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                                                                                                           SECURITY SYSTEM DESIGN AND INTEGRATION (SSDI)

                                                                                                                             COMMENT FORM
                                                                                                                          SSDI SIR 082107 RELEASE

#     Page #     Section   Paragraph       Comment Type                                                           Question                                                                                               Government Response
                                                          Having spent considerable time further reviewing this opportunity, we are confident that we could fulfill your       The proposal due date was extended to December 4, 2007 in Amendment 1 to the announcement.
                                                          Security requirements, however, without a forthcoming 30 day extension, we feel we can not pursue this
                                                          opportunity because we feel it would not allow us adequate time to fully develop and demonstrate to you our best
                                                          value solution. We believe that the FAA does not want to reduce the number of potential bidders competing for
                                                          the project. As such, we believe that in the spirit of fair and open competition it would be in the best interest of
                                                          the FAA to consider our request for a 30 day extension. A second vendor requested an extension to October 26,
1                General                     Technical
                                                          In addition to the information provided in J-1 (List of Facilities v2.0 SSI), the ZIP Code for each location is           The location information in Attachment J-1 was provided for information purposes only. Exact locations,
                                                          requested so that specific distance and relationship to our closest Field Service Office can be calculated.               including zip codes will be provided in individual task orders.
2                  J-1                       Technical
                                                          In J-16, door detail 1-2 appears to be missing and in the file labeled 1-2 is detail 1-3. Detail 1-3 is also located in   Door details 1-2 and 1-3 are the same. Door Detail 1-2 will be deleted and Door Detail 1-3 shall be renamed.
3                 J-16                       Technical    the file labeled 1-3. Please provide detail 1-2.                                                                          These changes will be included in the subsequent amendment.
                                                          Is there a specific non disclosure template that the FAA wants the vendors to use? There were three vendors that          The FAA process for tracking for official use only (FOUO) and Security Sensitive Information (SSI) recently
                                                          requested this information.                                                                                               changed. The new process includes the use of the Document Security Notice (DSN) and following the
                                                                                                                                                                                    procedures in FAA AMS 3.14-5, Sensitive Unclassified Information (SUI)(July 2007). The SSDI SIR
                                                                                                                                                                                    announcement was updated to reflect the change on 8/27/07.
4                General                     Technical
                                                          Where is Section C? There were three vendors that asked this question.                                             Section C contains SSI and was released through the FedTeDS website. The link to the vendor portal is
5                General                     Technical                                                                                                                       provided in the announcement.
                                                          Are you able - at this time - to recommend any prime contractors for this design-integration project that we might The Government has no idea which companies will choose to submit a bid. In any event, the Government could
                                                          contact about our capabilities? There were two vendors that asked this question.                                   not recommend or endorse any prime contractors. If vendors wish to provide contact information for potential
                                                                                                                                                                             team members or subcontractors, the Government will make that information available. Interested vendors must
                                                                                                                                                                             provide written permission to allow the information to be posted. The posting of this information does not
                                                                                                                                                                             indicate an intent by the Government to contract with these companies for any work.
6                General                     Technical
                                                          We are unable to access the files on FedTeDS. There were four vendors with this problem.                                  The FAA is not able to access FedTeDS through the vendor portal. Vendors are encouraged to verify their
                                                                                                                                                                                    registration and to contact the FedTeDS help desk for assistance. No vendor complained about the inability to
7                General                     Technical                                                                                                                              access data a second time.
                                                          Is the requirement significantly different from the last attempt to solicit?                                              The question calls for a subjective judgment. We recommend that you review the SIR and come to your own
8                General                     Technical                                                                                                                              conclusion.
                                                          Does the SSDI SIR require overview projection systems for the 24/7 operation?                                             The SIR contains the requirements for SSDI. An Offeror may provide a proposed solution that incorporates an
                                                                                                                                                                                    overview projection system. That proposed solution would then be evaluated by the Government.
9                General                     Technical
                                                          I am not clear if the rfp is for design engineering and integration support or if it includes the installation and        The SSDI project includes installation and hardware.
10               General                     Technical    hardware. Please clarify for me.
                                                          Does the SSDI SIR include the purchase of security x-ray machines?                                                        The SSDI SIR does not include a requirement for x-ray machines. Paragraph C.2.0.2.D will be updated in a
11               General                     Technical                                                                                                                              subsequent modification to remove x-ray machine as an example of equipment.
                                                          In the Sources Sought Notice for the SSDI SIR it states that "The contract will be awarded on a full and open             The NAIC code of 561621, Security Systems Services (except Locksmiths) is the appropriate NAIC code for
                                                          competitive bases." However, it seems the NAICs code 561621 - Alarm System Monitoring Services with a                     this procurement. The NAIC code is applicable to the prime contractor. Should a small business(es) bid as
                                                          $11.5 million size standard has been assigned. Is this NAICs code applicable to the potential subcontractors that         prime, 51% of the effort must be performed by the prime.
                                                          may be performing on this contract or is it applicable to the Prime contractor? Would the FAA consider revising
                                                          the NAICs code to a larger one that would increase competition such as 541512 - Computer Systems Design
                                                          Services or 541519 - Other Computer Related Services?
12               General                     Technical
                                                          In Section C.9.5.3 of the statement of work, the language describes an ACU and a communication architecture               Section C will be amended to remove the two sentences, “One ACU must be designated a "Primary",
                                                          related to one specific access control manufacturer. We believe this architecture limits the range of competition to      responsible for all AACS-to-ACU communications. All other ACU(s) up to a maximum of 254 must be
                                                          this single provider of ACUs. If this was not the intent of the FAA, we suggest that the requirement be removed by        designated "Secondary" and must communicate with the "Primary" via an RS-422/485 hardwire, TCP/IP
                                                          deleting the following two sentences in the introductory paragraph C.9.5.3: “One ACU must be designated a                 network or fiber-optic configuration.”
                                                          "Primary", responsible for all AACS-to-ACU communications. All other ACU(s) up to a maximum of 254 must
                                                          be designated "Secondary" and must communicate with the "Primary" via an RS-422/485 hardwire, TCP/IP
                                                          network or fiber-optic configuration.”

13                 C       9.5.3             Technical
                                                          Three vendors asked this question. The columns referenced at the top of the sheet in Section A.1 for Option               There was a cut and paste error and will be corrected in a subsequent amendment to the SIR. The column
                                                          Period 3, 2014 and 2015 rates are all labeled Option Period 2, and ask for 2012 Rates for the remainder of the            headers should be, "Base Period twice, Option Period 1 twice, Option Period 2 twice, and Option Period 3
   B-9, B-10,
                                                          sheet. Should these columns reference Option Period 3 and 2014 and 2015 Rates as suggested at the top of the              twice. The rates are for years 2008 through 2015 from left to right.
   B-11, B-12,             Section A.2 –
14 and B-13        B       A.10,             Technical
                                                          Please clarify as to what information is to be provided in the last four columns of the sheet labeled Base Period,        Provide Labor Rates in accordance with Section L.17.1.b
15   Page B-14     B       (Exhibit B),      Technical    Option Period 1, Option Period 2 and Option Period 3.
                           3.2.3.C.2.a,                   This section references information noted in the above paragraph 5(a) and (c), however, these paragraphs do not           Sentence in section will be changed to read, "If the Contractor does not submit the required information as
                           Material                       exist. Can the FAA provide the referenced information?                                                                    noted in Section C.3.2.3 C , the FAA will have….."
16     C-8         C       Survey            Technical
                                                          This section requires a copy of files be provided on a 3-½ inch floppy disk. Is a CD or DVD an acceptable                 will be changed to read - "on a 3-½ inch floppy disk or CD"
17     C-23        C       8.1.1.E.(5)       Technical    medium in place of the floppy disk?
                                                                                                           SECURITY SYSTEM DESIGN AND INTEGRATION (SSDI)

#    Page #   Section   Paragraph           Comment Type                                                    Question                                                                                                            Government Response
                                                           The section appears to be incomplete. Can the FAA verify the requirements of the Data Audit Trail?                      This is a cut & paste error. The sentence will be modified to read, "The PACS must record changes to
                        9.9.1.R, Data                                                                                                                                              programming, recording the date/time stamp of the change, the name of the operator making the change, and the
18   C-88       C       Audit Trail           Technical                                                                                                                            nature of the change."
                                                           The text states that the goals listed for Small, Small Disadvantaged, Women Owned, and Service–Disabled                 As worded, the small business goal would be 60%. That is not what was intended. The goals will be changed to
                                                           Veteran Owned businesses are 30%, 20%, 5%, and 5% respectively. Is the total goal for the contract based on             the published FAA small business goals in a subsequent amendment. The overall small business goal is 45% of
                                                           thirty (30) percent of the total contract value, with the sub-factors b – d making up the percentages or is the goal    the total contract value for the life of the contract. Small disadvantaged, Women-owned and Service-Disabled
                        Special Contract
                                                           for the project a sum of the values listed in a – d, for a total contract goal of sixty (60) percent? Please clarify.   Veteran Owned categories are subsets and make up are 10, 5, and 3 % of the total subcontract dollars
19    H-8       H       Item H.13             Technical
                                                           Note #2 on the drawings states “All interior doors to be Type “4-9” unless otherwise indicated.” All other doors        Door Type 4-9 on attachment J17 is the same as Door Type 3-10 on Attachment J16. In addition, attachment
                        Attachment J-17,                   on the floor plans are designated as Type 4 as well. When reviewing the door matrix in J-16, there are no               J17 Drawings will be revised to reflect the use of Type 3 doors.
                        Sample Task                        configurations for these door types. Please provide the door configurations for the door types specified on the
20               J      Drawings              Technical    Sample Task Order drawings.
                        Attachment J-17,                   Is the existing exterior lighting equipment powered from 277/480-volt sources?                                          Yes
                        SSDI Sample
21               J      Task and Training     Technical
                        Attachment J-17,                   Can the FAA provide these drawings in an electronic drawing format such as AutoCAD or Microstation for use in Revised J17 drawings will be provided with the amendment
                        Sample Task                        preparing the sample task order system design?
22               J      Drawings              Technical
                                                           The section states “The Offeror must provide a complete Exhibit B, Bill of Materials with Manufacturer‟s Product        The listing of materials for the sample task does not include cut sheets. The cut sheets must accompany the
                                                           Information (cut sheets) for each of the items proposed by the Offeror.” Does the FAA want a complete Exhibit           Section B, Exhibit B, Bill of Materials. The Exhibit B must contain the entire materials listing for the contract
                                                           B of all products, or a complete Exhibit B based on the products required in the Sample Task as stated in               effort. For the sample task, offerors must include only those materials to be used in the sample task. The
                        L.16.1.3, Exhibit                  Paragraph L.16.1.2?                                                                                                     sample task includes submission of firm-fixed price and time and materials proposals. The proposals will be
                        B, Bill of                                                                                                                                                 used to indicate an understanding of the requirements and not for price.
23   L-16       L       Materials             Technical
                                                           The site plan drawing shows a Security Control Building, Power Service Bldg., and a Garage and Generator       That is correct; the Power Service Building and the Garage and Generator Building are not included in the
                        Reference Site
                                                           Building in addition to the ARTCC building. Are we to assume the buildings other than the ARTCC building are sample task scope of work. As indicated in drawing STD-FRSM-ARTCC-401 notes, the Security Control
                        Plan Drawings,
                                                           not in the Sample Task scope of work? If they are to be included in the Sample Task, please provide floor plan Building is the location of remote monitoring area 2. No floor plans will be provided for any of these buildings.
                                                           drawings for them in an editable format.
24               J      ARTCC-401             Technical
                                                           Given the vast amount of information and research needed to compile an accurate response to the RFP, will the           See response to question 1.
25            General                         Technical    FAA grant an extension to the October 2, 2007 due date?
                                                           Section L.16.2.2 states that a signed commitment letter is required for all proposed Key Personnel who are not No, question L.16.2.1 will be changed in a subsequent amendment to reflect the change.
                                                           currently employed by the Offeror. However, Section L.16.2.1, Question 1a, states that commitment letters are
                                                           needed for Program management personnel. Do Program Management personnel need commitment letters if they
                                                           are currently employed by the Offeror?
26              L       L.16.2.2              Technical
27              G       G.6/G.7               Technical    Section G.6/G.7 is misnumbered.                                                                                         Errors will be corrected in an upcoming amendment.
                                                           Section H.9.2.g is incomplete – last sentence „specified below‟ is not complete. Is it the government's intent to       The words, "specified below" will be deleted from the sentence in a subsequent amendment.
                                                           negotiate this with the Contractor, or add as an amendment prior to proposal submission?
28              H       9.2g                  Technical
                                                           Please provide scale for drawings                                                                                       Scale for drawings are on the AutoCAD/Microstation drawings provided in a subsequent amendment. However,
                                                                                                                                                                                   as an example, the dimensions of the security control building shown on drawing 401 are 12' X 12'. Also on
29               J      Attachment J-17       Technical                                                                                                                            drawing 403, the type 3-2 door near the Cafeteria is 36".
                                                           Should only the equipment for the sample problem be placed on Exhibit B (Supplies or Services and Prices/Costs) See response to question 23.
30              B       Exhibit B             Technical    in Part 1 Section B?
                                                           Please provide the reference to the source mentioned in Section C Final V2, C.                          Paragraphs C. and C. will be deleted in a subsequent amendment.
31              C               Technical
                                                           Section L.17.1.a states that offerors must submit estimated costs and proposed fixed fees for CLINs 0001, 0009          Offerors must provide proposals for the sample task in Volume 2 and pricing for Section B CLINs in Volume 3
                                                           and 0010. Based on the sample problem, it appears that we also need pricing for CLINs 0002 and 0005. Please             of their offer.
32              L       17.1.a                Technical    clarify.
                                                           Section C. states the battery backup requirements at 4 hours and is in conflict with paragraph F of Section      Battery backup requirements are 4 hours; paragraph C.9.5.3 will be changed in a subsequent amendment.
33              C               Technical    C.9.5.3 which specifies 48 hours of backup. Please confirm required hours of battery backup.
                                                           Please specify the hours of battery backup for electric strikes in paragraph G of Section C.9.5.3.                      Battery backup requirements are 4 hours
34              C       9.5.3                 Technical
                                                           The Contractor shall be required to capture user data and produce a PACS access control/ID media card using       Yes, the Offeror must print, encode, and issue cards to the employee population of regular facility users for use
                                                           specifications for contactless smartcards as defined in Section C. Is the intent that the Contractor will with the new automated access control system. This will be an interim SSDI PACS card for use until PIV II
                                                           enroll and print badges for all employees within each facility?                                                   cards are issued by the government. The system must include the capability for the entire card capturing,
35              C               Technical                                                                                                                      encoding, enrollment and printing process.
                                                           Under Section C.13.0, should the labor to replace the defective component be included as part of this warranty or Labor to replace the defective components is to be included as part of the warranty
                                                           will a separate task order be written to cover the labor portion of the warranty?
36              C       13                    Technical
                                                           Section L.16.2.1 Past Performance, Subfactor 3 states that the FAA will conduct telephone interviews of 3 clients A list of clients that demonstrates that the minimum experience requirements are met by the Offeror must be
                                                           for each Offeror. Clients will be selected from the list of clients provided by the Offerors under the requirements provided in accordance with L.13.1.1. Each Offeror must provide information for a minimum of 3 clients.
                                                           of Section L.13.1. However, Section L.13.1 does not indicate the required number of clients to provide to           Section L will be amended to reflect this change.
                                                           compile the master list. What is the number?
37              L       16.2.1                Technical
                                                           Note 2 states “All interior doors are to be Type “4-9” unless otherwise indicated.” Type “4-9” doors can have a Items identified with an "A" in Section J-16 SSI Door Matrix are to be considered as not required for the sample
                        Attachment J-17,                   door contact and REX depending on SSE and FSC determination of the door‟s function. Are we to assume those task.
38               J      Drawing 402           Technical    devices are not needed for this exercise?
                                                                                                         SECURITY SYSTEM DESIGN AND INTEGRATION (SSDI)

#    Page #   Section   Paragraph          Comment Type                                                       Question                                                                                                  Government Response
                        Attachment J-17,                  With respect to Question 7.a above, what are we to assume is required on the Type “4-7” doors?                       See Item 20 above; Attachment J-17, Drawing have been revised to reflect Type 3 Doors as referenced in
39               J      Drawing 402          Technical                                                                                                                         Attachment J16.
                                                          The Type “4-6” door is considered a low use, exterior critical area door, which has CCTV and no card reader or       See Item 20 above; Attachment J-17, Drawing have been revised to reflect Type 3 Doors as referenced in
                        Attachment J-17,                  strike. Are the three Type “4-6” doors on this drawing mislabeled? If so, what should the correct door type for      Attachment J16.
40               J      Drawing 402          Technical    each be?
                        Attachment J-17,                  Is the Type “4-6” door in the Automation area referring to the stairwell door or the door to VSCS?                   See Item 20 above; Attachment J-17, Drawing have been revised to reflect Type 3 Doors as referenced in
41               J      Drawing 402          Technical                                                                                                                         Attachment J16.
                                                           Are Type “4-8” (Interior Critical Area without CCTV coverage) doors entering the Critical Power rooms, all          See Item 20 above; Attachment J-17, Drawing have been revised to reflect Type 3 Doors as referenced in
                        Attachment J-17,                  three doors, from the areaway to be either Type “4-5” or “4-6”? If so, please provide information on the correct     Attachment J16.
42               J      Drawing 402          Technical    types for each door.
                        Attachment J-17,                  There is a Type “4-8” door below the Host Area at the lower right side. Is it the correct door or should it be the   See Item 20 above; Attachment J-17, Drawing have been revised to reflect Type 3 Doors as referenced in
43               J      Drawing 402          Technical    stairway door? It seems the door is to a closet or an areaway with no stairs from the ground level.                  Attachment J16.
                        Attachment J-17,                  What is required on the Type “4-4” door going into the storage area by the stairwell?                                See Item 20 above; Attachment J-17, Drawing have been revised to reflect Type 3 Doors as referenced in
44               J      Drawing 403          Technical                                                                                                                         Attachment J16.

                        Attachment J-17,                  What are the requirements for the Type “4-10” doors?                                                                 See Item 20 above; Attachment J-17, Drawing have been revised to reflect Type 3 Doors as referenced in
45               J      Drawing 403          Technical                                                                                                                         Attachment J16.
                                                          There is a Type “4-2” door entering the building near the cafeteria, but nothing on the door just above it on the    See Item 20 above; Attachment J-17, Drawing have been revised to reflect Type 3 Doors as referenced in
                        Attachment J-17,
                                                          plan. Should there be or should we disregard it for this exercise?                                                   Attachment J16.
46               J      Drawing 403          Technical
                        Attachment J-17,                  There is an exterior door entering the “Old Control Room” at the lower left side of the drawing. Are we to ignore See Item 20 above; Attachment J-17, Drawing have been revised to reflect Type 3 Doors as referenced in
47               J      Drawing 403          Technical    this door for the exercise?                                                                                       Attachment J16.

                        Attachment J-17,                  There is a Type “4-8” door just above the M-1 Attic in Drawing 404. Is this door leading to the roof area and, if    See Item 20 above; Attachment J-17, Drawing have been revised to reflect Type 3 Doors as referenced in
48               J      Drawing 404          Technical    so, should this be a different type of door?                                                                         Attachment J16.
                                                          Our electronic security services are certified by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as an “Approved           No
                                                          Product for Homeland Security” under the Support Anti-terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies Act of
                                                          2002 (the “SAFETY Act”). The SAFETY Act requires us to seek from our customers the reciprocal waiver
                                                          required under 6 C.F.R. 25.5(e). Will the FAA enter into the mutual waiver we are required to seek under the
                                                          SAFETY Act? If the FAA will consider this, then please accept this as a Request for Modification of Contract
                                                          Terms and Conditions pursuant to Section L.3 of the Request for Offer – SIR.

49            General                        Technical
                                                          Regarding Clause K.2.9, AMS 3.2.3-1 is inconsistent with the current dollar thresholds in the Cost Accounting        No
                                                          Standards (48 C.F.R Chapter 99). Is FAA planning to apply the current CAS dollar thresholds for this
                                                          procurement? If so, please consider this question a Request for Modification of Contract Terms and Conditions
                                                          pursuant to Section L.3 of the Request for Offer - SIR.
50              K       2.9                  Technical
                                                          Also regarding Clause K.2.9, since the SIR anticipates a multi-phased IDIQ contract with a minimum guaranteed        No
                                                          value less than $25 Million, will FAA consider the guaranteed value as the contract value for purposes of Clause
51              K       2.9                  Technical    K.2.9?
                                                          Regarding Clause K.2.16, AMS 3.6.4-15, Buy American Certificate, and also Section I.1, incorporating by             No
                                                          reference FAA Clause 3.6.4-2, Buy American Act - Supplies, since the minimum guaranteed value exceeds the
                                                          thresholds for application of the World Trade Organization Government Procurement Agreement (WTO GPA),
                                                          Free Trade Agreements, Trade Agreement Act, Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery Act, and the Israeli Trade
                                                          Act, and recognizing that FAR does not apply to this procurement, will the FAA apply Trade Agreement Acts
                                                          clauses (like those of FAR 52.225-5 and -6) to this procurement? If so, please consider this question a request for
                                                          modification in accordance with Provision L.3 of the SIR.

52              K       2.16                 Technical
                                                          We‟ve previously negotiated terms and conditions for doing business with the federal government, including terms No
                                                          and conditions relative to warranty and limitation of liability, that are a part of our GSA Authorized Federal
                                                          Supply Service Price List. Will the FAA negotiate similar clauses for this agreement or accept the clauses already
                                                          negotiated with the GSA? If the FAA will consider this, then please accept this as a Request for Modification of
                                                          Contract Terms and Conditions pursuant to Section L.3 of the Request for Offer – SIR.
53            General                        Technical
                                                          Can a subcontractor count towards multiple socio-economic goals? For example, does a small, woman owned              Yes, See response to question 19.
54            General                        Technical    subcontractor count towards both the small business and woman owned goals?
                                                          May the Contractor count 2nd Tier subcontractors toward small business goals?                                        2nd tier subcontractors may count toward small business subcontracting goals provided they are described in the
55            General                        Technical                                                                                                                         Prime's Subcontracting Plan and that plan is approved.
56            General                        Technical    May Contractor use Subcontractor past performance toward fulfilling past performance requirements?                   No
57            General                        Technical    Is total small business goal 30%?                                                                                    See response to question 19.
                                                          Technical Questions: Who is the FAA‟s maintenance contractor? Why would the FAA not exercise all of the              The FAA maintenance contractor for SSDI will be determined through a separate competitive procurement at a
                                                          optional warranty periods?                                                                                           later date and will maintain SSDI after the initial warranty period expires. The option warranty CLINs (e.g.
                                                                                                                                                                               CLIN 0028), cover SSDI, subsystems, components, and equipment that are installed during that period of
                                                                                                                                                                               performance and do not extend the warranties on previously installed SSDI. The price the vendor provides in
                                                                                                                                                                               the warranty CLIN is a one-time price that is paid at the time the equipment is installed and covers the remainder
                                                                                                                                                                               of the fiscal year and the succeeding fiscal year or the terms of the manufacturer's warranty, whichever is longer.
58              L       16.1.1               Technical
                                                                                                          SECURITY SYSTEM DESIGN AND INTEGRATION (SSDI)

#    Page #   Section   Paragraph         Comment Type                                                         Question                                                                                            Government Response
                                                         C.9.0 Physical Access Control System (PACS): The SOW states that “Facility requirements vary.”, and goes on to Offerors must propose a system meeting FIPS 201 PIV II requirements. It is assumed that any currently installed
                                                         state that “The Contractor may be required to install a full PACS or one or two subsystems or components.” Since components not meeting the standard would be replaced.
                                                         HSPD-12 compliance still appears to be an option, to what extent does the Offeror need to replace existing
                                                         components when less than a full PACS upgrade is needed? It is assumed that the existing JCI panels and software
                                                         would need to be replaced to meet the FIPS 201 standards.
59              C       9.0                 Technical
                                                         C. Detection Alarm and Reporting Capacity: Section J-5 mentions that UL2050 applies. Is it anticipated             The reference to UL 2050 will be deleted.
                                                         that CRZH certificates would need to be issued by the Offeror in certain instances?
60              C             Technical
                                                         C.9.2.3 Communications: Will data communications need to be encrypted with a FIPS 140 approved algorithm?                 No. Where use of the PIV II requires 'unlocking' the card to access private data, such transactions will be match-
                                                                                                                                                                                   on-card at the reader to authenticate the user. Any transmitted data from the reader to the back end after such
                                                                                                                                                                                   authentication should be truncated to include free-read data only.
61              C       9.2.3               Technical
                                                         C.9.5.H Automated Access Control Subsystem (AACS): Since the SOW requires that “The AACS must include The SSDI vendor will not provision or issue PIV II cards. See response to item 35. The SSDI vendor will
                                                         fully integrated badge-making capabilities, including image capture, image editing, badge design, and badge      encode and issue only temporary SSDI PACS cards. The SOW will be modified to remove the requirement for
                                                         printing. The system must permit the storage of four different images: main photograph, alternate photograph,    fingerprint capture for use with the temporary cards and the SSDI PACS system will not store fingerprints.
                                                         signature, and fingerprint.‟; does this mean that the AACS subsystem will be printing and provisioning FIPS201-2
                                                         compliant smart cards, or an interim proximity card while the FAA obtains their smart-card credentials from
                                                         another source?
62              C       9.5h                Technical
                                                         C. Enrollment Stations and Printers: Will the ID media printer described be needed to provision data onto          No, the ID media printer will not need to provision data onto the contact interface. The ID media printer will be
                                                         the contact/contactless interface of a FIPS 201-2 defined smart-card? Further, will that ID media printer need to         under the control of the Offeror-furnished AACS and there is no requirement for digital signatures or PKI to be
                                                         be under control of the Offeror-furnished AACS, or another external government-furnished GSA approved Card                written to the card.
                                                         Management System (CMS)? Also, will there be a requirement for digitals signatures or PKI to be written to the
63              C             Technical
                                                         C.2.0: “The Contactor‟s selected architecture must comply with the Federal Enterprise Architecture Business               Descriptions of the BRM and PRM are found within the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) Consolidated
                                                         Reference Model (BRM) Air Transportation Line of Business, Mode of Delivery: Direct services to Citizens and              Reference Model (CRM) Document. The CRM can be downloaded from at
                                                         Civilian Operations, Access Control Architecture Performance Reference Model (PRM).” Is this document           
64              C       2.0                 Technical    available from the FAA?
                                                         Paragraph C.2.1.5: “The Contractor must replace previously installed card readers and possible other security             Facilities are identified in Attachment J-1in the far right column titled "C.2.4 Access Control Option." The
                                                         components at 780 plus facilities.” How big is the “Plus” factor and can we have an inventory of the facility types       number of facilities is an approximation because some facilities are installing equipment to fill an immediate
65              C       2.1.5               Technical    and the equipment installed at these facilities.                                                                          need. The equipment installed at facilities will be made available in concert with a task order.
                                                         Paragraph C.2.3 groups facilities by Security Level and the number of facilities listed equal 165 sites. Paragraph        The numbers listed are approximations. Individual sites are listed in Attachment J-1, under the C.2.3 column.
                                                         C.2.3 groups facilities by region and the number of facilities listed equal 166 sites. What security level is the other   There are a number of To Be Determined (TBD) sites listed. C.2.3 will be amended to clarify that the numbers
66              C       2.3                 Technical    site?                                                                                                                     are all estimates.
                                                         Paragraph C.2.3, sub-paragraphs A, B & C – “facilities may need security upgrades”. Paragraph C.2.4 – refers to See response to question #66.
                                                         the same facilities but states – “require work”. Should we consider the number of facilities accurate and that they
67              C       2.3                 Technical    will require work or is this still undecided?
                                                         Paragraph C.3.0, sub-paragraph C states – “Work to be accomplished in this category will typically include          These systems would not be integrated into the FAA PES. Facilities will be identified when selected. Any special
                                                         projects that are not FAA Facilities. These facilities might be facilities of other Government Departments or       requirements for these building will be identified when in the Task Order.
                                                         Agencies”. Would these systems be integrated into the FAA PES? Where are these facilities located? Are there
                                                         any special requirements for these building that are different than FAA facilities?
68              C       3.0                 Technical
                                                         Paragraph C.12.12.3 sub-paragraph A.1.1 – “The contractor must furnish final approved project shop drawings               Yes. Section C will be amended to reflect 30 workdays.
69              C       12.12.3             Technical    within 30 days”. Is this 30 workdays?
                                                         Part III, Section J, Attachment J-4, List of Acronyms.: Please clarify “CAK Card Authentification Kay”.                   There is a typo. It should say "Card Authentification Key" and will be corrected in a subsequent amendment.
70               J      Attachment J-4      Technical
                                                         C.3.2.3 Phase Two – Implementation: Color/Texture/Finish Selection: The Contractor must review the drawings               "First need" is the item ordering date.
                                                         and specifications to determine the items which require color, texture or finish selection; submit the items to the
                                                         CO in a single package at least thirty (30) calendar days prior to first need. Is “first need” considered the required
                                                         installation date, or the equipment ordering date?
71              C       3.2.3               Technical
                                                         Facility Security Reference and Design Manual: Can we get an electronic or “cleaner” version of this document- it         Yes, we will post a cleaner version the FedTeDS website. The "cleaner" version was not available for the
72               J      Attachment J-18     Technical    is grainy and difficult to make out some of the text and drawings.                                                        original release.
                                                         In Section B paragraph B.2 i. page B-2, there is discussion as to pricing for subcontractors and that the rates must      There may be a yearly escalation to the labor rates. However, the rates will remain stable after the escalation
73    B-2       B       2.i                 Technical    stay the same. Does this mean that there will be no escalation?                                                           rate is applied.
74    B-3       B       2(3)                Technical    In Section B paragraph B.2 (3) page B-3, what constitutes a subcontractor consent package?                                Please review Section H, Paragraph H.11.
                                                         In Section B, part 1 “Pricing Table”, there is not a CLIN for travel, will there be one?                                  There will be a CLIN for travel. Offerors are not required to propose an amount for travel. Section B will be
75              B                           Technical                                                                                                                              amended to reflect these changes.
76              B       Exhibit A           Technical    In Section B, Exhibit A, what happens if we do not use a labor category? Will we N/A the price?                           N/A or leave it blank
                                                         In Section C.2.4 Distribution of Work – Second paragraph describes the percentage of work to be performed in              Years 6-8 will include facilities in Sections C.2.1.5 and C.2.1.6. Years 1 & 2 are the Base Period, Years 3 & 4
                                                         the each contract year. Is the first and second year of the contract considered the Base Period? This contract is 8       are Option 1, Years 5 & 6 are Option 2 and Years 7 & 8 are Option 3. Vendors must remember that optional
                                                         years in duration; it appears the work will be completed in year 5. What is planned for the last 3 years?                 efforts such as PES are not included in the distribution.
77              C       2.4                 Technical
                                                         If we are to comply with the FIPS 201 Standards (c.2.0) and if we are required to supply contactless smartcards      The FAA does not believe that C. requires allowing access to biometric identifiers over a contactless
                                                         (C., how are we to resolve conflicts such as the FIPS standards not allowing access to biometric identifiers interface.
                                                         over the contactless interface?
78              C       2.0                 Technical
                                                                                                 SECURITY SYSTEM DESIGN AND INTEGRATION (SSDI)

#    Page #   Section   Paragraph   Comment Type                                                         Question                                                                                            Government Response
                                                   Are all contractors required to meet the following standards: SP 800-73, OMB 800-79, OMB circular A-130, and The SSDI system must meet NIST SP 800-73. "OMB 800-79" is a type-O for SP 800-79 and does not apply as
                                                   the Federal Identity Management Handbook?                                                                    the SSDI vendor will not issue PIV II cards. A-130 applies for PES only in that the Government follows an
                                                                                                                                                                enterprise architecture to ensure coordinated IT investment within and across agencies. The FIMH applies only
                                                                                                                                                                for the issuance of the interim SSDI cards. Section C will be amended to reflect these changes.

79            General                 Technical
                                                   Section C. Will additional weight be applied to proposals that use FIPS 201 biometrics as opposed to   Section C. will be amended to eliminate the non-FIPS 201 reference. No additional weight will be
80              C       Technical    proposals that do not?                                                                                         applied to proposals that use FIPS 201 biometrics.

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