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          EARTH SCIENCE 11 COURSE OUTLINE                         (Mrs. Stea)              Rm B303

                                  Major Topics and Approximate Timeline

                          1) Introduction to Earth Science                   (10 hours)

                                  2) Meteorology              (15 hours)
                                               a) Atmosphere
                                           b) Weather and Climate
                                            c) Greenhouse Theory

                                  3) Geology                      (50 hours)
                                     a) Earth Materials – Minerals & Rocks
                                             b) Plate Tectonics
                                         c) Volcanoes & Earthquakes
                                         d) Weathering and Erosion

                          4) Oceanography                                    (10 hours)
                                     a) Features of the Ocean Floor
                                           b) Ocean Currents

                              5) Astronomy                          (20 hours)
                                       a) Universe - Stars and Galaxies
                                               b) Solar System
                                          c) The Earth and the Moon
                                            d) Space Technology

TEXTBOOK: Heath Earth Science, Spaulding & Namowitz. (approximate cost $          120)
  **    Students are responsible for the textbook assigned to them. Students will be required to
        pay the full replacement cost for a lost or damaged text.

Supplies to bring to class: blue/black pen, red pen, pencil, white eraser, highlighter, AGENDA

Notebooks       You must use a 3-ring binder for this course. You are expected to take NEAT and
                ORGANIZED notes and keep all returned assignments. Your notebook will be
                MARKED TWICE during the term for completeness and organization.

Evaluation Criteria

        A. Course Work                                                            80 %

                I. Tests and Quizzes                                     50 %
                II. Homework and Assignments                             50 %

        B. Final Exam                                                             20 %

   All students in Earth Science are required to write the final exam for this course.

       Grades will be determined as follows:

                A       86 - 100 %                      C        60 - 66 %
                B       73 - 85 %                       C-       50 - 59 %
                C+      67 - 72 %                       I/F       0 - 49 %

             Is Earth Science the right course for you? Please consider the following:
EaSc 11 IS for you if you:
    are interested in the subject matter (rocks, volcanoes, ocean currents, weather etc)
    plan to take Geography 12 (some overlap of material)
    struggled in science 8 - 10 BUT have good attendance and a good attitude
    have difficulty writing tests BUT work hard on assignments, homework and projects
    are motivated and prepared to work hard during class time (thus minimizing homework!)

You will have DIFFICULTIES in EaSc 11 if you don’t like the subject material, have poor attendance and/or
poor classroom behavior because:
    often students who aren’t interested in the topics covered in earth science have problems with attendance, homework
     completion and behavior and end up in trouble with me for all of these things (often failing the course as well!)
    I follow up on all absences; if you are absent without a legitimate excuse you will find yourself serving detentions and being
     referred to the office on a regular basis (same for lates) MY POLICY IS TO MAINTAIN EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION
     WITH PARENTS AND VICE-PRINCIPALS regarding inappropriate attendance and behavior.
    I have structured this course so that assignments complement each other; in other words, in order to complete the current
     assignment, you often need to refer to previous assignments - difficult if you are away frequently
    We do a fair number of group posters and projects; if you are away you let your group down AND it is difficult (usually
     impossible) for you to make up the work.

** I do NOT provide bonus assignments at the end of the term to students who are failing the course due to
   excessive absenteeism and/or failure to complete homework assignments and other in-class work.
                                                  COURSE EXPECTATIONS

If you are absent, it is your responsibility to catch up on missed notes and assignments AS SOON AS YOU RETURN TO CLASS! Please
note, depending on the reason for your absence and the nature of the work missed, you may or may not have the opportunity to make up missed
assignments. Frequent absences will be followed up with a phone call home. If you are away from school for more than 2 days you should
arrange to have homework picked up for you so that you don’t fall too far behind.

You are to be in your seat and ready to work when the bell goes. A warning is given for the first one or two lates. The third and
fourth lates result in detentions with me. After this, further lates will result in a referral to the office.

3. BEHAVIOUR - Considerate, polite behaviour is expected at all times. Come to class with a POSITIVE ATTITUDE.

All students are expected to write tests and quizzes on the scheduled day and time. If for any legitimate reason you are unable
to be present for a test, you must bring a note, signed by your parent/guardian, within 2 days of your return. Sleeping in, or not
having a ride to school are NOT considered legitimate excuses. A student who misses a test because of truancy will get zero.

Although you will usually be working with a partner for labs and assignments, any work you hand in is expected to be IN YOUR
OWN WORDS. Copying will result in BOTH people getting a zero for the assignment.

Labs, assignments, and homework are due at the BEGINNING of the assigned period. (when the bell to begin class goes!)
They may be collected or simply checked for completion. Please note, if you are late to class, your homework is
automatically considered late.

Sometimes small assignments are given in class and collected at the end of the period. If you are absent for the day you will
get ZERO. This will have no significant effect on your mark UNLESS YOU ARE ABSENT FREQUENTLY. If this is the case, I
will be talking with you about your attendance problems.

Assignments must be NEAT - messy assignments may not be marked (at teacher’s discretion)

Late assignments (up to one week only) will be accepted but the student may only receive a maximum of 50% for this work
unless the student::
                     a. discusses the absence with me prior to the actual day of the absence (holidays, fieldtrips etc)
                     b. is absent due to illness
                       ** In both cases, the student must bring a note WITHIN 2 school days of the absence **

Please note, once an assignment has been marked and returned (or discussed in class), the most a student may receive for
this assignment is 50%, even if they missed the assignment for a legitimate absence.

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