TUESDAY, November 13, 2007 - 830 a.m. PALM BEACH COUNTY CRIMINAL

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                      TUESDAY, November 13, 2007 - 8:30 a.m.
                               BUSINESS MEETING
                           North Palm Beach Country Club
                                 951 US Highway 1
                                Palm Beach Gardens

Members Present:                                        Members Absent:
Commissioner Burt Aaronson                              Dave Aronberg
Dale Armstrong                                          Moses Baker
James Barr                                              Rosalyn Baker
Ric Bradshaw                                            Sharon Bock
Delsa Bush                                              Steven Burdelski
Barbara Cheives                                         Mike Driscoll
Douglas Duncan                                          Wendy Sartory Link
George Elmore                                           Young Song
Rolando Garcia                                          Roxanna Trinka
Carey Haughwout                                         Art Johnson (Ex officio Exec.
Feirmon Johnson                                         Committee)
Randolph K. Johnson, Sr.
William Kramer
Barry Krischer
Kathleen Kroll
Martin Millar
Luis Perez
Jay Pickens
Gerald Richman
Debra Robinson
Richard Staudinger
Carmen Veneziano
Max Davis (Ex officio Exec. Committee)

Guests Attending APM:
Todd Bonlarron, Legislative Delegation
Jay Bonner, Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) Board
Vince Bonvento, Palm Beach County Administration
Edith Bush, CJSC West Palm Beach
Laura Coburn, Senator Jeff Atwater’s office
Jeff Danik, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) (for Steven Burdelski)
Leon Fooksman, Sun Sentinel
Michael Gauger, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office (PBSO)
John Green, Riviera Beach
Brian Harper, PRIDE
Sherry Howard, Legislative Delegation
Wanda Joyner, PRIDE
Minutes – Criminal Justice Commission                                                Page 2
November 13, 2007

        James Kelly, PBC School District Police Department
        Jeff Koons, Palm Beach County Board of County Commission
        Greg Kridos, State Attorney’s Office
        Un Cha Kim, Clerk & Comptroller (for Sharon Bock)
        Jennifer Loyless, Public Defender Office
        Michael McAuliffe, McAuliffe Law Group
        Alberta McCarthy, Senator Mandy Dawson’s office
        Kathy Peck, Representative Shelley Vana’s office
        Lynn Powell, State Attorney’s Office
        John Quigley, CJSC – Westgate
        Gena Rowland, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office (PBSO)
        Nicole Saunders, Court Administration
        Kathryn Schmidt, Workforce Alliance
        Carol Shaffer, Human Services
        Michelle Spangenberger, Court Administration
        Tony Spaniol, Youth Affairs
        Craig Spatara, West Palm Beach Weed & Seed
        Stephen Stepp, Palm Beach Gardens Police Dept.
        Charlie Trotta, Public Safety, Justice Services

        Staff Present:
        Michael L. Rodriguez, Executive Director
        Journey Beard, Crime Prevention Project Specialist
        Arlene Burton, Administrative Secretary
        Wayne English, Sr. Criminal Justice Analyst
        Jenise Gibson, Sr. Criminal Justice Analyst
        Katherine Hatos, Criminal Justice Analyst
        Damir Kukec, Research & Planning Manager
        Rosalind Murray, Program Development Specialist
        Becky Walker, Criminal Justice Programs Manager
    I. Chairman Johnston called the meeting to order at 8:55 a.m.
    II. Roll call was taken and a quorum was present.
   III. Chairman Johnston welcomed members and guests were asked to introduce themselves.
  IV. The agenda was unanimously approved after motion by Mr. Davis and second by Ms.
   V. The minutes of the October 22, 2007 Full Commission meeting were unanimously
      approved after motion by Ms. Haughwout and second by Mr. Perez.
  VI. Under Chairman’s Comments, Chair Johnston thanked Dale Armstrong for his support
      and dedication to the Criminal Justice Commission. He announced that a presentation
      would be made to Mr. Armstrong during the Annual Planning Meeting.
  VII. Under Executive Director’s Comments, Mr. Rodriguez:
        A.      Announced the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) workshop scheduled for
                Tuesday, November 27, 2007 at 9:30 a.m. in the 6th Floor Chambers. The
Minutes – Criminal Justice Commission                                                         Page 3
November 13, 2007

                purpose of the workshop is to advise the BCC of the programs currently funded
                by the CJC and to provide status of these programs. He extended an invitation
                to persons to attend the workshop in support of the CJC but noted that public
                comments are not allowed during these hearings.
        B.      Thanked CJC staff for their hard work in preparation of the Annual Planning
        C.      Asked attendees to complete and return the evaluation form included in the final
                agenda pocket. He said that the response from last year’s evaluation indicated
                that enough time was not allocated for discussion and that it was taken into
                consideration in this year’s planning.
        D.      Reported that some work has already been done for next year’s planning,
                pointing to the recently established Criminal Justice Mental Health and
                Substance Abuse Planning Committee which will be an on-going priority as well
                as the Youth Violence Prevention and Re-entry initiative.
 VIII. Updates
        A.      Chief Judge Kroll referred to the Criminal Justice Substance Abuse and Mental
                Health Planning Council update included in the agenda package and thanked
                Ms. Gibson for putting it together. She said that the purpose of the Council is to
                plan for the implementation and expansion of initiatives that will improve the
                accessibility and effectiveness of treatment services for adults and juveniles who
                suffer from mental illnesses and/or substance abuse disorders and are at risk of
                entering or re-entering the criminal or juvenile justice system. She reported that
                the grant submission deadline of November 1, 2007 was met and that 19
                commitment letters from various agencies were also submitted with the
                application. The total amount of the grant application was $200,000 which
                includes $100,000 match provided by Court Administration and CJC. Grant
                awards will be made on January 18, 2008, and the next Council meeting will be
                in late January 2008. She also remarked that she was very impressed by the
                overwhelming attendance at the first meeting and the interest shown in becoming
                involved in the Council.
                Chair Johnston enquired about the rationale for requesting $100,000 instead of
                one million.
                Chief Kroll responded that the County is at the point where the planning grant
                would prove more useful in providing the information needed and that they were
                not quiet ready for the implementation grant.
                Dr. Robinson requested a list of the individuals and agencies that are
                represented in the Council.
        B.      Public Defender Carey Haughwout provided a brief review on how the re-entry
                program came about, stating that it started when Governor Bush established a
                re-entry council. Several meetings took place and a study which looked at what
                needs to be done was carried out. A recommendation for approval of a Re-entry
                Task Force was brought before the CJC October meeting which was voted on
                and received approval.
Minutes – Criminal Justice Commission                                                         Page 4
November 13, 2007

        C.      Ms. Oakes reported that the Juvenile Assessment Center (JAC) which started in
                1997 has been a long standing project with the CJC. The Center is comprised of
                community operated programs which provide collocated central intake and
                screening services for youth referred to the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ).
                JAC has been recognized as a model center for the State of Florida. A BCC
                workshop is scheduled for December 11, 2007 to look at the development of a
                building for the Center.
                Mr. Jay Bonner, Chair of the DJJ Board added that a total of 15,000 kids went
                through the Center last year which equates to an average of 41 kids per day that
                were arrested by Law Enforcement. He said that the DJJ Board submitted a
                legislative budget request which the DJJ has looked at and include in their 2008-
                2009 budget for a five-year plan of $25.8m to build a juvenile detention center.
                Mr. Rodriguez noted that the current property lease expires in 2011 and
                suggested the possibility of a contingency plan in the event the building is not
                complete within the time frame.
IX.     There were no Business Consent items.
X.      Old Business
        State Attorney Barry Krischer reported that he met with County Administrator Bob
        Weisman to discuss the work that CJC had done previously with the Independent Taxing
        District. He has since spoken with Sheriff Ric Bradshaw, Chair Harry Johnston and Vice
        Chair James Barr. He recommended that this item be tabled at the December 12, 2007
        meeting to allow him time to meet with another group before presenting to the CJC.
XI.     New Business - Regular Item(s)
        A.      Mr. Max Davis chair of the Nominating Committee reported that the Committee
                met on October 22, 2007 and the following recommendations were offered for
                Officers for 2008:
                                 Chairperson -     James Barr
                                 Vice Chairman -   Barbara Cheives
                                 Secretary -       Douglas Duncan
                                 Treasurer -       Richard Staudinger
                Officers for 2008 were unanimously approved.
                Members of the Executive Committee for 2008:
                Private Sector Members:
                             James Barr                  Randolph Johnson
                             Barbara Cheives             George Elmore
                             Richard Staudinger          Douglas Duncan
                Public Sector Members:
                             Carey Haughwout             Barry Krischer
                             Ric Bradshaw                Kathleen Kroll
                             Stephen Stepp               Feirmon Johnson
Minutes – Criminal Justice Commission                                                        Page 5
November 13, 2007

                Executive members for 2008 were unanimously approved after motion by Ms.
                Haughwout and second by Mr. Elmore.
                Chair Johnston presented recommendation from the Economic Council for the
                following four to serve as CJC members for another term (three years) :
                         George Elmore     Barbara Cheives
                         Jim Barr          Richard Staudinger
                Motion to accept recommendation moved by Mr. Davis and second by Mr.
                He reported that there are currently two vacancies on the Commission following
                the resignation of Wendy Sartory-Link and Young Song, and advised members to
                provide names of private sector persons they might like to fill these vacancies.
                Harry Johnston as past Chairman, and Art Johnson as School District
                Superintendent are ex officio members of the Executive Committee.
                 Chair Johnston noted that the recommendations to the Executive Committee are
                 in accordance with the Bylaws, which state that 50 percent of the Executive
                 Committee membership shall come from the private sector and 50 percent from
                 the public sector.

        B.      Mr. Krischer presented a recommendation by LEPC for expenditure of $93,455.00
                from the Crime Prevention Trust Fund for PBSO’s Forensic Biology Unit. He
                pointed out that the lab represents a model in the State of Florida and that FDLE
                also uses it to do their testing. There are currently two machines which were
                obtained through federal grants and they are in the process of accepting a third
                machine providing the BCC approves federal grant of $255,000. This will
                complete the mechanized evaluation of DNA sample, thereby allowing testing of
                eight samples at one time instead of one at a time.
                After much discussion on the matter, motion to provide funding from the Crime
                Prevention Trust Fund for PBSO’s Forensic Biology Unit was moved by Mr.
                Krischer and second by Ms. Haughwout.
        C.      Request by 15th Judicial Circuit for expenditure of $79.272.66 from the Drug Abuse
                Trust Fund for treatment for youth involved in the newly created Delinquency Drug
                Ms. Nicole Saunders of Court Administration provided a brief on the Delinquency
                Drug Court, indicating that the process started only nine months ago and that the
                team members include persons that would have involvement with the drug court.
                She stated that although there are a lot of great diversion programs in the County,
                it was lacking programs for the kids that were already in the system. As a result,
                they were able to develop some preliminary criteria which they will continue to
                work on and will seek to identify kids who have violated their probation to
                participate in the program. The focus will be on individual and group counseling as
                well as treatment for the family that these kids are a part of. A proposed budget
                for the pilot project was presented.
Minutes – Criminal Justice Commission                                                        Page 6
November 13, 2007

                Chair Johnston asked for Mr. Krischer’s recommendation as the person in charge
                of the Drug Abuse Trust Fund.
                In response, Mr. Krischer suggested that a lot of money is spent on drug testing
                (approximately $15,000 of the amount) and wondered why a two or three-panel
                without telling the offender, rotating the panels that are being tested for on a
                regular basis and always test for the drug they are arrested for were not
                considered. This he said would reduce the drug testing by half thereby making
                more money available for therapy.
                Chief Kroll added that it is hoped that money would be saved in the long run, but
                would be more comfortable to look at the option Mr. Krischer spoke of at a later
                time in the future. She said if this is funded she would be happy to provide the
                CJC with six months and yearly updates on the success of the program.
                Mr. Elmore expressed concern with the CJC providing funds over the years for
                certain programs and agrees with Mr. Krischer. He thinks it is a waste and that
                CJC should reexamine clearly the number of panels needed for effective tests.
                Dr. Robinson enquired about the expertise in mental health on the team and said
                she would like to offer her husbands (a psychiatrist) expertise to the program.
                Mr. Richman enquired if there were studies indicating the recidivism rate.
                Chief Kroll answered yes there are studies that indicate great success across the
                country and that the reason Palm Beach County had not done it yet was because
                of the many drug diversion programs in existence.
                Chief Kroll moved the motion for expenditure of $79.272.66 from the Drug Abuse
                Trust Fund for treatment for youth involved in the newly created Delinquency Drug
                Court. Motion was seconded by Mr. Richman. The motion was amended to
                include a contingency that the money will not be spent until the Committee agreed
                to the criteria.
There being no further business before the Commission, the meeting was adjourned at 9:45 a.m.