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					                                              Saint Leo University Center for Online Learning
                              Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice with Human Resources Minor (BA-CJ-HRA)
                                                     SOCAD-4 Network: Criminal Justice
                                                         All Sites: Distance Learning

Degree Objective-This program of study will enhance the effectiveness of working
                                                                                                                POINT OF CONTACT
professionals, provide a foundation for advancement to administrative levels, and
                                                                                                           James Dadez, Program Advisor
prepare students for graduate study in criminal justice administration and related fields.
                                                                                                               32223 Michigan Avenue
This program includes the minor in Human Resources Administration. These courses
                                                                                                               San Antonio, FL 33576
provide the individual with the specific job-related skills to pursue a career in the
                                                                                                          Phone: (877) 856-2144, ext. 7334
Human Resources field, or just a stronger foundation for positions of leadership and
                                                                                                                 Fax: (352) 588-4793
Academic Residency- 30 semester hours; 15 of which must be in major.

DEGREE REQUIREMENTS                                                               SOC         HOME      ARMY     ARMY       TESTS     CERT/ LIC DIST LRNG
                                                                                  CAT.       COLLEGE   SCHOOL    MOS                            See Note 2
New Student Orientation                                                1 SH
    SLU      101 Strategies for Success*                                 1                     X
Learning Interdisciplinary Knowledge                                   48 SH
Writing                                                                6 SH
    ENG      121 Academic Writing                                        3     EN024B          X                              X                     X
    ENG      122 Academic Writing II                                     3     EN025B          X                              X                     X
Mathematics                                                            3 SH
    MAT      131 College Mathematics                                     3     MH051B          X                              X                     X
    MAT      141 Finite Mathematics                                      3     MH065B          X                                                    X
    MAT      151 College Algebra                                         3     MH048B          X                              X                     X
    MAT      161 Precalculus                                             3     MH054B          X                              X                     X
    MAT      201 Introduction to Statistics                              3      MH053B         X                              X                     X
    MAT      231 Calculus I                                              3     MH055B          X                              X                     X
Scientific Perspective                                                 6 SH
    SCI      101 Integrated Physical Science                             3                     X                              X                     X
    SCI      102 Integrated Life Science                                 3                     X                              X                     X
                   Scientific Perspective Elective ***                                                                        X                     X
Aesthetic Perspective                                                  9 SH
    FAS      101 The Integrated Arts                                     3                     X                              X                     X
And one of the following Aethetic Perspective courses:
    ART      123 Art Appreciation                                        3                     X                              X                     X
    ENG      202 Creative Writing                                        3                     X                                                    X
    FAS      123 Introduction to Film                                    3                     X                                                    X
    MUS      123 Music Appreciation                                      3                     X                                                    X
And one of the following Literature courses:
    ENG      225 Survey of World Literature I                            3                     X                              X                     X
    ENG      226 Survey of World Literature II                           3                     X                              X                     X
    ENG    311 Survey of Major Writers of the 20th                       3                     X                                                    X
Religion and Values Perspective                                        9 SH
    PHI      101 The Quest for Wisdom                                    3                     X                              X                     X
    REL      401 The Catholic Tradition                                  3                     X
And one of the following Religion courses:
    REL      201 Introduction to the New Testament                       3                     X                                                    X
    REL      220 Christian Morality                                      3                     X                                                    X
    REL  223 Religions of the World: Western                             3                     X                              X                     X
Human Behavior Religions
               Perspective                                             6 SH
    SSC      101 The Human Behavior Perspective                          3                     X                              X                     X
And one of the following Human Behavior courses:
    PSY      121 Introduction to Psychology                              3      PS101B         X                              X                     X
    SOC      121 Introduction to Sociology                               3      SO001B         X                              X                     X
    SSC      222 Social Problems                                         3      SO002B         X                              X                     X
Global Perspective                                                     6 SH
    SSC      102 The Global Perspective                                  3                     X                              X                     X
And one of the following Global Perspective courses:
    ECO      201 Principles of Macroeconomics                            3      EC201B         X                              X                     X
    HTY      121 United States History to 1865                           3       HI201B        X                              X                     X

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DEGREE REQUIREMENTS                                                           SOC        HOME           ARMY         ARMY       TESTS      CERT/ LIC DIST LRNG
                                                                              CAT.      COLLEGE        SCHOOL        MOS                             See Note 2
    HTY     122 United States History from 1865                       3     HI202B         X                                       X                     X
    HTY     123 Western Civilization I                                3     HI301B           X                                     X                          X
    POL     223 American Federal Government                           3     PO077B           X                                     X                          X
Computer Literacy                                                   3 SH
    COM     130 PC Applications                                       3     OF037B           X                                     X                          X
Criminal Justice Major                                              24 SH
    CRM     220 Survey of Criminal Justice                            3      CJ101B          X                                     X                          X
    CRM     321 Substantive Criminal Law                              3      LW002B          X                                                                X
    CRM     322 Law of Criminal Procedure                             3      LW046B          X                                                                X
    CRM     350 Criminal Justice Ethics                               3      CJ110B          X                                                                X
    CRM     419 Police Organization Adm                               3      CJ204B          X                                                                X
    CRM     426 Theories of Criminal Behavior                         3      CJ102B          X                                                                X
    CRM     496 Criminology Exam                                      0                      X
    CRM     499 Senior Seminar in Criminology                         3      CJ127B          X
    POL     123 Intro to Law & Legal System                           3                      X                                                                X
Concentration Courses                                               15 SH
    CRM     225 Criminal Investigation                                3      CJ210B          X                                                                X
    CRM     300 Special Topics                                        3                      X                                                                X
    CRM     332 Terrorism                                             3                      X                                                                X
    CRM     370 Juvenile Justice                                      3      CJ112B          X                                                                X
    CRM     422 Law Enforcement Systems                               3                      X                                     X                          X
    CRM     430 Correctional Systems                                  3      CJ401B          X                                                                X
    PSY     330 Forensic Psychology                                   3      PS109B          X                                                                X
    SSC     328 Drugs, Society and Human Behavior                     3      SO005B          X                                                                X
Human Resources Administration Minor***                             15 SH
    GBA     335 Administrative and Personnel Law                      3      MG204B          X                                                                X
    HRA     335 Selection and Placement                               3      MG205B          X                                                                X
    HRA     340 Training and Development                              3      MG206B          X                                                                X
    HRA     360 Compensation and Benefits                             3      MG203B          X                                                                X
    MGT     331 Management of Human Resources                         3      MG201B          X             X            X          X                          X
Free Electives                                                      17 SH
                  Free Electives                                                                           X            X          X            X             X
Total Credits                                                      120 SH

Notes:      1) An "X" in a column indicates that the Institution guarantees to accept credit from the source shown for at least part of the requirement.
            2) This column indicates whether a school accepts transfer credit for courses taken through distance learning. It does not mean that the school offers
            the course through distance learning.
            3) SLU accepts credits from regionally accredited institutions.
            4) SLU accepts non-traditional credit validated by ACE through the evaluation of military credit. Limit = 33 credit hours.
            5) SLU accepts credit from Excelsior, CLEP, DANTES, PONSI, and National Guide validated by ACE. Limit = 40 credit hours.
            6) Student must meet requirement of 39 upper division hours
            7) Students must take at least 15 SH of their Major at SLU.
            8) Dependent upon placement exam scores, developmental courses ENG 002 and/or MAT 003 may be required unless ENG 121 and/or MAT 128 is/are
            completed through transfer credits.
            *All new students are required to complete and pass Introduction to "University Life: Strategies for Success Online" (SLU 101) during their first 8-week
            term at Saint Leo University Center for Online Learning. SLU 101 is a one-credit course with no tuition charge.
            **Transfer students: May transfer any Life Science and Physical Science to fulfill this requirement.
            ***Students planning to complete the HRA Minor must contact their Saint Leo University Academic Advisor to have this added to their school records

Date effective:   1-Oct-09
Term effective:   T360

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