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									                                                         Summary Outline of Luke

Prologue: dedication to Theophilus and statement of purpose to write an orderly account of Jesus’ ministry
I. The Nativity and Childhood of John the Baptist and Jesus (1:5-2:52)
1. Annunciation of John the Baptist’s birth to Zechariah and Elizabeth (1:5-25).
2. Annunciation of Jesus’ birth to Mary (1:26-38)
3. The visit of Mary to Elizabeth and the Magnificat (1:39-56)
4. The birth, circumcision, and naming of John the Baptist, and the Benedictus (1:57-79)
5. John the Baptist in the wilderness (1:80)
6. The birth of Jesus (2:1-7)
7. The visit of the Shepherds (2:8-20)
8. The circumcision and naming of Jesus (2:21)
9. The presentation in the temple, Simeon, Anna (2:22-40)
10. Jesus’ visit to the temple at age 12 (2:41-52)

II. The Beginning of Jesus’ Ministry (3:1-4:13)
1. The preparatory ministry of John the Baptist (3:1-20)
2. The baptism of Jesus (3:21,22)
3. The genealogy of Jesus (3:23-38)
4. The temptation of Jesus (4:1-13)

III. The Galilean Ministry (4:14-9:50)
1. The rejection of Jesus in Nazareth (4:14-30)
2. An exorcism in the synagogue at Capernaum (4:31-37)
3. The healing of Peter’s mother-in-law, etc., (4:38-44)
4. The calling of Simon Peter, James, and John (5:1-11)
5. The cleansing of a leper (5:12-16)
6. The forgiveness and healing of a paralytic (5:17-26)
7. The call of Levi (Matthew) and Jesus’ eating with publicans and sinners (5:27-32)
8. Remarks about fasting (5:33-39)
9. Jesus’ defense of His disciples’ plucking and eating grain on the Sabbath (6:1-5)
10. The healing of a withered hand on the Sabbath (6:6-11)
11. The choice of the Twelve (6:12-16)
12. The sermon on “a level place” (6:17-49)
13. The healing of a centurion’s servant (7:1-10)
14. The raising from the dead of a widow’s son (7:11-17)
15. The question of John the Baptist (7:18-35)
16. Jesus’ anointing by the sinful woman (7:36-50)
17. Financial support from certain women (8:1-3)
18. Parable of the seed and the soils and of the lamp (8:4-18)
19. Jesus’ family attempts to see him (8:19-20)
20. The stilling of the storm (8:22-25)
21. The Gerasene demoniac (8:26-39)
22. The healing of the woman with hemorrhage and the raising of Jairus’ daughter (8:40-56)
23. The mission of the Twelve (9:1-6)
24. The guilt of Herod Antipas (9:7-9)
25. The feeding of the five thousand (9:10-17)
26. Peter’s confession and Jesus’ call to cross-bearing discipleship (9:18-27
27. The transfiguration (9:28-36)
28. The demonized boy (9:37-45)
29. Remarks on humility and tolerance (9:46-50)

IV. The Last Journey to Jerusalem (9:51-19:27)
         A. Jesus’ determination to go to Jerusalem (9:51-56)
         B. Remarks on discipleship (9:57-62)
         C. The mission of the seventy (10:1-24)
         D. The parable of the Good Samaritan (10:25-37)
         E. Jesus with Mary and Martha (10:38-42)
         F. Teaching about Prayer (11:1-13)
         G. Polemic episodes including warnings against Phariseeism (11:14-12:12)
         H. Remarks on covetousness, anxiety, trust, etc., including the rich fool (12:13-59)
         I. Call to repentance and the parable of the fig tree (13:1-9)
         J. The healing on the Sabbath of a woman bent over (13:10-17)
         K. Parables of the mustard seed, leaven, and narrow door (13:18-30)
         L. Jesus refusal to be panicked regarding Herod Antipas and the lament for Jerusalem (13:31-35)
         M. The Sabbath healing of a man with dropsy (14:1-6)
         N. The parable of the marriage feast (14:7-14)
         O. The parable fo the great banquet (14:15-24)
         P. Parables of the tower builder and the king who goes to war (14:25-35)
         Q. Parables in defense of welcoming sinners (15:1-32)
                    1. The lost sheep (15:1-7)
                    2. The lost coin (15:8-10)
                    3. The Prodigal Son and the elder brother (15:11-32)
         R. Parables about money (16:1-31)
                    1. The unjust steward (16:1-18)
                    2. The Rich Man and Lazarus (16:19-31)
         S. Remarks on forgiveness, faith, and sense of duty (17:1-10)
         T. Healing of the ten lepers and the gratitude of the Samaritan (17:11-19)
         U. The coming of God’s Kingdom and the Son of Man, including the parable of the Widow and   the Unjust Judge (17:20-18:18)
         V. The Parable of the Pharisee and the Publican (18:9-14)
         W. Jesus welcoming children (18:15-17)
         X. The Rich Young Ruler (18:18-30)
         Y. Prediction by Jesus of His death and resurrection (18:31-34)
         Z. The healing of a blind man near Jericho (18:35-43)
         AA. The conversion of Zacchaeus (19:1-10)
         BB. The parable of the Pounds (19:11-27)

V. Passion week and the death, resurrection, postresurrection ministry, and ascension of Jesus in and around Jerusalem (1928-

A. Passion week and the death of Jesus (19:28-23:56)
         1. The Triumphal Entry, including the cleansing of the temple (19:28-48)
         2. Theological debate in the temple precincts (20:1-21:4)
                   a. Challenge to Jesus’ authority (20:1-8)
                   b. Parable of the wicked tenants of the vineyard (20:9-18)
                   c. Paying taxes to Caesar (20:19-26)
                   d. The Sadducees questions about resurrection (20:27-40)
                   e. The Messiah’s Davidic ancestry (20:41-44)
                   f. Warnings against the Scribes (20:45-47)
                   g. The widow’s two copper coins (21:1-4)
                   h. The Olivet Discourse (21:5-38)
         3. The Sanhedrin’s plot to kill Jesus and bargain with Judas Iscariot (22:1-6)
         4. The Last Supper (22:7-38)
         5. Jesus’ praying in Gethsemane (22:39-46)
         6. The arrest (22:47-53)
         7. The trial (22:54-23:25)
                   a. Nighttime hearing in the high priest’s home with Peter’s denials (2:54-65)
                   b. Morning condemnation by the Sanhedrin (22:66-71)
                   c. The first hearing before Pilate (23:1-5)
                   d. The hearing before Herod Antipas (23:6-12)
                   e. The second hearing before Pilate, the release of Barabbas, and the    delivering up of Jesus for crucifixion
         8. The Crucifixion (23:26-49)
                   a. The carrying of Jesus’ cross by Simon of Cyrene and the lament of the     women
                   b. The crucifixion and mocking of Jesus (23:32-38)
                   c. The repentant criminal (23:39-43)
                   d. The death of Jesus (23:44-49)
         9. The burial (23:50-56)
B. The Resurrection (24:1-12)
C. The postresurrection ministry (24:13-49)
         1. The walk to Emmaus with Cleopas and another disciple (24:13-35)
         2. The appearance in Jerusalem (24:36-43)
         3. Jesus’ teaching about Himself from the OT and the Great Commission (24:44-49)
D. The Ascension (24:50-53)

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