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					               __ Important Questions Of UNIT 1 __
                        MARKS- 10 to 28
1. Explain how both the waterfall model and the prototyping model can be
   accommodated in the spiral process model.*
2. Mention the six specific design process activities. Give explanation for two of
3. Software is product. Justify this statement.
4. Explain the attributes of good software.*
5. Explain the salient features of spiral model of a software process with an
   illustration diagram.*
6. Explain different the different stages of testing a process with a neat diagram.
7. What is software validation? Explain with an example.
8. Describe the professional responsibilities of a software engineer.

               __ Important Questions Of UNIT 2 __
                        MARKS- 38 to 52

1.  Give the IEEE standard format for requirement documentation
2.  Indicate the principle of stage VORD.*
3.  Highlight the importance of DFD in software engineering life cycle.
4.  Draw evolutionary flow diagram and mention its two main advantages.
5.  Suggest meaningful names for the variables used in the program shown below and
    construct data dictionary entries for these names.
6. Explain ethnography
7. Explain case work benches.
8. what are the various metrics for specification non-functional requirements.**
9. write structure requirement documents
10. describe the requirement elicitation and analysis process with a neat diagram.*
11. explain various types of checks to be carried out during requirement validation.
12. What are the different types of volatile requirement.
13. Mention the various rapid prototype techniques. Describe any one of them.*
14. Explain evolutionary prototyping. Justify that programs developed using
    evolutionary development are likely to be difficult to maintain.
15. What is data dictionary? What is its structure and uses.
16. Draw a aggregation diagram showing the components of a library.
17. Highlight the enduring and the volatile requirements. Also give the classification
    of volatile requirements.
18. Explain centralized control model.
19. Describe the functional classification of case tools.
20. describe functional and non-functional requirements with an example.
21. What are the advantages and disadvantages of evolutionary and throwaway
22. What are the advantages and disadvantages of client server model?
23. Discuss in detail both centralized and event based control model with example .

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