; Copy of a Blank Rental Agreement Template
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Copy of a Blank Rental Agreement Template

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Copy of a Blank Rental Agreement Template document sample

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									                                                                                                                                                       Template Version :      1.3
Tenant Rent Record Template                                                                                                                            Last updated:        8/31/2009
Use of this template by Housing Associations and Co-operatives will help to ensure
that rent records include all information required by the Residential Tenancy Tribunal (RTT).
The template is located on Housing SA's Community Partnerships and Growth website at        http://www.communityhousing.sa.gov.au
and should be used in conjunction with the Residential Tenancies Fact Sheet 3, available at     http://www.ocba.sa.gov.au.

How to use this Template

System tips
 1. Save a copy of this template on your local/network drive                                            Go to HELP- How to Enable Macros
 2. Ensure that Macros are enabled
 3. Ensure your Regional and Language Options are set to English (Australia)                          Go to HELP- Region Language Options
 4. On completing your data entry Save this template to your local or network drive.

Using the Template                        1          Go to Tenant Rent Record Template
 1. Click the Go to the Tenant Rent Record Template button (above) or click on the Tenant Rent Record Template tab down the bottom of the page
 2. Replace red text in the Template with your organisation's relevant information/data.
 3. Record Changes in Amount of Rent Charged (this will populate the "Amount Due") for each tenant payment due.
 4. Record the first "Due Date" (C23). Subsequent Due Dates will populate from this date according to the rental agreement (F17)
    It is important the due date field is completed first for Rent Period Calculator to work.
 5. Record "Date Paid" and "Amount Paid" details for each tenant payment made.
 6. Record "Rent Period From" date, which if the tenant is fully paid up is the same as the "Due Date".
 7. Rent Periods are 14 days if paying fortnightly and 7 days if paying weekly. (F17)
 8. If the tenant has underpaid the first payment, leave the first "Rent Period From" and "Rent Period To" columns blank (See Example 1 below).
 9. If the tenant has not paid the total amount due for any subsequent Rent Period, the "Rent Period From" and "Rent Period To" remain the same as the previous period
    (see line 2 in Example 2).
10. It is not possible for a Rental Period to be paid in full unless all previous Rental Periods have been paid in full (i.e. oldest debt is paid first).
11. Note: The RTT will NOT accept rent records showing Rent Periods calculated in number of days paid.
12. Click the "Print" button to send a finalised copy of the tenant's rent record to your default printer.

If you require further assistance using this template please contact Community Partnerships and Growth
                          on 1300 700 561 or email communityhousingweb@dfc.sa.gov.au
    Template incorporating steps listed above

                                                                                                                                          2. Replace the Red Text in
                                                                                                                                          the Template with the
                                                                                                                                          relavant information.

                                                                          7. Click on the Rent Period From (cell
                                                                          G23). Select from the drop down list      8. Record the value the Rent Period Calculator is       3. Enter in the changes in Rent Charged. That is, record the amount of rent that was charged from
4. Fill in the first Due     5. This Amount 6. Record the Tenant's        the Rent Period From shown in the         displaying as In Hand here e.g. "$100 In Hand" -
Date. This should equal      Due column will                                                                        meaning that the Tenant has not fully paid for the      the Effective Start Date till the Effective End Date in the Rent Amount Cell.
                                               First Rental Payment.      Rent Period Calculator(AA18). The
the Tenancy Start Date       automatically     The date the payment       Rent Period To (H23) will populate        rental period, but has paid $100 towards the period.
listed above in (2). If      populate when     was made and how much      based on the rental agreement (F17).
however you are              you fill in the   the Tenant paid.                                                     Now return to step (3) and make sure the next Rent
continuing from another      Changes in        Once the "First Rental     If the Rent Period From(AA18) and         Amount Due is correct. As you fill in the next
sheet, the Due Date          Amount of Rent    Payment" has been          Rent Period To(AB18) are blank in the     payment details in step (6) on a new line you will
should be the same as        Charged section   recorded move onto step    Rent Period Calculator then leave the     notice that the figures in the Rent Period Calculator
the last unpaid Rent         (3), based on     (7).                       From(G23) and To(H23) fields above        will automatically update in line with the new
Period From date.            the Due Date.                                blank.                                    information.
                                               It is important that you
Subsequent Due Dates                           work through all the       If the Rent Period To (AB18) date
will automatically                             steps for each payment     displayed in the Calculator is ahead of
populate from this initial                     before moving on to the    the dates in the Rent Period From
date, in accordance to                         next payment.              (G23) drop down list then select the
their rental agreement                                                    latest period and in the next Rent
(14 days if fortnightly, 7                                                Period From (G24) select the date
if weekly).                                                               that is shown in the Calculator.

EXAMPLE 1: Where Tenant Makes Underpayment in first
                   Rent Period
                                                                                                                                                                     Notice how the Rent Period Calculator is showing Rent Period From as 20-
                                                                    The first rent payment is short and there is no previous rental period that has been fully       Dec-03 To 02-Jan-04, $0 In Hand and Owing $340 (this is the amount that
                                                                    paid for, so leave the Rent Period From and the Rent Period To blank.                            is needed to fully pay for the next rental period).
                                                                                                                                                                     The Rent Period From (20-Dec-03) is recorded in Cell G26.

                                              This is the first payment that the Tenant is required to make.

                                                  This amount ($300) is $40 short of a
                                                  full fortnight's rent ($340).

   Here the Tenant has paid $300 on 02-Jan-04, $40 short of fully paying for the next period.       The $40 the Tenant paid on 22-Dec-03 along with the $300 in hand
   In this Rent Period From and To we record the last period that was fully paid (From 06-          has fully paid for the next rental period (20-Dec-03 to 02-Jan-04).
   Dec-03, To 19-Dec-03) and make a note in the Comments to show the 'In Hand' amount               This is reflected in the Rent Period From and To.
   for the (06-Dec-03 to 19-Dec-03) period.
EXAMPLE 2: Where Tenant Makes Underpayment in a
      Second / Subsequent Rent Payment

                                This amount ($300) is $40 short of a full fortnight's rent ($340)

                                                          The rent is still paid to the last fortnight's rent period, with an amount In Hand.
                                                          The tenant has paid $300 towards the next rental period, but has not paid the full
                                                          fortnight's rent ($340). The next period has not been fully paid.
                                                          Only record the last period that has been fully paid.

                                                                                                                                      Notice the last Rent Period To (H28) '16-Jan-04' has a pink background.
                                                                                                                                      The cheque was dishonoured, so the Rent Period From moved back by one pay
                                                                                                                                      period (i.e. Previous Rent Period To(H27) was '30-Jan-04' and the current Rent
                                                                                                                                      Period To (H28) is '16-Jan-04'). Whenever the Rent Period To date is not a forward
                                                                                                                                      date, the Rent Period To cell will be highlighted pink to identify a potentially incorrect
                                                                                                                                      Rent Period From date. In this case the dates were correct.

   14 days has elapsed since last payment and the Tenant is still in       This $300 payment is added to the previous $300 in hand,
   arrears. No arrangement has been entered into between the Tenant        making a total of $600.
   and the Organisation. Form 2 is served to Tenant.                       This pays for 1 full fortnight's rent ($340), with the remaining
                                                                           $260 in hand.
    Tenant Rent Recording Template for the Residential Tenancies Tribunal (RTT)                                                                             Rent Period Calculator
       *It is strongly recommended that when typing dates into the template to type them as dd-MMM-yy (eg 12-May-09) to minimise date conversion problems   This Calculator will determine how many Rental Periods have been paid in full.
                                                                                                                                                            In Hand means the amount of money that is less than the full Amount Due                                      Rental Period
Orange Cells - Automated Text (it is recommended that these are not changed)                                                                                Owing means the amount of money required to fully pay for the next Rent Period                               Fortnight
Pink Cells - Highlight a potential error. Double check inputted data before proceeding.                                                                     Fill in the Changes in Amount of Rent Charged first. This will populate the Amount Due Column                Week
Red Text - Replace all the red text below with the appropriate details                                                                                      If Changes in Amount of Rent Charged are not recorded this Calculator will not work.
Purple Cell - (In Hand From Previous Sheet) Only use if continuing from a previous sheet                                                                    After the Amount Paid (F23) is entered the Number of Periods Paid in Full and amounts owing will change.
                                                                                                                                                            Record the In Hand amount in the Comments section on the template.
 Group Name                                                                                                                                                 Please note:
 Address of rented Premises              Address, Suburb Postcode, SA                                                                                       If the Rent Period From Date below (AA18) doesn't appear as an option in the drop down (G23), this
 Name of Tenant         Tenant's Name                                                                                                                         is most likely due to a tenant paying multiple periods. Select the next period and then in the
 Phone           (H)    Home Number              (W) Work Number                           (M) Mobile Number                                                  following row, select the date shown below in the Rent Period From (AA18).
 Tenancy Start Date     1 January 2009                                                                                                                      If the Rent Period From(AA18) and Rent Period To(AB18) dates are blank then no periods have been paid.
 Tenancy End Date                                                                               In Hand From                                                  Leave the From (G23) & To (H23) fields blank. In the next From (G24) Date, type in the appropriate date.
                                                                                                                $   -
 Bond No                Bond Number                   Bond Amount                              previous Sheet                                               Number of Periods Paid in Full = 0
 SAHT Guarantee No      SAHT Guarantee Number if Applicable                                                                                                  Rent Period     Rent Period
 Rent Payable                                 /          Fortnight                                                                                             From              To               In Hand                  Owing
 Method of Payment      Cash/Cheque & Bank Name                                         BSB BSB Number              Acc                   Account Number                                           $0.00

                                                                                                                                                            Changes in Amount of Rent Charged
                                                                                        Rent Period                                                         Effective Start Effective End
         Due Date             Amount Due        Date Paid   Amount paid          From                 To                                Comments                 Date           Date           Rent Amount                                 Notes

                                                                                                                    Report Created on     18-Jul-10
                               Rental Report for the Residential Tenancies Tribunal
Group Name
Address of rented Premises: Address
Name of Tenant:             Tenant's Name
Phone:    (H) Home Number              (W) Work Number          (M) Mobile Number
Commenced: Date Started
Ending:        Date Ending
Bond No:       Bond Number       Amount: Bond Amount
SAHT Guarantee No:          SAHT Guarantee Number if applicable
Rent Amount: Amount charged        /       Fortnight
Method of Payment:          Cash/Cheque & Bank Name                        BSB: BSB                Acc: Account Number

                Amount                     Amount           Rent Period
  Due Date       Due         Date Paid      paid         From         To                      Comments

                                                                                      Report Created on 18-Jul-10
How to Check/Change your Regional And Language Options

              It is important to set your Regional Formats to English (Australia)
                        as this will resolve formatting issues with dates.

1) Click on the Start button (bottom left corner of your screen)

2) Select Control Panel from the list

3) Double Click on Regional and Language Options

4) Select English (Australia)

5) Click OK
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Make a note of your current Security Level,
(it would be wise return to your orignal settings after you finish using this tool.)
Change the Security Setting to Medium

                                                                  When the macro security level in Excel is set to

                                                                  Low (not recommended), macros can be run
                                                                  without prompting.

                                                                  Medium, Excel displays a dialog box asking if
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                                                                  High (the recommended macro security
                                                                  setting for all users), Excel allows you to run only
                                                                  those macros that are digitally signed or stored in
                                                                  the Excel startup (XLStart) folder.

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