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The Monk s Corner Bees wax by benbenzhou


The Monk s Corner Bees wax

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									                        The Monk’s Corner
                        St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church
                        Tallahassee, Florida
                        The Rev. Teresa Eberhardt, Rector
                        850-562-1595 Fax 562-8638

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,                        will be a potluck lunch in the Parish Hall. We will
   I hope all of you had a joyful Christmas and a      reflect and report on our life together in 2009. The
wonderful bringing in of the New Year!                 2010 budget will also be presented.
   Christmas was a very busy time around St.               At this meeting, we will also have our vestry
Francis, as will the coming Holy Week and Easter       elections. Marjorie Langston, senior warden, and
Sunday in April. Christmas and Easter are very busy    Spike Wright, junior warden, are both finishing their
times for planning special liturgies, preparing the    three year terms. They have been very faithful
worship space, creating additional bulletins, and      servants and have done amazing jobs as your
planning and preparing for all the extra things that   wardens. We will elect two new vestry members and
happen at these times in the church year.              one alternate vestry member.
   The New Year also is a very busy time at St.            All vestry members will attend a one day vestry
Francis. Though in preparing for our liturgy and       retreat at Christ Church in Monticello on Saturday,
worship, it is not quite as busy - the business and    February 27th. At this retreat, we will do some team
governing aspects of the church are kicked into high   building -- recognizing how important it is for the
gear.                                                  vestry to work together. At this time, I will appoint a
   Your Finance Committee and Vestry have already      new senior warden. The senior warden acts as a
been quite busy working on a budget for 2010. The      liaison between the congregation and the rector, and
Vestry was able to pass the 2010 budget at a meeting   seeks to ensure the wellbeing of the rector. At the
on December 15th. They will present this budget to     vestry retreat, the other vestry officers will be elected
the congregation at our Annual Parish Meeting on       by the vestry – junior warden, clerk, and treasurer.
February 7th.                                          Committee assignments will also be made.
   On January 29-30, your delegates, Mary Cordero          This is just a glance at the next few months for the
and Carolyn DiSalvo, and I will go to Diocesan         governing side of the parish. Though it is quite
Convention. I, as your rector, and the delegates you   important to do all these things, may we always
elected will represent St. Francis with our presence   remember it is Christ that we serve. May Christ
and our votes. You can learn more about the            continue to live and grow in you this new year and
nominees for diocesan positions and any resolutions    forever more.
to be presented on the diocesan website at                               Faithfully, Your delegates and I will also be                         Teresa+
asked to approve a diocesan budget.
   The canons of the Diocese of Florida require that                   Diocesan Convention
each parish have their Parish Annual Meeting within    The Episcopal Diocese of Florida will hold its
15 days of our Diocesan Convention. So to comply       Diocesan Convention on January 29th and 30th.
with that canon, our Parish Annual Meeting will be     Mother Teresa, Mary Cordero, and Carolyn DiSalvo
Sunday, February 7th, after our worship service. It    will represent St. Francis at convention. Please keep
your rector, and delegates as well as all those in the                  Vestry Qualifications:
Diocese of Florida in your prayers.                         4.2 Qualifications
                                                               4.21 Vestry members shall be persons
               Annual Parish Meeting                                eighteen (18) years of age or over
Our Annual Parish Meeting will be held Sunday,                      who are adult confirmed
February 7th. A potluck luncheon will be followed                   communicants in good standing of the
by review of 2009 and a presentation of the 2010                    parish for a period of at least six
budget. We will also have (1) vestry elections, (2)                 months immediately preceding the
elections for delegates to Diocesan Convention and                  date of their election.
(3) a vote on a proposed change in our by-laws                 4.22 Vestry members shall accept the principle
related to Convention Delegates. Please plan on                    of proportionate giving with the Biblical
being at this exciting event.                                      tithe being the standard and/or goal; be
                                                                   willing to commend this principle to the
                   Vestry Retreat                                  rest of the congregation; and have used or
Following the vestry election, the vestry will have a              are working toward this principle in their
one day retreat. This is mandatory for current vestry              financial support of the Parish. Acceptance
members and newly elected vestry members. We                       of nomination to Vestry assumes the
will have some team building opportunities,                        member’s acceptance of and adherence to
determine committee assignments, and look at short                 this principle.
and long term planning. Surely there will be plenty            4.23 Vestry members shall be regular in
of laughs along the way also!                                       their church attendance.
Place: Christ Church, Monticello                               4.24 Vestry members shall attend Vestry
Time: 9am to 4 pm                                                   meetings regularly.
                                                               4.25 Any vestry member who is an
              VESTRY ELECTIONS                                      employee of the parish, or related to
                    Marjorie Langston
                                                                    an employee, must excuse him/herself
    Vestry elections are coming up soon and will be
                                                                    on any matter relating to that
held at our annual parish meeting February 7. There
will be two vacancies as Marjorie Langston and
                                                               4.26 Members of the Parish related by
Spike Wright will be rotating off of the vestry as
                                                                    blood, close business association, or
their three-year terms are up. The alternate position
                                                                    law shall not serve on the Vestry
is also vacant. The alternate is encouraged to attend
                                                                    simultaneously; only one member of a
vestry meetings and will become a regular member
                                                                    household may serve on the Vestry
if, for any reason, any of the other members are
unable to serve. In addition, convention delegates
will be selected.                                                 4.261 Members in such relationships
    Please look around you and place in nomination                        may be nominated and stand for
the name of someone who you think will be a                               election after declaring the
dedicated and hard working member of the vestry.                          relationship to the nominating
Nominations will be accepted anytime between now                          committee. At election the
and Sunday, January 31. Nominees will be vetted                           member with the greater number
the week prior to election as to their qualifications                     of votes will serve and the
and willingness to serve. To serve on the vestry                          other(s) shall be dropped from
requires a commitment of time and energy and the                          further consideration.
ability to be somewhat flexible as the need arises.
                                                                 PROPOSED AMENDMENT TO
    Pray that the right selections will be made and
                                                                   2010 PARISH BY-LAWS
progress at St. Francis will continue in a very
positive direction! Below are our By-laws for Vestry
                                                            CURRENT SITUATION: St. Francis
Qualifications.                                          currently sends two delegates to convention each
                                                         year. What is of current concern is that each
                                                         delegate is elected for a one-year term at the annual
parish meeting. The terms run concurrently and if            ACOLYTE TRAINING – JANUARY 23
either is not re-elected for subsequent terms, St.            If you are interested in being an acolyte (adult
Francis is always sending a novice delegate to                 or youth), on-the-job training is available. You
convention.                                                    can contact the church office (562-1595) or
                                                                Carolyn DiSalvo (385-6476)
Article IX. Lay Delegates
 9.0 Lay Delegates to Diocesan
       Convention and Regional Board
     9.01 The number of lay delegates shall be
          prescribed by the Canons of the
          Diocese of Florida.
     9.02 Lay delegates shall be elected
          each year for a one-year term.
          (Emphasis added.)
                                                                Attention Daughters of the King!!!
     9.03 The same Lay delegates may be
                                                                       Mark your Calendars!
          elected to serve multiple terms in                               Save the Date!
          succession.                                                 DOK WINTER RETREAT
     9.04 An alternate delegate shall be                               February 19-21, 2010
          determined in the same election as                                 Camp Weed
          above, as the candidate having the                        The 2010 retreat theme is:
          most votes of the nominees not                        “Be Still and Know that I am God”
          elected.                                                        Guest Speaker is
                                                                     Rt. Rev. S. John Howard
PROPOSED CHANGE:                                                          Bishop of Florida
    9.02 One-half of the lay delegates                                         ~~~
        shall be elected each year for a                  Reservation forms will be distributed at the next
        two-year term.                                                    DOK meeting on
                                                                  Sunday, December 20 at Noon
EFFECT OF PROPOSED CHANGE:                                     St. Francis Episcopal Church Library
                                                            Questions? Contact Barbara Keys, Chapter
The change in Article IX, ss 9.02 will allow for one-
                                                                       President @ 877-9740
half of the lay delegates to be elected at each annual
parish meeting for a two-year term resulting in
staggered terms for the delegates. This action will
permit St. Francis to send at least one experienced
delegate to convention.                                       CHRISTIAN FORMATION
                                                                Planning Ahead - Wednesday Nights
                                                                    Adult Christian Formation
              DATES TO NOTE                                                 Spring 2010
January 29-30 Diocesan Convention                        January
February 7     Annual Parish Meeting                     6             Instructed Eucharist
February 13    Sweetheart of a Deal Sale                 13            Mission Trip – Namibia, Africa –
February 16    Mardi Gras party                                        Rev.Teresa Eberhardt
February 19-21 DOK Retreat                               20, 27        Movie “Gospel of John”
February 27    Vestry Retreat                            February
March 5-6      Parish Retreat, Camp Weed                 3, 10         Movie “Gospel of John”
March 12-13 Diocese Vestry & Wardens’                    17            Ash Wednesday Service – no
               Conference, Camp Weed                                   Wednesday night program
                                                         24            Lenten Soup Supper – Program by
                                                                       Rev. Dr. Warren Schave

March                                                       wax to make new candles to sell at our Sweetheart of
3, 10, 17       Lenten Soup Suppers -- Program by           a Deal Sale on 2/13/10. Wear old clothes or bring an
24, 31          Rev. Dr. Warren Schave                      old bib apron and bring a snack. All other supplies
                                                            will be on hand. Come! Learn! Have Fun! If you
April                                                       have any questions, call Mike or Pat Thomas at 386-
7, 14, 21, 28   Invitation to the Old Testament –           9475 Note: If you have old candle wax you want to
                Rev. Teresa Eberhardt                       contribute, bring it along.

5, 12, 19, 26   Invitation to the Old Testament –
                Rev. Teresa Eberhardt
June 2          Cook Out and Teacher Appreciation
                party - Last Wednesday night of the                 THANKSGIVINGS and BLESSINGS
                Spring- no program
                                                            Birthdays in January:
                    GODLY PLAY                              Jim Runyon                    1/2
    I’ve had the privilege of being one of the              Tammy Pope                    1/6
“doorkeepers” for our Godly Play class on                   Suzanne Harrell               1/13
Wednesday nights. I constantly marvel at how well           Alicia McMahon                1/13
Sonya Sowards brings the stories to life. . .and is so      Kaileigh McMahon Heiker 1/21
patient with the kids. One of the things I have             Angel de Armendi              1/22
especially noticed are the prayers our kids offer just      Barbara Barnes                1/29
before the “feast.” When we first started Godly Play,       Warren Schave                 1/31
it was hard to drag even a one word “prayer” from           Tammy Pope
the children. But now, they have grown more                            HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!
comfortable in their budding prayer life. They are                  ***************************
eager to be the one chosen to offer a prayer. . .and        Thanks for safe travel over the holidays.
their prayers are thoughtful and loving.                    Thanks that Kate could join my family at
   At the end of the evening, each child receives a         Christmas and seeing her grandfather for the first
blessing from Sonya before they leave. Again, I’ve          time since December 06.
watched this go from an awkward time to something           Thanks for my parish family.
each child seems to take seriously. However, the            I give thanks for the parents who bring their
FAVORITE job all the kids want to do EVERY                  children on Wednesday nights for Godly Play and
week is to light the candle. Once the candle is lit, we     the youth class.
turn off the lights so that we can enjoy a few
moments of a special time when the Light of Christ
lights the room.
                                                                       COMING FEBRUARY 13
    If you would like to be a part of watching these
                                                                    SWEETHEART OF A DEAL SALE.
children learn and grow in their Christian life, just let
Mtr. Teresa know. We can use a third “doorkeeper.”
                                                                          It’s not too soon to start!
 --- Suzanne Harrell
                                                            Please keep bringing your gently used or un-needed
                                                            items to the church. The ECW (Episcopal Church
                                                            Women) is raising funds for VBS (Vacation Bible
             PARISH LIFE                                                     School), as well as other projects for
                                                                             St. Francis. Please let me know if
            CANDLE MAKING ANYONE?                                            you can help with the sale. Sorting,
                                                                             pricing, set up, assisting and visiting
On Saturday, 1/30/10 from 9AM-12, at the home of                             with shoppers, collecting money,
Pat and Mike Thomas, we will gather to recycle our                           clean up. Thanks, Pat Greisl
red Prayer Candle holders and accumulated candle
      Parish Family Retreat                               Francis Day Fair will be donated to that event so
             March 5-6, 2010                              we can sell them as a fundraiser toward reducing
   Join us for our first annual St. Francis               the church deficit.
parish family retreat during Lent 2010                        We can start in the church library. If we
at Camp Weed. We have been given some special             outgrow that space, we will move into a classroom
rates that will hopefully make it affordable to most of
our families. Scholarship funds may also be               or the Parish Hall. We don’t want to use power
available.                                                unless our numbers require the space. You don’t
   The retreat will begin Friday, March 5, at 4 pm        have to come to every meeting; you can come when
and conclude on Saturday, March 6 at 2 pm. Claudia        it’s convenient for you.
Milligan will be our retreat speaker. There will be       Our first meeting will be Saturday, February 27 at
time in which we gather together as a parish family       10 AM. Come craft with us!
and plenty of time to do your own thing on the              Tammy Pope
beautiful grounds of Camp Weed. Bring the kids,
bring those family members who do not come to St.
Francis – just come and have fun in a place truly set
apart!                                                           OUTREACH NEWS AND
  Deadline to register is Sunday, February 8th. You
can talk with a vestry member or contact the church
office for additional information or to register. 562-
                                                                         FROM THE SHEEP PEN

                                                                             As we begin 2010 I want to thank
    SAINT FRANCIS OF ASSISI CRAFTERS                                      everyone at St. Francis who has made
                       GUILD                                              this Ministry possible. It has taken
   It’s never too early to start planning for the New     every one of you. In 2009 we served 1840 recipient
Year! After the Sweetheart of a Deal Sale on              Families(Average of 153 families per month) and
February 13, we will start a Crafters Guild. The          due to your food contributions and our Partnership
requirement for participation is a commitment and         with 2nd Harvest were able to spend only an average
promise to have fun.                                      of $4.96 per bag. As all of you know, we are now
                                                          receiving USDA food. We are not sure yet exactly
   In preparing for the 2009 St. Francis Day Fair,        the impact this will have as what we obtain and how
we found there were many crafters in our parish.          much varies every month. I am sure; however, it will
There was a tidy sum made on that venture with all        have significant impact for the better financially.
funds going toward the church deficit.                       In starting the New Year, I want to thank the
   This is simply an opportunity for the ladies of        following Teams: Shoppers, Transporters,
our church to get together and craft (similar to the      Preparers of Produce, Soap Baggers and
quilting bees of yore). There are no prescribed crafts.   Stockers: The Thomas Family, The Pope Family,
                                                          Jon Barnes, Gretchen Everhart Srs. and Morris
You can do whatever you want. You buy your own
                                                          Maxwell; Baggers: Vicki and David Miner, Gail
supplies and make your own crafts. However, if            and Denise Brown, Suzanne Harrell; Disseminators
you see something another person is doing and             of Bags of Groceries and Blessings: Mtr. Teresa,
would like to learn, you are certainly welcome to do      Carolyn Vizcarrando, Mary Cordero. Access
that. All you have to do is purchase the supplies         Program: Vickie Thommen. Bookkeeper of Client
involved and learn from them.                             Applications and Information and Vestry Liason:
   More information will be forthcoming but the           Pat Griesel
preliminaries involve at least 2 Saturdays a month
and at least 2 nights a month. The hope is that all                      Continued next page
crafts created over the period leading up to the St.
              More Volunteers Needed:                           We here at America’s Second Harvest are looking
                                                             forward to 2010 as we work to wrap up 2009. This
1/ We would like to get Thursday morning                     has been a great year made even better by the
distribution going again. I don’t think that this            outstanding support of community partners such as
will mean that we will be serving more people. I             you! We have put together this last newsletter of
think it will mean that we will have more time with          2009 highlighting the all the wonderful community
which to minister to the people we serve. In order to        members, businesses and organizations that help
do this, we need another team like we have on                make our mission to feed hungry people throughout
Tuesday AM and it needs to be headed by a                    the Big Bend community possible. For your
competent, mature person from St. Francis.                   enjoyment, please find attached to this email the
2/ We need a Clean Up Team. Regular jobs that                America's Second Harvest of the Big Bend’s fourth
need to be done are:                                         quarter newsletter and a supplemental newsletter
      Trash                                                 page. (see links below)
      Sweep and mop the floor                                  If you have any suggestions concerning our
      Wipe out the sink                                     newsletter or if you would like more information
      Wipe out the refrigerator and freezer                 about how you can get involved simply contact
It’s recommended that this be done sometime                  ASHBB at 850-562-3033 or visit
between Tuesday and Saturday night and can be       .
done by one or more people together or separately.              Thank you again for your continued support as we
    If any one is interested in this ministry, please call   fight hunger and feed hope in the Big Bend!
and talk with Pat Thomas at 386-9475.                            Sincerely, ASHBB Staff
    Thank you and I do wish each and every one of  
you a very Happy New Year!                                   Events/Newsletter/Volume-2-Issue-4-Supplemental
Pat Thomas                                                   Events/Newsletter/Volume-2-Issue-4
Director, Feed My Sheep

              *********        **********                               MISCELLANEOUS
           St. Francis Receives Grant
Thanks to the work of Pat and Mike Thomas, Sam’s                     GOD’S CREATION
Club gave St. Francis a $2,000 check for our Feed                      CALENDARS
My Sheep program. The funds will be deposited to             Vickie Miner is willing to order the
draw interest and be used for future refrigeration           2010 God’s Creation Calendars. If
needs.                                                       you are interested in purchasing
                                                             one or more calendars, please
                                                             email me ( When she gets
                                                             25 order requests, she will make the order.
                                                             Obviously, the sooner she gets 25 orders, the sooner
                                                             she can get the calendars.

                                                             Twenty-five calendars cost $75 plus shipping and
                                                             handling. She sells them for $6.00 each ($3.00 for
    Pat Thomas turning the check over to Barbara Barnes      cost and $3.00 for the church).
                                                             The calendars are purchased through Youth Group
                                                             Promotions. You can order
  From our Feed My Sheep Partner – America’s                 pocket calendars and wall calendars also.
       Second Harvest of the Big Bend –
                                                             God's Blessings
  Thank you very much for your donations of food,            Vickie
money and time in 2009!
SOMETHING NEW IN THE PARISH HALL                                      Hello St. Francis!
See if you can spot the new vending machine in the
           parish hall? Lots of goodies. . .and St.      As people are doing predictions for 2010, we
           Francis will be able to keep part of the        have a prediction for St. Francis for 2010.
           income from the items sold.                   We predict that before Ash Wednesday there
                                                             will be a party in the parish hall at St.
                                                           Francis. It will consist of food drink and
                                                         dancing, aimed at children of all ages. Some
                                                             of the older children may have special
     Mtr. Teresa – Ordained December 2008
                                                          privileges. For more information stay tuned
       St. Johns Cathedral, Jacksonville
                                                                 to the February month's corner.
                                                                          Mike Thomas

   An advent arrangement to celebrate the first
         anniversary of her ordination.


Be generous in prosperity, and thankful in adversity.
Be fair in thy judgment, and guarded in thy speech.
Be a lamp unto those who walk in darkness, and a
home to the stranger. Be eyes to the blind, and a
guiding light unto the feet of the erring. Be a breath
of life to the body of humankind, a dew to the soil of
the human heart, and a fruit upon the tree of
humility. From Beliefnet

                                                                    January 2010
               Sunday           Monday             Tuesday               Wednesday               Thursday                  Friday               Saturday

                 +                 +                  +                      +                       +             1                      2
                                                                                                                   The Holy Name

32   nd
          Christmas       4                  5                      6 The Epiphany         7                       8                      9
Adult Chr. Ed 9am         Al-Anon 8pm        FMS - 9 – 11am          Eucharist – 5:30pm    Choir practice 6:30pm   Church office closed
Choir Practice 9am                           Pre-Convention meeting Dinner – 6:00pm
Eucharist Rite II 10am                       at Holy Comforter      Christian Formation
Refreshments                                                        Adults, youth &
                                                                    children 6:45 – 7:30pm

10 1      st
               Epiphany   11                 12                     13                     14                      15                     16
Adult Chr. Ed 9am         Al-Anon 8pm        FMS - 9 – 11am          Eucharist – 5:30pm    Choir practice 6:30pm   Church office closed
Choir Practice 9am                           ECW lunch and          Dinner – 6:00pm
Eucharist Rite II 10am                       meeting 12:30pm        Christian Formation
Covered dish lunch                           Vestry Meeting 6pm     Adults, youth &
                                                                    children 6:45 – 7:30pm

17 2      nd
               Epiphany   18                 19                     20                     21                      22                     23
Adult Chr. Ed 9am         Al-Anon 8pm        FMS - 9 – 11am          Eucharist – 5:30pm    Choir practice 6:30pm   Church office closed   Acolyte training
Choir Practice 9am                           Finance Committee      Dinner – 6:00pm                                                       10:30 a.m.
Eucharist Rite II 10am                       Meeting 5:30pm         Christian Formation
DOK 12:00pm               Confession of St                          Adults, youth &
Refreshments              Peter, Apostle                            children 6:45 – 7:30pm

24 3      rd
               Epiphany   25                 26                     27                     28                      29                     30
Adult Chr. Ed 9am         Al-Anon 8pm        FMS - 9 – 11am         Eucharist – 5:30pm     Choir practice 6:30pm   Church office closed   Diocesan Convention
Choir Practice 9am                                                  Dinner – 6:00pm
Eucharist Rite II 10am                                              Christian Formation                            Diocesan Convention    Candle-making at
Refreshments              Conversion of St   Timothy and Titus      Adults, youth &                                                       Thomas’ home 9:00 -
                          Paul, Apostle                             children 6:45 – 7:30pm                                                noon
                                                                    John Chrysostom,       Thomas Aquinas

314       th
               Epiphany            +                  +                      +                       +                       +                     +
Adult Chr. Ed 9am
Choir Practice 9am
Eucharist Rite II 10am
                      JANUARY 3           JANUARY 10           JANUARY 17           JANUARY 24               JANUARY 31
   January 2010       2 Christmas          1 Epiphany           2 Epiphany           3 Epiphany               4 Epiphany
 Server’s Schedule                        Baptism of Our
                                         Lord Jesus Christ
Chalice              Suzanne Harrell     Marjorie Langston      Tammy Pope         Marjorie Langston          Tammy Pope

 Crucifer            John DiSalvo          David Miner        Mary Cordero       David Miner               John DiSalvo
 Candles             Spike Wright           Tyler Dixon           Cheyenne       John DiSalvo              Spike Wright
                     David Miner           John DiSalvo         Cunningham       Mary Cordero              Tyler Dixon
                                                              David Miner
Usher/Greeter          Lois Crew             Jon Barnes         Sylvia Costa         Joe Neville              Alvis and Joe
                      David Pope            Joe Neville          Joe Neville     Carolyn Vizcarrondo             Neville
Altar Guild            Langston                Harrell              Crew                Pope                    Langston
                         Greisl               Roylance             Thomas                                        Greisl
Reader                Alvis Neville         Jim Runyon           Pat Thomas         John Thommen              Spike Wright

1st Lesson               Jeremiah              Isaiah               Isaiah              Nehemiah                Jeremiah
                         31:7 – 14           43:1 – 7              62:1 – 5       8:1 – 3, 5 – 6, 8 – 10        1:4 – 10
2nd Lesson              Ephesians               Acts            1 Corinthians         1 Corinthians           1 Corinthians
                     1:3 – 6, 15 – 19a       8:14 - 17            12:1 - 11            12:12 – 31a              13:1 - 13
Gospel                                         Luke                  John                 Luke                    Luke
                                         3:15 – 17, 21 - 22        2:1 - 11             4:14 - 21               4:21 - 30
Audio                 Barbara Benda       Barbara Benda         Elena Runyon          David Miner             Vickie Miner

Nursery              Barbara Barnes        Pat Thomas           Gail Brown                TBA               Suzanne Harrell
                       Pat Thomas        Suzanne Harrell       Mary Cordero                                 Lauren Beckwith
Intercessors            David and        David and Vickie     David and Vickie     David and Vickie         David and Vickie
                         Vickie               Miner                Miner                Miner                    Miner
Counters              Vickie Miner         Vickie Miner         Vickie Miner         Vickie Miner             Vickie Miner
                      Spike Wright         Spike Wright         Spike Wright         Spike Wright             Spike Wright


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