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State Income Tax Calculator - DOC by uke21153


State Income Tax Calculator document sample

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									State Sales Tax
WRITTEN BY : Bruce McFarland

During your itemizing on Schedule A, Line five ask:
       State and local (check only one box):
               A □Income taxes, or
               B □General sales taxes
You have to check one or the other, and enter the amount. You must choose
between deducting state and local income taxes, or state and local sales taxes. This
write-off makes sense for the most part for those who live in states that do not
impose an income tax. For most citizens of income-tax states, the income tax
deduction usually is a better deal. IRS has tables for residents of states with sales
taxes showing how much they can deduct. However, the tables aren’t the ending
If you bought a car, boat or even an airplane, you get to add the state sales tax you
paid to the amount shown in IRS tables for your state, to the extent the sales tax
rate you paid doesn’t exceed the state’s general sales tax rate. The same goes for
home building materials you purchased. The IRS has the Sales Tax Deduction
Calculator (,,id=152421,00.html), a
calculator on its Web site to help you figure out the deduction, which varies by
state and income level. There is also a worksheet in the instructions for Schedule A
on page A-4.

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