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					                        Boulder Creek
                                             September, 2008

            CONGRATULATIONS                                              Bzzzz Update
              The Association!                              The bee business is huge, yet most of us are
                                                       unaware of it. There is a large range of beekeepers
                                                       – from hobby to commercial. Beekeepers take
                                                       their bees near and far to fields and farms to
            We have 96% of our members in              pollinate the crops. In 2000, a Cornell study
compliance with the financial responsibilities         showed honeybees help contribute around $15
owed to the HOA. We all deserve a pat on the           billion of food production. With inflation, the
back for doing such a wonderful job! The               amount would be closer to $19billion today.
outstanding balance is at the lowest figure in            Last winter as many as 40% of U.S. bees died
years. With the current economic woes, we see          off. At least half of them from whatever causes
this as the homeowners taking notice of the            CCD. Researchers are trying to discover the
positive aspects of the HOA, It is of great            causes of Colony Collapse Disorder. Beekeepers
importance that we protect our investments in our      commonly use chemicals in the hives to combat
homes and our community. THANK YOU all for             varroa mites. However many more pesticides were
bringing us to this point!                             detected in the hives. A virus was also found to
                                                       kill off otherwise healthy hives. Most of those
                                                       bees died away from the hive leaving small
               IN MEMORY OF                            clusters of bees without queens.
                                                          This is a serious matter since it will cause a
   We are approaching the solemn anniversary of        decrease in the harvest of a part of our food supply
The United State’s most tragic day. All of us tuned    – therefore increasing our costs in the grocery
into news programs in disbelief as the disaster        stores. In addition to this we have people making a
unfolded before our eyes. Our faith and feelings of    living by hiring out their bees for pollination.
safety on American soil was at risk.                   Many others support themselves by selling honey,
                                                       selling bees in season, making or selling
                                                       beekeeping supplies, selling beeswax and by
                                                       raising and selling queen honeybees. Without
   No matter what your spiritual practices may be,     knowing the causes of CCD, some people could
take a few minutes on September 11, 2008 to            loose their livelihoods.
remember all of the men and women who lost                In your own back yards garden, be sure and
their lives that day. Remember all who lost friends    plant some flowers around the yard that will
and loved ones. So many people live on with the        attract bees to your yard. Salvia, bee balms and
scars from that day. Take another minute or two        butterfly bushes are just a few suggestions. Instead
and remember all THE HEROES.                           of using pesticides for annoying insects, you can
                                                       attract birds to your yard for a natural remedy.

Oct. 4 Community Yard Sale - 7am until
1pm – Start preparing now. As you search for
                                                                 POINTS TO PONDER
things to sell, it is helpful to price as you go. Then
put like items together in boxes or bags. On the           Do illiterate people get the full effect of
morning of the sale, things will run a little            Alphabet Soup?
Oct.20 Community Meeting – we are in the
                                                                        Association Savings
process of planning. More information will be in
the October newsletter so keep the date in mind.
                                                                  The HOAs biggest expense is the
Oct.31 Halloween Costume Contest – We will
                                                         management company. These companies perform
be having our annual contest and it will be open
                                                         many duties for the association such as, accounts
for all ages. Start planning now. More details later.
                                                         receivable and payable. They give advice as
It would really be great if a few of you could help
                                                         needed and take care of business as the board
with judging and grouping ages together. It won’t
                                                         directs. Decision making is not a part of their job.
take long – all the kids will be anxious to Trick or
                                                         This company also makes tours of our community
Treat! If you can help out, call Annice Eury @
                                                         to provide the board with any items that need our
704 795-0096
                                                         attention. This is a necessary duty to protect
Dec. 12 Our Annual Christmas Walk – It is
                                                         values of all homes in the community by making
always the second Friday in December. We are
                                                         sure our CCRs are being carried out.
working on this now, so if you would like to help
                                                            We have not had an increase in management
with this, call Annice.
                                                         expenses in three years. With all increasing costs,
                                                         we have to realize all management companies will
                                                         be increasing their fees. There are ways we can
   UPCOMING EVENTS AROUND TOWN                           control some of our management expenses. We
                                                         have already reduced our assessment billing to
Sept. 1 – Labor Day                                      once a year. This saves time and accounting as
Sept. 5 – 13 – Cabarrus County Fair                      well as saving paper, printing, envelopes and
Sept. 6 – Peanut Butter & Jam Festival ***               postage. If everyone pays the assessment before
Oct. 24, 25, & 26 – Christmas Made in the South          the due date, there won’t be a need for a second
Oct. 27 – School’s Out                                   billing. If we could have100% of us abiding by the
Nov. 4 – ELECTION DAY – please vote                      CCRs, we could reduce the number of tours of the
         School’s Out                                    neighborhood. The result would be less time and
Nov. 11 – Veteran’s Day                                  gas for the management company and a savings
          School’s Out                                   for us. If there are no violations, again a savings of
Nov. 22 – Concord Christmas Parade                       time, accounting, paper, printing, envelopes and
Nov. 26, 27, 28 – School’s Out                           postage.
Dec. 22 – Jan. 2 – School’s Out                             If we would all learn our CCRs and the
                                                         handbooks we sent to everyone a year ago and we
*** Peanut Butter & Jam Festival @ Carolina’s            abide in them, we can accomplish; 1,) savings on
Medical Center NE - 10 – 1                               management costs, 2.) less stress for all, 3.) more
FREE! Fun and games and information!                     pride in Boulder Creek, 4.) Higher property
At 11:00, sponsors have planned the Wheels On            values, and 5.) more time for the board to focus
Parade bike ride. Children and adults can ride their     on positive and beneficial benefits for our
decorated “wheels” around the CMC – NE                   community.
campus.                                                     Let’s all work together towards this goal.
                                                                        JUST FOR FUN

            YARD OF THE MONTH                              Little Johnny’s teacher asks,” What do you call
                                                        a person who keeps on talking when people are no
  Our winner for the month of September is 5872         longer interested?” Little Johnny replies. “A
Dove Point Drive. Congratulations for a job well        Teacher!”
done. We all thank you for doing your part to keep
our neighborhood looking great!
                                                                      AMERICAN PRIDE

                  GREEN TIPS

   Your refrigerator is the single largest power
consumer in most homes. Since we can’t do
without them our best action would be to                  A recent study conducted by Harvard
maximize the efficiency of your fridge. Twice a         University found that the average American walks
year, remember to vacuum the coils on the back of       about 900 miles a year.
the appliance. If your fridge is in direct sunlight,      Another study by the American Medical
try to provide some shade for it. Regularly check       Association found that Americans drink on
the door gasket to make sure the seal isn’t broken.     average, 22 gallons of alcohol a year.
A quick check for this is to place a dollar bill          This means, on average, Americans get about
halfway in and out of the door and close. If the bill   41 miles to the gallon.
pulls out easily, you will need to adjust the latch     eve all the creative ways to use vodka?
or replace the seal.

                                                                            Pet Safety

                                                           The lifespan of an unleashed dog is less than
                                                        four years. Letting them run free threatens their
   The recommended temperature for the fridge is        health and welfare. It also denies you and your
between 37 and 40 degrees and at 5 degrees for          family of the happiness it brings you. This will
the freezer. Occasionally you may want to check         threaten the life of your cat also.
the temp in both parts. Place a glass of water with       Our pets are a part of the family and a constant
a thermometer in the middle of the fridge. After 24     source of love and affection and loyalty. Let’s
hours, check the reading and adjust as needed.          make sure all family members are safe and sound
Check the freezer by placing the thermometer            in Boulder Creek.
between frozen packs of food and check in                  And remember, if you are searching for a new
twenty- four hours.                                     pet, look at animal rescues, our local animal
    Recycle your tea bags as compost (remove the        shelter and the Humane Society. Maybe you will
string). A great idea for the opened bags is to mix     find just the one you are searching for and save an
them with charcoal or ashes and use as a potting        animal too.
mix. If you only have a few bags, pour them out
around the base of some of your plants. Some of
the ladies might like to put some used tea bags on                QUOTE OF THE MONTH
their face. They will make your skin fresh and
smooth!                                                   Nothing should be prized more highly than the
                                                        value of each day. –Johann von Goethe
               WHO KNEW……

   Vodka has been enjoyed since the Middle
Ages. Because it easily mixes and has a high
alcohol content, it is extremely popular in
cocktails. Most likely you will be surprised to find
many other uses for it. Since it is widely available                     Got mold? Instead of using your
and less toxic than many chemical alternatives,        harsh chemical sprays, spray it some bottom shelf
you may want to include it in your cleaning            vodka. Wait 15 minutes. Then scrub away with a
supplies and medicine cabinet.                         toothbrush!
   If you enjoy being outside, you are likely to         Make your own mixture to soothe your aches
come in contact with poison ivy, poison oak and        and pains away. If you find the scent of lavender
sumac. Because of global warming, these plants         to be relaxing – here is a fun treat. Fill a jar with
are spreading. Most people are very familiar with      fresh lavender flowers and top off with- you’ve
the itchy, long lasting rash. People have reported     got it- vodka! Tightly seal the jar and place
that pouring alcohol on the area exposed works         outside in the sun for 3 days. Have you ever made
great. The alcohol washes away the culprit –           sun tea? It’s the same idea. Next, take the mixture
urushiol oil- and alleviates the rash. Please note,    and strain it through a coffee filter and there you
the vodka needs to be at least 100 proof to work.      have it! Your very own tincture to rub into your
   Vodka will also work to kill pesky insects.         aches and pains. By pouring some into small
Simply pour into a spray bottle and spritz on the      bottles and decorating them, you’ve got some very
bugs. You can also spray it on yourself as a           nice and unique for your friends.
repellant. Please remember, don’t take aim at any         Vodka to the rescue! You’ve got a nasty
beneficial bees. The next time you head to the         toothache and can’t get a dental appointment for a
beach, pack the vodka. It will work wonders if you     day or two. This will help. A shot of the spirit
get a jelly fish sting. Just pour it on. The vodka     swished over the area will help clean out some
will disinfect and alleviate some of the pain.         infection and numb some of your pain.
                                                          Lastly, cut down on laundry. Save time,
                                                       money, water, energy and save wear and tear on
                                                       your clothes. After an item has been worn once,
                                                       instead of tossing it in the hamper, lightly spray it
                                                       with a little vodka. Hang in to dry in a well
                 Want to know a great way to put a     ventilated area. No scent will be left once it dries.
shine on your chrome, glass and porcelain              The vodka kills the odor causing bacteria. Can you
fixtures? Just moisten a soft, clean cloth with        believe all the creative ways to use vodka?
some vodka and apply with some elbow grease.
Just look at that shine!
    Do you want to have great and shiny hair? Add
a jigger of vodka to a 12 oz. shampoo. It will give
you healthier, lush hair.
    Maybe you would like to enjoy your fresh cut
flowers a little longer. Add a few drops and 1
teaspoon sugar to the water in the vase. Your
flowers will stay fresh longer. The only set back is
you need to change the mixture daily – but it
should be worth the effort.

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