Project Outline and Points Allotment by sarahjanebelonga


									                       Risk Management Project Guidelines
                                      Project Outline and Points Allotment
Part I:     Summarize business, develop risk management mission statement and risk management
20 points   objectives.
total       Summary of the business should include their history, discuss the service(s) or               5 points
            product(s) provided, location of the business, and other relevant identifying
            information regarding location, ownership, size of property, type and number of
            employees, etc…
            Write risk management mission statement                                                       5 points
            Write risk management objectives for each of the following: profit, continuity in             10 points
            operations and earnings stability, growth, legal concerns and requirements and societal
Part II:         A. Identify Risk Exposures – 25 points
(A&B)            B. Analyze Risk Exposures – 20 points – include an Excel spreadsheet detailing the frequency,
45 points             probability of occurrence, expected severity and maximum possible loss for each loss
total                 exposure. Determine if the identified exposures may affect the risk management objectives
                      for each of the four types of exposures (property, liability, personnel and net income)
                      according to the significance of possible loss in both frequency and severity.
            A: Identify property exposures                                                                  5 points
            B: Analyze property exposures                                                                   5 points
            A: Identify liability exposures                                                                10 points
            B: Analyze liability exposures                                                                  7 points
            A: Identify personnel exposures                                                                 5 points
            B: Analyze personnel exposures                                                                  4 points
            A: Identify net income exposures                                                                5 points
            B: Analyze net income exposures                                                                 4 points
            Examine, select and implement risk management techniques
Part III:   Decide between controlling or financing the exposures. Use Prouty approach.
20 points   Select risk management techniques for each property, liability, personnel and net             15 points
total       income exposures.
            Timeline                                                                                      5 points
Other:      Following instructions on general formatting guidelines and project organization.
15 points   Executive Summary                                                                             5 points
total       General formatting guidelines – failure to follow any one of these may result in a 5          5 points
            point deduction.
            Project organization - failure to follow any one of these may result in a 5 point             5 points

General Formatting Guidelines:
    12 point font
    Double-spaced
    Third-person
    Verb tense MUST BE consistent and should be present tense in most cases unless
      describing past events
    Numbered pages
    Use words correctly; there vs. their – this is a very common mistake that you
      should not make on this project!
    College-level understanding of English grammar must be displayed. If necessary
      I may refer you to the Writing Resource Center.
    One final document only. All photos, flowcharts, spreadsheets, etc… must be
      included in the final document. No separate attachments!

Project Organization:
Title Page – should not be numbered
Executive Summary - should not be numbered
Table of Contents – should not be numbered
Part 1* – numbered pages start here
Part 2* - this part should be broken down into two sections; identification and
analysis with each of these two sections broken down into four categories; property,
liability, personnel and net income. In the identification section, each category
should include a bulleted list of exposures followed by a discussion of the most
significant exposures. The analysis section must include discussions of each
category and the Excel spreadsheet. It is very helpful to complete the spreadsheet
first before actually writing the risk analysis.
Part 3*
*In the final project, parts 1, 2, and 3 should be organized and written so that the final
project is clear, concise and flows easily across parts. Do not duplicate your writing
across project parts.

Common problems found in projects:
   Many students do not include a risk management mission statement and if they
    do, it is not actually a risk management mission statement, it is a company
    mission statement.
   Many students do not clearly state their risk management objectives. Many
    students tend to expand on the objectives very well but do not actually state them.
    Do not assume that all companies want to increase their profits, growth, etc….
    Many local, closely-held companies are fully mature and their mission is to
    remain stable and not to grow. You must clearly state the objective.
   Some students tend to get ahead of the project and prematurely get into parts 2 &
    3 of the project by identifying risk and/or selecting risk management treatment
   Many students do not follow the project guidelines.

Late and incomplete project parts

Remember the penalty for turning in project parts late! I will deduct 5 points from the
total project grade for each day that the project part is turned in late. All project parts are
due at the beginning of class on the due date. Class begins at 11:00am sharp! Turning in
the project after that time will result in a 5 point deduction. If you are unable to make it
to class by 11:00am then you must make arrangements to have a group member turn in
the project.

Project parts turned in on time and complete (based on my evaluation of a good faith
effort) typically receive much higher grades than project parts that are incomplete when
turned in. When project parts are turned in on time and complete then I will review them
and make suggestions for improvement. You then may incorporate these suggestions
into the final project. I do not review or make suggestions for incomplete project parts.
Working in Groups

You must work in groups consisting of 2-3 members. Each project will be given a group
grade and then each member’s final project grade will be adjusted according to their
contribution/participation in the project determined by the Project Team Member
Evaluations. In the rare circumstance you find that you are unable to work with your
group you must notify me in writing by the Project Part 2 due date. You also must
provide the reason you cannot work with the group as well as documentation that you
made a good faith effort to work with the group. You will then meet with me to discuss
your options. If you do not notify me of your difficulties by the Project Part 2 due date,
you will be required to continue to work with and complete the project with your group.


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