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									 “Did You Know” is a newsletter designed to capture and share critical information that directly relates to how
Marines are being injured and killed. The intent is to raise awareness, keep leadership informed of current trends,
                    and provide tips and tools that are available to assist in mishap reduction.

                                                   Col James D. Grace
                                                 Director, Safety Division

   The Naval Safety Center predicts that 1 Marine will die during the Labor Day weekend. Last year, 2 did.

   So far this month, we’ve already lost 6 Marines in private motor vehicle mishaps, 4 of which occurred on motorcycles.
   The latter statistic brings the total number of motorcycle deaths up to 17, meaning the Marine Corps is poised to have its
   worst year ever for motorcycle fatalities.

   As you might expect, these mishaps are primarily the result of excessive speed and alcohol. However, sometimes
   however, the unthinkable can happen even when Marines do everything right. Two of our motorcycle deaths were
   attributable to “the other driver,” proving that we must always be vigilant on the road.

   Get involved. Know what your fellow Marines plan to do this holiday weekend. Do your part to ensure that each Marine
   knows how important their individual safety is to the Marine Corps and the United States. (Encourage them to use Travel
   Risk Planning System (TRiPS) on the Naval Safety Center web page.)
   Let them know that while PPE and seatbelts are important in saving lives, their own good judgment is their most powerful
   tool for staying safe. By getting involved, you just might save their life.

   There are numerous resources on the SD web pages available for your information and download.

   What’s New and News contains fresh information, and vital updates.

   Summer Force Preservation/101 Critical Days of Summer resources are still available to download. Some of the valuable
   tools available are as follows: the media kit (speech, program ideas, planning tips, and contacts), activity planner,
   artwork, and multimedia resources (recreation and off-duty presentations, posters, videos).

   Click on the links below to view more:
     Navy/Marine Corps Mishap Statistics
     Marine Corps Center for Lessons Learned (MCCLL) Safety Corner
Safety Division is committed to keeping Marine Corps leadership informed of critical safety-related information to
                                    ensure Warrior Preservation in the field.
                Feedback: Please email comments/suggestions to Safety Division by clicking here.

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