Language Arts Course Outline by sarahjanebelonga


									                      Language Arts Course Outline
                                Instructor: Mr. T. Whyte
                             Alexandra Junior High School
Contact Information:
  Phone: 527-8571 EXT 3206

Course Objectives:
    o   To increase student listening and reading vocabulary
    o   To increase individual reading comprehension
    o   To read grade7/8 material with assistance
    o   To develop the use of complete and complex sentences
    o   To write freely in a journal
    o   To introduce a paragraph writing format
    o   To write an opinion essay
    o   To increase spelling skills through Spelling words for writing
    o   To be able to speak to an audience
    o   To develop and oral voice while reading aloud
    o   To write some pieces of poetry using various rhyming schemes
    o   To review rules of punctuation and capitalization
    o   To develop the ability to find the main idea
    o   To practice good listening skills

Course Description:
    o Literacy Skills
            o Enhance reading comprehension
            o Daily free reading
            o Spelling Words for Writing
            o Grammar review and enhancement

    o Language theme exploration
          o Short stories
          o Poetry
          o Creative writing
          o Journal writing
          o Opinion Essay
          o Novel Study

*The above information is subject to change throughout the year, if significant modifications are
 made both the student and parents/guardians will be informed
*Note some of the novels chosen for the novel studies may change closer to the time.
 Term Evaluation:                                 Year Evaluation:
   Writing                                40%     1st Term:                                  20%
   Spelling                               30%     2 Term                                     20%
   Reading Comprehension                  30%     3rd Term                                   20%
   Sub-total                              100%    4th Term:                                  20%
                                                  Final Exam:                                20%

 The weighting given to each portion of this course, including the final exam may be adjusted
 during the course of the semester. If this occurs, you will be properly informed as to the exact

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