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									Arts Education
By: Luisito D. Soriano
                  What is Art?
Anthropological definition Wikipedia definition

A medium of expression where         Refers to a diverse range of human
the individual and culture come      activities, creations, and expressions
                                     that are appealing to the senses or
together and communicate.
                                     emotions of a human individual.
Includes music, dance, sculpture,
painting, drawing, weaving,
poetry, writing, woodworking, etc.
        What is Education
The activities of educating or instructing; activities that impart
knowledge or skill;

Knowledge acquired by learning and instruction; "it was clear
that he had a very broad education"

The gradual process of acquiring knowledge; "education is a
preparation for life";

The profession of teaching (especially at a school or college or

The result of good upbringing (especially knowledge of correct
social behavior)
 What Do We Mean by Arts

If human beings are to survive, we need all the symbolic
forms at our command because they permit us not only to
preserve and pass along our accumulated wisdom but also
to give voice to the invention of new visions. We need all
these ways of viewing the world because no one way can
say it all.

Charles Fowler Former Director, National Cultural
Resources Washington, DC
  How the Arts Advance Kids'

Singing, dancing,
drawing, and other art
forms help children
make sense of the world
and sharpen their
thinking and problem-
solving skills, according
to research surveyed by
the Northwest Regional
Educational Laboratory.
 Why have arts education?
                                  Consider the benefits

                                        Increased Parental Involvement
                                        After-School Programs
Promotes Involvement in
School                                  Programs in art for after-school in
                                        It makes parents more involved are
                                        also children’s schoolwork by
                                        their very important, especially for
Children who are active in art          children in disadvantaged areas. It
                                        providing an area where parents do
education also demonstrates             is common knowledge in assisting
                                        not feel a handicapped that the
further interest in school as a         their children because of a lack of
                                        hours immediately following school
whole.                                  basic knowledge. critical for
                                        are often the most
Why Arts Education

     It is the languages that all people
     speak that cut across racial,
     cultural, social, educational, and
     economic barriers and enhance
     cultural appreciation and
        Why Arts Education
It improves academic achievement
-- enhancing tests scores, attitudes, social
   skills, critical and creative thinking.
     Why Arts Education

It exercise and develop
higher order thinking skills
including analysis,
synthesis, evaluation, and
Why Arts Education

         It provide the means
         for every student to
“I never try to teach my students anything, I only try
 to create an environment in which they can learn.”

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