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									                                                                                                     9th Medical Group
                      MED GROUP SCOOP
                                                                                                        Volume 2, issue 1
                                             BEALE AFB, CALIFORNIA                                         January 2009

                Making Resolutions You Can Keep                                                   Inside this issue:
                                Contributed by Jean Stoll

                                                                                                   Message from the           2
It is part of human nature, when faced with a New Year, to vow to make changes, which
will improve our lives. New Year’s resolutions are a common aspect of the holiday season,
but all too often, we meet with failure when it comes to following through with the goals we       New Parent Support         2
have set. This doesn’t have to be the case. Here are some suggestions for making resolutions       Program
you can keep:
Set Realistic Goals: If you want to lose 20 pounds, don’t expect to do it in one month. Do
some reading on nutrition and weight reduction. Make certain you really need to lose the           eCare Connect              3
weight, and then approach it sensibly. Check with your health care provider or make an ap-
pointment at the HAWC for a dietary consultation (634-3500).
Set a Time Frame You Can Live With: Tell yourself you want to be 20 pounds thinner in              HAWC Classes & Soar 4
5 months, instead of 5 weeks. You will develop the skills and gain the knowledge necessary         Into Shape Results
for you to lose the weight and keep it off if you devote the time and dedication necessary.
This will help you to be successful and start your new year as a winner!
                                                                                                   Family Advocacy            4
Make Sure You’re Ready to Make the Commitment: Don’t take on a major behavior                      Classes
change just because the calendar tells you it’s time to do so. Take the time to evaluate
whether this is the right time in your life to quit smoking, or lose weight, or exercise more.
Whatever change you are hoping to make, ask yourself these questions first:
•   Are you sure can make a commitment to a change?                                               The Central Appointments
                                                                                                  Office books appointments for
•   Are you ready to handle any changes such a commitment might bring?                            the Family Practice, Pediatrics,
                                                                                                  Flight Medicine, Women's
•   Are you dealing with other, major stresses that may make reaching your goal difficult?        Health and Optometry clinics.
•    If we attempt change without the above considerations, we set ourselves up for failure.      Dialing (530) 634-2941 accesses
                                                                                                  them. The appointment tele-
     This makes it harder for us to attempt change the next time.                                 phone lines are available from 7
Line Up Some Support Research has indicated that anyone attempting a major behavior               a.m. to 4 p.m. Mondays through
change, such as improving their eating habits, quitting smoking, etc. will do better with the     Fridays.
help of friends and family. Ask a friend to join you for your morning workout, talk to your
spouse about changing the way the family eats, take up activities that are fun and provide for
regular exercise. Make sure you have someone you can reach out to when you are under
stress and not sure you can stick to your program.
Remember to Reward Yourself With Each Small Success
Don’t wait until you have shed all 20lbs before rewarding yourself for doing well. Find healthy
ways to be good to yourself and remember to congratulate yourself with each positive step
along the way. Giving yourself a “pat on the back” will make that ultimate goal more fun to
reach and help you to remember that you chose to make the change to improve your life.
A New Year’s resolution is really a promise we make to ourselves. Weight loss is just one of
the more common examples. Many people vow to quit smoking, some to stop drinking or to
start saving more money. Whatever your resolutions involve, following the above suggestions
may help to keep you on track. Don’t punish yourself too much if you backslide a bit, just try
to get refocused and back on track.

Good Luck and Happy New Year from the staff at the HAWC!                                 
       Page 2                                                   MED GROUP SCOOP

                A Message from the 9th Medical Group Commander
                                                         Col Dorothy Hogg

         Happy Holidays! As this will be the last newsletter for 2008 I would like to take this op-
portunity to highlight some improvements the Medical Group has made or is in the process of mak-
ing to improve the healthcare we provide to each of you. First, our new 23,000 sq ft addition is on
target with a grand opening scheduled for around April 2009. This facility will not add new capabil-
ity but will provide a much needed upgrade in order to deliver primary care services more effi-
ciently. Family Practice, Pediatrics, Women’s Health, Pharmacy, and Lab will move into this new
building. Then Phase 2 of our construction project will begin with renovation of the vacated space
of the above clinics. When all is said and done in April 2010, the existing building will have had a
19,000 sq ft face lift.
         Second, we recently contracted with a healthcare advice telephone service called CareNet. CareNet is staffed
with highly qualified nurses. If we do not have an appointment available when you call we will transfer you to CareNet
where you can get assistance to your healthcare concerns. They will provide homecare guidance or advise you to seek
medical treatment at one of our network urgent care centers or emergency rooms depending on the problem.
         And third, we have struggled all year with maintaining access due to a high number of issues that decreased our
providers’ availability. There were times this year that we only had 2 of our 5 Family Practice providers and 1 of 2 Pediat-
ric providers seeing patients on a regular basis. This was due to a variety of factors from deployments to unfilled posi-
tions. However, it looks like we are turning the corner. I am confident our access will greatly improve in January with
the addition of a Physician’s Assistant and the return of one of our Family Practice providers. Thank your patience as we
struggled with providing the best healthcare we could given the constraints we were working with. I also have to give a
big kudos to our network providers because they were able to provide additional access when we could not.
I wish you all Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year! See you at the clinic!

                               The New Parent Support Program
                                         Contributed by Roberta Trumm
What is the New Parent Support Program?

The NPSP program is a voluntary program that provides expectant parents and
parents of 0-3 year-olds with resources to help them succeed in parenting. It pro-
vides support, education, skills training, and referral services to meet the demands
of an infant or young child. It also provides in-home visits from a registered nurse
to help new parents meet their new and challenging roles. We can provide infor-
mation on pregnancy, fatherhood, newborn care, mother/baby care, growth and
development, breastfeeding, parenting, and more!
Services Available:
•   Home or office visits with a nurse or social worker
•   OB Orientation: Third Wednesday of every month, 0900-1200 in the Medical Group Executive Conference Room. A
    class for expecting parents. Provides information and resources on prenatal care, nutrition, exercise, breastfeeding and
    Tricare coverage. Mandatory for all active duty expectant mothers. Call ext 0626 to sign up.
•   Breastfeeding Class: 2nd Tuesday of every month, 1600 hours at 5114F Tern Court. Call 634-0626 or ext 3423.
•   Survive to Thrive: 2nd Tuesday of every month, 0900-1030, at the Omni. For dads, moms and children...a time to
    relax, socialize and learn. Topics of discussion include growth and development, ages and stages, and tips on healthy par-
    enting for children 0-3 years.
•   Dads 101: A class taught by men for men. Caring for a new, fragile baby can be the most challenging job a dad will ever
    have. The goal of this class is to provide new dads with important skills they need to be an effective dad. Topics include
    diapering, feeding, bathing, holding, etc. CALL 634-3423 to sign up for classes or to learn more about the program.
                                     Volume 2, issue 1                                                                 Page 3

            TRICARE Helps To ‘eCareConnect’ With New Families
                                                Contributed by Lt. Gardner

Since September 2006, TRICARE has funded eCareConnect, a service that helps DoD hospitals communicate more effec-
tively with expectant parents and new families, providing important research-based health information customized to their
stage of parenthood. Since then, more than 20,000 beneficiaries have benefited from this e-mail-based communication ser-
vice at 18 Army and Navy hospitals.

        Military Hospitals with more than 500 births annually will be able to customize the newsletter for their patients. The
standard weekly e-mail newsletter is available to everyone and is provided free for all new and expectant parent patients in
the military by TRICARE.

       “Patients have come to rely on the trusted content, and find that the family-friendly service helps loved ones who
are deployed feel like they are included during the child-birth experience,” said COL Peter Nielsen, OB/GYN Consultant to
The Surgeon General and Residency Program Director at Madigan Army Medical Center.

        Valuable information, such as TRICARE's updated dental coverage for pregnant women, was sent to subscribers
between weeks 10 and 21 of their pregnancies. This communication update is one example of timely information that can
be easily disseminated through an electronic communication system like eCareConnect.

        “It is an opportunity to give a massive amount of excellent education to our patients, who tend to be young and far
away from family support. This is a highly professional service that is standardized. It will give our patients confidence in our
services and in our processes to be associated with something so professional and techy,” said COL Richard Jackson, Chief
of OB/GYN Department Head, Landstuhl Regional Medical Center.

        The Parent Review, the company that produces eCareConnect, recently performed a survey of the weekly e-mail
readership within the DoD. The survey asked if the weekly e-mail was regularly read by the user’s spouse, partner, other
friend or family member. The results:
•   29.44 percent open rate
•   30.55 percent response rate from those that opened the e-mail
        Of these responders, 67% said that one or more of their spouses, partner, other friend or family had read the
weekly email.
        DoD now has more than 20,980 active subscribers to the weekly e-mails, however the e-mails may be reaching
closer to 35,036 beneficiaries, according to the survey. A military mom from Naval Medical Center Portsmouth stated,
“Being a new parent is scary and your little bits of advice really make a difference and set my mind at ease. Thank you for all
you do!”

        TRICARE encourages pregnant beneficiaries to subscribe to this service and take advantage of the valuable informa-
tion included in the weekly e-mails. To hear more about eCareConnect listen to the Military Health System weekly radio
show “Dot-Mil-Docs,” on Blog TalkRadio, Episode 25-MHS Support for New Families at http://
Support-for-New-Parents. Sign up for eCareConnect at
                 9th Medical Group                            UPCOMING EVENTS
         Upcoming Classes:
  •    OB Orientation 3rd Wednesday of
       each month 9-12 am held in the
       Clinic Conference Room at the
  • Breastfeeding 2nd Tuesday of each
       month 4:00 - 6:00 pm held at Family
  • Survive and Thrive 2nd Tuesday of
       each month 9-11am held at the
  Call Family Advocacy at 634-3423 to
  register or if you have any questions.

       HAWC CLASSES                                                     A class taught by men for men.
                                                  Provides new dads with important skills they need to be an effective parent.
Cardio Walking Class – 40 minute walking                    Topics include diapering, feeding, bathing, holding, etc.
class. Meets at the Chapel in base housing:
January 8, 15, 22 & 29 9am - 10am                 WHO: New or Expecting Dads
DASH - Dietary Approach to Stop Hyper-            WHEN: 22 January,1:00 pm—4:00 pm
tension, diet to assist in lowering high blood    WHERE: 5114F Tern Court, BAFB ( By TLF )
pressure: January 21, 9am - 11am
                                                  To register, please call Family Advocacy at 634-3423
Cholesterol Class - To assist in the lower-
ing of high cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL and
raise HDL: January 5 & 30,                            AND THE RESULTS ARE IN…
9:00 am - 10:30 am

Nutrition 101 – Basic nutrition education:
Learn the basics of healthy eating and meal
                                                               SOAR INTO SHAPE
planning. January 29, 9:00 am - 10:00 am
                                                  §      150 members participated
Relaxation Techniques - Learn basic rela-
tion techniques in a calming environment,
January 22. 4:45 pm - 5:45 pm
                                                  §      50 members finished
HAWC also provides stress management,
behavior changes, Microfit, running and exer-
cise programs, and one on one nutritional         §      375.5 lbs total weight loss

      TO SIGN UP, CALL 634-3500                   §   Average of 2.5 inches off AC

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