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					         San Antonio Joint Program Office

SAJPO NOVEMBER NEWSLETTER                                       Volume 2, Issue 10 November 2008

                    OSD Joint Basing Conference
 Conference at Lackland AFB helps solve Joint Basing challenges

11/3/2008 – San Antonio Joint Program Office (SAJPO) -- More than 200 military and
civilian leaders visited Lackland AFB in San Antonio Oct. 14 – 17 for the second Defense
Department Joint Basing Conference. Key leaders included the Honorable Wayne Arny,
Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Installations and Environment and LTG Robert
Wilson, Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management and Commanding General,
U.S. Army Installation Management Command.

During two days of briefings, leaders from the Office of the Secretary of Defense and
the four military services discussed challenges and developed ideas that officials hope
will help the transition process and solve problems. Col. Vincent Feck is Chief of the
Joint Basing Implementation Office at the Air Education and Training Command.

“OSD and the services visited each phase one joint base location and conducted Memo-
randum of Agreement, or MOA, workshops,” Col. Feck said. “So, the first half of the
conference here was devoted to sharing lessons learned from those workshops.”

He also said overall the conference was valuable. “There were some action items in key
areas taken out of the conference and we’ll see what comes out of it,” Col. Feck said.

Under the BRAC Joint Basing plan for San Antonio, approximately 49 installation sup-
port functions at the Army's Fort Sam Houston will combine with those at Randolph and
Lackland Air Force Bases to support what will be the largest customer, base organiza-
tion in the Department of Defense when actions are completed in 2011. The Air Force is
the lead agency for Joint Base San Antonio, which is one of 12 locations where DoD will
form joint bases.                     (continued pg. 2)
   Conference at Lackland AFB helps solve Joint Basing challenges

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Col. Feck says currently the goal is to
transfer the two Air Force bases under
joint basing by January, 2010 and transfer
Army support to the joint base by April
1st, 2010.

“By the end of March, we want to have
our Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)
finished and ready for coordination.
There’s a lot to do between now and then
to get there,” Col. Feck said.

Dr. CEM Maxwell, Deputy Director of the
San Antonio Joint Program Office (SAJPO),
was pleased with the conference saying it HON Wayne Arne talks with Air Force Maj. Gen. Del Eulberg
was successful on many levels, “We had          about Joint Basing. (Courtesy 37 TRW, Lackland AFB)
the opportunity to show what’s unique
about joint basing in San Antonio and the magnitude of our enterprise,” He said. “The
conference gave us the opportunity to see what the other joint base locations are do-
ing. I think all of that was beneficial to us.”

Planning is underway for a third OSD Joint Basing conference in January, 2009. Offi-
cials say they will also have smaller conferences focusing on more specific subject
matter. Later this month, Randolph AFB will host a smaller-scale conference for re-
source managers. Dr. Maxwell said “This will be very important to get the budget
numbers right.”

                          Brooks City-Base Update

           Brooks City-Base looks eagerly toward future developments

By Meredith Canales
Brooks Discovery Staff Writer
        Brooks City-Base, Texas (Brooks Discovery) -- With the cur-
rent economy in a seeming crisis, many are not thinking about expand-
ing their business. But Don Jakeway, chief executive of Brooks Develop-
ment Authority (BDA), is doing just that with the renovation of several
buildings over the next few years at Brooks City-Base.
         “I’m very optimistic about the renovation of existing space,” Jakeway said. “The reason for
that is the buildings are already here. The only thing that is the unknown is the timetable of exactly
when the Air Force will be leaving. Right now we’ve predicated everything on September of 2011.”
        The BDA is the entity charged with transforming the former Air Force Base on Southeast Mili-
tary Drive into an industrial park and business center. Because that timetable is roughly three years
from now, Jakeway said he’s not really concerned about the economy.
        “Who knows what the economy will be doing at that time?” Jakeway asked. “For existing build-
ings, I’m very positive that we’ll be able to make those extremely attractive for people who are look-
ing for space.”
        With approximately 900 Air Force personnel leaving the base, much of the existing infrastruc-
ture will be empty and available for use.
        “Each one of the buildings here now, the Air Force had for a purpose,” said Jakeway. “If there’s
a lab space, we’ll target people who need lab space. Research and development will be kept research
and development. Office space will be kept office space. We’re not doing anything to change the
buildings’ uses but just updating their uses to make them attractive to people who have similar
        Jakeway said some of the smaller Air Force missions have been relocated, but the majority will
probably be leaving at the end of 2010 or throughout 2011.
        “We have other game plans in case the Air Force exit gets delayed. We’ve been pretty strate-
gic planners so far,” Jakeway said.
        With the renovation of the buildings comes a $48 million expansion of South New Braunfels
Avenue that will provide direct access to Brooks. It will also increase the value of nearby land owned
by the BDA. Brooks also has more than $170 million worth of projects planned or underway.
        “The expansion is ahead of schedule and will have a major benefit for us as far as opportunities
for land development,” said Jakeway. “The first phase of that project will be this December, and we’re
hoping the second phase of that will be done in December of 2010.”
        In addition, the BDA will be partnering with Baptist Health System to situate a new Southeast
Baptist Hospital on 28 acres of Brooks City-Base.
        “The new deal has been completed, and we’re in all the planning stages with their folks right
now,” said Jakeway. “We look to see some information from them soon about a specific time frame,
so that is a truly fantastic project that will change the dynamic of the South Side.”
        Though most of the development will be happening in the future, the economy still weighs
heavily on Jakeway’s mind.
        One of the BDA’s newest projects is the construction of the Brooks City-Base Professional Of-
fice Center. It will be built on an 11.5-acres along the corner of City-Base Landing and Goliad Road,
and feature virtual meeting rooms, high-speed elevators, 575 parking spaces. Officials have said it
will be finished in two years.
                                              (Continued Pg. 4)

                          Brooks City-Base Update

           Brooks City-Base looks eagerly toward future developments

(Continued from Pg. 3)

        Brooks City-Base, Texas (Brooks Discovery) -- “All the projects we’ve envisioned, that
we’ve had the opportunity to work on, are still viable,” he said. “Yet every day we watch what’s hap-
pening with the national economy and marketplace, and it’s having difficulties even here in Texas. We
plan to be very diligent and watch what is going on before we invest hours in a project that may not
        Even with all the current economy woes, Jakeway is optimistic about the project. “A lot of peo-
ple are interested in what’s going on with Brooks,” he said. “We hope somewhere down the road
they’ll be able to call Brooks their home.”

                     San Antonio BRAC program

San Antonio BRAC program ends fiscal year with flurry of contract awards

       FORT WORTH, Texas (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) -- The final contracts awarded
in the 2008 fiscal year as part of the San Antonio Base Realignment and Closure
(BRAC) Program reflect the program’s broad scope and joint military collaboration.
The contracts, awarded before the start of the 2009 fiscal year which began on Octo-
ber 1, include projects that range from constructing a bridge to building sophisticated
training facilities that simulate the working environments of combat medics, corps-
men, and many other medical personnel.
       The largest contract was issued by the Air Force Center for Engineering and the
Environment (AFCEE) for construction of 420,000 square feet of classrooms and labo-
ratories that will be part of the Medical Education and Training Campus (METC) on
Fort Sam Houston. The $116.9 million contract went to Environmental Chemical Cor-
poration, which is headquartered in Burlingame, California and operates a regional of-
fice in San Antonio.
       METC will consolidate the enlisted medical training programs of all branches of
the U.S. military. In addition to classrooms and labs, METC’s 1.9 million square feet
of facilities will include dorms, a physical fitness center, and an 80,000 square foot
dining facility. With an average daily student enrollment of more than 9,000, METC
will be one of the largest institutions of its kind in the world.
       AFCEE also awarded a $9.7 million contract for construction of a 36,000 square
foot administrative center on Randolph Air Force Base to integrate the Civilian Person-
nel Offices from five other bases across the country. The contractor is Weston Solu-
tions, which is based in West Chester, Pennsylvania and maintains a satellite office in
San Antonio. The Civilian Personnel Offices are aligned with the Air Force Personnel
Center at Randolph, which manages personnel programs and carries out policies af-
fecting Air Force active-duty and civilian employees.
       The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth District, awarded two contracts to
build an addition to the Budge Dental Clinic on Fort Sam Houston and renovate the
existing clinic. Both the $13.6 million renovation contract and $1.2 million construc-
tion contract were awarded to the John J. Kirlin Construction Company, headquartered
in Rockville, Maryland. The planned 2,000 square foot expansion of the clinic is nec-
essary to meet the dental care needs of the additional personnel that will relocate to
Fort Sam Houston because of BRAC mandates.
       The Corps of Engineers also awarded a $6.4 million contract to Texas Sterling
Construction Company to build a bridge that will serve a tri-service research lab that
is planned for Fort Sam Houston. Texas Sterling’s headquarters are in Houston and
the company has a field office in San Antonio. The bridge is intended to ensure all
weather and emergency vehicle access to the tri-service lab from the main post.

                 Ft. Sam Construction at-a-glance
    Joint Center of Excellence for Battlefield Health and Trauma Research (BHT)
                        November 2008 construction photos
                                   (courtesy JPMO)

View from the southwest corner of the site             Installing pour strip on south side

 Excavation and shoring on the east side of the site

                                                                  METC Dorm site

            Celebrate America’s Military (CAM)
     2008 Celebrate America’s Military events took place in November. CAM is a yearly celebration coordinated
through the Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, the U.S. military, and local sponsors. The military enjoys
great support in San Antonio, also known as Military City, U.S.A. Our task of executing BRAC is made much easier
because of this support. CAM is an excellent example of the community’s attitude about the military.

                                                                                           Mark Frye, 2008 CAM Chairman
                                                                                           speaking at the CAM kick-off

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SAMMC Groundbreaking Ceremony                                     Kari Thresher                  12/8/2008

Winter ADC Forum                                                  James Henderson                2/09/2009–

•Mr. Dave Smith (AETC)

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•Mr. Kirk Frady (Lackland AFB)

•Mr. Joe Wiggins (Brooks City-Base)

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