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Curriculum Vitae Hyaluronic Acid0


Curriculum Vitae Hyaluronic Acid0

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									                                     Curriculum Vitae
A) General

       NAME                                 ZAFAR IQBAL
       FATHER'S NAME                        MUHAMMAD YUNIS
       DOMICILE                             N-W.F.P. (PAKISTAN)
       Corresponding Address                Department of Pharmacy, University of Peshawar,
                                            Peshawar-25120, PAKISTAN.


No.    Qualifications Year    Subject       Institution
1.     Post.doc.      2005    Pharm. Sci.   Institute of Pharmacy and Biomed. Sci.
                                            University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. U.K.
2.     Ph.D.          1993    Pharma.Sci.   Dept. of Pharma.Sci. University of
                                            Strathclyde, Glasgow. U.K.

Additional Qualification:
1)     Certificate in Management of Drug Supply            Commonwealth Pharmaceutical
       Distance Learning Course                            Association (U.K.).

2)     Certificate of merit in English                     University of Peshawar
       (Summer Course 1998)
1)    First-Class-First Position (Gold-medalist) in M.Pharmacy.
2)    Overseas Research Student Award (ORS) for sessions 1991-94 (U.K.).
3)    Among Top 5 Scientists in Pharmaceutical Sciences, published by Pakistan Council for
      Science and Technology (PCST), 2004.
5)    Recommended for the National Civil Award (2004) by PCST.


No.   Degree                 Title                                Supervisors
1)    Ph.D.          Analytical Investigation of some             Prof.J.M.Midgley &
                     Chemical Factors Relevant to                 Dr.D.G.Watson
                     the Regulation of Intraocular Pressure

2)    M.Pharm.       Studies on the Stability of Aspirin.         Prof.M. Ashraf & Dr.M. Riaz A.

3)    B.Pharm.       Studies on Fagonia critica                   Prof.Dr.M.I. Khattak & Dr.Q.

E)    Professional Membership

1.    Member of Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences (U.K.).
2..   Member of Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Association (U.K.).
3.    Member of Peer review committee for Pharmaceutical/chemical sector (Ministry of Science
      and Technology)
4.   Member of Provincial Quality Control Board (N.-W.F.P. Pakistan).
5.   Registered Pharmacist in Pakistan.
6.   Member of Pakistan Pharmacist Association (Ex. member N-W,F.P.).

7.   Ex-Member of Central Drug Licensing Board (Pakistan)
8.   Ex-Member of Central Drug Registration Board (Pakistan).

F)   Service Record
     Administration Experience            Served as a Chairman of The Department of
                                          Pharmacy.     28-07-1999 TO 27-072002

     Designation                   Institution                          Duration

1.   Professor             Dept. of Pharmacy. Univ. of Peshawar         28-06-2004 todate

2.   Associate Professor   Dept. of Pharmacy, Univ. of Peshawar         24-08-1999-27-06-2004

3.   Lecturer              Dept. of Pharmacy, Univ. of Peshawar         13-11-1986 To 23-08-1999

4.   Incharge Research & Sibro Pharma Ltd. Nowshera.                    12-05-1986 To 04-11-1986

     Development Dept.

5.   Production Incharge   Redex Drug House Labs. Faisalabad.           01-01-1986 To 09-05-1986

G)   Apprenticeship
1)    Production & Quality Wellcome Pakistan Karachi.                            29-04-1984 to 02-06-1984

H)    Students Supervised (for Research work)

No                       Thesis title                                                         Degree

1.    Study of prevalence, resistance of indigenous bacterial strains                         Ph.D.

2.    Study and evaluation of drug release from the Gel Matrix                                Ph.D.
3.    Development of evaluation of sustained release analgesics.                              Ph.D.

1.    PK Ocular drug interaction of Ciprofloxacin with Analgesic drug                         M.Phil

2.    PK drug interaction of oral Ciprofloxacin with Analgesic drug                           M.Phil

3.    Prevalence and drug resistance studies of antibiotics                                    M.Phil

4.    Preparation of ranitidine.HCl syrup using simple lattice design                         M.Phil

5.    Haematological studies of human volunteers residing in polluted areas                   M.Phil

6.    Studies of various binding agents on the Physical properties of paracetamol tablets     M.Phil.

7.    Studies of the effects of ophthalmic steroids on the concentration of Cu and Fe in      M.Phil.

      rabbits aqueous humour.

8.    Preparation and stability studies of ranitidine.HCl liquid and dry syrup                M.Phil.

9.    Effect of cigarette smoking on RBC, WBC and Hb level                                    M.Sc.

10.   Hypoglycaemic properties of crude extracts of E.prostheta and H.helix         

11.   Chemical analysis of various blood parameters of Diabetic patients                      M.Sc.

12.   Studies of fungicidal properties of some plants extracts                                M.Sc.

      In Progress
1.    Development of evaluation of sustained release antihypertensive drugs                   Ph.D.

2.    Development of evaluation of sustained release drugs for epilepsy                       Ph.D..

3.    Evaluation of drug-drug interaction of Clopidrogril                                     Ph.D.
4.    Role of trace metals in HCV                                                 M.Phil

5.    Bioequivalence studies of Clairthromycin and azothromycin                   M.Phil


I)    Project Completed and in-progress

                       Title                            Funding Body              Amount

1.    Development of SR- analgesic drugs                HEC                       7,80,000/-
2.    Bioequivalence studies of clarithromycine         Ministry of health        3,50,000.00
      and Azthromycin in human volunteers.                                        (approved)
3.    Study the pharmacokinetic drug interaction        University of Peshawar    50,000.00
      of ophthalmic drugs.
4.    Impact of steroids-induced IOP on                 University of Peshawar    1,65,000/-
      Aqueous humour Cu and Fe
5.    Preparation of the promethazine.HCl syrup         University of Peshawar    25,000/-
6.    Analysis of Cu and Fe in human eye                          Self-governed
7.    Analysis of Cu and Fe glaucomatous eyes                     Self-governed
8..   Preparation of ranitidine.HCl syrup                         Self-governed

9.    Preparation of ointments from                     University of Peshawar    25,000/-

      the leaves of Wethinae somnifera.

10.   Pharmacognostic evaluation of                     University of Peshawar    62,5,00/-

      Some local medicinal plants

11.   Studies of Pharmacokinetics drug                  University of Peshawar    50,0,00/-

      interactions of ciprofloxacine in

      human eyes
J)      Consultancy Provided
        Helping and guiding various Pharmaceutical Industry in planning and designing of
        industrial unit, starting from building designing, formulation development, establishment
        of QC and QA to the registration of drugs and in-process planning.

K)      Industrial Linkage
Consultanancy were provided for the establishment of Delta Pharmaceutical (pvt) Ltd. (building designing,
selection of machinery and equipments and establishment of QC laboratory).

Wellmed Pharmaceuticals.
Development of various procedures and analytical methods and building designing.

Dr Raza Pharma (pvt) Ltd.

Research collaboration has been established for providing facilities for one M.Phil. Students.

Hizat Pharmaceutical (pvt) ltd.
Research collaboration has been established for providing facilities for one Ph.D. Students

Everest Pharmaceuticals Islamabad,
Research collaboration has been established for providing facilities for one Ph.D. Students

Providing help to several industries in quality control and production facilities and planning


1)      Co-author in the book written for Assistant-Pharmacist, Published Pakistan Pharmacy Council
        (N.W.F.P. branch).

2)      "NEED FOR AIDS EDUCATION-I" published by The Frontier Post, a national daily News paper,   August-
        20, 1994.

3)      "NEED FOR AIDS EDUCATION-II" published by The Frontier Post,     a national daily News paper, August-
        21, 1994.
M)    Conference Attended
1)    British Pharmaceutical Conference 1992 and presented four papers.
2)    Conference on "NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT" was attended at Baragali, from 10-14 July,
3)    Symposium entitled "SPECTROSCOPY FOR MATERIAL ANALYSIS", organised by
      Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission was attended at Islamabad from 4-6 April 1996.
4)    Participated in International conference on “Genetics” in Islamabad from November 26-29,
5)    Attended the Seminar on International Seminar on Quality Assurance and rational Use of
      Drugs” organised by MOH, WHO, PPMA AND PPA, at Islamabad on December 12-14,
6)    Participated in a National Symposium on “Pharmaceutical Care and Pharmacy Education”
      organised by MOH, WHO, PPMA AND PPA, at Islamabad on December 16-18, 1995.
7)    National Workshop on the Currant Good Manufacturing Practice. Islamabad. May 21-24,
8)    International Pharmacy Congress and Exhibition. Lahore. March, 20-23, 1998.
9)    International Workshop on Total Quality Management of Drugs. December 3-5, 1999.
10)   2nd DIA International Congress and 10th National Pharmacy Conference. January 9-10,
11)   The Eurasia Conference on Chemistry. Karachi, 2002.
12)   International Pharmaceutical conferences Lahore, 2002.
13)   3rd national Conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences 2003.
14)   International Conference on Natural Product, HEJ Res. Inst. of Chemistry, Karachi, 2004.
15)   National symposium on Herbal Medicines organized by Pharmacognosy Department, 2004.

N)    Conference/Symposium Organised

1)    Symposium on the “Role of the Pharmacist in Public Health” at Baragali from August 7-10,
      1995 (as Secretary ).
2)    Symposium on the “Recent Developments in Pharmaceutical Science” at Baragali from
      August 3-7,    1996 (as Secretary ).
3).   2nd National Conference on Pharmaceutical Science. At Baragali, 1999 (as Chairman).
4).   3nd National Conference on Pharmaceutical Science. At Baragali, 2003. (as Secretary).

O)    Invited Lectures Delivered

1.    Safe use of medicines Science socity, University of Peshawar. 2007

2.    Drug development from Laboratory to Shelf. University og engineering and Technology.
      Kohat (2007).

3.    “Good Pharmacy Practice” Workshop organized by WHO with collaboration of Ministry of
      Health of Pakistan. December 2003.

4.    Quality Control of Herbal Medicines. Workshop organized by WHO with collaboration of
      Ministry of Health of Pakistan. 2003.

5.    Method validation fore HPLC Methods of Analysis. Workshop organized by WHO with
      collaboration of Ministry of Health of Pakistan. 2003.

6.    Analysis of Steroids in Aqueous and Vitreous humour of the Bovine Eye. Delivered in
      National Centre of Excellence of Physical Chemistry, University of Peshawar. On 6th.
      February 1994.

7.    Development of methods for the analysis of steroids by gas-chromatography-mass
      spectroscopy at the University of Strathclyde, in July 1991.

8.    Analysis of Ascorbic Acid in Bovine and Human aqueous Humour by Reversed-phase
      High-performance Liquid Chromatography" at the University of Strathclyde, in June 1992.

9.    Depolymerizsation of Hyaluronic Acid in the presence of Ascorbic acid, by using High-
      Performance Gel-Permeation chromatography" at the University of Strathclyde, in May

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