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									              New Hire Orientation Checklist for Managers

Purpose            The purpose of this checklist is to help you as a manager of new employees at
                   Continental Western Insurance. This checklist has been created to guide you
                   as you prepare the work environment for your new employee and to guide
                   this orientation of the new employee to the workplace.

Contents           This chapter contains the following topics:

                                             Topic                                   See Page
                    As Soon As Employee is Hired                                         2
                    One Week Prior to Employee Start Date                                3
                    Employee’s First Day                                                 6
                    Employee’s First Week                                                9
                    Company Jargon                                                      11

CWG ~ Workplace Performance Team ~ SH/KKM                                                          1
As Soon As Employee is Hired

Overview           In order to allow time for everything to be in place for a new employee, it is
                   important to complete certain tasks as soon as the employee is hired.

Requests and       The following requests or orders should be completed as soon as the
Orders             employee has accepted our offer of employment. Please remember that the
                   Effective Date should be one business day prior to the employee’s start date.

                       SUN Request to set up telephone, recorder, PC, PC software, log-ons, etc.
                   Note: The Mail Room is also notified of all new employees.

CWG ~ Workplace Performance Team ~ SH/KKM                                                           2
One Week Prior to Employee Start Date

Overview           To ensure that the new employee’s transition to employment with CWG will
                   be without incident, certain tasks need to be completed at least one week prior
                   to their start date.

Communi-           Several communication pieces are important to be done prior to an employee
cation Pieces      joining CWG. The intent of these pieces is to welcome the new employee
                   and make others in the department and company aware of the new employee
                   arriving at CWG.

                   Recommended communications are:

                         Piece                                  Description
                    Welcome Letter      This letter will be sent to the new employee and should
                                        include the following items:
                                            When and where to arrive
                                            Who to ask for
                                            Where to park
                                            Suggested office attire

                                        Note: A sample letter is provided in a separate
                    Announcement        This memo or email message should be distributed to
                    Memo or Email       current staff and supervisors, as appropriate. Here is an
                                        example of this communication:
                                           I am pleased to announce that Joan Smith has
                                           accepted the Underwriting position on the Iowa
                                           Team. Joan comes to us with 10 years of
                                           experience from Farm Bureau. Her knowledge of
                                           Agri-Business will be effective as we begin to write
                                           more of this program out of the Central Region.

                                            Joan will start on Monday, August 9th and I will be
                                            introducing her to the department that morning.
                                            Ann Jones will be working with Joan and
                                            mentoring her throughout her training plan.
                                            Several of you will be contacted to assist in the
                                            completion of her training plan.

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CWG ~ Workplace Performance Team ~ SH/KKM                                                            3
One Week Prior to Employee Start Date, Continued

Training           You will need to create a training schedule for your new employee to guide
Schedule           them through their training period. It should include, but is not limited to, the
                       HR Benefits and Employee Handbook Review
                       HR Systems Training – CWG Culture PowerPoint, Lotus Notes –
                       Calendar and Email, ADP e-TIME, SkillSoft, CWGINET, Voicemail,
                       Privacy Policy training, department procedures, etc. (HR will contact you)
                       Technical (job) training
                       Performance Management Training – PRIDE (HR or Workplace
                       Performance Team will contact employee & notify you with dates.)
                       StrengthsFinder 34® – introduced during PRIDE training
                       Harassment training – (HR will notify you with dates)
                       Cross training with other departments, as needed

Supplies           It is important to set up a new employee’s desk with basic office supplies that
                   include the following items:
                        Phone book
                        CWG Phone list (HR will show them how to access on CWGINET)
                        Organizational charts
                        Home phone and address list for team/department
                        Procedures manuals
                        Reference materials, as needed
                        Other pertinent team lists

Equipment          Make sure all the necessary equipment has been installed and is ready to go
                   when the employee arrives.
                      Other equipment, as required

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CWG ~ Workplace Performance Team ~ SH/KKM                                                              4
One Week Prior to Employee Start Date, Continued

Buddy and          In order to make the first few days and weeks a good experience for the new
Volunteer          employee, it will be helpful to complete the following assignments.
Assignments            Assign a buddy (rotate 1 week assignment for first month)
                       Seek volunteers to eat lunch with new employee during their first week

CWG ~ Workplace Performance Team ~ SH/KKM                                                        5
Employee’s First Day

Purpose            The purpose is to make it an enjoyable, informative day without
                   overwhelming the new employee with too much information. The first day is
                   a critical point in the employment relationship.

Introductions      Introduce the new employee to the following:
                       Department Management
                       Other departments/supervisors, etc.

Building Tour      Give the employee a tour of the building to include:
                      Immediate work area
                          Copier/fax machine – where located/how to use
                          Secretarial/Support Clerk
                          Coat Area
                          Department File Locations
                          Mail pickups
                      Fire exit
                      Other Departments
                      Conference Rooms
                          Where they are
                          How to schedule
                      Wellness Room (Des Moines and Lincoln)

Discussion with    As their manager, you will need to review and discuss with your new
Manager            employee the following:
                      Welcome to CWG
                      Employee’s job responsibilities including expectations
                      Give the employee a copy of the Training Schedule you prepared

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CWG ~ Workplace Performance Team ~ SH/KKM                                                       6
Employee’s First Day, Continued

Discussion with        Provide the employee a copy of Employee’s Checklist
Manager                Organizational Structure – How department fits into company and W.R.
(continued)            Berkley corporation
                          Provide company and department organizational charts, as needed.
                          Regional Office/Department structure
                       Employee Key Awards – First Key
                       Dress Code, casual days, jeans stickers
                       Open door policy
                       Procedures for contacting the HELP DESK (Ext. 3345)
                       Appraisal dates (Details will be provided later by HR)
                          Answering standards
                          Personal calls

Time               Review the topics involving time with your new employee to include:
                      Office hours/work hours/breaks, etc.
                      Time Off eligibility (provided by Human Resources to you, as the
                      manager for the new employee)
                         Share with your new employee
                         Keep a copy and give your new employee a copy
                      Attendance expectations
                      Scheduled absences
                         Vacation days
                         Procedure for notifying supervisor in advance
                         How to track
                      Unscheduled absences
                         How to notify supervisor

Meet with          During the meeting with Human Resources, your employee should receive
Human              the following:
Resources              Handbook
                       CWG mug and jeans sticker
                       Office security (pass)

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CWG ~ Workplace Performance Team ~ SH/KKM                                                       7
Employee’s First Day, Continued

Meet with             Benefit Enrollment
Human                 Code of Business Conduct
                      Wellness Room use waiver (Des Moines and Lincoln)
                      Other forms as provided by Human Resources
                   HR will make the employee aware that they will be receiving an invitation
                   from the HR Generalist in their office for a 90-day Follow-up Employment

Work Station       Discuss with your new employee if any work station adjustments need to be
Adjustments        made. If any significant adjustments are needed, contact Facility Services for

CWG ~ Workplace Performance Team ~ SH/KKM                                                           8
Employee’s First Week

Purpose            The purpose is to carry on the process of learning about their role in addition
                   to learning more about our organization. The remainder of the new
                   employee’s first week is your opportunity to continue building a positive
                   employment relationship.

Discussion with    As their manager, you will need to discuss with your new employee the
Manager            following:
                       Role of Supervisor/management style/department resources
                           Review of team client list/individuals’ employee’s client
                           Auditing procedures/standards
                           Phone call monitoring
                       Departmental overtime procedures
                       Inclement weather
                       Emergency plan
                       Fire & emergency procedures
                       Department code for copying/printing

Review with        As their manager, you will need to review with your new employee the
Manager            following:
                       Review how to:
                          Order business cards, if appropriate
                          Set up personal files, if applicable
                          Find and file in team files
                          Handle incoming and outgoing mail
                              Time of pick ups
                          Order supplies

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CWG ~ Workplace Performance Team ~ SH/KKM                                                            9
Employee’s First Week, Continued

CWG Events         During the employee’s first week, it is important to make them aware of the
                   events that CWG sponsors throughout the year, which include the following:
                      Brad’s Quarterly Meetings
                      Service Awards
                      Wellness Week
                      Company Picnic
                      United Way
                      Holiday Luncheon

New Employee       In addition to the orientation you provide, Human Resources will also offer in
Orientation        an 1 ½ hour session additional New Employee Orientation. Human
                   Resources will contact the manager to arrange the date, time and location.
                   This orientation covers:
                   • Lotus Notes
                   • ADP eTime
                   • CWGINET
                   • SkillSoft
                   • Voicemail

                   Note: The voicemail training includes a brief introduction to an on-line
                   course that will assist new employees with first time login instructions and
                   greeting administration only. Any basic department standards need to be
                   handled in your area.

Department         If there are department specific items that need to be addressed during your
Specifics          new employee’s orientation, please write them here as needed.

CWG ~ Workplace Performance Team ~ SH/KKM                                                         10
Company Jargon

Purpose            The purpose of this Company Jargon sheet is to help a new employee become
                   familiar with the internal language that may be unique to Continental Western

CWG Jargon         The following are terms frequently heard at CWG that you will need to help
                   your new employee also become familiar with as they begin their

                      Jargon                                  Description
                        24x7         24 hours a day, 7 days a week
                      A+Plus         Computer system used to create and modify policies
                        ADP          Automatic Data Processing (payroll processor)
                        ADP          CWG’s system to track time and attendance of employees
                        AEI          American Educational Institute
                     Agency Star     On-line quoting tool available to agents
                        AOP          Annual Operating Plan
                      ASLOB          Annual Statement Line of Business
                        CIC          Certified Insurance Counselor
                        CLU          Chartered Life Underwriter
                      Coverall       Former computer system used to create and modify policies
                       CPCU          Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter
                     CWG I-Net       CWG Intranet page for employees
                       CWS           Claims Work Station (CWS) is what the Claims Department
                                     uses to work their claims and track the status of claims
                         Dec         A Declarations Page is part of every policy and where you
                                     find general information related to the policy, including the
                                     insured’s name and address.
                      Essbase        Multidimensional databases (cubes) that are updated both
                      Analyzer       weekly and monthly with many key measures from our
                                     transactional systems. These cubes contain historical data to
                                     identify trends. This information is used in a variety of ways
                                     by many departments to track workflow and facilitate
                                     decision making in support of our company goals. Data is
                                     sorted in cubes and maintained by the Data Warehouse Team
                                     in Information Services (IS).

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CWG ~ Workplace Performance Team ~ SH/KKM                                                          11
Company Jargon, Continued

CWG Jargon (continued)

                       Jargon                                  Description
                         IIA         Insurance Institute of America
                        ISO          Insurance Services Organization (ISO) creates forms that
                                     insurance companies purchase to use for basic insurance
                       Kaplan        A self-study series of courses related to almost all insurance
                                     topics. Formerly known as Pictorial Learning Program and
                        LOB          Line Of Business
                        NCCI         National Council on Compensation Insurance which
                                     provides forms and receives information on Workers
                                     Compensation for member companies
                    Performance      Helping you to reach individual and company goals through
                    Management       two-way communication with your manager, including
                                     setting goals, discussing performance appraisals, feedback,
                                     etc. (See PRIDE)
                       Policy        ABP – Agri-Business
                      Symbols        BOP – Business Owner’s
                                     CA – Commercial Auto
                                     CC – Collector Car
                                     CDP – Country Commodities
                                     CGP – Church Guardian Program
                                     CNP – Contractor’s
                                     CP – Commercial Property
                                     CR – Commercial Crime and Fidelity
                                     CU – Commercial Umbrella
                                     CWP – Commercial Package Policy
                                     DEO – Directors & Officers
                                     FDK – Fire/EMS Pak
                                     FO – Farmowners
                                     FRP – Franchise Restaurant
                                     FSB – Fidelity and Surety Bonds
                                     GL – General Liability
                                     GO – Garageowners
                                     IM – Inland Marine
                                     IMD – Implement Dealers
                                     MCP – Motor Carrier

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CWG ~ Workplace Performance Team ~ SH/KKM                                                             12
Company Jargon, Continued

CWG Jargon (continued)

                       Jargon                                  Description
                        Policy       PEP – Public Entity
                       Symbols       RUP – Rural Utilities
                     (continued)     SBP – Equipment Breakdown (Boiler & Machinery)
                                     SCP – School Commercial
                                     WC – Workers Compensation
                       PRIDE         Performance Results through Individual Development and
                                     Evaluation (See Performance Management)
                        SCLA         Society of Claims Law Associates
                         Sage        Comprehensive online information reference tool that CWG
                                     uses for ISO forms and rules as well as other reference
                      SkillSoft      CWG’s e-learning option with 250 courses available to
                                     employees 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
                       SMART         Acronym used to write effective goals and objectives. The
                                     letters stand for Specific, Measurable, Aligned, Reaching,
                                     and Time-bound
                        SUN          Security User Notification (SUN Request) is used by
                       Request       managers to request telephones, computer equipment, logins,
                                     etc. for employees.
                      Strengths      A natural-born talent that you possess that has been
                                     developed into a strength through gaining skill and
                       TEDD          Tracking Employee Development Database
                      Top Five       Refers to the “Top Five” strengths identified by Gallup’s
                                     StrengthsFinder34® out of the most common 34 strengths
                        VoIP         VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol; allows the four
                                     regional offices to dial each other using only the four digit
                                     extensions by using the internet instead of traditional phone
                     WeConnect       Portal for our agents to access company and policy
                       WRBC          W.R. Berkley Corporation, owner of Continental Western

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CWG ~ Workplace Performance Team ~ SH/KKM                                                         13
Company Jargon, Continued

Department         If your department specifically has any jargon, please begin listing it here so
Jargon             that you can share it with your new employee. You may want to enlist the
                   help of your current employees to create this listing.

Other Jargon       If you are aware of other insurance or other jargon. Please begin listing it here
                   so that you can share it with your new employee. You may want to enlist the
                   help of your current employees to create this listing.

CWG ~ Workplace Performance Team ~ SH/KKM                                                            14

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