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									  ABS Newsletter                                                  April 2005

Article................................................... Page    2. New Employees                         Web site. Tips for dealing with
1. Employee Recognition .......................1                   Laura Ragin began her duties as          printing and pop-up issues are
2. New Employees .................................1                Director of Accounting on April          available on the ABS Web site at
3. Help Desk Hints ..................................1             18th. She is a CPA and has ties
4. Finance System Access ....................1                     to CU-Boulder, having received           WEB/WEB_2003/ABS_Getting_S
5. Finding Unposted Journals ................2                     her degree in Accounting from            tarted_In_The_FS.htm . The
6. Encumbrance Journal Entries ...........2                        UCB. Upon graduation Laura               entire package of Finance Job
7. SPA Approval for Black Box Feeds...2                            began work with Coopers &                Aids is on the OUC Web site at
8. Balance Sheet Transactions Report .2                            Lybrand/ITT in their financial 
9. Effort Reporting...................................3            services section. She has held           oller/fin-system-job-aids.html, and
10. Fund 30 Cost Transfer Approvals .....3                         various other accounting positions       Procurement Step-by-Step
11. IN JEs for Sponsored Projects...........3                      with increasing responsibilities         Guides can be found on the PSC
12. Records Management .......................3                    during her career. Laura began           Web site at
13. Fraud ...................................................4     working for Alabama A&M in     
14. Auxiliary Fund, Renewal &                                      October 1997 in their Extension          /sbs/.
     Replacement Fund Budget                                       Division. She was promoted to            If you prefer to speak with
     Development ......................................4           Comptroller in December 2001,            someone directly when difficulties
15. Notary License....................................4            where she has been very                  arise, your Area Accountant is a
16. Recognition Awards ...........................4                successful in implementing a             good person to contact for
17. Standard Monthly Training ................5                    number of changes and                    finance issues such as navigating
18. Special Training Offerings..................5                  improvements.                            through the Finance System,
19. Offerings Upon Request ....................6                                                            running reports, and working with
                                                                   Carmen Ardalan has recently              Journal Entries. A list of Area
20. Payroll Expense Transfers.................6                    joined ABS in the Technical
21. Default Departmental Payroll                                                                            Accountants is available at
                                                                   Support area. She will be      
     Suspense SpeedType .......................6                   working with chart of account
22. Essential FOPPS Maintenance .........7                                                                  WEB/WEB_2003/ABS_General_
                                                                   requests, biannual accounts              Accounting.htm#areaaccountants
23. April Deadlines....................................7           receivable aging, IPEDS
24. May Deadlines ....................................8                                                     When your question has to do
                                                                   reporting, and year end deferrals        with buying or paying for goods or
25. ABS Web Site .....................................9            and reclassifications. Many on
26. ABS Staff List......................................9                                                   services, or the purchasing
                                                                   the campus may already know              applications of the new Web-
                                                                   Carmen from her previous                 based system, call the PSC Help
                                                                   positions in ITS and the Office of       Desk at 303-724-4772.
ABS STAFF NEWS                                                     University Controller.

1. Employee Recognition                                            ABS also welcomes Jeri Comly.
Please help us recognize                                           Jeri comes to us from outside of         4. Finance System Access
individuals in Accounting &                                        the university community. She will       Employees needing access to
Business Support who have gone                                     be working in the billing area of        the Finance System should
“above and beyond” in their jobs.                                  SPA.                                     follow the steps listed below.
Nominations can be submitted by                                                                              Work with your supervisor to
using the Web form at                                              UPGRADE UPDATES                               determine the type of                                                                                Finance System access you
/employee_recognition_award_nomin                                  3. Help Desk Hints                            need (Inquiry, General
.htm, or by sending an email to                                    The Help Desk is still getting calls          Ledger, Procurement) in If                                    about printing and pop ups in the             order to perform your duties.
you send an email, be sure to                                      upgraded Finance System. If you           Fill out the Finance System
include the name of the nominee                                    are having trouble printing, it is            Access Form and submit it to
and a description of the                                           likely because you do not have                the Boulder campus security
employee’s accomplishment or                                       the most recent version of                    coordinator.
service as well as your name and                                   Acrobat installed on your                 Get registered for training
department. Submit your                                            computer. Pop-up problems arise               and complete it. The training
nomination by May 11th.                                            when pop-ups have not been                    you need to take depends
                                                                   disabled for the Finance System


       upon the type access you       ledger, your BJE will default to       Boulder campus Subsystems
       are requesting.                the B_CUR_CONT ledger. In              that feed to the Finance System
 Confirm completion of your          addition to selecting the              through the Black Box.
       training with UMS.             appropriate ledger, please note
                                                                             The Approve to Post function is
For detailed information about        in the Long Description field if
                                                                             performed after you have
Getting Started in the Finance        the BJE is intended to be
                                                                             Validated and done Regular
System refer to the ABS Web           continuing or temporary.
                                                                             Approval, (meaning approval
site at
                                                                             associated with non Fund 3x
                                                                             transactions), to your Subsystem
EB_2003/ABS_Getting_Started_In_The_   7. Encumbrance Journal Entries         journals. Data Control will follow
FS.htm                                In response to questions posed         a policy of “Approving to Post”
                                      concerning encumbrance                 within three business days after
                                      journals, here are some tips           the Regular Approval. In
5. Finding Unposted Journals          about how they work in the             addition, Data Control will
Use the navigation below to view      upgraded Finance System                continue adhering to its policy of
any unposted journals that: have      environment.                           having Subsystem feeds posted
errors, need to be edited, are         Encumbrance journals should be       within three days of their being
incomplete, are in Valid and            saved as “Save Journal as            loaded into the Finance System.
Pending Approval status, or are         Incomplete” ( by checking the        At month-end and year-end,
in Valid and Approved to Post           box on the Header Page) until        Lynda will work with each
status.                                 you are ready to “post”.             Subsystem user to ensure that
 Logon to FIN8 Production             Unless you have placed an            all feeds for the current period
 Select General Ledger                 encumbrance journal in a “Save       have been “Approved to Post” by
 Select Journals                       Journal as Incomplete” status, it    the designated close date and
 Select Journal Entries                will be Approved and Posted          time.
 Select Find An Existing               either by the Validate process or
    Value                               through the routine nightly          Direct your question to Lynda
 Go to Journal Header Status           processing cycle.                    Reisinger, by phone at x28646 or
 Select “Not =” from the first        At this time, the Post process       by email at
    dropdown box and then               cannot be removed from the drop
 Select “Posted to Ledgers”            down list. The Post process
    from the second.                    does not have meaning and does
 Type in your Journal Source           not work. System offices are         9. Statement of Net Assets
    Code                                working on removing this from        (Balance Sheet) Transactions
 Type in the Fiscal Year               the drop down list.                  Report
 Type in the Accounting               An Encumbrance Journal does          The first monthly reports from the
    Period                              not have a separate Approval         upgraded Finance System have
 Select Search.                        step.                                been sent out, and there is a
 The Search Results will              An Encumbrance Journal can           change in the format of the
    appear towards the bottom           only be deleted if it has not been   Balance Sheet Transaction
    of your screen.                     validated (i.e., Journal and         Report. The new report format
 Click on each Journal, one at         Budget Status of N,N or T,N).        includes subtotals for various
    a time, to open it.                You can copy an Encumbrance          categories of assets and
 Proceed with your review for          Journal.                             liabilities. As a result, you will
    Validating and Approving.                                                see certain totals duplicated
                                                                             under the “Previous to Date” and
                                      8. SPA Approval for Subsystem          “Total to Date” columns. This is
6. Budget Journal Entries             Feeds Using the “Black Box”            not an error. It is part of the
When entering budget journals,        Lynda Reisinger, ABS Data              format for this report.
be sure to select a budget ledger     Control, has been designated as
(B_CUR_CONT or                        the Approver for Boulder campus
B_CUR_TEMP) from the Ledger           Subsystem feeds requiring SPA
Group field on the BJE Header         approval for Fund 30.
Page. If you do not select a          Note: This applies ONLY to


SPONSORED PROJECTS                      The saved JE will appear in the           complete “Regular Approval”
COMPLIANCE CORNER                       Finance System in an                       on the IN journal before
                                        “incomplete” status until the              submitting it.
10. Effort Reporting                    department pulls it up for review     By doing these two things, SPA
According to the March 2005 issue       and approval.                         will know that the JE is for an
of the Federal Grants News for                                                original transaction, and that the
                                        Conversely, if the department
Colleges and Universities, which is                                           department has completed its
                                        validates and saves the cost
published jointly by the National                                             review and check of the
                                        transfer JE without performing
Council of University Research                                                transaction.
                                        the departmental approval
Administrators and the National         process and without checking          Please contact Chisya, x22620,
Association of College and              the “Save Journal as Incomplete”      with your questions.
University Business Officers,           status box, then the JE will
inaccurate and incomplete effort        appear in the Finance System          FISCAL
certification continues to be the top   with a “Pending Approval” status.
audit finding for colleges and                                                RESPONSIBILITY
                                        When SPA sees a cost transfer
universities. It is a practice that     JE in “Pending Approval” status,      13. Records Management
can be costly.                          SPA assumes the department            With the end of the fiscal year
For example, Florida International      has completed its internal review     approaching rapidly, it can be a
University (FIU) recently had audit     and approval process. SPA will        good time to dispose of old
findings and settlements in excess      then proceed with its review of       source documents. Since 2003
of $13 million with respect to effort   the cost transfer JE relative to      CU-Boulder has had a records
certification. The FIU trustees         the requirements outlined in the      management program for the
voted to repay the government           Cost Transfer Policy, and             retention and disposal of campus
$11.5 million to settle the issues,     approve the JE as appropriate.        financial records, i.e.:
and agreed to forego $1.7 million       In this situation, the departmental   accounting, budget, select
of costs. The problems at FIU           review and approval steps for         procurement records (such as
were not attributed to performance      cost transfer JE are skipped.         ACARD), and financial records
on the sponsored projects, but          When a JE involves a cost             associated with sponsored
rather to the administrative            transfer between campuses, the        projects. The program focuses
management of the awards                department needs to coordinate        on:
including improperly maintained or      with the appropriate party at the      identifying official source
incomplete records of time, effort,     other campus and have the JE               records and distinguishing
equipment and satellite offices.        approved by the other campus               these from departmental
                                        before SPA will approve the JE.            management record copies,
                                                                               dividing the official source
11. Fund 30 Cost Transfer               Thank you for your patience and            records into two groups:
Approval Process                        cooperation with this important            those records that are
When a cost transfer JE involves        compliance issue during the                associated with sponsored
a transfer between a program            transition period. Please feel free        projects and those records
and a project, the department           to contact Chisya at x22620 or             that are not, and
must approve the JE before              Hua at x21679 if you have any          assigning different retention
submitting it for review and            questions.                                 periods to the records in each
approval by SPA.                                                                   of the groups noted above.
                                                                              The most recent official Notification
If the departmental approval can        12. IN Journal Entries for            of Disposal announcement, which
not be done immediately, and            Sponsored Projects                    is issued annually by the campus
the cost transfer JE needs to           If you submit online IN journals      controller, is accessible at
stay in the system for a few days       for auxiliary operations that make
until departmental approval can         monthly charges to sponsored          EB/WEB_2003/ABS_Records_Ma
take place, then make sure you          projects then you are required        nagement.htm
 check the “Save Journal as            to
     Incomplete” status box on           add “ISC” to the prefix of the
     the JE Header Page and                  JE ID and also
 save the JE.


14. Fraud                            Submit a new budget for FY2006       License Fees
If you are you aware of fraud,       by completing the budget             University departments may
theft, embezzlement, abuse, or       template (Excel spreadsheet)         designate departmental
waste of university resources; or    found on the above Web site, or,     resources for the payment of
if you have reasonable belief or     if you prefer, you may choose to     license fees under the following
actual knowledge that fiscal         have existing FY2005 budgets         conditions. This policy governs
misconduct has or is occurring,      rolled forward to FY2006. Please     both direct payments to the
then the following resources are     contact Janet Baker, before June     licensing board or payments
available to you:                    1, 2005, if you would like to roll   through employee
 Administrative Policy              forward existing budgets.            reimbursements.
     Statement titled Reporting                                           1. The license is required for
                                     Completed spreadsheets are to
     Fiscal Misconduct,                                                      University employment (that is,
                                     be submitted, by June 30, 2005,                                            it is identified as a mandatory
                                     to Planning, Budget and Analysis
     s/Fiscal/fiscalmis.html ;                                               employment criteria in the job
                                     for review and upload to the
 University of Colorado                                                     description and not a preferred
                                     Financial System in the Initial
     Department of Internal Audit,                                           or absent employment
                                     Temporary budget ledger.                                           criteria).
                                     Submit spreadsheets, via an
     aud.html , or                                                        2. Equitable provision of the
                                     email attachment, to
 State of Colorado Fraud                                                    licenses throughout the
     Hotline, 303-866-6234.                                                  department; and
                                     If you have questions, please        3. There is a reasonable
                                     contact Janet Baker at x28926,          expectation that the license
FISCAL YEAR 2006                     Wendy Fuchs at x27140, or your          will be solely for the purpose
                                     ABS Area Accountant.                    of providing services to the
15. Budget Development:                                                      University (and not used for
Auxiliary Fund and Renewal &                                                 providing services to others for
Replacement Plant Funds              Q & A                                   a fee or other compensation).
It’s time to begin setting the                                               Departments should inform the
FY2006 budgets for auxiliary and     16. Notary License                      employee that if a license is
renewal & replacement FOPPS.         Q - Can we use university funds         otherwise used, then the
These include FOPPS in the           to establish someone as a notary        additional compensation
following funds:                     and also for the cost of                generated by the license or
 20 - auxiliary fund - Auxiliary-   maintaining the annual notary           the value of the license fee
      TABOR Enterprises              license?                                (whichever is less) is required
 26 - auxiliary fund - Aux          A - Point #5 of the DRAFT               to be reimbursed to the
      Other Exempt                   Administrative Policy Statement         University.
 28 - auxiliary fund - Internal     on Sensitive and Reportable          So, if a department can make the
      Service Centers                Items, which addresses License       above representations relative to
 29 - auxiliary fund - Non-         Fees, Memberships or Dues,           the notary license, then using
      Enterprises                    states:                              university funds for its set up and
 72 - unexpended plant fund -       “University funds should not be      maintenance would be allowable.
      General Fund R&R               used for license, membership or      The important point is that the
 78 - unexpended plant fund -       dues that do not benefit the         notary license be used for
      Auxiliary R&R                  University and are solely for the    university business only.
If you have FOPPS in any of          professional development or
these funds, review the              advancement of an employee.
instructions for auxiliary and       Benefit of the University is         17. Recognition Awards
renewal and replacement budget       measured through receipt of          Q - The student government
development on the Planning,         support or information necessary     from one of CU-Boulder’s
Budget and Analysis Web site at      to accomplish or support the         colleges wants to buy a small gift      educational, research, or public     for its graduating members using
get/auxrr%20bdgt%20devel.html        service mission of the               student fee dollars. Is this
                                     University.”                         permissible?


A - Point #8 of the DRAFT             support the university in various     Reading and Understanding
Administrative Policy Statement       capacities. Student government        Finance System Statements
on Sensitive and Reportable           members are in this group, and        This class covers the four
Items, which addresses                the purchase of recognition           statements that are mailed to
Recognition Awards for                awards for these “other               departments each month:
Associates or Other Individuals       individuals” is permissible.          Summary of Budget, Revenues,
(Cash and Non-Cash Gifts or                                                 Expenditures, and Transfers;
Awards), states:                                                            Detail of Budget, Revenues,
“Within the course of University      EDUCATIONAL                           Expenditures, and Transfers;
business, a request to make a         OPPORTUNITIES                         Outstanding Encumbrances; and
gift or award, either cash or non-    ABS offers training and               Balance Sheet (Statement of Net
cash, to associates, or other         education to the campus either        Assets) Transactions. The next
individuals, may arise. The           through formally scheduled            workshop will be on May 12
following section provides            group classes, or via individual      from 8:30 a.m. – noon. The
guidance on processing these          instruction upon request.             location for the workshop is
requests. Expenditures of                                                   Room W179 of the Marine Street
University funds for gifts or         18. Standard Monthly Offerings        Science Center.
tokens (cash or non-cash) of          Training sessions addressing the
appreciation for associates or                                              Participants are asked to register
                                      Finance System including
other individuals, as an indication                                         in advance by sending e-mail to
                                      Procurement, Reading and
of goodwill or esteem, should be                                  
                                      Understanding Finance System
directly related to the               Statements, and Payroll
educational, research, or public                                            Payroll Expense Transfer (PET)
                                      Expense Transfers are offered
service mission of the                                                      Training
                                      every month.
University.”                                                                Representatives from the Office of
                                      Finance System Including              University Controller do this
Additional approval by the Dean       Procurement                           training. It provides basic
or higher-level employee is           This course, which provides           information on the lifecycle of
required for all expenditures for     basic information for using the       Payroll Expense Transfers from
associate or other individual         Finance System, runs for three        creation to approval in both the
recognition greater than or equal     days. The first two days address      finance and human resource
to $2,000 per award.                  the finance basics of the general     systems. This course covers
Expenditures for associate or         ledger, followed by a third day       inquiry and approval training for all
other individual recognition paid     covering the procurement              types of PETs. The class runs for
to non-employees are subject to       functions of purchasing and           two hours and allows time for
tax reporting on Form 1099-           accounts payable. Training on         discussion on issues such as
MISC, “Miscellaneous Income.”         the general ledger and                preventing and correcting payroll
To ensure proper capture of this      procurement processes is              suspense. The next session is May
activity, the Reviewer is             required to secure authorized         4 from 10:00 a.m. until noon.
responsible for complying with        access to these production            PET workshops are held in room
the procedures detailed in            systems, and the general ledger       W179 of the Marine Street Science
Attachment C of the DRAFT             training is a pre-requisite for the   Center, located at 3215 Marine
APS, Procedure Statement for          purchasing and accounts               Street.
Recognition Award Reporting.          payable training. The next
                                                                            Registration is required as seating
                                      course is on May 16, 17, and 20
All questions about the                                                     is limited. Register by sending an
                                      from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. All
expenditure of funds that might                                             email to
                                      sessions are held in Room W179
be viewed as associates or other                                  
                                      of the Marine Street Science
individuals recognition awards        Center located at 3215 Marine
should be directed to the campus      Street.
controller.                                                                 19. Special Offerings
                                      Register in advance for this          Accounting 101
The intent of this section of the     course by sending an email to         Are you responsible for
APS is to allow us to make                accounting for your department's
recognition awards to those non-                                            business activities, but you have
employees who serve and

never had an accounting or                         in the next period. Conversely, any
bookkeeping course? Do you             WEB_2003/ABS_Training.htm.                              HR Upgrade Retroactive Funding
wish that someone would just                                                                   Change PET (PETRs) not posted
show you the basics of an                                                                      prior to close during the current
accounting system and what it is       21. Videos for The Guide and                            period, will only need to have its
all about? Have you had an             Accounting 101 Courses                                  journal dates changed e next
accounting or bookkeeping              If you are unable to attend The                         period.
course, but it was so long ago         Guide or Accounting 101
that you would really like a good      sessions, and you want to see
review?                                what you missed, then check out                         23. Default Departmental Payroll
If this describes you, then            a video and watch it on your own                        Suspense SpeedType
Accounting 101 is the course for       or with others from your                                Payroll suspense goes directly to
you. This educational program is       department. While it’s always                           the default payroll suspense
targeted to departmental               preferable to attend training                           SpeedType assigned for each
administrators who have                sessions in person, the tapes                           department. Departments are
accounting responsibilities but        can serve as a substitute when                          then responsible for clearing this
who have never had any formal          you are unable to be there. To                          suspense FOPPS. PLEASE
accounting training, and to those      check out a video, please e-mail                        LOOK FOR SUSPENSE IN
people who would just like a           your request to                                         ACCOUNT 410100, SUSPENSE
good review.                                                SALARY, which will identify
                                                                                               payroll suspense transactions.
This is not the typical educational                                                            You must either do a Correction
program where you listen to a          TOPICS TO REVIEW                                        Payroll Expense Transfer
lecture for three or four hours.                                                               (PETC) or a Payroll Expense
This is four days of two hours         22. Payroll Expense Transfers                           Transfer/Retroactive Funding
each day where you will do             Do you know which PET process                           Change (PETR) to transfer these
actual transactions. You will          to use when you begin a Payroll                         suspense charges to the correct
have homework to complete for          Expense Transfer?                                       FOPPS/Account combination
the next class and you will build                                                              within your department.
the financial statements from          Per the Step-By-Step guides
your transactions. So, plan on         published by HRMS, the                                  By using the PETC/PETR, the
attending all four days.               following is a reminder of which                        system will change the account
                                       PET process to use when you do                          from 410100 to the correct
Dates, Location and                    your Payroll Expense Transfers:                         account for the job-code,
Registration:                                                                                  earnings type, etc. logic used in
 April 6, 13, 20, 25 from 1:30-          DATES           WHICH PET PROCESS TO USE
                                                                                               the regular payroll calculation.
   3:30 p.m. each day                  4/1/03-Future     Use 8.3 PET/Retro or PET/Correction
 Coors Events Conference                                or FAM PET                            To assist you with payroll
   Center Room 4                       7/1/00-4/1/03     Use People Soft FIN 8.4 PET           suspense, periodically run the
 Send an email to                                       process or Batch Upload               “Summary Suspense Report” to to          Prior to 7/1/00   Use Batch Upload                      alert you to any employees who
   sign up.                                                                                    may need to be reviewed, and
                                       Remember that PETs can only                             also to identify those
                                       be done when HR Production is                           employees for whom the funding
                                       up. Consult the PBS Payroll
20. Offerings Upon Request                                                                     distribution must be corrected.
                                       Calendar, at                                            By routinely
Individual training is available for
 Departmental Financial                            entering/correcting/approving the
     Management                        calendar.html, to stay informed                         Funding Distribution in HRMS,
 How to Inventory Equipment           about HR Production down                                payroll suspense transactions
 New Property Acquisition             times.                                                  can be avoided.
 Sponsored Project                     Please note that pre-HR
     Accounting.                       Upgrade PETs (ETs) and HR                               For navigation instructions on
 For more information on any          Upgrade Correction PETs                                 running the “Summary Suspense
of the educational offerings           (PETCs) not posted prior to                             Report”, refer to the HR Upgrade
mentioned in the ABS                   close during the current period,                        Step-By-Step Guide for “MISC-
Newsletter, visit                      will have to be deleted and redone

RPT”. It is on the Web at:            x28646 or via email at                  Fringe Benefit Allocations            ABS will continue to correct
                                                                              allocation errors resulting from
                                      Unposted Journals                       fringe benefit calculations on
24. Essential FOPPS Maintenance       Please review your Journal              PETs that moved pre-
Subsystem Feeds to the Finance        Source Code in the FIN 8                July 2003 salaries. ABS
System                                Production screens to detect any        encourages departments to
Subsystem feeds, whether from         journals that you are responsible       identify pre-July 2003 salaries
the Black Box or from UMS             for correcting and/or approving         that may need to be moved, and
Production jobs, should be            and posting. During the last            to complete those PETs as soon
posted to the Finance System          week of the month, it is a good         as possible.
within three business days of         idea to review this screen daily to      Watch for April 2005 allocation
their being loaded. This is to        ensure that all journals requiring      corrections to PETs related to pre-
ensure that all valid subsystem       posting have been addressed.            July 2003. The Journal ID (BOUB)
journals (batches) are fed            This also catches any journals          will post in April and should reflect
efficiently and are reflected on      that have been overlooked.              a line description
statements in a timely manner so                                              of "CORRECTAPRBENALLOC.
                                      All outstanding journals should
as to meet the reconciliation         either be posted (or deleted) by
needs of our users.                   ABS month-end close. Two to             DEADLINES
                                      three days prior to close, Data
SPA Approval for Subsystem
Feeds via “The Black Box” for
                                      Control attempts phone contacts         25. April Deadlines
                                      and leaves voice messages               Payroll
CU-Boulder                            when non-Fund 3x unposted
Lynda Reisinger, ABS, will                                                    * April 28 at noon
                                      journals with current month dates        Deadline for time collection
“Approve to Post” your                are detected. If voice messages              for the April 23 bi-weekly
Subsystem feeds that require          have not been responded to on                payroll.
SPA Approval for Fund 30. This        the journals in question, and the
will apply only to those
                                                                              *Please note that this deadline
                                      journals are not posted by              must be followed in order to
Subsystems that feed through          month-end close, Data Control
the “Black Box” for the Boulder                                               ensure that funding distribution
                                      will delete them.                       corrections (i.e. from payroll
                                      Refer to Topic # 5 in this              suspense clearing) and/or
Lynda will perform this function      newsletter, “Finding Unposted           changes are in place before the
once you have validated and           Journals”, for instructions on          next payroll is run. Refer to the
completed the regular approval        navigating to unposted journals.        PBS Website at
(approval associated with non-                                      
Fund 3x transactions) for your        Note: To avoid delay in journal         s/calendar.html for the most up-
Subsystem journals.                   approvals and posting, please           to-date payroll calendar.
Furthermore, since you have           separate Fund 3x entries from
validated your journal and            other funds and input these on a        Finance and Budget
approved it, Lynda will assume        different journal.                      April 21
that the journal has been                                                      Deadline for Lynda Reisinger
carefully reviewed, that you have     Summary Suspense Report                     to receive allocation changes
done all necessary error and/or       Please run the “Summary                     and creates for April
keying corrections, and that it is    Suspense Report” prior to biweekly          business. Send to
okay for her to “Approve to Post”     and monthly payroll cutoff dates to or
your journal.                         identify employees whose payroll            call Lynda at x28646.
                                      funding distribution will cause their
Data Control will follow a policy     payroll to go to suspense. Make         April 26 by 4:00 p.m.
of “Approving to Post” within         the necessary corrections to the         Data Control’s deadline to
three business days, provided         employee's record before the                receive INs for processing
the above criteria have been          monthly or biweekly payroll cutoff          with April business. INs
met.                                  date(s) found on PBS’ Payroll               should be forwarded to
Direct your questions and             Calendar. Assistance is available           Lynda Reisinger, Data
concerns to Lynda by phone at         from PBS at x56500.                         Control, 579 UCB.

   Deadline for creation of end of        o At month-end, if there are    * May 26 at noon
    month Cost Transfer and                  SPA journals that you have     Deadline for time collection
    Payroll Expense Transfers                not                                for the May 21 bi-weekly
    relating to Fund 3x.                         copied and assigned a         payroll.
    o Any online Cost Transfer                    new month or             *Please note that these
      journal having at least one                deleted yourself,        deadlines must be followed in
      line that involves a Fund 3x          they will be deleted by Data   order to ensure that funding
      FOPPS must be reviewed,               Control within two days of     distribution corrections (i.e. from
      approved, and posted by               the scheduled month end        payroll suspense clearing) and/or
      Sponsored Projects                    close. As month end            changes are in place before the
      Accounting. Therefore,                nears, be sure to check for    next payroll is run. Refer to the
      whenever possible, please             any unposted journals you      PBS Website at
      DO NOT INCLUDE non-                   need to correct, “approve to
      Fund 3x entries on the                post”, or supply additional    s/calendar.html for the most up-
      same journal as those with            documentation to SPA so        to-date payroll calendar.
      Fund 3x entries. Splitting            they can approve and post
      these out will allow non-             your journal. Communicate      Finance and Budget
      Fund 3x journals to                   with your SPA Approver or      May 20
      process without being held            with Data Control if            Deadline for Lynda Reisinger
      up for review.                        assistance is needed.              to receive allocation changes
    o In meeting PET deadlines                                                 and creates for May
      each month, please watch          May 2
                                                                               business. Send to
      HR’s Payroll Calendar to           Deadline for April budget
      be sure you’re completing            journals to be created. Arts
                                                                               call Lynda at x28646.
      your PETs before the                 & Science units should
      HRMS system comes                    submit all budget change        May 25 by 4:00 p.m.
      down for Bi-weekly and               requests to the A&S Budget       Data Control’s deadline to
      Month-End payroll                    Office, by the A&S                 receive INs for processing
      processing. System “down             deadlines, for approval and        with May business. INs
      times” are indicated by              entry into the Finance             should be forwarded to
      grayed-out blocks on the             System. If you have a              Lynda Reisinger, Data
      Payroll Calendar.                    continuing budget change, it       Control, 579 UCB.
    o For questions about Cost             is recommended that you do       Deadline for creation of end of
      Transfer Journal Entries on          a temporary budget change          month Cost Transfer and
      sponsored projects, contact          in FY2005 and a continuing         Payroll Expense Transfers
      either Chisya Delamarter at          budget change effective            relating to Fund 3x.
      x22620, or                           dated for July 1, 2005.            o Any online Cost Transfer,                                           journal having at least one
      or Hua.Xu at x21679, or           May 3 at 6:00 p.m.
                                                                                line that involves a Fund 3x If            Finance System closes for
                                                                                FOPPS must be reviewed,
      you have questions                   April.
                                                                                approved, and posted by
      pertaining to PETs, please                                                Sponsored Projects
      contact Linda Johnson at          26. May Deadlines                       Accounting. Therefore,
      x56678 or                         Payroll                                 whenever possible, please       *May 12 at noon                         DO NOT INCLUDE non-
    o For SPA’s review criteria,         Deadline for time collection          Fund 3x entries on the
      refer to the Cost Transfer            entries for the May 7 bi-           same journal as those with
      Policy on the ABS Web site            weekly payroll.                     Fund 3x entries. Splitting
      at                                *May 17 at 5:00 p.m.                    these out will allow non-        Deadline for time collection            Fund 3x journals to
      S%20WEB/POLICIES/Cost             entries for the May end-of-             process without being held
      _Transfer_02_05.doc.              month payroll.                          up for review.
                                                                              o In meeting PET deadlines
                                                                                each month, please watch
                                                                                HR’s Payroll Calendar to


er      be sure you’re completing
        your PETs before the
                                                   requests to the A&S Budget
                                                   Office, by the A&S
             HRMS system comes                     deadlines, for approval and     ectory.htm
             down for Bi-weekly and                entry into the Finance           For a list of General
             Month-End payroll                     System. If you have a                Accounting Area
 April       processing. System “down              continuing budget change it          Accountants visit
2005         times” are indicated by               is recommended that you do 
Accounting grayed-out blocks on the
                                                   a temporary budget change            %20WEB/WEB_2003/ABS_
and          Payroll Calendar.                     in FY2005 and a continuing           General_Accounting.htm
Business o For questions about Cost
                                                   budget change effective          For a list of SPA Area
Support      Transfer Journal Entries on           dated for July 1, 2005.              Accountants visit
http://abs. sponsored projects, contact
colorado.e either Chisya Delamarter at         June 2 at 6:00 p.m.
du           x22620, or                         Finance System closes for
CU-,      May.
Boulder      or Hua.Xu at x21679, or
             you have questions                ABS HOUSEKEEPING
             pertaining to PETs, please
             contact Linda Johnson at          27. ABS Web Site
             x56678 or                              Remember to check the                The mission of ABS is
          Homepage of the ABS Web site              to provide rigorous
           o For SPA’s review criteria,        for the most up-to-date Boulder           stewardship of the
             refer to the Cost Transfer        campus accounting and finance
                                               information. For those who want           university's financial
             Policy on the ABS Web site
             at                                to bookmark the ABS Home                  resources through high
           Page, the URL is                          quality accounting
             S%20WEB/POLICIES/Cost    Keep in         services, budget
             _Transfer_02_05.doc.              mind that the Web is a dynamic
                                               environment, and links can                monitoring and control,
           o At month-end, if there are
             SPA journals that you have        change frequently and without             and financial reporting
             not                               notice. Should you discover a             while supporting a
                 copied and assigned a        broken link on the ABS Web site,          diverse and dynamic
                  new month or                 please contact Cathy Marquis, at
                                                                                         community of internal
                 deleted yourself,  ,
            they will be deleted by Data       so the link can be repaired.              customers and external
            Control within two days of         You can search for topics in the          constituents.
            the scheduled month end            ABS Web on a page-by-page
            close. As month end                basis using the EDIT feature
            nears, be sure to check for        found in your Web browser.
            any unposted journals you          1. When viewing a Web page,
            need to correct, “approve to           go to the TOOL BAR at the
            post”, or supply additional            top of the screen.
            documentation to SPA so            2. Select EDIT.
            they can approve and post          3. Select FIND ON THIS PAGE
            your journal. Communicate              or FIND IN PAGE.                   Published by
            with your SPA Approver or          4. Type in the topic in the FIND       Accounting and Business Support
            with Data Control if                   WHAT field.                        3100 Marine Street, 4th Floor,
            assistance is needed.                                                     579 UCB
         June 1                                                                       Boulder, CO 80309
          Deadline for May budget             28. ABS Staff List
            journals to be created. Arts       The most up-to-date and                Editor
            & Science units should             comprehensive listing of ABS           Cathy Marquis
            submit all budget change           staff is available on the ABS
                                               Web site at

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