November Newsletter Message From Our Commanding Officer Dear ANGLICO

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					November Newsletter

                                                     Message From Our Commanding Officer

                                Dear 5th ANGLICO families and friends,

                                We’re all closing in on the end of our first month deployed. The several previous months
                                have been filled with changes and adjustments in our lives as we prepared and deployed to
                                Iraq. I want to start off by thanking all of you for the encouragement you have given to the
                                Marines sailor and this unit. We could not have had a successful departure without your

The Marines and sailors are doing a fantastic job out here in support of the mission. The arduous training that we went
through at Fort Irwin, California has really paid off. The Marines and sailors have been able to move throughout the area
and settle into their routines with seemingly little to no effort. The training ensured that they are the best prepared for any

The situation over here this time is different from previous deployments to the region. There is real positive movement
and growth due to the sacrifices and hard work of our military and the Iraqis in this region. Though things are not perfect
and a long road lays ahead for the area, the people and the forces here can see the improvements economically, in the
regional security and overall attitude. There is real growth and success in the area and your Marines and sailors are a
large part of that success.

As fall rapidly approaches with Thanksgiving right around the corner, the unit remains focused on its mission. We may
not be able to routinely get to a phone or computer, but a day doesn’t go by without us thinking of our family and friends
back home. Please take a moment and drop a short e-mail, letter or package to your Marine or sailor. Though we are
doing good things over here, and our morale is high, nothing compares to getting something from home.

We have recently had some major breakthroughs in our Family Readiness Program. Tolondra Johnson joined us as our
Family Readiness Officer. Tolondra has spent her entire life in the Marine Corps Family as a child, as an actively duty
Marine and an active duty spouse. She brings great experience and enthusiasm to the unit and we look forward to great
things from her in support of our families. The Marine Corps has also move to an electronic information tool, the Mass
Communication Tool. Many of you are already receiving messages over the internet and by telephone through this
system. The benefit is that everyone will get the same information and there is little chance of messages and unit updates
getting lost or forgotten. You do this by putting in a PIN to access the message, so your six year-old who picked up the
telephone when you are in another room no longer is the family member who received the information.

We look forward to success throughout our deployment. Your continued support and contact remains vital to us, as
individuals, as a unit, and as a nation.

Semper Fidelis.
Lieutenant Colonel Cliff Weinstein, Commanding Officer
November Newsletter

                                                Message From the Sergeant Major

                      To the families and friends of 5th ANGLICO,

                      Your Marines and Sailors are doing great. Although the fighting has slowed down here in
                      Iraq, let there be no doubt that we are all staying on our toes and ready for anything and any
                      mission. The Commanding Officer, LtCol Weinstein, is making sure the men are still
                      training in all areas and maintaining our warrior ethos. Our supply, motor transport and
                      communications sections are kicking butt to ensure the men are equipped. Our Admin
                      section is working on pay problems, and looking up and researching items everyday in order
                      to help our Marines and Sailors. As leaders we are stressing safety in all we do to ensure
                      the well being of each Marine and Sailor.

                      Mission First, Marines Always.

                      SgtMaj Gary D. Moran

                      "Shogun 99"

                                               Message From the Executive Officer

                      Friends and family of 5th ANGLICO,

                      It has already been over a month already we left. I hope the deployment keeps flying by
                      like it has so far. I hope everyone has figured out what the postal address is for their
                      Marine. Please double check with your Marine before you send anything of sentimental or
                      monetary value. The teams do move around from time to time, and we would hate to see
                      something of value get lost in the post office shuffle. Other than that, the mail service is
                      working fine, so please don’t let me scare you in to not sending something to your Marine.
                      I have received many letters (bills, no kidding) and some packages so don’t be afraid to
                      send stuff.

                      I know the CO already covered this, but I would also welcome aboard our first civilian
                      Family Readiness Officer, Mrs. Johnson. Having her around will definitely help during this
                      deployment and our future endeavors. Please make her feel like she is part of our family.

                      I have not had an opportunity yet to visit the teams, but I will soon. From what I hear from
                      the Brigade Platoon Commanders, they are doing great. Moral here at headquarters is high.
                      We are busy, but not too busy. The Marines have time to stay on top of their training such
                      as PME, Marine Corps Martial Arts, and weapons training.

                      Thank you for your support.

                      Major Dave Hurst
November Newsletter
                      Message From Headquarters Platoon Commander

                      Family and Friends,

                      It was a busy first month for the headquarters, turning over with 1st ANGLICO and
                      punching out the teams to their respective location. Now that operations have settled to a
                      sustained tempo, the Marines and sailors are turning to expanding their PME and
                      furthering their professional development, with the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program
                      being the most prevalent. The Sergeant Major is running a belt upgrade course, and
                      Sergeant Leugers is commencing an Instructor Course. Overall, it was a very productive
                      month for the headquarters, with several reenlistments, promotions (to include taking the
                      III MEF Meritorious Sergeant Board), and awards. As always, we appreciate the support
                      from the families and friends back home.

                      Semper Fidelis,
                      Captain M. M. Hsie

                      Message From 1st Brigade Platoon Commander

                      Nearing our one month anniversary in Iraq, the brigade has settled into the environment
                      and work conditions. As expected, nothing went as expected, and several team’s missions
                      changed once we arrived in country. Numerous teams were moved to locations they
                      weren’t anticipating, but your Marines and Sailors have adapted and performed brilliantly
                      in the changing environment, continually impressing me with their spirits and tenacity to
                      get the job done. We continue to support the Iraqi Army, enforcing their training and
                      providing fire support planning and execution expertise they aren’t yet able to do on their
                      own. We also have teams working with other Marine units, supporting them in various
                      missions throughout Iraq, offering the critical fire support experience that ANGLICO is
                      noted for. Coming from Okinawa, the weather is pleasantly cool, especially in the
                      morning, and we look forward to temperatures to drop near freezing in the next few
                      months. We thank you for your support, your letters and packages, and your thoughts.

                      Semper Fi,
                      Maj Johannes

                      Message From 2nd Brigade Platoon Commander

                      Dear family and friends of 2d platoon,

                      The first month is done and we are looking forward to completing this deployment and
                      returning home to each of you.

                      Our Marines and Sailors are staying busy and staying safe. Our platoon is exclusively
                      supporting local troops across the Al Anbar province. To give you an idea how spread out
                      the platoon is, I traveled for six days and was only able to see seven of the nine teams
                      during that trip. This geographical separation has required our Marines and Sailors to
                      become masters of bartering and “quid pro quo” tactics with the closest US units.
                      They’ve also learned to make do with what is needed, not what is wanted.

                      Over all, we are doing well; we’ve settled in to the mission and we are doing great things:
November Newsletter
                      supporting our fellow Marines on the Military Transition Teams (MiTT) and working along
                      side and helping to develop the various units of the Iraqi Army. This is a new experience
                      for many of the platoon members, and one they will not forget. Many have completed
                      previous tours where they conducted operations with Iraqi units, but this is the first time
                      they have lived on Iraqi bases and essentially work directly for the Iraqi commanders,
                      providing direct support to the Iraqi operations. It is a great experience for all of them and
                      something that will help to develop them as future leaders of our Corps and men who are
                      coming to learn the uniqueness of a foreign culture.

                      This past month we promoted three of our members of the platoon, congratulations to now:
                      Cpl Mussleman, Cpl Rios and LCpl Jervis for their hard work and dedication to our Corps.
                      We also recently re-enlisted our Platoon Sergeant, Gunny Sergeant Studley for another four
                      years of service. Semper Fidelis to these amazing men.

                      I hope each of you is doing well; the Marines and Sailors speak of their families often and I
                      know you are in their thoughts. Please realize that several of our teams have limited
                      capabilities to call or email home, so don’t get concerned if you go awhile without hearing
                      from your Marine or Sailor, they will contact you when they can. You may always email
                      me if you have a question or concern about your loved one and I will get back to you as
                      soon as I can.

                      Sincerely and respectfully yours,

                      Ryan Scott
                      2d Brigade Platoon Commander

                      Message From The Family Readiness Officer

                      Hello everyone! I am your new Family Readiness Officer and I am very excited to be here working for
                      you! As some of you may already know, I am no stranger to the Marine Corps way of life. I spent 19
                      years as a dependent child of a former Marine grunt, so I know what it is like to have a parent gone for
                      lengthy periods of time. I spent about 8 years on active duty as a Marine myself, so I know what it’s
                      like to leave your family when duty calls. And now I am the spouse of a Marine, and thus I know the
                      challenges of being a “periodical single parent”. Since I have been a part of the military family for
                      over 30 years, I think it’s safe to say I’ve been through it all!

                       I’ve called many places and bases “home” and now I have the privilege to call Okinawa home for a
                      longer period of time while I serve as your Family Readiness Officer. The Family Readiness Program
                      has changed drastically in past few months. Now that Family Readiness includes the family the
                      Marines were born into, sworn into , or married into, I have a responsibility to ensure you are all taken
                      care of. No matter whether you are here on island or in the states. The more support our Marines get,
                      the better!

                      There are going to be a lot of events coming our way. Keep an eye out for announcements on classes
                      you may want to take or events you would like to attend! As I said before, my door is always open to
                      you and your families. Come by and see me if you can!

                      Tolondra Johnson
November Newsletter

                         October Promotions and Awards

LCpl Cope                Cpl Hein            Cpl Roberts               Sgt Hoekstra
LCpl Jervis              Cpl Gutierrez       Cpl Phillips
LCpl Doull                 (4th ANGLICO)     Cpl Sandovallawson
LCpl Cicchetto           Cpl Musselman       Cpl Grove
                         Cpl Rios            Cpl Danley

 Navy and Marine Corps                                            Good Conduct Medal
  Achievement Medal                                                 “GOOD COOKIE”

                                                                    SSgt Walker 2ndAwd
                                                                   GySgt McCaskill 5thAwd
        SSgt Marquez                                                   Cpl Cutri 1stAwd
         Cpl Sattan                                                 MSgt Albanese 5thAwd
                                                                    SSgt Stanger 2ndAwd
                                                                     Sgt Grider 2ndAwd
                                                                    Sgt Harrelson 2ndAwd
                                                                    Sgt Drysdale 2ndAwd
                                                                      Sgt Bryant 1stAwd
                                                                   Sgt Brandenburg 1stAwd
                                                                    Sgt Wolverton 1stAwd
                                                                      Cpl Telles 1stAwd
                                                                      Cpl Reyes 1stAwd
                                                                     Cpl Endericavillacis
                                                                       Cpl Longsworth
                                                                        Cpl Garcia III

                                          Cpl Lis
                                         Cpl Sattan
                                        Cpl Holden
                                        Sgt Barnard
                                       GySgt Oakley
                                       GySgt Studley

                         Hard Dawgs of the Month…..Semper Fi
  November Newsletter

                                             Family Readiness Information

                             Did you know that MCCS has over 80 programs/services that they provide to service
                             members and their families? Some are even geared specifically toward the spouse of
                             a deployed service member. Take a peek at just some of the classes/services that are
                             available through MCCS:

                           Lifestyle, Insights, Networking, Knowledge, Skills. (L.I.N.K.S.) This is a mentoring
                           program for spouses by spouses and a great way to find out what being a military spouse is all
                           about. Open to all Marine spouses! Sessions are offered on all three housing camps (Courtney,
  Foster, and Kinser). FREE onsite Childcare is provided. Please call 645-2841 to register.

  Readiness and Deployment Support Program. The intent of this program is to provide resources and support for all
  Marines and their families during each phase of the deployment cycle. MCFTB offers programs for kids and spouses to
  take them from Pre-deployment through the reunion process. These programs include In the Midst, a fun and relaxing
  workshop, and Beyond the Brief, a series of workshops to provide more detailed coverage of deployment and readiness

  Spouses' Learning Series (SLS). SLS is a series of workshops offered to volunteer spouses who serve and contribute
  in their military community. The workshop is designed to provide spouses the opportunity to learn about professional
  development, communication skills, interpersonal skills and other great topics. Three different venues are offered: Annual
  guest presenter provided by HQMC, quarterly local workshops provided by MCFTB and online sessions.

  Chaplains Religious Enrichment Development Operation (CREDO). Great retreat workshops (Marriage
  Enrichment, Spiritual Growth, and Personal Growth) are available for married couples, individuals and teens. Retreats are
  FREE and open to all DoD ID cardholders.

  Free child care! While on a deployment cycle, you can receive up to 10 hours a week of free child care. All you have to
  do is provide deployment orders or letter from your sponsor’s command and register with the Resource and Referral
  Office. While your spouse is gone, you will priority over hourly patrons! This service is available Monday through Friday at
  all CY&TP, CDC, SAC, and FCC programs. It’s also available Saturdays at CDC’s on a rotating basis! Take a break, run
  errands, go shopping, get a pedicure! You deserve some “ME” time!

  Take advantage of all that MCCS has to offer, you deserve it! Log on to the MCCS website and take a look around! More info to come!

                                                      Phrases of the Month

  Learning a different language can be somewhat challenging. Here are a few helpful phrases you can practice to
  help you along the way!

Good morning -- Ohayo gozaimasu                                          How are you? -- O genki desu ka?
Good afternoon (day) -- Konnichiwa                                       How do you do? -- Hajimemashite
Good evening -- Konbanwa                                                 Pleased to meet you -- Dozo yoroshiku or
Good-bye -- Sayonara                                                                        Yoroshiku onegaishimasu

  ****If you would like to take one of the FREE Japanese courses offered through MCCS, give me a call and I can help you register
  for a class. You can also call the Personal Services Center at 645-2104.
November Newsletter

  Featured Program of the Month: The Exceptional Family Member Program

EFMP Goals:

      To ensure the medical and educational needs of the Marine's or Sailor's exceptional family
       member is available and accessible at the next duty station/assignment.
      Provide information & referral
      Reduce HUM's / ERD's reassignment
      Maintain deployability of the Marine/Sailor
      Must possess a special need (medical or educational)

              Medical Needs                                 Psychological Needs

                    Vision or hearing impaired                    Depression Diagnosis
                    Asthma                                        Personality Disorder
                    Allergies                                     Phobias
                    Adaptive equipment                            Long term counseling
                    Diabetes                                      Special medications
                    Eczema                                        Recent hospitalizations

              Major Misconceptions                          Special Education Services
                  My spouse "can not" deploy
                  We can not be stationed overseas                Occupational Therapy
                  My spouse "can" select a duty                   attention deficit/Hyperactivity
                    station                                         disorder
                  It will hinder my spouses' promotion            Physical therapy
                    and career opportunities                       Speech/language therapy
                                                                   Individual Education Plan (IEP)
                                                                   Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP)

 If you suspect that a family member may need
  EFMP services, contact the MCCS Personal
  Services Center Exceptional Family Member
  Program Coordinator at 011-81-6117-45-9237
  (Commercial) / 315-645-9237 (DSN).
November Newsletter

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November Newsletter

                       Some people live an
                        entire lifetime and
                       wonder if they have
                      ever made a difference
                       in the world, but the
                           Marines don't
                        have that problem.
                         — Ronald Reagan