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									 BHS Counseling and Advising Newsletter
                                             Fall 2008
Steven Lesniak Kristen Malone Alton Rollerson        Arlene Sweeney-Schmidt       Gayl Platt, Director
A-De (11th-12th) Di-Je (11th-12th) Jo-Mo (11th-12th) Mu-Se ( 9th-12th)             Sh-Z (9TH-12TH)
A-C (9th-10th)   D-He (9th-10th) Hi-Mo(9th-10th)     630-937-8624                 630- 937-8625
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Welcome back to a new school year. In order to keep you informed, we will be mailing the
Counseling and Advising Newsletter home early in each quarter. The purpose of the newsletter
is to facilitate communication with parents about upcoming events sponsored by the Counseling
and Advising Department.

Of Interest to All The Consumer Ed Proficiency Test is offered twice a year. Students may
take it only once a year. It will be given on Tuesday, October 7. Students who pass the test will
not have to take the Consumer Education course. There is no charge to take this test.
Students may sign up in the Counseling and Advising Office in mid-September and will receive
a study guide at that time. We will test 30 students, so sign-up early!
        The Career Center is open to students and parents. Career and college information is
available. The Career Cruising program is available online at (log in:
Batavia, password: Bulldog) This can be accessed at home. The college search process can
be confusing and stressful. The counselors are available to assist you in this important
decision. Please do not hesitate to call if you have questions.
        New from Waubonsee Community College: Parent’s Night The college will offer a two-
hour program exclusively for parents to help them help their children succeed in College.
Programs are scheduled from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 22 and Thursday,
March 12 at the Academic and Professional Center on the Sugar Grove Campus.

Of Interest to Freshmen Counselors will be meeting with groups of freshmen the week of
September 15th to orient these students to high school and explain grade point average, class
rank, and answer questions.
       The counselors will be working with all freshmen this year on the Career Cruising
program during their Cultural Studies class. Freshmen will be working with the program over
the next four years for career, college and vocational exploration. This year students will
complete an interest inventory and do career research. This information will be used to develop
the student’s 4-year program of study in early February.
       Prior to the Fall Open House on September 17th, Mrs. Sweeney-Schmidt and Mr.
Lesniak will present a workshop – Planning for the Future – at 6:30 pm in the cafetorium for the
parents of the class of 2012. We will review the services the Counseling and Advising
Department will provide to you and your child for the next four years. These include career
search, testing, academic advising and college planning.

 Of Interest to Sophomores The PLAN TEST will be given to all sophomores on November 6,
from 11:15 am to 2:30 pm. This is a half day of classes due to conferences. The PLAN is a
practice test for the ACT and also aids students in career and educational planning. ACT
research indicates students taking the PLAN test average 1.5 points higher on the ACT. Since
the ACT is part of the Prairie State Exams (a required program of testing for all Illinois students in
their Junior year) the PLAN should prove to be beneficial.

Counseling and Advising                                                             (630) 937-8613
Of Interest to Juniors            Monday, October 6 is the WCC College Fair. This takes place
at the Sugar Grove Campus from 6:00-8:00 pm. One hundred fifty colleges will be represented.
This is a very informative evening for students and parents to visit with different college
representatives, to learn about specific majors, and to discuss scholarship and financial aid.
        The PSAT will be administered to interested Juniors on Wednesday, October 15th during
the school day. This is the qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship. It also serves as a
practice test for the SAT, a college entrance test used by schools on the east and west coast
and preferred by some of the highly selective colleges. Cost of the PSAT is $13.00. Students
must sign-up in the Counseling and Advising Office by Friday, October 10th by 2:30, with
a check made out to Batavia High School for $13.00. Late registrations will not be

Of Interest to Seniors        The ACT will be given at BHS on October 25. The ACT is a college
entrance test required by most state universities and colleges in the Midwest. The deadline to
register for this test is September 19. Registration materials are available in the Counseling and
Advising Office. Seniors who have not yet taken the ACT or want to retake it should sign up
immediately. Students may also register online at: . Our CEEB code for
college testing is 140 212.
          Seniors have the opportunity to improve their Prairie State Achievement Exam (PSAE)
scores by retaking both Day 1 and Day 2 of the PSAE in October 2008. Students who wish to
take the ACT as part of the PSAE must use a voucher in lieu of payment. This is the only way
the ACT score will be identified as part of the PSAE retake. Vouchers are available in the
Counseling and Advising Office and must be used when registering.
         Prior to the fall Open House, Mrs. Platt and Mrs. Malone will present to senior parents an
overview of the college application process and financial aid. The program will start at
6:00 in the LRC and end promptly at 7 pm.
         A SCHOLARSHIP BULLETIN, compiled by Counseling and Advising will be available to
seniors throughout the year.                 The Bulletin is accessible on Naviance at Most applications are available
on line. To request an application for a specific scholarship not available on line, please stop by
the Office and request a hard copy of the desired scholarship.
         SENIORS will be meeting individually with their counselors during the month of
September to finalize post high school plans and to recheck credits for graduation. Seniors are
encouraged to make an appointment with their counselor during P.E. or during another Block as
soon as possible.
         Over 200 College Representatives will visit BHS this year. Visiting colleges are
advertised on the morning announcements as well as posted in the Counseling and Advising
display case. Students must sign up on Naviance (see attached) and print a pass to visit with
the representative.
         Seniors may also attend the WCC College Fair on Monday, October 6. This will take
place at the Sugar Grove campus from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.
         To ensure that counselors have adequate time to process the application, College
applications and Scholarship applications MUST be brought to the counselor 2 weeks in
advance of any deadline. The counselors in the Counseling and Advising Office processed
over 1300 college applications last year and expect to exceed that number this year. It is
important that students pay attention to deadlines and details to expedite the process.
         Students applying to college(s) must request an official transcript through Naviance.
Official transcripts can only be sent directly to colleges, scholarship agencies and other
organizations. Students may obtain unofficial transcripts.
         In the interest of confidentiality, ACT and SAT scores will not be recorded on student
transcripts. Students can request that scores be sent directly to colleges from ACT, College
Board for SAT’s. Requests may be made online at or
Counseling and Advising                                                            (630) 937-8613

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