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									                                Final Project Outline – Career Research
                          (Final Project worth 80% of your Final Exam grade)

  It’s never too early to start planning your future. Life is a continuous journey and determining a
  career goal is just one of the many paths you will travel.
  Your task for this project is to learn about yourself and find careers related to your interests. You will
  then research this career to find more information about this job.

For this project you will prepare/create the following:
All items are due by the end of class on the date listed!
Outline - Due: Mon. Dec. 22, 2008
Job Advertisement: Due: Tue. Jan. 6, 2009
Spreadsheet – Due: Tue. Jan. 6, 2009
Career Movie – Due: Thu. Jan. 8, 2009
          Movies will be presented on Jan. 9, 2009

Step 1 Self-assessment
      Go to one or more of the provided websites to complete online self-assessment.
      Through this self-assessment find compatible careers.
      Choose at least one career to research.

Step 2 Research Career
Once you have found a career you want to research you will need
to answer the following questions:

      Name of Career
      What do you do in this job?
      What is typical day like?
      What skills are necessary?
      List at least 5 job responsibilities (everyday tasks performed in this job).
      What training and/or related education are required? College/technical school?
      What is the cost of training/college?
      What kinds of job opportunities exist?
      What is the employment outlook? (What’s the expectation for the future: the long-term outlook for this type
      of career/job; is it a field that is growing or declining? Will there be a need for more or less workers in this job?)
      What is the average salary? How much can you expect to earn?
      Describe the work conditions (indoor/outdoor, travel, work w/ people or machines, etc.).
      Find two related careers (similar jobs).
      Do you feel you have the skills needed or could you learn them? Is the training/education
      consistent with your future plans?

Step 3 Research Colleges/Training Centers
      List a minimum of 3 colleges/training centers offering majors/training for this type of career.
      Where are schools located?
      What is the annual tuition?
      List additional fees outside of tuition (room & board, books, etc) if applicable
      Total cost of all education and training.
                            Comp. Tech. Final Project Rubrics

                   All items are due by the end of class on the date listed!

Outline (100 Points) DUE: Dec. 22, 2008
Create an outline to organize the data you collect about your career choice.
     The outline should include the all the information you collected in Step 2 & Step 3.
     The outline should be typed into a Word document using the bullets and/or numbering feature.
     The last page of the outline should be the Works Cited (MLA Format)
     Add a header with your name block and date.

Help Wanted Flyer/Advertisement (100 Points) DUE: Jan. 6, 2009
   •   You are the personnel director looking to hire a new employee
   •   Design a one page Help Wanted Flyer (8 X 10) for your chosen career
   •   Use Publisher (do not use a Publisher Template)

   Your flyer should include the following elements:
         Name of Job
         Job description (list at least five responsibilities)
         Education/experience requirements (What degree/training required?)
         Where the job is located?
         How many hours a week will the person be required to work?
         What time of day, i.e. 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.?
         Salary Range – how much does the job pay?
         Contact information (name, address, phone, & email of company that is hiring), make
         something up
         Frame at least two text boxes
         Use at least one bulleted or numbered list in your flyer
         At least one autoshape with text in it
         At least one related graphic, proportionately sized
         Spelling and grammar has been checked (PROOFREAD!!!)
         Layout/design is done neatly (not cluttered)
         One page 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper (landscape or portrait)
Spreadsheet/Charts (100 Points) DUE: Jan. 6, 2009
You will create a spreadsheet to organize and list the Part 3 data
Your worksheet must include the following elements:
     Appropriate title (merged and centered across all the columns in the worksheet).
     Labels/headings that clearly identify the data.
     Your spreadsheet must contain a formula/function that will calculate the yearly cost of college
     and the total cost of education (all four years of college).

         Create the following two charts to compare that data:
          o Column/bar to compare the costs of the three schools your researched.
          o Pie to compare the college expenses for just one of the schools you selected.

         Each chart must contain the following:
          o   Chart Title (both)
          o   X-Axis Title (bar/column only)
          o   Y-Axis Title (bar/column only)
          o   Legend (bar/column only)
          o   Pie Chart – Category name and percentages to identify each college expense

         Printed Product:
          o   Add header with name, block, and date in right section.
          o   Page setup is appropriate to the size and layout of the data (text is not too small).
          o   Worksheet data should be printed on one page (adjust page as necessary to fit)
          o   Charts may be printed on a separate page and attached to worksheet.
          o   Print the worksheet showing the formulas (adjust as necessary to fit on one page)
          o   All Printouts should be stapled together and clearly identifiable.
Career Movie (100 Points)
DUE: Jan. 8, 2009
Using Windows Movie Maker create a movie that will educate your audience about your chosen career.
The movie should educate us about your career choice and include information you collected while
researching this career.

Clip One:
     A Title
     Text Animation
     Change of Font Style, Font Color, and Background Color
     A transition to next slide

Clip Two:
     Your name, block & date
     Text Animation
     Change of Font Style, Font Color, and Background Color
     A transition to next slide

Clip Three:
     A photo of you
     Apply a video effect to the picture
     A transition to the next clip

Movie Content:
The movie content should include the following elements:
     At least one minute in length
     First three clips (above) and credit clips do not count as movie time
     Audio clip (voice recording) introducing yourself and your career choice before the music begins
     Use text and images to inform us about your career choice
     Appropriate background music
     What will we learn about your career choice?

Additional points I will consider:
     Quality of images used
          o No distortion or washouts/watermarks
          o Use of own work-(video clips and photos)
     Timing of slides, music and audio effects
     Quality of research
     Overall effort
     Use of video effects, transitions, and text overlay
     Effectiveness of the presentation – does it teach us about your career choice?
     WOW factor of the final production
          o Is it just okay, pretty good or fabulous?
          o Informative?
          o Does it keep our interest?

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