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									                             GOOD HEALTH NEWS
                                     Protect Your Health … Recapture Your Youth
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    Edward A. Layne, M.D., Editor         and      relaxation     therapies,     stress         important in preventing conditions
                                          management and exotic body pampering                  such as heart disease, renal disease,
WELCOME                                   with one of the best age management                   and skin damage caused by UV rays.
TO GOOD                                   programs in the southeast under one roof!               Weight Control – Studies have
HEALTH                                    Sounds like heaven? The new “Hammam                   demonstrated a synergistic interaction
NEWS                                      Spa and Anti-Aging Center” will provide               between caffeine and polyphenols that
                                          a personalized program of total stress relief         appear to prolong stimulation of
                                          and anti-aging care in an exotic setting              thermogenesis. Men taking a green tea
             In This Issue                when it opens to the public in Atlanta in             extract of 90 mg, 3 times daily burned
                                          late April.                                           266 more calories per day than those
                                               The Hammam Spa is modeled after                  in the placebo group.
The Hammam Spa set to open                the exotic Greco-Roman baths used by the        Keep in mind that the average cup of green
                                          Roman elite centuries ago. It offers every      tea also contains 10-50 mg of caffeine and
The Salmon Scandal: what to buy?          conceivable type of Spa service and             that      over-consumption     may     cause
Natural ways to lower your                incorporated a full service ACAMM Anti-         irritability, insomnia, nervousness, and
                                          aging Center. The Hammam Spa is                 tachycardia.      Caffeine consumption is
Cholesterol                               conveniently located on West Peachtree          contraindicated in pregnant or lactating
How I lost 25 pounds in 5 weeks           Street, opposite the well-known Emory           women. Unless you over-consume green
                                          Crawford Long Hospital.                         tea, it is generally considered to be safe,
Great News for Green Tea drinkers                                                         non-toxic, and without side effects. So
Male Menopause - Yes, it does                                                             smile, its teatime
exist!                                                                                    GOOD HEALTH NEWS FAST FACTS
ACAMM readies Anti-aging
                                                                                          Send your comments to doc@acamm.com
Vitamin Corner - protect your                                                             OBESITY: Researchers tell us that ―65-70
                                                                                          percent of the US population is
bones                                                                                     overweight‖. What do you think the real
Stress – and its antidote                   Green Tea: An Ancient Chinese                 figures are?
                                                       Secret                             DIABETES: Epidemiologists state that
Exercise—IT’S A MUST!                                                                     one of every three children in the US will
Vitamin D and the sun: you need                Here is great news for green tea           develop Type II Diabetes if they maintain
                                          drinkers. A recent study from China             their current eating habits. What do you
both                                      published in the Archives of Internal           think the statistics are for Black and
Is Ritalin causing addiction in kids?     Medicine found green tea extract to be          Hispanic children?
                                          effective in reducing LDL-cholesterol (the      VITAMINS          SUPPLEMENTS:           The
Relief for your heartburn?                bad cholesterol). Green tea has been shown      Medicare Administration has just agreed
Health and Sex: Your Prostate             to have other beneficial properties. An         that they could save tens of billions of
                                          article in the Alternative Medicine Review      dollars every year by simply giving every
                                          looked at many different studies on green       senior citizen a daily multi-vitamin. Do you
                                          tea and reported the following:                 still think, ―Vitamins just create expensive
                                                 Cancer Prevention – Several studies     urine?‖
                                               demonstrated green tea polyphenols to      CINNAMON: Sprinkling a liberal amount
                                               have preventative and inhibitory           of this tasty spice on your food once or
                                               effects against tumor formation and        twice per day will help to control your
                                               growth. Although the studies are not       blood sugar.
                                               conclusive, polyphenols may be             CARB BLOCKERS: ‗Carb Blockers‘
                                               effective in preventing cancer of the      have come of age as an aid to weight
                                               prostate, breast, esophagus, stomach,      control. Sneak some in your bag for a
 Look Younger, Feel Younger and                pancreas, and colon.                       night out with the girls. Use a high quality
       Relieve Your Stress                       Antioxidant – The Polyphenols that      preparation and taken it at the beginning of
The soon to be opened Hammam Medical           are present in green tea are potent free   your meal. E-mail me for more info at:
Spa combines a total program of massage        radical scavengers. This property is       doc@acamm.com
                               GOOD HEALTH NEWS
                                          Protect Your Health … Recapture Your Youth
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GINGER: Recent research is showing             vessels and blood fats among other things.     prolong the action of some ‗blood
Ginger to be something of a miracle dietary                                                   thinners‘, so discuss its use with your
                                                   ACAMM programs allow you and
supplement: Daily use of Ginger appears to                                                    doctor before taking it.
                                               your doctor to first determine how old your
provide beneficial effects in a wide variety
                                               body is behaving (your ‗functional age‘).
of ailments including: arthritis; weight
                                               The ACAMM team then provides you with
control; mild depression; cancer; high
                                               a personalized program containing clear,
cholesterol and certain blood fats.
                                               detailed instructions that you can follow to
AN APPLE A DAY: You have known for
                                               maintain your youthful looks and your
years that the anti-oxidants in fruits help
                                               youthful energy as you age. To find out
your body to prevent cancer, strokes and
                                               more about the new ACAMM Programs
heart disease, but recent research has
                                               and to find a doctor near you, send an
shown that an apple a day may also reduce                                                      Sunny side up: Vitamin D, Osteo-
                                               email to doc@acamm.com or log on to
your risk of certain lung disease including                                                       porosis and Your Health
                                                                                                   Did you know that bone fractures are
CHERRIES FOR ARTHRITIS:                   In
                                                                                              the leading cause of disability and death in
recent issues of GHN you were told that the
                                                                                              seniors in the USA? Adequate intake of
tiny tropical Acerola Cherry has the
                                                                                              vitamin D for seniors over age 65 can
Vitamin C equivalent of four oranges. Now
                                                                                              significantly reduce age-related fractures
here comes the good news on the northern
                                                                                              when taken with 500mg of calcium per day.
―bing‖ Cherry! Recent research has shown
                                                                                              Vitamin D, or calciferol, is a fat-soluble
that this cherry may be much better than
                                                                                              vitamin that can be found in food or made
Aspirin at relieving your arthritis pain.
                                                                                              by your body after exposure to ultraviolet
                                                                                              rays from the sun. The major function of
                                                Lower your Cholesterol naturally              vitamin D is to maintain normal blood
                                                       with Policosanol                       levels of calcium and phosphorus. These
                                                                                              minerals are important in order to maintain
                                                    Are searching for alternatives to         strong bones and to assist the immune
                                               standard cholesterol medicines? Here is        system by helping in the production of a
                                               exciting news. Policosanol, a natural          type of white blood cell called monocyte
                                               substance that is extracted from the sugar     (an infection fighter). The Adequate Intake
                                               cane, appears to lower cholesterol by          (AI) recommended for everyone under 50
                                               slowing down the production of cholesterol     years is 200 IU. It goes up to 400 IU for
                                               in the liver. Policosanol also increases the   patients over age 50
    Regain Your Youthful Energy                binding, uptake, and destruction of LDL             Fortified foods, such as milk are the
     Beginning to feel your age? You are       cholesterol (‗bad‘ cholesterol). Recent        major sources of vitamin D. Keep in mind
not alone! If you are like most of us you      studies on Policosanol have reported a         that most dairy products made from milk
just don‘t want to sit around and grow old.    decrease in total cholesterol around 17.4%,    like cheese, yogurt, and ice cream are
You have probably been trying to find a        a decrease in LDL (bad) cholesterol around     generally not fortified with vitamin D. Only
doctor who can keep you looking young          25.6%, and an increase in HDL (good)           a few foods naturally contain significant
and feeling young by combining the proven      cholesterol around 29%. Clinical trials        amounts of vitamin D, including fatty fish,
benefits of Traditional medicine with the      have indicated that Policosanol can be used    fish oils, butter, and eggs. Exposure to
best aspects of the new Complementary          to treat familial (type II) as well as         sunlight is the primary method your body
and Alternative Medicine (CAM). Your           Diabetes related hypercholesterolemia and      obtains vitamin D. On a clear, sunny day
prayers have been answered!                    it shows great promise in treating             15 minutes in the sun will produce
                                               Intermittent Claudication (or abnormal pain    adequate amounts, even when only the face
     ACAMM (The American Centers for           in the calves when walking). Policosanol       is exposed. In the winter, it may require as
Age      Management      Medicine)    have     has relatively few adverse side-effects.       much as 2 hours. Sunscreens with a
developed a series of exciting Anti-aging      Unlike some well-known Cholesterol             protection factor of 8 or greater will block
Programs that will soon be available to        lowering drugs, it causes no destruction of    UV rays that produce vitamin D, but it is
your local Doctor or Health Care               muscle tissue and it appears to be safe for    important to routinely use sunscreen
Practitioner. An Executive ACAMM age           people with compromised liver function.        whenever sun exposure is longer than 15
management program includes all of the         Recommended dosage is 10mg taken with          minutes. But don‘t fret, vitamin D is fat-
recommended screenings for cancer,             the evening meal. Policosanol may slightly
nutrition, osteoporosis, your heart, blood
                                 GOOD HEALTH NEWS
                                             Protect Your Health … Recapture Your Youth
    Phone: 404 681-0000                 Volume 8, No. 3, Second Quarter, 2004 Page 3                        E-mail: doc@acamm.com

soluble, so excess can be stored in the liver     fatigue,     irritability,    mood     swings,   pain-no gain‖?         Scientists have been
and fatty tissues for future use.                 nervousness, depression, hot flashes, sleep      searching in a feverish pace for years to
     Normal storage levels of vitamin D has       disturbances,        erectile     dysfunction,   find a magic pill for Youth – a pill that will
been shown to be important in preventing          decreased muscle mass, decreased strength,       cure and prevent all ills. Medical science
osteoporosis and may be protective against        decreased libido, decreased bone density,        has found a lot of magic pills over the years
some cancers such as colon cancer, breast         and joint stiffness.                             but nothing so far seems to rival the
cancer, prostate cancer, and possibly even              What should you do about it? The           benefits exercise for the human body.
leukemia. Seniors who are deficient may           most important thing to do is to talk to your         Before you get scared, I would like to
have affected hearing due to the decreased        doctor about your symptoms and concerns.         try and set your fears about exercise to rest.
function of the small bones in the ear that       It is very important to rule out a more          You don‘t have to ―pump iron‖ every day
transmit     sound.         In    this     case   serious disease like urinary tract infection     to get exercise. Way back, when our distant
supplementation with vitamin D can                or prostatic disease. A simple blood test        relatives were forced to hunt food, formal
reverse the hearing loss. A topical form of       measuring the testosterone levels as well as     exercise programs were not needed.
vitamin D can be helpful in the treatment of      Leutenizing Hormone (LH), follicle               Survival activities of everyday life
psoriasis.                                        stimulating hormone (FSH), and Prolactin         provided more than enough exercise.
     There are many factors that can cause        may be all that is needed.                       Modern day men and women no longer
you to have a vitamin D deficiency                      Can      Andropause       be    treated?   have to ―hunt‖ for food, although some
including decreased dietary intake, limited       Testosterone replacement therapy is one          may argue that hauling the kids through
sun      exposure,        kidney       disease,   option. Treatment goals are to relieve the       Kroger and Publix can be just a bit wild at
malabsorption in the gastrointestinal tract,      adverse effects of decreased testosterone        times!
or breast-fed infants. People who are on          and to restore libido, sexual function, and a         Americans are spending less and less
medication for arthritis, asthma, allergies,      sense of well –being. Supplementation also       time in any form of exercise. Seventy-five
high cholesterol, or seizure problems may         appears to improve bone mass, muscle             percent of the U.S. population fails to meet
require vitamin D supplementation and             mass, and strength in older men.                 even          minimum            governmental
should talk with their doctor before doing        Testosterone has also been associated with       recommendations on exercise i.e., 30
so. The body will not make too much               a decrease in total cholesterol and LDL          minutes or its equivalent accumulated in
vitamin D from overexposure to the sun,           (bad) cholesterol. The downside to               bouts as short as 8 to 10 minutes. Looking
but over supplementation can cause serious        replacement therapy is the risk of prostate      at exercise in those terms does not seem
side effects including headache, weakness,        carcinoma. Follow-up is very important.          too bad, right?
heart arrhythmias, vomiting, diarrhea,            Testosterone and PSA (prostate specific               The statistics on exercise for our
seizures, or confusion.                           antigen) levels should be checked                children are just as bad. walking and
                                                  regularly. Another proposed therapy is           bicycling by children aged 5 to 15
                                                  DHEA (dehydro-epiandrostenedeone), a             decreased by 40% between 1977 and 1995.
                                                  precursor to testosterone available over-        Schools are not doing their part to help
                                                  the-counter. Clinical studies have shown         either. Decreased school budgets have
                                                  conflicting results of treatment with DHEA.      caused many schools to suspend physical
                                                  Although DHEA is over the counter, it is         education programs in lieu of academics.
                                                  still very important to have your doctor         A recent study by Steven Gortmaker
                                                  supervise treatment including regularly          showed that the highest levels of activities
                                                  checking blood levels of DHEA. So, men           in our school-aged children throughout a
                                                  don‘t despair, there are viable treatment        normal school day occurred during travel
 The truth about Male Menopause                   options out there. So, get back to living!       to and from school!
     Yes, its true men, studies have shown                                                              So, what does all this inactivity lead
that men experience Andropause, a                                                                  to? Isn‘t it O.K. to raise very smart children
phenomenon        similar     to    women‘s                                                        instead of very fit children? No, all this
menopause. What causes it? Low                                                                     inactivity in children leads to obesity and
testosterone levels. Free testosterone levels                                                      premature death. In 2003, the CDC
begin to decline at the rate of 1-2% per                                                           declared obesity as the most important
year after the age of 40. Testosterone                                                             public-health issue in the U.S.
mediates the development of male                                                                        Obesity       increases       risk     of
characteristics and contributes to hair                                                            cardiovascular disease, and some cancers
                                                  Exercise, not an option it’s a must!
growth, muscle mass, bone density, and red                                                         and increases the risk of type-2 diabetes in
blood cell (RBC) formation. Some of the                Want to look as young and sexy as the       children and adults. In fact, epidemiologists
symptoms you may experience include               athletes? You ever heard the phrase, ―no         predict that because of poor eating habits
                                GOOD HEALTH NEWS
                                           Protect Your Health … Recapture Your Youth
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and inactivity, this generation of children     exercise activities that is safe for you. If     poultry by-products (even feathers) and
will be the first generation in which parents   price is not a barrier, a personal trainer can   blood meal, with grains such as soy, corn,
will outlive their own children! The main       be very helpful. It is important to do           or wheat used as filler. Tests show fish
culprits here appear to be ―fast foods‖ and     activities that you find enjoyable i.e.          grain to be abnormally high in omega-6
the sedentary past-time of ―watching TV‖.       biking, walking, etc. You may find it            fatty acids and low in omega-3s—not what
     Well, it should now be clear to you        useful to use a heart rate monitors or           you want.
that you need to exercise. But how much is      pedometers to monitor your progress.                  Along with mass reproduction and
exercise enough and what exercise is                 So, now that you know the great             overcrowding comes the inevitable
appropriate for your age? There is no clear-    benefits of exercise, what are you waiting       emergence of disease. The farmer‘s answer
cut answer but all the data shows that you      for? Get out there and exercise! Do it for       to prevention and treatment has been to
may not have to exercise as much as you         yourself and the ones you love. Good luck        pump the fish and water with antibiotics,
may think. The Nurse‘s Health Study (a          and good health.                                 hormone-disruption compounds, and to
large study of female RN‘s) showed that                                                          make use of toxic chemicals such as
walking at a moderate intensity for 30 to 45                                                     organophosphates. Ivermectin, a toxic but
minutes a day lowered the risk of                                                                popular neuro-insecticide has been found in
developing type 2 diabetes by 30% to 40%!                                                        samples of farmed salmon at levels up to
Even if you already have diabetes, walking                                                       four times higher than those levels deemed
one-half to one hour a day can lower your                                                        safe to consumers. Experts from the
risk of dying from heart disease by 40% to                                                       Scientific Committee for Food reported
50%. Aerobic exercise may be best at                     The Salmon Scandal                      that farmed fish are regularly contaminated
burning visceral fat, the intra-abdominal fat                                                    (through fish meal) with dioxins, a toxin
your liver uses when other energy sources            Eating Salmon has been heralded as a        linked to severe hormonal disorders, and
are not available. Weight lifting, which is     great source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which       proven carcinogens for both animals and
anaerobic, is best for building muscle size     reduce blood pressure and cholesterol and        humans.
and strength and preserving bone density        your risk of heart disease. This, in fact, is         Now that this information has shocked
thereby preventing osteoporosis. The            true if the salmon comes from the proper         you, don‘t fret there is hope for all of you
bottom line is that you have to do              source.                                          salmon lovers. In the 1980‘s the fish-
something on a daily basis to increase your          ‗Salmon farming‘ has been practiced         farming industry courted Alaska, but
expenditure of energy. The more energy          for centuries, but the traditional farming of    Alaska made a bold move and outlawed
you expend, the better off you will be.         old that mimicked a natural ecosystem has        salmon farming in an effort to protect its
     The following is a short list of the       long since been replaced by fish farms like      own commercial fishermen. Alaska‘s wild
benefits you can expect to see from             the ones seen today in Scotland, Ireland,        salmon fishery now ranks among the
exercise:                                       Norway, Canada, Chili, and even New              healthiest and best managed in the world.
 Improved Increase in HDL (good                England. These farms have adapted many           When shopping or dining out, consumers
   cholesterol)                                 distasteful and unhealthy practices.             are urged to request ―wild caught‖ salmon,
                                                     Wild salmon forage the oceans feeding
 Lower blood pressure                                                                           preferably from Alaska. Remember that
                                                on colorful crustaceans, plankton, and           words such as ―imported‖ and ―caught in
 Decreased risk of heart attack
                                                algae, which naturally impart a rich shade       cold icy waters‖ are not synonymous with
 Reduced risk of stroke
                                                of pink to their flesh. When salmon are
 Help fight erectile dysfunction               farmed their flesh is a gray color, so
                                                                                                 wild. Canned salmon, which is fully
 Prevention of heart disease                                                                    cooked, and shelf stable, is also a good
                                                growers add two red food dyes—                   choice. Huge amounts of Alaskan sockeye
 Decreased risk for diabetes                   canthaxanthin and astaxanthin, to make
 Strengthens your bones and prevents                                                            and pink salmon are immediately canned
                                                them more appealing.            The Federal      from fresh fish and not treated with
   osteoporosis                                 Register requires that color additives be        preservatives.    HINT:       most smoked
 General feeling of well being                 declared on the label of any food, but fish      salmon is farmed—unless it says Alaskan!
     Reduced risk for certain cancers,         sellers rarely do so.                            A good source of healthy canned and fresh
   (colorectal, pancreatic, uterine, and             Researchers have also raised questions      fish comes from a company that supplies
   kidney)                                      of the nutritional value of farm-raised          fish caught in Alaskan waters, Seafood
 improves strength and endurance.              salmon. Wild salmon feed on smaller              Direct. You can find them at this website:
                                                forage fish, algae and seaweeds; all good        www.buyseafooddirect.com.           HAPPY
Before starting any exercise plan, it is        sources of omega-3s. Commercial salmon           AND HEALTHY FISHING TO YOU!
advisable to consult your doctor or health      feeds contain about 45% fish- meal and
care professional. Your doctor can help         25% fish oil. Depending on market prices,
you determine the type and amount of            the fish- meal contains forage fish or
                                GOOD HEALTH NEWS
                                           Protect Your Health … Recapture Your Youth
    Phone: 404 681-0000               Volume 8, No. 3, Second Quarter, 2004 Page 5                        E-mail: doc@acamm.com

                                                excess carbs and I took my nutritional           Some of the causes of GERD are being
                                                supplements as prescribed.                       over weight, alcohol use, pregnancy,
                                                    My wife is delighted with my results         smoking, and hiatal hernia. To find out if
                                                and both of us have decided to start the full    you have GERD you should visit your
                                                ACAMM Anti-aging Program. *                      doctor who will discuss your symptoms and
                                                                                                 then he/she may order tests that will
                                                *Your results will depend on your choice         confirm if you have GERD. These tests
                                                of nutritional programs and your                 include barium swallow, endoscopy,
How I lost 25 pound in 5 weeks with the         compliance with the program. For more            esophageal pH monitoring, esophageal
   ACAMM Nutritional Program                    info on the ACAMM Weight Control                 manometry, or stool guaiac test.
                                                Program, email us at: doc@acamm.com.                  Lifestyle changes to help manage your
     My head was buzzing. I could not                                                            GERD would be to stop smoking, decrease
think clearly – and that‘s no good when                                                          alcohol use, lose weight, eat small meals,
you are an avid chest player. I had just                                                         avoid lying down within 3 hours after
turned 45. I was overweight and my body                                                          eating, raise the head of your bed 6 to 8
was doing things I didn‘t quite understand.                                                      inches, avoid tight wearing clothes.
Maybe I was just getting old! May be I was                                                            There are certain foods you should
‗going through the changes‘. I was looking                                                       avoid if you have GERD: Citrus fruits,
everywhere for answers – and then a friend                                                       chocolate, drinks with caffeine, fatty and
suggested I try his doctor who was an age                                                        fried foods, garlic and onions, spicy foods,
management specialist.                                                                           mint flavorings, and tomato based foods
     I checked into the ACAMM Anti-                                                              like tomato sauce, spaghetti, and pizza. If
aging Center with apprehension.           My                                                     the above methods are not controlling your
concern grew when my nutritional                                                                 GERD, then your doctor may consider
                                                             What is GERD?
evaluation indicated that I was 50 pounds                                                        medications such as: antacids after meals
over my ideal body weight and that my                 GERD is an abbreviation that stands        and at bedtime, H2 receptor blockers
percentage of body fat was way above            for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, also        (Pepcid and Zantac), proton pump
normal. The doctor was quick to reassure        known as heartburn, reflux esophagitis, or       inhibitors (Nexium, Prilosec, Prevacid, or
me and told me that I would be looking and      peptic esophagitis. The condition occurs         Protonix) and prokinetics (Reglan).
feeling better in a month or two.               when the lower esophageal sphincter              Surgery is the last option when lifestyle
After a thorough explanation of how my          (LES), a ring of muscle that closes off the      changes and medications do not help to
eating habits had caused most of my             connection of the esophagus from the             control your symptoms.
problems, I was placed on the very sensible     stomach, does not close properly and                  Long-term        complications       of
and delicious ACAMM nutritional                 stomach contents are allowed to leak back        uncontrolled GERD include the following:
program. I have always enjoyed walking          into the esophagus. When this occurs the         An increased risk for esophageal cancer;
and I chose a daily one-mile walk as part of    usually acidic contents of the stomach           bleeding or ulcers; and repeated scars from
my exercise program. Within days, I began       irritate the lining of the esophagus resulting   tissue damage can narrow the esophagus
to loose weight and my energy started to        in pain commonly described as heartburn.         and produce narrowing or strictures.
return. By the end of the first month I had     If this heartburn occurs at least 2 times per    Studies have also shown that asthma,
lost 16 pounds, and I felt great. I could       week it may be considered GERD.                  chronic cough, and pulmonary fibrosis may
hardly believe it. I called the doctor to see   Some of the symptoms you should look for         be aggravated or even caused by GERD.
if I was overdoing it. He asked how I was       if you think you have GERD are listed                 So, if you are experiencing persistent
feeling and reassured me.                       below:                                           heartburn or any of the symptoms listed
      At the end of 6 weeks, I had lost 25       Hoarseness in the morning                      above, seek advice from you doctor.
pounds. My percentage of body fat had            Difficulty swallowing (a feeling that
dropped significantly and I was winning at            food gets stuck in your throat)
Chess again. My friends were convinced           Heartburn which is increased by
that I was starving myself, but the truth is          bending, stooping, or lying down but
that I was having delicious meals every               relieved by milk or antacids and is
day. In fact, I continue to have a slice of           more frequent or worse at night.
whole-wheat toast with butter every              Frequent belching
morning with my breakfast. I used the            Chronic dry cough
―carb blockers‖ whenever I cheated on            Vomiting food or blood                           Milk Thistle: Protection for your
                                                 Sore throat
                                 GOOD HEALTH NEWS
                                            Protect Your Health … Recapture Your Youth
    Phone: 404 681-0000                Volume 8, No. 3, Second Quarter, 2004 Page 6                         E-mail: doc@acamm.com

                    liver                        body, without proper rest and rejuvenation
                                                 can lead to cardiovascular, cerebrovascular
     The scientific name for milk thistle is
                                                 or other diseases. Proper meditation can
Silybum marianum. It is a member of the
                                                 provide additional levels of deep rest and
aster or daisy family and has been used by
                                                 relaxation to supplement our daily sleep
ancient physicians and herbalists to treat a
                                                 routine. The short-term goal of meditation
range of liver and gallbladder diseases and
                                                 is to decrease mental activity while resting
to protect the liver against a variety of                                                             Testosterone and Muscle Loss
                                                 and restoring the body. Particular types of
     Milk thistle's efficacy has not been
                                                 meditation have been found to reduce                              in Seniors
                                                 stress, depression, anxiety and blood
clinically established. Published evidence                                                              Aging men and women develop a
                                                 pressure when practiced on a daily basis.
is clouded by poor design and reporting.                                                           significant loss of muscle strength that
                                                 Supplement your rest and activity with
Possible benefit has been shown most                                                               occurs in conjunction with a decline in
                                                 systematic meditation to insure your body
frequently, but inconsistently, for liver                                                          serum testosterone concentrations. Studies
                                                 can responds properly no matter what or
enzymes, but laboratory tests are the most                                                         have shown increasing the serum
                                                 how much stress it encounters.
common outcome measure studied.                                                                    testosterone concentration of healthy
     Survival and other clinical outcomes                                                          elderly men to that of young men increased
have been studied less with mixed results.                                                         their lean mass, especially of the trunk. It
Future well-designed clinical trials are                                                           also decreased their fat mass, especially of
being proposed to investigate multi-                                                               the arms and legs, but did not increase their
factorial mechanisms of action and to                                                              strength of knee extension or flexion. Other
clarify possible adverse effects.                                                                  researchers have shown similar results for
     Evidence exists that milk thistle may                                                         testosterone supplementation in elderly
protect the liver through a number of                                                              women. Testosterone treatment has also
                                                    Curcumin – Enjoy your Curries
mechanisms: antioxidant activity, toxin                                                            been found to increase the subjects‘ self-
blockade at the membrane level, enhanced              Curcumin, found in mustard and curry,        perception of physical function, but not
protein synthesis, anti-fibrotic activity, and   is an antioxidant extract from the spice          objective tests of physical function.
possible anti-inflammatory or immuno-            turmeric that produces a wide range of
modulating effects.                              health benefit It is a potent antioxidant
                                                 with specific antiviral, anti-inflammatory,
                                                 anti-cancer     and      cholesterol-lowering
                                                 effects. This extract is being studied for its‘
                                                 benefits in reducing liver disease as well as
                                                      Curcumin is especially recommended
                                                 for hepatitis C patients. One study found it
                                                 to be more effective than green tea extract
                                                 in suppressing viral damage to liver cells,
Don’t Blame Stress! Get Deep Rest                by inducing cancer cell apoptosis.
     When we define stress as, ―any              Apoptosis can be defined simply as
demand place on the body‖ no matter what         programmed cancer cell death. Cancer                Protect Prostate with Lycopene
the demand, the focus is shifted away from       researchers are focusing on agents that
                                                 induce apoptosis as the next generation of             Lycopene is the bright pigment found
the stress to how our bodies respond to it.                                                        in tomatoes, pink grapefruit, watermelon,
The main way to reduce stress is hidden in       cancer drugs.
                                                      In view of its efficacy and apparent         and apricots. Studies strongly suggest that
its spelling. Take off ―ss‖ at the end of                                                          increasing your daily intake of Lycopene
stress and relocate the ―st‖ from the            low toxicity, this Indian spice component
                                                 shows promise for the prevention of               can protect against cancers of the stomach,
beginning to the end and you have it--rest.                                                        lung, and prostate. Lyopene can reduce the
Rest is the basis of activity including the      Alzheimer's disease. In recent research,
                                                 low nontoxic doses of curcumin decrease           risk of cancers of the oral cavity,
activity of healing and rejuvenating the                                                           esophagus, breast, pancreas, cervix, and
mind, body and spirit. Sleep should not be       levels of insoluble and soluble amyloid and
                                                 plaque burden in many affected brain              colon as well. Tomatoes are a great source
the only time we rest. A deep rest can be                                                          of Lycopene but to be most effective,
attained and sustained through the correct       regions. Amyloid and plaques within the
                                                 brain are seen in early and late stages of        tomato products should be cooked and
practice of meditation. Continued stress,                                                          eaten with a little olive oil. There is no
from the environment or from within the          Alzheimer‘s disease.
                                                                                                   evidence that Lycopene capsules are as
                               GOOD HEALTH NEWS
                                          Protect Your Health … Recapture Your Youth
    Phone: 404 681-0000              Volume 8, No. 3, Second Quarter, 2004 Page 7                        E-mail: doc@acamm.com

effective, so save your money and pour on      caused by something more serious than            recommend its use. Because supplementing
the sauce instead.                             BPH that needs immediate treatment. BPH          with large amounts of zinc (such as 30 mg
     Scientists believe Lycopene to be a       is relatively easy to diagnose by means of       per day or more) may potentially lead to
powerful antioxidant, a compound that          symptoms and a digital rectal exam.              copper     deficiency,    most     doctors
blocks the action of activated oxygen               Saw palmetto contains certain               recommend taking 2 to 3 mg of copper per
molecules, known as free radicals, which       phytosterols, substances that seem to curb       day along with zinc.
can damage cells. The antioxidant activity     prostate cell growth. Its action in the body
of Lycopene is at least twice as great as      is probably similar to that of finasteride and              Selenium and BPH
beta-carotene, another carotenoid that is      other drugs.
also thought to be an effective cancer-             Research suggests that it inhibits the           Our bodies need selenium, a
preventing nutrient.                           enzyme that converts testosterone to its         nonmetallic trace element that we get from
     It may be easier for men with prostate    more active form, as well as blocking the        food, especially plant foods like rice and
cancer to remember the American Cancer         substance responsible for prostate cell          wheat, seafood, meat, and Brazil nuts.
Society acronym, "CASTLES":                    growth. A recent study in JAMA (The              Selenium is an antioxidant that is believed
                                               Journal of the American Medical                  to help control cell damage that can lead to
C--Cigarette smokers must stop smoking         Association) reviewed 18 clinical trials of      cancer.
A--Animal fat reduction might help             saw palmetto.       The men taking saw                In a 1996 study of 1,300 men and
                                               palmetto were twice as likely to report a        women, men who took selenium to prevent
S--Soy products added to the diet may help     decrease in problems with urination.
T--Tea (green tea) may be helpful                                                               non-melanoma skin cancer received no
                                                    FOOD FOR THOUGHT: A 90-day                  benefit from selenium in preventing skin
L--Lycopene (tomatoes, grapefruit) helpful     supply of finasteride costs about $200,          cancer. However, men who took selenium
E--Exercise and take more vitamin E)           compared with $10 to $50 for a 90-day            had approximately 60 percent fewer new
S--Screen for colorectal cancer after 50.      supply of saw palmetto. Fewer side effects       cases of prostate cancer than men who took
                                               (such as erectile dysfunction) are reported      the placebo. This result is one of the
                                               with saw palmetto than with drugs, at least
       Saw Palmetto and BPH                                                                     reasons selenium is being studied in current
                                               in studies so far. Not much is known about       clinical trials.
     The prostate is a small gland that        the long-term effects of saw palmetto. If
surrounds the neck of the bladder and          you want to try it, do so only after seeing a      Ritalin – are we turning our Kids
urethra in men. Its major function is to       doctor. If you have prostate symptoms and                    into Addicts?
contribute to seminal fluid. If the prostate   dose yourself without a diagnosis, and it
enlarges, pressure may be put on the           turns out to be cancer, you may not find              Ritalin is the number one prescription
urethra, acting like a partial clamp and       out until it is at an incurable stage. Be        drug for children with attention deficit
causing a variety of urinary symptoms.         aware that herbal remedies are not               hyperactivity disorders (ADHD).          This
This condition is known as benign prostatic    regulated or standardized: you may be            drug has tremendous potential for abuse
hyperplasia (BPH).                             getting what the label says, or you may not.     that is why it has been classified as a
     This enlargement of the prostate is
                                                                                                controlled substance.        Ritalin is an
common in men over 40; half of all men                       Zinc and BPH                       amphetamine (in street Jargon ―speed‖)
over 60 have it to some degree. Though
                                                    Prostatic secretions are known to           with a lengthy list of undesirable side
many men fear it is a prelude to cancer,
                                               contain a high concentration of zinc that        effects.
"hyperplasia" simply means an overgrowth
                                               observation suggests that zinc plays a role           In the medical community it is a
of normal cells. It can cause unpleasant
                                               in normal prostate function. In one              prevailing idea that Ritalin is a short-acting
symptoms: the need to urinate may become
                                               preliminary study, 19 men with benign            drug, and once it has been metabolized, it
more urgent and more frequent, perhaps
                                               prostatic hyperplasia took 150 mg of zinc        is gone from the body. However, a recent
waking you up several times at night,
                                               daily for two months, and then 50 to 100         study suggests that this is not the case.
producing a stop-and-start flow of urine or
                                               mg daily. In 74% of the men, the prostate        Researchers are starting to study the long-
urinary leaking, and/or giving you the
                                               became smaller. Because this study did not       term effects that may be cause by the use of
sensation that you have not completely
                                               include a control group, improvements may        Ritalin in childhood. The University of
emptied your bladder.
                                               have been due to a placebo effect. Zinc          Buffalo has recently discovered that
     BPH, however, is not harmful in itself-
                                               also reduced prostatic size in an animal         treatment with Ritalin appears to cause a
hence the term "benign." No one knows
                                               study but only when given by local               transformation of the brain of rats, with the
what causes it, and there is no way to
                                               injection.                                       ‗turning on‘ of the gene linked to addiction.
prevent it. You should not rely on a self-
                                                    Although the research supporting the        Stay informed on this topic.
diagnosis of BPH, but should see a
                                               use of zinc is weak, many doctors
physician. Urinary symptoms may be
                                   GOOD HEALTH NEWS
                                              Protect Your Health … Recapture Your Youth
        Phone: 404 681-0000              Volume 8, No. 3, Second Quarter, 2004 Page 8                E-mail: doc@acamm.com


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