spin Systems Inc., (SSI), provides diversified technical and
business solutions to a wide range of public and private sector entities.
Headquartered in Virginia, and with offices in California, SSI is a small business that
specializes in customized complex software solutions in the financial, legal and
medical surveillance applications. Our core competence is in the area of support and
design for large-scale data warehousing application, in-depth data and analysis and
reporting tools as well as the development and analysis of complex algorithms and
modeling engines.

SSI has been working with clients to meet their needs as data warehousing has
emerged as a ―must-have‖ solution for a myriad of business challenges—from
addressing the need for consistent information across the enterprise to enabling
rapid response to business change. Today, SSI is assisting companies and
organizations in facing a rapidly evolving array of data integration technologies, data
warehouse and data mart architectures, business-intelligence tools, and analytic
delivery mechanisms—all overarched by an accelerating march towards real-time
functionality. SSI understands that the steps clients take now—and how they take
them—will have a profound impact on business success.

Positions Available: Spin Systems, Inc. is seeking a Mid to Senior level Oracle DBA
with experience in large scale Oracle
Candidate must be a team player willing to work closely with management,
developers and clients in a fast
moving environment.

THIS POSITION IS OPEN TO US CITIZENS ONLY applying for a full time employee

No contractors or third parties please.

Role responsibilities include:
• Providing direct support to multiple Oracle databases in Production, Development
and Test
• Backup, Recovery and Disaster planning for all Oracle databases.
• Performance tuning of databases including SQL evaluation and tuning.
• Meeting with client, developers and analysts during all aspects of Project Life Cycle
– including
participation in application design, development and testing – with special emphasis
on generation
of ERDs and DDL.
• Work closely with Network Operations and Systems Administrator in planning and
deployment of new database instances – with emphasis on assuring optimal
allocation and
configuration of hardware relative to the Oracle deployment.
• Work with management in the definition and enforcement of processes to govern
the deployment
and movement of code and data between the various Production, Development and
• Daily review of production systems to establish status and to conduct pro-active
• Possible pager/on call support of multiple production databases.

Skill Set
Oracle 8i, 9i and 10g DBA > 7 years
Disaster Recovery and Planning > 5 years
Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC). > 3 years
Oracle replication > 5 years
Performance tuning - at both database and SQL query level > 5 years
Linux System administration (Red Hat). > 2 years
PL/SQL. > 10 years
Backup and Recovery (SQL Backtrack, RMAN). > 5 years
Linux Scripting (Bash, PERL, ksh). > 5 years
Data Warehousing. > 5 years
Familiarity with Client Connectivity variants (OCI, ODBC, JDBC). > 7 years
Database design (normalization) > 7 years

Preference will be given to an Oracle Certified Professional (OCP).

Our project team is located in Falls Church, Northern Virginia

Spin Systems, Inc., is an equal opportunity employer. We offer our employees an
attractive benefits
package that includes, medical, dental, vision coverage, 15 days of annual leave, 10
paid holidays, 401k
with employer match, disability and life insurance and more.

Spin Systems, a proven provider of secure IT solutions in financial, legal and medical
surveillance applications, has an exciting opportunity for a highly motivated .NET
Developer. SpinSys wants bright, creative, and enthusiastic software developers to
help develop and enhance our products tailored to meet critical business needs.

Spin Systems is committed to being an innovative, employee-led, customer-focused
IT provider, and is looking for talented IT professionals to help grow our business!

This position is working directly for Spin Systems in support of our Air Force client.
The role is to design and develop .NET Applications on small, efficient development
teams using web and database applications within the Microsoft product solution
framework and Microsoft development tools. The candidate will be required to
interface directly with our clients in full life cycle development efforts. The successful
candidate will provide technical expertise in .NET development projects by designing
and creating User Interfaces (UI), WEB services and database structures for our

Please provide salary requirements when applying.

Spin Systems, Inc. is seeking a Mid to Sr. Level C#/ .Net Developer. Experience in
web application development is required. This position offers candidates the
opportunity to join a small, highly focused, and talented team. The ideal candidate
will have C# background. Exposure to object development methodologies is a plus.
Extensive web development experience is a plus.


-1.    C# (.NET).
-1.    3-5 years overall development experience.
-1.    1-3 years .net w/ emphasis on .net Web Forms.
-1.    Excellent communication skills.
-1.    Strong design and architecture skills.
-1.    OOP Background.
-1.    Front End GUI experience.
-1.    Experience with SQL or Oracle databases.
-1.    Ability to manage and enhance existing solutions.
-1.    Ability to efficiently develop design plans from higher-level designs.
-1.    Effective client management skills.

Bachelors degree in Computer Science or related field.

This position is located in Sterling, VA and will require coordination with our Falls
Church office activity. Up to 2 days a week may be spent in Falls Church.

Spin Systems, Inc., is an equal opportunity employer. We offer our employees an
attractive benefits package that includes, medical, dental, vision coverage, 15 days
of annual leave, 10 paid holidays, 401k with employer match, disability and life
insurance and more.

No contractors or third parties please.

Experience Level Sought: Mid to Sr. level


Sprint Nextel Corporation

Company Description: Wireless Technology Company

Positions Available: Highly motivated candidates are sought for open positions on a
successful business-to-business sales team. Candidate must be a self-starter that
enjoys working in a team environment. Responsibilities include prospecting new and
existing opportunities with local businesses, creating and presenting proposals,
closing business sales, managing a sales funnel, and developing strong business
relationships. This is a great opportunity to work for a dynamic company that is one
of the leaders in the wireless industry today.

Experience Level Sought: All levels


Stephen James Associates

Company Description: Senior to Executive Search Firm specializing in Accounting &
Finance, Banking, and Sales/Marketing

Positions Available: 1. Compliance Manager (Vienna; $90-94k)
Our client, a division of a multi-billion dollar International Services firm, is seeking a
Compliance Manager.

This position serves as the corporate resource for all DCAA contract compliance
management activities. The duties include: Serving as the corporate resource for all
FAR contract compliance management and acts as liaison with auditors; Conducts or
oversees audits in the area of Compliance with DCAA requirements; Conducts audit
planning, writes audit reports, documents audit findings, makes recommendations;
Performs and analyzes compliance audits; and Assists with the development of
government required submissions for compliance to include interfacing with the
Director of Contracts, legal and other departments on regulatory compliance issues.

Required Skills:
-Bachelor's degree in accounting or related field (finance or business) with six to
eight years of experience in Accounting OR Contracts in a Government contract
arena, preferable DOD/Defense

-Excellent analytical and organizational skills

-Project Management skills

-Experience interacting with DCAA is a must

-Experience with Costpoint, specifically Impromptu, is desired

2. Controller (Washington D.C.; $85K-110K)
Responsible for the oversight of accounting team
Deltek GCS Premier or CostPoint is a must
10+ years of experience in government contracting, GAAP, FAR, & rate negotiating
Security Clearance is a big plus

3. Director of Contacts (Arlington; $115 – 130k)
Director of Contracts will establish the contracting department. Currently, the CFO
and Controller handle all contracting issues, but due to growth, they need a separate
department. The Director will have complete control over creating the group – even
deciding how many staff to hire. Must have experience working with the state
department or DoD, and ideally would like to commercial experience as well. The
person must be willing to get their ―hands dirty‖. In the first six months, the
Director will build staff, set policies and procedures and review all current contracts
and pricing.

4. Assistant Controller (Reston; $115 – 130k)
Key Areas of Responsibility:
Responsible for preparation and accuracy of consolidated GAAP financial statements
Develop quarterly financial reporting analysis of balance sheets, income statements,
and cash flows
Oversee financial statement reconciliations process
Manage the annual independent audit
Responsible for joint venture transactions and reporting.
Support due diligence and integration process for new acquisitions
Responsible for internal control relating to the financial reporting
Serve as GAAP expert
Draft technical accounting policies with a focus on revenue recognition, purchase
accounting, leases, and stock-based compensation
Support business areas or contracts group in making business decisions based on
appropriate revenue recognition rules

Bachelor‘s degree in Accounting
Minimum of eight to ten years of accounting experience with public accounting

5. CFO (Fairfax; $120K-150K)
Experience working in government contracting industry
Deltek GCS Premier desired
10+ years experience in managing F&A, contracts, and IT departments.
Experience with forecasting financials and working with personnel to gain quality
inputs to properly develop such forecasts.
Must be able to design and establish company-wide performance metrics, compare
to forecasts, as well as actively help manage efforts to achieve such performance
Must be able to work on establishing procedures and business processes that make
the organization more effective working across the entire firm.
Must have experience with government contracting, federal regulations, proposal
pricing and able to negotiate contracts, teaming agreements, etc. working with
operations and business development personnel.
Must be able to lead, guide and direct the financial management personnel and
manage oversight of the IT operations of the firm.

6. Pricing Analyst (Falls Church; $75K-80K)
As a member of the Pricing and Project Support team, the Pricing Analyst/Senior.
Financial Staff will provide financial support to various organizations within the
company. Primary responsibilities will include the preparation of cost and price
proposals, budgetary estimates, fee analyses, and cost at completion analyses. A
sound knowledge of Excel is required. Must be detail oriented, well organized and
have an aptitude for numbers. The ability to work independently in a demanding
environment is necessary. Must be able to deal professionally with all levels of
personnel and have strong interpersonal and communications skills. Some overtime
may be required when deliverable schedules must be met. The successful candidate
must become familiar with cost estimating practices and Federal Acquisition
Regulation Cost Principles and Cost Accounting Standards.
A college degree in Business, Accounting or Finance (or comparable experience) and
five or more years experience in a financial/accounting environment is required.
Experience in Government and commercial pricing and familiarity with Government
contract types is desired. Experience with computer based accounting systems a plus
(particularly Oracle and/or ProPricer experience).
7. Financial Reporting Accountant (Arlington; $60K-70K)
Our client, a non-profit Research firm, is seeking a Financial Accountant.

The Financial Accountant will report to Controller and dotted line to CFO.

-Conducts analysis of grants and contracts to determine financial status of grants
received and awards made.
-Modifies custom reports in CostPoint, and Time and Expense (Deltek).
-Applies financial policies, governmental terms and conditions, accounting theory and
customer financial regulations. Works with program staff to ensure compliance with
those policies and alerts the CFO of potential problems.
-Analyzes project, grant and overhead financial data on a monthly and quarterly
basis to evaluate trends and actual or potential problems. Make recommendations to
resolve those issues.
-Evaluates corporate budget and monthly results, prepares reports on budget vs.
-Coordinates with all levels of management to gather, analyze, summarize and
prepare recommendations regarding financial plans, future requirements,
government requirements and operating forecasts.
-Enters and updates in database new and modified grants awarded by client.
-Ensures that proposed grants are supported by available funds. Prepares reports
which highlight anticipated problems.

-B.A. /B.S. in Accounting/Finance or general business.
-Minimum of 3 years in the support of financial management activities.
-Experience in job costing/project-based accounting.
-Strong analytical and communication skills.
-Strong customer service orientation.
-Advanced knowledge in the use of financial software applications, database
applications, spreadsheets, and word processing required. Deltek/Costpoint strongly
8. Project Control Accountant/Financial Analyst (Arlington; $75K-85K)

The project control analyst will be involved in planning, tracking, analyzing, and
reporting on a variety of projects (Cost Plus, Fixed Price and Time and Materials
Contracts) of varying complexity and size. Analyst will assist Program Managers in
the development of Work Breakdown Structures (WBS), project plans, budget, cost
proposals and various other project related reports. Analyst will also monitor
cost/schedule performance of projects and address accounting issues including cash
flow management, payables, receivables tracking, invoice preparation and review.
Will be responsible for project Estimates to Complete and Estimates at Completion.

With limited supervision, understands and implements contract content, FAR, and
DFAS requirements. Prepare WBS, budgets, forecasts, financial plans, and
government reports. Analyzes financial information to determine present and future
financial performance. Ensures contracts are in compliance with contractual
obligations and government contracting guidelines. Interpret financial statements
and reports for executive staff and project managers. Recommends cost saving
opportunities and project managers profitability improvement strategies. Assist
managers in preparation for monthly/quarterly programs reviews.

Education & Experience: Bachelor‘s degree in Business Administration, Accounting,
or Finance. 5+ related experience and/or training. Federal government contract
accounting experience knowledge of FAR/DFAR. Working knowledge of GAAP and
Revenue Recognition preferred. Requires superior spreadsheet (MS Excel)
proficiency, project management software (Project Scheduler, MS Project, etc.) skills
a plus. Experience with Deltek GCS Premier or other job cost accounting software
strongly preferred.
9. Controller (Arlington; $120K-150K)
- Managing accounting staff of 3
- Ensuring timely and accurate financial statements for management team
- Coordinating the month-end and year-end closing process.
- Reviewing organization financial statements for accuracy and clarity.
- Managing the accounting functions (AR, AP, Payroll and collections).
- Overseeing G/L analysis and reconciliation and bank reconciliations.
- Preparing cash forecast and daily cash reports.
- Coordinating indirect rates, incurred costs and direct service center submission
- Coordinating DCAA and Internal Audit requests
- Experience with Corporate Tax returns
- Responsible for financial reporting, forecasting, and budgeting

Education, Skills, and Experience:

- BA in Accounting and 7+ years of experience in a Government Contracting
- Strong experience working with Deltek GCS.
- Strong organization, planning, and problem-solving skills.
- Strong self-management and multi-tasking skills. Abilities to set well defined and
realistic goals; monitor progress and achieve results.
- Strong results orientation and attention to detail.
- Ability to understand and control confidential information with absolute discretion.
- Team player with a sense of humor
- Excellent interpersonal and people management skills

10. Federal Account Executive (Washington, DC; $95- 225k)
Job Description: This is a senior sales position that will be responsible for increasing
Federal, State & Local sales. Candidates must have successful experience in selling
performance management solutions with experience in management scorecards &
dashboards a plus. Consultative selling experience to C-level Executives, and a
proven ability to deal effectively with multiple functional areas (ie. Business, IT, HR,
etc) is a must. The selected individual will have a proven track record of at least 7
years of solution selling in the Public Sector, several years of direct performance
management (balanced Scorecard, Baldrige Criteria, Strategic Planning) experience,
and must be able to demonstrate the abilities required to sell consulting as well as
We are seeking a motivated employee with the above skills who is a team player,
self starter and self-planner who can work with minimal direct supervision. Must be
willing to travel. Compensation is salary + commission + options. Position will work
out of the Washington, DC area and will report to the Sales Manager in the
Philadelphia, PA office(must be able to travel to PA up to once a week)
•       Generates revenue and profit margin in assigned vertical, achieving and/or
surpassing a 1.5 MM Quota.
•       Prospecting & Planning: Identifies high potential sales opportunities
•       Qualifying & Analysis: Leads and develops vertical strategy based on deep
domain expertise
•       Proposing & Closing: Submits and presents the customer with a finalized
collaborative proposal with solutions, justifications, and expected results to overcome
objections and win the business with maximum revenue/margin.
Experience and Education:
•       4 year degree and 7 years experience required in a Government sales role.
•       Direct Experience selling performance management (Balanced Scorecard,
Baldrige Criteria, Strategic Planning).
•       Experience in Healthcare, Government, Finance or Consulting is a must.
•       The ability to present highly complex technical and business concepts to all
levels of an organization.
•       A Proven track record of 5 years of progressive accomplishments within your
field of work.

11. Client Executive II (Chantilly; $100-160k)

We have an immediate opening for a Client Executive to support our Intel business.
In this position you will call on and close CIO-level customers, as well as research,
uncover and understand/analyze agency missions, budgets, priorities and programs.
As a Client Executive, you will develop the Client‘s strategy from this information and
identify Client-addressable opportunities.

Key Responsibilities & Requirements:

-TS/SCI clearance Required.
-Green badge Required (sponsorship must move with you)
-Minimum of 5 years of experience selling to government agencies.

-Develop relationships with agency employees, from executive level through
procurement level, and be technical enough to spot opportunities.

-Excellent working knowledge of Government processes and procedures.

-Interface and deliver results with Sales Managers and technology Solutions and
Customer Teams.
-Develop and present agency account strategy with quarterly updates.

-Must have a proven track record of multi-million dollar quota achievement, both at
an individual level and a team level.

-A college degree or equivalent experience and a strong customer service attitude.

-Excellent oral and written communications skills and the ability to handle a variety
of diverse responsibilities.

-Must have high-energy work ethic and be available to work non-standard hours
during peak season times.

Client offers career growth, personal responsibility, competitive compensation, and a
benefits package that includes 401K contribution, tuition reimbursement, and an on-
site exercise facility.

12. Senior Accoutant (Vienna; $80-85k)
The primary responsibility of this position to provide assistance to the Controller and
supervising the accounting operations areas.

Support Controller in managing AP, billing, collections, credit card processing, and
payroll in its day-to-day activities

Analyze accounting system problems and identify probable cause for problem

Act as liaison between Accounting and IT

Support monthly financial period closing

Assist in preparation of financial statements and management reports

Interface with operations management and personnel to ensure integrity of financial

Provide support for audits and prepare worksheets

Develop and maintain documented department practices and procedures

Support preparation of sales and use, personal property and other tax filings

Assist with treasury functions

Assist in preparation of Incurred Cost Submission and development of provisional
billing rates

Required Skills:
-Bachelors degree in Business, Finance, Accounting or related field
-Minimum 6 years of accounting experience with some supervisory experience
-Hands-on experience with government contract accounting
-Strong knowledge of GAAP, FAR and CAS
-Proven strong analytic and creative problem solving skills
-Strong attention to detail is necessary
-Solomon software experience is required
-Strong level with Microsoft Excel
-Excellent organization and analytical skills
-CPA or MBA preferred

Experience Level Sought: Senior to Executive Level


Studley, Inc.

Company Description: Commercial Real Estate

Positions Available: Studley, one of the most dynamic and profitable commercial real
estate advisory firms in the country, is seeking seasoned professionals and recent
graduates who can contribute expertise and add value to its successful, fast-growing
organization. The firm has opportunities across a broad range of positions.

Studley is an entrepreneurial organization with a unique governance model. The
Branch Manager leads his/her office by playing a ―player-coach‖ role whereby he/she
is a recognized top producer in the commercial real estate industry and leads the
broker teams in the office by example.

Recent graduates typically begin their careers at Studley in financial analysis or
business development roles. The Financial Analyst does not just ―run numbers‖ but
is an integral part of one or more of the office‘s advisory teams, contributing his/her
insights to the client engagement, participating in client meetings and helping to
close transactions. The business developer, or Associate, focuses on establishing
new client relationships for the firm while learning how to conduct core real estate
transactions as part of a broker team. In both positions, learning is accomplished
through hands-on opportunity and mentorship from seasoned leaders. We also tailor
roles for individuals who bring distinctive skills to the organization. We believe we
provide unique opportunities for someone with solid analytical skills and good
business judgment to move into a career that offers extremely high earning

Studley understands the value of building trust-based relationships within the
organization and facilitates this via an annual meeting every summer. The gathering
is an opportunity to socialize and network with colleagues from all offices in order to
build solid working relationships. Additional opportunities to network are provided
throughout the year to attend training and to reward the top producers of the firm.

Studley‘s recruiting philosophy is to hire smart, ambitious people. We believe there
is no single candidate profile that guarantees success. Instead, we recognize and
celebrate the diversity of backgrounds and experiences that each individual brings to
the organization. We work with new hires to shape roles that will leverage their
talents, develop them professionally and position them to add value to the firm.
Creative, critical thinkers who are comfortable working in a fluid, ambiguous setting
flourish in the Studley entrepreneurial environment.

Headquartered in New York City, Studley has 19 strategically located offices in major
markets throughout the United States and London. The firm was founded over 50
years ago and is wholly owned by its employees. For additional company
information please visit our website at

Interested candidates should e-mail their resumes to our Senior Vice President of
Professional Development, Ann Marie Lynch, at the following address:

Studley is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Women and minorities are encouraged to

Experience Level Sought: Position – Financial Analyst


The Financial Analyst is a key member of the Studley Financial team. She or he
reports directly to the Managing Director in charge of financial structuring. Analyst
will be expected to prepare analysis comparing a variety of real estate holding
structures, including standard real estate leases, leveraged leases, ownership with
100% equity, and ownership with various types of debt and equity, and bondable
leases. Analyst will be expected to work quickly and independently in preparing
analysis. He or she should expect to manage multiple deadlines simultaneously.
The ideal candidate will be a highly motivated self starter who pays tremendous
attention to detail.


•        Bachelors Degree required
•        Familiarity with capital markets. Candidate should be knowledge regarding
terms   and concepts such as cap rate, discounted cash flow, and WACC
•        Strong software proficiency including using Microsoft Excel
•        Strong analytical skills

Position – Mid Level Broker

A mid-level broker is key member of a Studley brokerage team. She or he is capable
of sourcing and working on his or her own transactions, but also interested in the
support of a larger team. Studley focuses on larger transactions and clients which
are bets pursued on a team basis. Our teams are drawn from people with diverse
skill sets including attorneys, architects, CPA‘s, real estate brokers and finance


•       5 to 10 years of relevant experience
•      Strong interpersonal skills
•      Ability to work in a team environment
•      Strong analytical skills


The Mergis Group

The Siegfried Group

Company Description: Established in 1988, The Siegfried Group helps clients, who
experience periodic surges in critical accounting and finance work, to strategically
extend and enhance their internal workforce. The Siegfried Group is the nation's
only CPA firm dedicated exclusively to providing Fortune 1000 companies and other
major organizations with ready access to consultant-quality accounting and finance
professionals. These full-time, career focused Siegfried employees are highly
motivated and committed to executing our clients' initiatives.

Positions Available: The Accounting Professional provides day-to-day client service to
Fortune 1000 companies. Primary areas of focus include: Financial Statement Audit,
Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance, General Corporate Accounting Support, and Special
Project Management.

The Financial Accounting Professional provides day-to-day client service to Fortune
1000 companies. Primary areas of focus include: Financial Reporting and Analysis,
General Accounting, Internal Controls, and a variety of other projects in support of
our clients.

The Financial Services Accounting Professional provides day-to-day client service to
Fortune 1000 financial institutions and other capital market participants. Primary
areas of focus include: Financial and SEC Reporting, Mergers, Acquisitions and
Divestitures, and Compliance and Accounting.

Experience Level Sought: 2-10 years


The Wolf Group

Company Description: The Wolf Group is a top quality, boutique financial services
organization focused on providing global wealth management, international and
expatriate tax, and business solutions to our individual and corporate clients through
our two companies RDL Financial L.C. and LSW International, CPAs. The Wolf Group
has built its reputation in the international community by providing unrivaled service,
with absolute integrity, to achieve superior results. Our extensive background in both
tax and wealth management allows us to approach our clients needs in an all-
inclusive manner.

Positions Available: Senior Investment Advisor (5-10 years)
                             Tax Specialist (1-3 years)
                             Senior Tax Specialist (3-5 years)
                              International/Corporate Tax Manager (5-12 years)

Experience Level Sought: As the Wolf Group continues to grow, we seek highly
competent and motivated tax and investment professionals with exceptional
communication skills, an entrepreneurial spirit, are personable, team oriented, and
are committed to outstanding client service.

Tax professionals would have the opportunity to be involved in not only tax
compliance services but also global tax planning strategies and consulting
engagements. Previous expatriate tax experience is desired but not required.

Investment advisors would be involved in direct client management over high net
worth individual client relationships, new client development (not cold calling),
development of prospective client proposals, have supervision over associate
advisors and administrative tasks, and have participation in broader growth strategy
for business.


TRAK Legal

Company Description: Law firms and corporate legal departments in the Washington,
DC metropolitan area depend on TRAK Legal to identify and place exceptional talent
- individuals with excellent skills and winning, positive attitudes.

Positions Available: This firm, conveniently located in the heart of DC, is seeking a
Legal Secretary to support four attorneys: one Litigation Partner, one Corporate
Partner, and two Associates. In addition to traditional secretarial duties, this position
is heavy on billing work, so law firm billing experience is a must! Personality is very
important in this position, as the attorneys are looking for someone who is
professional and discreet, but also friendly and enjoyable to work with. Strong
organizational skills and attention to detail are also important, as are proficiency with
PowerPoint software and prior experience in a legal setting.

Experience Level Sought: 2-3 years experience


Wiley & Wilson

Company Description: Wiley & Wilson, Inc. is a multi-discipline engineering and
architecture firm established over 100 years ago in Lynchburg, Virginia. We have
grown to include offices in Richmond, Alexandria and New Bern, NC. In 2004 the
company became 100% employee owned (ESOP). Our disciplines include civil
(environmental, structural,& land planning), mechanical, & electrical engineering as
well as architecture. Our projects range from local, state, and federal government
projects to private industry sector projects.
 The company includes a culture of support and encouraged growth and
advancement while offering work/life balance with flexible hours. One of the benefits
of our company size is personalized training and mentoring in a caring atmosphere.
For students who would like to learn more about what our firm can offer, feel free to
check out our website at

Positions Available: Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, and Structural Engineers and

Experience Level Sought: entry level to experienced




Company Description: WTAS is a national tax services firm with over 400
professionals and offices in New York City, Boston, Chicago, West Palm Beach,
McLean, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Palo Alto and Los Angeles. WTAS specializes in
full service individual and business entity tax consulting and compliance, valuation
services, and investment advisory services.

Positions Available: Senior Associate, Manager, and Director level positions available,
commensurate with years of experience

Experience Level Sought: 1 - 8 years of experience


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