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Orion Stuart Bees wax

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									Orion Stuart
4611 N 900 W
Pleasant Grove
Age 9

       Last year, my family got some beehives. I was a bit scared at first, because I

didn’t know much about them. I only knew they can sting you. But since then, I have

learned not to be afraid of them. There are other beekeepers in our county who belong to

our Association, and they really help me. I go to most of the meetings, and I have fun

while I’m learning.

       A worker bee’s day begins with flying out of the hive, and finding a favorite

flower. When they have pollen and nectar, they return to the hive. Then the pollen gets

used to make important things the bees need like honey, and beeswax. I have learned so

much by studying my bees.

       Some of the things I’ll be watching for are when, and how many bees come out.

Last year, my hive got attacked by paper wasps. I’ll be watching to make sure it doesn’t

happen again.

       When I came back to school from spring break last year, my teacher asked us

what we did during the break. I told her we got beehives to become beekeepers. She was

very interested. I was able to have Neil Shelley come to our school with an observation

hive and tools to teach the all of the 3rd graders about bees. It was great! Thank you for

giving me the chance to apply for the Bee a Beekeeper Program.

Sincerely, Orion Stuart.

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