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									                                                                              Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
                                                      As detailed in the October Honeypot, the MCBA will hold its annual
                                                      business meeting on Wednesday, November 11, 2009 at 7:30 p.m. at
                                                      the Nature Center. Elections of officers will be held. All members in
                                                      good standing are eligible to vote and are encouraged to participate.
                                                      The business meeting will be followed by the regular monthly meeting.

                                                      The Bully Pulpit
                                                      by Chris Costa

                                                      MCBA Members - We’re                       on the frame, then shake off the older
                                                      Proud of You!                              bees) to the weaker hive as appropriate

                                                      Thank you for keeping bees, educating      to keep the population in the nuc in
                                                      the public about honey bees, assisting     check. Some members will order
                                                      and mentoring members, harvesting          queens from our latest speaker, Adam
                                                      honey and products of the hive, helping    Finkelstein of VP Queen Bees (see
                                                      to conserve the environment and            below). Some members will raise their

                                                      providing pollination services. Keep up    own local queens.
                                                      the good work!
                                                                                                 Lewis Moore & David
                                                      Unfortunately, beekeeping is not easy.     Moynihan Receive MCBA
                                                       Like farming, it’s a continual learning   George Imirie Service Awards
                                                      process in a changing world. What          At our September, 2009 meeting, two
                                                      worked last year may not work this         super beekeepers – Lewis Moore and
                                                      year. Never a dull moment. New             David Moynihan – received MCBA
                                                      problems, diseases and methods appear      George Imirie Service Awards in
                                                      too often.                                 recognition of their outstanding
                                                                                                 service, dedication and skills in support
                                                      It’s not too early to start planning for   of MCBA and its mission at the
                                                      next year. Some members will keep a        Montgomery County Agricultural Fair
                                                      nucleus colony (or “nuc”) with their       during 2008 and 2009.
                                                      hives next year. With a nuc you have a     Thank you David and Lewis for
                                                      replacement queen if you need her or       consistently stepping forward to make
                                                      boost a weaker hive by moving a frame      our bee demonstration exhibits possible.
                                                      of brood and nurse bees from the nuc
                                                      (carefully check that the queen is not                         (continued on pg.3)

                                                      In this issue:                             Bee Candy Recipe                 4
                                                      Annual Mtg. Announcement         1         White House Honey                6
                                                      The Bully Pulpit                 1         Cranberry Lip Gloss Recipe       6
                                                      Letter from the South            2         Holiday Dinner Announcement      6
                                                      The Gift of Honeybees            3         MCBA Membership Renewal          7
Late October Letter from the South
by Bill Miller

I’ll start this month with a personal note: Many of you      down on the bottom to make a little stand, then I put in
no doubt remember my wife Mary. She had a stroke a           my pour pot filled with the raw wax from my solar wax
week ago, and is in a rehabilitation clinic beginning the    melter. Put the lid on the stock pot, get the water to
long slog back to normalcy. I am pleased to report she is    boiling, and your wax will quickly melt.
making good progress. Of course, that leaves me alone
in the house during the evenings with lots of nervous        Wax straight from the solar wax melter contains a lot of
energy. So what do I do in that situation? Easy – I cast     impurities which need to be filtered out. The filter I
beeswax in the kitchen.                                      presently use is the seat of old underpants (well washed
                                                             first). I use Styrofoam drink cups as my wax “ingot”
Beeswax casting can make lots                                                          molds, spraying them first with a
of lovely products, but it can                                                         nonstick cooking spray. The
also make a terrific mess. If a                                                        filter cloth is secured to the top
drop of molten wax gets where                                                          of the cups with rubber bands,
it shouldn’t, it solidifies and has                                                    and I am ready to pour.
to be scraped off with a knife.
To add to the excitement,                                                             Melting wax the way I do, the
beeswax is flammable (it makes                                                        pour pot handle is in the steam
good candles), and melting it                                                         and therefore gets too hot for
requires heat – a potential                                                           bare hands. The pour pot gets
ignition source. This brings us                                                       extracted using pliers, and set on
to the first tool in working with                                                     the sheet pan. I then put on an
beeswax – a fire extinguisher.                                                        oven mitt and use it to make my
                                                                                      wax pour. The filled mold cup is
The second batch of tools is for                                                      then placed someplace where it
spill containment. Drips                                                              can safely solidify overnight.
happen, and if you drip wax on
cabinets or a counter, you                                                              When you are done pouring, the
deserve what happens to you next. Personally, I do all       cleanup is easy if a bit time-consuming. You will
my wax work over full size aluminum sheet pans. I also       probably find some wax got into your boil pot, and some
make sure the gap between the stove and the sheet pan        drips on your containment pan. Put some dish soap in
on the counter is covered (aluminum foil works well          the boil pot water, bring to a boil, then wipe down the
here). Also, go over your pouring procedures to the          sides of the pot with paper towels dipped in the boiling
point of rehearsing them before you actually work with       water. The pliers are used here for holding the hot
the wax. And please, do put out of the way everything        towels. The wax drips on the containment pan can be
not directly involved with the wax pour before you start     easily removed at my leisure. The counter underneath is
working with the wax.                                        clean.

Now we come to the tools used to actually handle the         Next morning, I have a clean kitchen and blocks of clean
wax. Never work with wax directly over an open flame.        wax. The blocks will live in their cups until the time
Some folks melt wax in a dedicated electric crock pot. I     comes to turn them into candles. When Mary comes
don’t have a dedicated crock pot, so I use a homemade        home, she will get a candlelight supper and a clean
double boiler. The boiler proper is a 20 qt. stock pot       kitchen.
filled with a few inches of water. I put some table knives

 Page 2                                                                                                   HONEY POT
(Bully Pulpit - continued from pg.1)

Drones Are Scarce
Comrades! With the continuing “War on
Business” and 10% unemployment in many states,
it’s good to know that the worker honey bees are
at full employment and have no time off.
 Unfortunately, after the week of cold, rainy
weather most of the drones in my hives in our
county are history.

October 2009 Meeting Recap - Adam
Finkelstein, VP Queen Bees
Adam Finkelstein’s presentation on “Principles &        Give the Gift of Honeybees!
Practical Applications of Queen Rearing For             By David Moynihan
Producing Hardy, Local Queens & Bees” was               If you need gift-giving ideas for the upcoming
excellent. At the October 2009 meeting, with            holidays or other special occasions, consider giving
polished Powerpoint graphics, Adam discussed:           honeybees to someone in a developing country.
what you need to raise queens; Nature’s model;
Adam’s goals; breeding program types; breeding          Last year, I discovered a great organization, Heifer
nuts and bolts; testing and performance                 International (www.heifer.org). Their concept is
evaluations; assay examples; practical breeding         simple. They donate livestock, ranging from ducks
examples; and more. Adam is a Principal of VP           and chickens to camels and water buffaloes, as well
Queen Bees, which provides queen bees and               as training in the care of these animals to needy
instrumental insemination services                      families in less fortunate countries. Heifer refers to
(www.vpqueenbees.com), and President of the             these animals as ‘living loans’ as each beneficiary
Frederick County Beekeeping Association. Thank          agrees to pass to a neighbor an offspring (split) to
you Cris Ianculescu for supplying the projector         help improve nutrition and generate income in
and laptop for the show.                                sustainable ways.

Wintering Bees – Dr. Rick Fell’s                        You can also give this gift to someone as a gift in his
Presentation                                            or her name. I have gifted my children and
Pull out and use your notes from our February 12,       grandchildren to build a sense of charitable giving
2009 meeting by Rick Fell, Ph.D. Professor of           and global awareness in their lives.
Entomology, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, on
“Understanding Colony Stress and Biology -              A gift of honeybees costs $30 and includes a
Wintering Bees.” If you missed that meeting             package of bees, single story hive and training in
(over 100 beekeepers attended from Maryland,            beekeeping techniques.
Virginia and DC), check out Woody Medina’s
articles in prior issues of the HoneyPot available      The IRS has qualified Heifer International as a
at MCBA’s website.                                      501(c)(3) charitable organization.
                                 (continued on pg.5)

Honey Pot has new editor!!
Jim King has taken over responsibility for producing the monthly Honey Pot newsletter and he (that's me!) is just
now learning to appreciate all of the effort that Mary Fendrick and others before her have put into the task.
My hat is off to all of you. - JK
Volume 6, Number 9                                                                                        Page 3
Bee Candy
by MaryEllen Kirkpatrick

                                                 I’ve had a number of requests over the past few weeks for this
                                                 recipe for Bee Candy or Fondant to use as winter feed. It’s a
                                                 perennial favorite with our girls and this particular recipe does not
                                                 require any high fructose corn syrup; only granulated sugar, white
                                                 vinegar and water.

                                                 For every pound of sugar that you use, add ¼ teaspoon of white
                                                 vinegar. For a softer fondant, add a bit more vinegar, perhaps an
                                                 additional ¼ teaspoon for every 5 pounds of sugar.

The amount of water you use is determined by how comfortable you feel with the sugar on the stove. There
needs to be enough water to dissolve the sugar, but the water must be cooked out to reach the proper
temperature, so the more water you use, the longer the process will take. If you don’t use much water and
you aren’t watching carefully, then the sugar will burn and cannot be fed to the bees. One suggested
proportion is to add 1 part water to 4 parts granulated sugar. Start with a low flame and increase the heat as
the sugar dissolves and the mixture becomes clear.

Before you begin, fill the sink with cold water. Bring the sugar, vinegar and water mixture to a boil in a
heavy pot while stirring constantly. When the mixture boils, cover the pot and let the condensation wash
down the sides of the pan for a couple of minutes.

Insert a thermometer into the syrup and continue to boil the syrup uncovered without stirring until it
reaches 234°. Remove the pot from the heat and place it into the sink of cold water. Cool the mixture to
200°. At this point, the syrup may be whipped by hand with a wire whip or hand mixer, or an immersion
blender (stick blender) or put into the bowl of a stand mixer and beaten with the wire whip attachment. If
you are using a stand mixer, be careful not to overfill the bowl and start beating gradually so the hot sugar
doesn’t go flying.

As you continue to beat the mixture it will take on a whitish color. The fondant candy is ready to pour when
it feels sandy on your tongue. Let the candy cool undisturbed.

Fondant candy can be poured into cake pans, spring form pans, and pie dishes, silicon cake molds, onto
waxed paper covered plates or onto plastic frames. You can use just about anything for a mold. Keep the
patties about 1” deep, as deeper patties will take a long time to dry and be more difficult to handle. You will
be placing these patties on the top bars of a hive and covering them with the inner cover, so keep them thin
enough unless you plan to use a shim. Lynn Scholz writes “Encourage folks to pour the fondant right on
raw foundation and pack the hive body with these frames where the bees would put the honey. You can
even assemble a hive body for the cluster to move up into as the winter progresses with three or four frames
of drawn comb in the middle and the fondant frames packed on the sides. This is how I've overwintered the
bees for the past few years since we go to Florida for Jan. & Feb. and I can't look in on them and their feed
supply.” A very good idea indeed!

This recipe originally appeared in the November, 2006 issue of the Honey Pot and was reprinted with permission of the author.

 Page 4                                                                                                          HONEY POT
(Bully Pulpit - Continued from pg.3)               has many locations including Gaithersburg and
This Month’s Product - Infrared
Thermometer                                        This Just In – Another “Emergency”?
Like a cat needing to know what is on the other    10/24/09 - The President Declares a National
side of a closed door, we all want to know         Emergency Because of H1N1 “Swine” Flu
what’s going on inside our hives when it’s too     Virus. Wrong and what a weenie. 1,000 die
cold to open them. A solution was in Harbor        out of 300 Million and it’s a national
Freight Tools latest “sale” flyer – the infrared   emergency? The regular cold season flu has
thermometer (“IT”) – at 50% off. An offer too      regularly claimed more than 30,000 lives each
good to refuse!                                    year and it’s no “national emergency”? A good
                                                   way to make the public more fearful: weather
The IT is a small laser that measures the          emergencies, health emergencies, fire or flood
surface temperature of whatever you point it at.   emergencies, pest emergencies (i.e. locusts),
Using the IT you can measure the temperature       mortgage emergencies, and financial crises. I
of the outside surfaces of your hives, including   suggest that beekeepers pay no attention to the
a hive’s upper ventilation hole to monitor the     government’s and state-run media’s declaration
aggregate heat generated by your bees’             of “emergencies.” Will “killer bees” be the
metabolic activity. Starting in the Fall and       next national emergency?
through Winter you can record: (a) infrared
temperatures of the surfaces of selected           If you were sick in the past, you stayed home
locations of the hive (i.e. gaps between supers,   to recuperate and to protect your co-workers,
and upper vent hole); and (b) that day’s weather   classmates and/or friends. This was common
conditions (outside air temperature and sunny,     sense and dictated by persons with superior
cloudy, windy, rainy).                             judgment. Is common sense and good
                                                   judgment lacking in the citizenry? Should we
The IT should also quickly assess a number of      bring masks to the next meeting? Should we
hives in an apiary to locate the “problem hives”   also place many tiny masks at the entrances of
and the “small clusters” that are the usual        our hives for the bees to wear? On a daily
suspects for starvation in late Winter. The IT     basis, honey bees are expiring and being born.
can let you identify the “small cluster” for       Is that an “emergency”? What about CCD
management or placing on a double screen           losses of 30% of managed hives each Winter
above another hive.                                for the past two years? When will the
                                                   President declare that to be an “emergency”?
The IT is not a toy, as the laser can damage       Will it be an emergency when a portion of the
your eyesight. Read the safety precautions         food we eat is no longer available for purchase,
before using!                                      as it was not pollinated?

Currently, at Harbor Freight Tools, the hand-      Veteran’s Day - November 11, 2009 – MCBA
held infrared thermometers range from $9.99 to     Annual Meeting
$59.99 with correspondingly higher                 Thank you Veterans! We forget the inscription
temperature ranges (low cost up to 230 degrees     on the Korean War Veteran’s Memorial that
F, high cost up to 968 degrees F), greater         “Freedom is not free.” We forget that America
temperature accuracy, and higher “distance to      is the “Home of the free, because of the brave.”
spot size” ratio (i.e. narrower laser beam).       See you at the next MCBA meeting on
Harbor Freight Tools (www.harborfreight.com)       Veteran’s Day.

Volume 6, Number 9                                                                           Page 5
Mark Your Calendar: The annual
MCBA Holiday Dinner is scheduled                      White House Honey is
for the 2nd Wednesday in December.                    Gift to G20 Spouses
Details will be emailed at a later date.
                                                      Did you notice the photo of the White House
Cranberry Lip Gloss                                   "honey vase" used in the masthead of this issue?
                                                      (It's called a "vase" because it's hand blown
from Honey.com
                                                      crystal, but it's really just a fancy honey pot,)
                                                      The vase (honey pot), filled with honey from the
                                                      first honeybee hives ever known to reside at the
                                                      White House, were part of a set of gifts given by
                                                      the First Lady to the spouses of attendees at the
                                                      G20 Summit in September.

                                                      The honey, according to an article on
                                                      obamafoodorama.blogspot.com, was harvested
                                                      in June by our own Charlie Brandts who is the
                                                      official beekeeper at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Protect sensitive lips from the drying winter         Along with the honey and hand-blown glass lead-
elements with this simple yet rich lip balm.          free crystal honey pot, the gift set was completed
Delightful to wear alone or on top of your            by a porcelain tea set. Of course! Everyone
lipstick for extra shine!                             loves honey in their tea, right?

   * 1 Tablespoon sweet almond oil
   * 10 fresh cranberries
   * 1 teaspoon honey
   * 1 drop vitamin E oil

Mix all the ingredients together in a microwave-
safe bowl. Microwave for two minutes or until
the mixture just begins to boil. (Bowl may also
be heated in a pan of water on a stovetop). Stir
well and gently crush the berries. Cool mixture
for five minutes and then strain through a fine
sieve to remove all the fruit pieces. Stir again
and set aside to cool completely. When cool,
transfer into a small portable plastic container or

Apply a small amount onto your lips and                               The First Colony
remember to smile!

Page 6                                                                                      HONEY POT
                Montgomery County Beekeepers Association
                                2010 Membership Renewal
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              er      tthe BroMside Nature
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