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									                  Trentino Club of New England
                                                         2008: Issue 3
 President: Vincenzo Maganzini                                                Treasurer:Elizabeth Sweitzer
 Vice-President: Elizabeth Eccher                                             Recording Secretary: Michael Vivaldi
 Corresponding Secretary: Elisa Corra                                         Newsletter Editor: Diane Porcari

                 PRESIDENT’S LETTER                                                   UPCOMING EVENTS

Buon autunno! This summer, TCNE club members took                   October 2008         Italian Heritage Month (see pp.3-4)
part in two terrific Trentini events that will be
remembered and quite rightly cherished. First was the               Dec. 7 & 13, 2008 Coro Dante concerts (locations, p. 3)
ITONNA Convention, which took place in upstate New
York. Hats off to the Solvay Club! They put on an                   Jan. 4, 2009         TCNE Festa, Concord Elks Club
excellent celebration of Tyrolean culture. Undoubtedly
stories and pictures will be shared, and they will more             elections, and raffle. Congratulations to Elizabeth
fully illuminate the convention’s highlights!                       Eccher, Michael Vivaldi and Elisa Corra for their
                                                                    election to the positions of Vice President, Recording
On Friday, the festivities started with a party at the Solvay       Secretary, and Corresponding Secretary respectively.
Tyrol Club. We feasted on potato, cheese, and plain                 (Diane will continue to write the newsletter, hopefully
yellow polenta! There was veal, beef, and sausages for              with contributions from members!)
the hungriest of Trentini. After feasting we finished the
night with music and fireworks. That was only the first             We are always happy to speak to anyone interested in
night!                                                              joining our club, and welcome new members to our Board
                                                                    of Directors. For more information, please email me at
Saturday brought with it many speeches from ITTONA                  vincent.maganzini@gmail.com or call 781-628-0618.
dignitaries regarding Italian and North American relations.
One of the highlights was a lovely film by Maurizio                 Our Polenta with Santa party is scheduled for January
Tomasi. It featured women from various Trentino clubs,              4th, 2009. I hope to see you before then! Take care, and
and it was splendido and worth seeing! We ended day                 have a wonderful fall!
two with the gala that continued late into the night.
                                                                    Ci vediamo-
On Sunday, we gathered at a park and had a light                    Vincenzo Maganzini
breakfast. After eating, we marched with ITTONA
banners raised high to St. Cecelia Church. We heard Mass
in English and Italian. There was more eating after
Church and then arrivederci.
                                                                                        TCNE WEBSITE!
Before leaving this year’s convention behind, I would like
to thank ITTONA President Ben Maganzini and                         Thanks to the hard work of Sara Folta, our club’s website
ITTONA Treasurer Mary Jo Bagans for all of their efforts            is up and running! Sara spent many hours applying her
in putting together an amazing convention!                          excellent computer skills to give us this wonderful gift.
                                                                    Grazie mille, Sara!
August brought with it our annual polenta picnic.
Thanks to all that helped organize the picnic and to                This beautiful site contains information about the club,
everyone who pitched in to make it a success. Grazie!               photos, news notes, and links to other resources of interest
It’s hard to believe this was our 18th! We enjoyed a                to members. Go there now to see the latest pictures from
lovely day and feasted on delicious polenta! Everything             the 2007 and 2008 polenta picnics and the ITTONA
was delectable! Along with eating, I especially enjoyed             convention in Solvay. (There is also a link to a short film
the singing prior to the scholarship presentations,                 of the 2003 polenta picnic by Vincenzo!)

To submit pictures, articles, or other things to share,             kids over there look at me funny because most of them
please e-mail them to Vincenzo Maganzini, and Sara will             don't know this dying language. ... I have seen first hand
upload them.                                                        my ancestry just by taking a walk through the cemetery,
                                                                    where they have pictures on the gravestones." Craig also
Vincenzo’s e-mail is Vincent.Maganzini@gmail.com.                   sent the club a gracious thank-you note.

                                                                    The son of Lawrence and Nancy Battaini, Eric graduated
                                                                    from Pittsfield High School and is now attending
        SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS AND ESSAYS                              Berkshire Community College. In his essay, Eric
                                                                    reflected: "I have always enjoyed the food of Northern
Grazie to our Scholarship Committee for reviewing                   Italy such as polenta, stews, and desserts, such as Italian
applications and essays. Thanks to Elizabeth Eccher for             biscotti and especially pizelles. It is very enjoyable for me
contributing the following report, which contains excerpts          to hear the native language being spoken and the stories
from the winning essays.                                            being told (my aunt was always close-by for translation).
                                                                    Most of all I truly enjoy meeting the older people who
At the annual picnic, the Trentino Club of New England              came to our country many years ago and hearing their
honored three recent high school graduates with                     stories. I have been studying culinary for 3 years and in
scholarships for their college education. Joelle                    September I will be starting college taking the culinary
LaBossiere and Craig Maganzini were each awarded                    arts program and looking forward to possibly learning
$300, while Eric Battaini received a runner-up award of             more about Italian cooking."
                                                                    Our congratulations go out to these fine young
Joelle is the daughter of TCNE member Joan LaBossiere               representatives of our Trentino youth. We wish you great
and the granddaughter of Maddie LeVasseur. A graduate               success as you continue your educations.
of Maynard High School, Joelle is now studying
pharmacy at the University of Connecticut. In her
scholarship essay, Joelle wrote: "Because my family still                                MEMBER NEWS
has relatives living in Italy, I have been able to further my
insight into the Italian culture with travels to Italy.             Join us in congratulating Joan LaBossiere on her
Staying in Pinzolo with my aunts, uncles, and cousins for           marriage to Gary Follett, on August 6!
a summer was the most eye opening experience of my life.
While living with them, I practiced my Italian and was
able to see first hand what the Italian culture is all about.
From my experience, I can say that the strongest Italian
value is family. While there, relatives I had never met                                                     Remo and Helen
before greeted me graciously and welcomed me into their                                                     Cellana of Orange
homes. It became clear to me how much they value the                                                        recently celebrated
family bond as I interacted with them. Over traditional                                                     their 60th
Tyrolean dinners my family would joke, laugh, talk and                                                      wedding
bond."                                                                                                      anniversary at a
                                                                                                            party given in July
Craig is the son of Ben and Gayle Maganzini. After                                                          by their family.
graduating from Winchester High School, he enrolled at                                                      More than 100
the University of Rhode Island. Some of the thoughts                guests attended, including friends and family from New
Kyle shared in his essay also deal with travel and the              York, Virginia, Washington and Florida. Remo and Helen
Trentino culture: "My first trip to Trentino was when I             were married May 8, 1948, in Athol. They have three
was 9 months old and I have been back nearly every year             children; a daughter, Jeanne Marie Sanborn and husband
since. I've been fortunate enough to spend a Christmas,             Wayne; sons Peter Cellana and wife Elaine, and Perry
Easter, New Years, lot of their saints' days and have seen          Cellana and wife Kelly; four grandchildren; and one great-
every season they have. I have many friends and relatives           grandchild.
that help me understand the little details about their
culture that I would never learn in a class or by myself. I
have explored their mountains, played their sports, and
had many fabulous meals in their small mountain get-
away homes. I know some of their dialect and even the
     CORO DANTE/ITALIAN HERITAGE MONTH                             Classes are held in Italian. After preparing your own meal,
                                                                   you will eat at the school, and then spend the afternoon on
On Wednesday morning, Oct. 1, the Coro Dante helped                field trips.”
kick off Italian Heritage Month by singing at the
Massachusetts State House. The coro opened the hour-               Additional highlights include visits to Rome, Florence,
long ceremony with the American and Italian national               and Assisi.
anthems and closed with Vá Pensiero. TCNE vice-
president Elizabeth Eccher is one of the coro's founding           Please contact Elisa directly for further information.
members and serves on its executive board. It was a great          elisagiuliani@att.net and 617-489-9060.
thrill for her to represent the Trentino community at this
well-attended event, which featured remarks by many
prominent Italian-American members of the                                 MORE ON THE CONVENTION IN SOLVAY
Massachusetts state government.
                                                                   TCNE member Angelo Boninsegna was quoted in an
The Coro Dante is open to new members who enjoy                    article about the convention, which appeared on
singing in Italian. (Among its current repertoire is a four-       “cnylink.com,” an on-line news source for central New
part harmony version of a Trentino favorite, Quel                  York. (The article has been edited slightly.)
Mazzolin di Fiori.) Details about the coro's upcoming
Christmas concerts -- at the Nazarro Center in the North           “International” is not a word often associated with Solvay,
End (tentatively Sunday, Dec. 7), and the Dante Society in         but that changed last weekend when the village hosted the
Cambridge (tentatively Saturday, Dec. 13) -- will be               2008 International Tyrolean Trentini Organization of
available at the Dante Society's web-site:                         North America (ITTONA) Convention. The three-day
http://www.dantealighieri.net/cambridge/                           event began Friday afternoon with a polenta fest, and
                                                                   kicked off Solvay's summer concert series later that
Please contact Elizabeth for more information about the            evening with dancing under the stars and a fireworks
coro's performance schedule or if you are interested in            display.
joining. Rehearsals occur on Monday evenings at the
Dante Society. (* See page 4 for more information on               While hundreds filled the lawn of the gazebo on Milton
Italian Heritage Month. *)                                         Avenue, enjoying the music and perusing the craft show,
                                                                   many convention-goers remained at the Tyrol Club on
                                                                   Lamont Avenue, reminiscing. There, surrounded by
    WORDS TO PONDER / PAROLE A PONDERARE                           photographs of club members and the Trento landscape,
                                                                   two attendees from New York City complimented the
From Vincenzo:                                                     Solvay club, with its beautiful club and the accent on
Bread - Pane                                                       community the convention offered this year. "It's a
Breadcrumbs – Pan grattato                                         completely different atmosphere," said one participant,
Toast - Tostato                                                    who was born in Trento.
Man does not live by bread alone – Non si vive di solo
pane                                                               That accent was deliberate, said convention chair and
                                                                   Solvay club member Peter Albrigo. The 2008 convention
                                                                   was the first to be held outside a large city, and the Solvay
                                                                   club worked for two years to plan an event that would
         COOKING IN ITALY – JUNE 2009                              embrace the neighborhood and allow more time for
                                                                   participants to mingle.
Treat yourself to a cooking tour in Italy next summer!
TCNE member Elisa Pancheri, has designed a two-week                The weekend closed on Sunday with a breakfast, at
cooking trip in conjunction with EF Education Tours.               Woods Road Park, followed by mass at St. Cecilia's and a
Scheduled for June 2009, participants will attend “an              picnic lunch back at the park. As clubs lined up in the
authentic Italian culinary school. When free from school,          park to walk to the church, flags denoting each
you will enjoy two major field trips – to the Dolomites            organization were hoisted. Angelo Boninsegna, who is
and to Venice, as well as afternoon trips to Trento, and to        no stranger to Solvay -- he lived here nearly 50 years ago
the surrounding castles.”                                          before moving to New England – was asked how he
                                                                   thought the Solvay club had done with the convention.
“The school, located at the Istituto Alberghiero in Levico,        Boninsegna spread his arms wide and smiled. "Fantastic,"
is a state of the art facility. The Master Chef who will           he exclaimed.
teach you is one of the 130 full certified Italian cooks.
                MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL                               numerous resources related to Italian culture and heritage.
                                                                 The list below represents a tiny sample of scheduled
Members who paid dues for 2008 only will find a                  events. www.italianheritagemonth.com
membership renewal form in this mailing. Please help us
keep our records current – and continue to receive               Wednesday, October 15, 6:30 pm The Consul General of
newsletters, other notices, and member prices for events –       Boston, Liborio Stellino will celebrate the 60th
by returning this form as soon as possible to Michael            Anniversary of the Italian Republic at the Boston Public
Vivaldi.                                                         Library.
                                                                 Thursday, October 16, 7:30 pm. Cena Romana - Ancient
Save yourself (and the club) money by joining for three          Roman Dinner. A selection of dishes from different
years at the reduced rate of $25! Grazie!                        periods of ancient Rome, from simple fare of Republican
                                                                 Rome to sophisticated entrees fit for emperors. $35 Call
                                                                 and reserve your ticket early. Contact Lucia:
                ITTONA NEWS NOTES                                luciaclark@luciadentice.com or 978-769-5040 or 781-
Trentini lost a good friend in September with the passing        Friday, October 17, 5:30-8:30pm. A Wine and Food
of Armando Viola, past president of the Toronto Club,            Tasting Event presented by The Watertown Sons of Italy
and ITTONA president from 2002-2003. Armando passed              Piave Fiume Lodge. Tickets: $25 per person. Watertown
away shortly after visiting with his son in Trentino.            Sons of Italy, 520 Pleasant St. Contact: Ronald Hill: (617)
From the ITTONA officers: “We are so very sorry to hear          924-0852
of his passing and extend our deepest condolences from
the officers and the board members of ITTONA on the              Saturday, October 18, 7 pm. Pasta Supper with meatballs,
passing of an individual who held dear his family, his           sausage, bread, salad and dessert. Entertainment. Adults
friends, and his Trentino origins. We extend our                 $15.00 Children $10.00. Hingham Sons of Italy. Chief
appreciation for the years that he spent supporting his          Justice Cushing Highway, Contact: John Argiro (781)
local community and his extended Trentino community in           659-5836 and Antonio Sestito (781) 749-0787
Canada, the U.S., and overseas. We dearly appreciate his
willingness to take on the Presidency of ITTONA in 2003          Friday, October 24, time to be determined. "Luciano
and his encouragement to others to participate in sharing        Pavarotti: Bravissimo," a film produced by the
that leadership. We shall remember his love of our               Metropolitan Opera Guild" of New York. This English
Trentino customs and traditions and the fostering of the         language film is 75 minutes long and reproduces the life
good fellowship that it entails.”                                and opera of the great Master Luciano Pavarotti a year
                                                                 after his death. Dante Alighieri Society, 41 Hampshire
In an article on the ITTONA website, Circolo Trentino di         Street, Cambridge, MA. Contact: Carlo Cipollone (617)
Sud Alabama -- the Trentino Club of South Alabama –              722-9409. Email: carlo.cipollone@esteri.it
thanked TCNE and other clubs for their contributions to
relief efforts following Hurricane Katrina. TCNE                 Saturday, October 25. Italian Heritage Dinner Dance.
contributed the proceeds from the silent auctions held at        Cocktail hour 6:30-7:30p.m. Dinner and dancing, 8 pm to
our festas in 2005 and 2006 to the work performed by the         midnight. $45.00. Sons of Italy Piave-Fiume Lodge, 520
South Alabama club.                                              Pleasant Street, Watertown
                                                                 Contacts: Lino Rullo (781) 862-1633, Marcello Stisi (781)
For more ITTONA news, see http://www.ittona.org.                 891-5688 or Sal Pinzone (781) 894-5749

                                                                 Saturday, October 25. Fall Craft and Vendors Fair.
         ITALIAN HERITAGE MONTH EVENTS                           10a.m.- 4p.m. Sons of Italy Wilmington Jr. Lodge #3729.
                                                                 Fair includes raffles Italian cookbooks, tee shirts, food,
                                                                 decorations. Free admission. St. Thomas Villanova Hall,
                                                                 126 Middlesex Ave., Wilmington, MA
                                                                 Contact: Mary Buscone, (978) 658-2896. Amy Caira,
                                                                 (978) 657-7734

                                                                 Saturday, November 8 Festa Italia. 7:00 p.m. Belmont
Dinner dances, breakfasts, lectures, music of all kinds,         VFW 310 Trapelo Road, Belmont, MA
educational programs…Do it all, during October! Visit
the website for a complete listing of events, and links to

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