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					                       Corporate Sponsorship Proposal Outline

A. Description of event/attraction to be sponsored
    Name of the event
    Date(s), Hours, Location of event (city and venue)
    Who will be participating (individuals, high school, colleges, etc)
    What the attraction has to offer
    Who is the target market (age, gender, education, income, location)
    Itinerary (Schedule of activities)
    Ticket Prices, packages (for example season tickets, group pricing etc.)
    Diagram of venue, outline potential sponsorship locations (See UVM and
      NASCAR examples)

B. Sponsorship Opportunities (The following are examples)
      Types of sponsorships available (signage, naming rights, print ads, radio, etc.)
      Name/logo on merchandising items
      Corporate seats
      Personal appearances
      Product endorsements

C. Sponsorship Packages (attach to Sponsorship Business Letter)
    Full-title sponsor (exclusive): $-specify package
    Co-Sponsor: $-specify package
    Other packages: $

D. Promotions (use the Franchise Game and the UVM website for promotions, Lake
       Monsters, other teams on the Web)
       What promotions will you use to get your target market to attend your event?
       Please specify what promotions, how many, what days, and potential costs.

E. Sponsorship Business Letter
    Create your own letterhead for your event.
    Write a business letter in the proper format to a potential sponsor providing them
      with the details of your event and what opportunities are available to them for
      sponsorship including prices. What will they gain by sponsoring your event?
       First paragraph why you are writing
       Second paragraph sponsorship opportunities and pricing
       Third paragraph thank you and contact information

F. Written Explanation of Sponsor Choices
    Who will your sponsors be and why did you choose them?