United States History Course Outline Welcome to Mr Kunkel by jakebiles


									                             United States History Course Outline
                                   Welcome to Mr.Kunkel’s Class
Welcome to Class. I hope our “American Journey” this year can be a wonderful and exciting time together.
It is my goal to make this class as enjoyable as possible. Listed below are my expectations of you.

Course Objectives: American History is a study of the people, events, places, documents, art, inventions, and
literature that combine to form this great country. United States History as presented in the 8th grade is designed to be
a survey course. As a survey course we will examine a great many aspects of our history, but few in great depth. We
will look at the origins of the country, its westward expansion, the Civil War era, and the nation’s gradual development
into a world power during the 20th century.
         The successful student will demonstrate mastery of the following habits and skills:
1. Attend class on a daily basis. When a class is missed, due to an excused absence, make-up the work promptly.
2. Bring required materials to class daily.
3: Participate in all class activities.
4. Complete all homework, class work, and projects as instructed.
5. Study for and pass all quizzes and tests.
6. In order to help our students learn more effectively throughout the curriculum, we have implemented a school wide
Reading Initiative. As part of this program, we will use different reading strategies in all our classes. These strategies
include the following:
     1. Reciprocal Teaching (Predict, Clarify, Visualize, Question, Summarize)
     2. Graphic Organizers (Venn Diagrams, Two-Column Notes, KWL)
     3. Activating Background Knowledge

Contact Information: If you would like to contact me you can call the school or you can send an e-mail.
The e-mail address for Mr. Kunkel is MrEdKunkel@Dadeschools.net.
Web Page: http://teachers.dadeschools.net/ekunkel/mrkunkelushistory.htm

Homework Policy: All assignments should be completed as accurately and neatly as possible. I will review
homework the next day during class time. Weekly homework will be posted on the board every Monday.
Each student is given ample time on the first day of the week to copy the weekly homework into their
agenda. If a student is absent, they can copy it when they return to school.
Classroom rules:
1. All students are expected to wear their uniform properly, according to McMillan Middle School Policy.
    Detentions and/or referrals will be written for students who do not comply with the Uniform Policy.
2. No gum chewing or eating of any food is permitted in class.
3. Be seated in your seat working on your class warm up assignment BEFORE the bell rings.
4. When classmates or one of us is talking, you are expected to listen and not talk. When completing class
    assignments, you are expected to do so in a quiet manner so that other people can concentrate too.
5. Being respectful and responsible are important attitudes to have in life. Each student will be held
    accountable for his or her actions in the classroom.
6. Ample time is provided between classes to attend to personal business, so no passes will be given during
   class time unless it is a TRUE EMERGENCY.

7. Materials: You cannot participate properly in class if you fail to bring the
required materials. Failure to bring your materials EVERY DAY will affect your
Academic and Effort grade!

1. A binder with dividers                                    6. Blue or black pen
2. Loose leaf paper (10 sheets MINIMUM)                      7. Green PEN ONLY (for checking assignments)
3. Sharpened #2 pencils                                      8. Composition notebook
4. Colored pencils                                           9. Agenda
Grading Procedures:
QUIZZES and TESTS will carry a greater weight than daily assignments and will be identified as such in the grade
ALL assignments must be turned in by the due date. LATE work will not be accepted!
Students who have been absent from class must make up all work within two school days.
It is your responsibility to write down the homework from the board.
No homework turned in will result in a ZERO for that assignment.
Student MUST use Blue or Black PEN when completing ALL work unless given specific instructions by the teacher.
Work not turned in properly (not written in blue or black ink, complete sentences and/or legible)
will result in “0” points for the assignment.

Grading Standards:
Academic                        Effort                      Conduct
100 – 90 = A            1=Working to potential           A=Excellent
 89 - 80 = B            2=Increased effort necessary     B =Good
 79 – 70 = C            3=Unsatisfactory effort          C =Satisfactory
 69 – 60 = D                                             D =Needs Improvement
 59 – 0 = F                                              F =Unsatisfactory

Grade Values:
Homework/Class-work/Participation               1 grade
Quizzes                                         2 grades
Tests                                           3 grades
Projects                                        3 or more depending on complexity of project

Conduct Grade: Conduct grade will be lowered for any student not acting appropriately in the classroom.
Listed below are some of the reasons a student may receive a conduct cut:
talking, gum chewing, out of seat without permission, CSI/Outdoor Suspension or any other defiant behavior as listed
in the Code of Student Conduct Handbook.

Our Expectations:
We are all involved in the educational process and should work together as a team to produce an atmosphere
conducive to learning, The extent to which you achieve your goals and objectives this school year will be determined
by your own attitude and diligence. You are expected to adopt a seriousness of purpose, a thirst for success, and be
willing to accept the challenges of the coming school year.

                      Mr. Kunkel

Validation of Contract:

With your parents/guardians, read this information carefully again. If you have any questions, please ask.
Student, signing this contract/document means that you understand the information given and intend to follow
the rules to the best of your ability.
Parent, signing this contract/document means that you will assist me in helping your child understand and
follow these rules. You also acknowledge that if you have any question concerning specific items contained
herein, you may arrange a conference with the classroom instructor for clarification and/or further explanation.

Student's Signature_________________________ Parent/Guardian's Signature_______________________

Date: ___________________                              Date: _____________________

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