VOLUME ISSUE APRIL Hello Everyone APRIL SHOWERS Brenda Jackson by galenbarbour


									                                       VOLUME 6, ISSUE 4
                                       APRIL 2006

                                       Hello Everyone,
                                       It’s hard to believe that this is the 4th month of 2006
                                       already. March was a very busy month for me with
                                       two trips. First to Shreveport, Louisiana, to attend
                                       Romance Slam Jam, and then to Little Rock,
            Brenda Jackson Newletter

                                       Arkansas for a bookclub Meet and Greet. It was
                                       nice getting away from the computer to spend time with friends. For those of you
                                       who I got to see and meet in both Shreveport and Little Rock, again I say thanks for
                                       making my trips so enjoyable.

                                                                    NEW WEBSITE IS UP!!
                                       Check out my new website and tell me what you think. It’s the same address of
                                       Please sign my new guestbook and tell me how you like the new look! I want to
                                       make it user-friendly, informative and secured for the readers of my books to enjoy.

                                                                 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
                                       Happy birthday to my readers whose birthdays are in April. May you have many
                                       more!! A special shout out to my youngest son, Brandon, who turns 26 on April 26.

                                                      Happy Easter
                                                                  MADARIS FAMILY REUNION
                                                             FAMILY REUNION CRUISE - 2007
                                                       Saturday, April 28, 2007 - Thursday, May 3, 2007
                                                                5-day Western Caribbean Cruise
                                            On board the Carnival Inspiration that will set sail out of Tampa, Florida
            Brenda Jackson Newletter

                                                              GOT TO GIVE IT UP . . . FOR ROMANCE
                                       The agenda will continue to be a work-in-progress, but here is the cost of the cruise
                                                  as well as some of the activities we have planned so far!!
                                       ***CHECK OUT THIS FLYER DETAILING A SPECIAL EVENT WE WILL HAVE FOR
                                       AUCTION IS WILL BE HELD ON THE CRUISE.
                                                                CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS!!
                                       FOR PLANNING PURPOSES THE CRUISE WILL BE LIMITED TO THE FIRST 300
                                       PERSONS TO SIGN UP.
                                            Ports of call:
                                            •Grand Cayman


                                       CABINS (per person based on double occupany)                                            S

                                            •4A - $680.00                                                                      S
                                            • 4B - $720.00
                                            •6A - $750.00                                                                      M
                                            •6B - $790.00
                                       · CATEGORY 12 SUITES - (limited number available) $1,330 PER PERSON
                                       NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT OF $150.00 PER PERSON AT THE TIME OF BOOKING.
                                       LAST DAY TO BOOK IS MAY 31, 2006. THIS DATE MAY BE EARLIER IF 300
                                       PERSONS SIGN UP BEFORE THIS DATE.
                                       2nd payment due ($300) - SEPTEMBER 1, 2006
                                       •        3rd and final payment due - FEBUARY 1, 2007
                                                              5 DAY WESTERN CARIBBEAN ITINERARY
                                       DAY                   PORT               ARRIVE                    DEPART
                                       Saturday              Tampa                                        4:00 PM
                                       Sunday                Fun Day At Sea
                                       Monday                Grand Caymen       7:00 AM                   2:00 PM
            Brenda Jackson Newletter

                                       Tuesday               Cozumel            9:30 AM                   10:00 PM
                                       Thursday              Fun Day At Sea
                                       Friday                Tampa              8:00 AM
                                       •     CRUISES AND TOURS WILL AGAIN BE OUR TITLE SPONSOR!!
                                       Sheryl at Cruises and Tours has began accepting deposits. Give her a call at 1-800-
                                       935-2727, EXT 203.
                                       Some of the activities we have planned so far:
                                                • Pre- Cruise Gala in Tampa on the night before we set sail.
                                                • FUN DAY IN COZUMEL - Private group tour of Cozumel that includes a very
                                                delicious lunch.
                                                • FUN DAYS AT SEA - We have 2 FUN DAYS AT SEA where special activities
                                                are being planned for all attendees.
                                                • MEET AND GREET PARTIES - on board ship where I will get together with
                                                readers of my books for up close and personal book discussions.
                                                • BOOKSIGNING - Where I will be signing my books.
                                                • GAMES - Back by popular demand the Family Feud and Jeopardy games.
                                                • GIFTS - All attendees will receive a commemorative tote bag filled with
                                                goodies, and prizes and gifts galore will be given away!!
                                                • MR. ROMANCE - The first and only African American male to win the
                                                national Mr. Romance contest, Randy Richwood, will be on board to dazzle all
                                                the ladies.
                                       NOTE - WHEN YOU TALK TO SHERYL PLEASE CONFIRM WHAT TYPE OF ID IS
                                       NEEDED (BIRTH CERTIFICATES, PASSPORTS) TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY.
                                       OF 2007 THE BEST EVER AND I HOPE YOU WILL BE THERE TO ENJOY THE FUN!!!!!!
                                                                     COMING IN MAY
                                                       ANOTHER WESTMORELAND TO LOVE!!
                                                                  Get ready to be caught up in
                                                                    THE DURANGO AFFAIR
                                                                  The Durango Affair (Desire)
            Brenda Jackson Newletter

                                                                      The Durango Affair
                                                                      by Brenda Jackson
                                                                     “I’m having your baby.”
                                         Savannah Claiborne’s simple statement set off an avalanche in Montana ranger
                                       Durango Westmoreland’s carefully ordered life. Suddenly, an unforgettable night of
                                        passion with the hazel-eyed beauty had turned into a lifetime of obligation for the
                                                                      confirmed bachelor.
                                       But Westmoreland men always honored their responsibilities, and leaving Savannah
                                            to raise his baby on her own was not an option. So he proposed and she
                                            accepted...with one condition: Theirs would be an in-name-only marriage.
                                                                   Durango agreed. For now.
                                        BRENDA DOES ANOTHER ON-LINE STORY FOR HARLEQUIN!!
                                                        STARTING IN MAY
                                       My short story, NEVER TOO LATE, will be coming to a computer near you on the e-
                                       Harlequin website. Look for this online story in May. Each day, for 20 days, you can
                                       pull up a chapter. If you miss a day you can always go back to catch up. I did this
                                       type of story before with A LOVER”S TOUCH, and I’m looking forward to bringing
                                       another online story you way. More details are to come, including the link to the story
                                       before it begins.
                                       Click here for the online stories - eHarlequin.com: Online Read Library
                                       You will also be able to connect to the story through my website.
            Brenda Jackson Newletter

                                                                     FORGED OF STEELE
                                       Get ready to meet the 4 brothers who are Forged of Steele. They are the Steele
                                       Brothers of North Carolina who own the Steele Corporation. The brothers are
                                       Chance Steele; Sebastian (Bas) Steele; Morgan Steele and Donovan Steele. And
                                       they have 3 female cousins who you will hearing a lot about, too!!
                                       Their stories begin in July 2006 from Harlequin’s new African American line of books
                                       called Kimani Press. The first story, Solid Soul, hits the stores in July 2006 and
                                       introduces Chance Steele. The second book, Night Heat, will come your way in
                                       September and will feature Sebastian Steele. Then in January, get ready for Beyond
                                       Temptation when we bring to you Morgan Steele’s story.
                                       Solid Soul will be my 40th book and I look forward to celebrating with all of you!!
                                       Make sure you check out my website as to how you can join in the fun and
                                       celebration beginning in May 2006!!

                                                           BRENDA’S EMMA’S AWARDS 2006
                                       I am proud to say I received the following awards at this year’s ROMANCE SLAM
                                       JAM. Thanks to all those who voted!!
                                             • Emma Award for Author of The Year 2006
                                             •Emma Award for Book of The Year 2006 - Unfinished Business
                                             •Emma Award for Favorite Sequel 2006 - Unfinished Business
                                             •Emma Award for Favorite Hero 2006 - Alex Maxwell from Unfinished
                                             •Emma Award for Favorite Heroine 2006 - Christy Madaris from Unfinished
                                             •Emma Award for Favorite Anthology 2006 - Big Girls Don’t Cry

                                             •Emma Award for Favorite Novella 2006 - The Perfect Seduction from Big
                                             Girls Don’t Cry
                                                               DELANEY’S DESERT SHEIKH
                                       Delaney’s desert Sheikh is not listed as one of the Westmoreland books to be
                                       reissued. If you are one of my many readers who are looking for Book 1 of the
                                       Westmorelands, Delaney’s Desert Shiekh, please take the time to let Harlequin
                                       know that you would like this book reprinted!
                                       Send you e-mails to : customer_ecare@harlequin.ca
                                       You can click on the e-mail address above to send your message! The more
                                       messages they get the better!!
                                       NOTE - 10 copies of Delaney’s book will be give away during the 40th Book
                                       Celebation. Stay tune for details on how you can win a copy!!
            Brenda Jackson Newletter

                                                               BRENDA JACKSON BOOKS
                                       Are you a new reader to my books and want to know what I have out there? By the
                                       end of the year I will have 43 books in print!
                                       For a listing of ALL my books, please click on this link - BRENDA JACKSON books

                                                               THE NEXT MADARIS BOOK
                                       The next Madaris Book which is scheduled to be released in early 2007. It is Slade
                                       Madaris’s story and I look forward to sharing it with all of you!

                                                         THE BRENDA JACKSON BOOK CLUB
                                       This special group is for my dedicated, die-hard readers. As a member of this group
                                       you will get the opportunity to chat with fellow readers; receive special newsletters,
                                       hot-off-the press news about upcoming book releases, conference and booksigning
                                       appearances, participate in contests (with prizes being given away), and lots of
                                       interesting information shared with you.
                                       Also, as a member of this group you will get the chance to participate in our Meet
                                       and Greets! At Meet and Greets we get together for an entire weekend at a
                                       designated hotel and discuss books, my future writing projects, I autograph any
                                       books you bring with you, we go to movies, attend special events in the area, or just
                                       sit around the hotel and chat and have a wonderful time just getting to know each
                                       So far the group has met for weekends of fun in Atlanta, North Carolina,New York,
                                       Arkansas and the Washington DC/Maryland area. Other areas being considered
                                       for future Meet and Greets are Las Vegas, Texas, Florida, Philly and Canada.
                                       I look forward to meeting the members of the BJBC at the Meet and Greets who will
                                       be flying in or driving in to join us for a weekend of fun!!
                                       FAIR WARNING - The BJBC is not your typical book club. This bookclub is like a
                                       huge family that gets together periodically for regionals “Meet and Greets”. And
                                       there’s a lot of daily on-line activity that goes on with this book club.
                                       If e-mails begin getting overwhelming, you can go to the “edit membership” button
                                       and instead of getting individual e-mails, you can choose to get “no-emails” where
                                       you go in and read the messages on Yahoo instead of getting the daily e-mails. Or
                                       you can select the digest version. The choice is yours. You determine your level of
                                       participation in this club.
                                       The BJBC is located on Yahoo. To join, visit my website for the link to sign up.

                                                         BOOKS COMING YOUR WAY IN 2006
            Brenda Jackson Newletter

                                                            Here is a breakdown of my book list for 2006:
                                       January - Mr. Satisfaction
                                       February - Taking Care of Business
                                       May - The Durango Affair (Book 8 of the Westmoreland Series)
                                       May - Never Too Late - a Daily read on the e-Harlequin site
                                       July - Solid Soul (Book 1 of the Forged Of Steele Series and Brenda’s 40th
                                       August - Ian’s Ultimate Gamble ( Book 9 of the Westmoreland Series)
                                       September - Night Heat (Book 2 of the Forged Of Steele Series)
                                       November - What A Woman Wants (St. Martins Press)

                                                             AUTOGRAPHED BOOKS
                                       How would you like an autographed Brenda Jackson book? My local bookstore, The
                                       Book Nook, has a vast inventory of all my books and the majority of them have
                                       been autographed by me.
                                       If you want an autographed book just call the Book Nook , ( 904) 733-4586, and
                                       they will be glad to ship you one as long as their supply last.
                                       NOTE - This Book Nook is not affiliated with the on-line Book Nook.

                                                                      A LOVER’S TOUCH
                                        I have received inquiries regarding my on-line book for Harlequin, A Lover’s Touch,
                                                      that came out in October of 2002. Here is the link to it.
                                       eharlequin.com - Daily Read A Lover’s Touch -
                                       Thanks for taking the time to read my newsleter. If you know of anyone who’s not on
                                       my mailing list and would like to receive my monthly newsletters, please tell them to
                                       drop me an email at WriterBJackson@aol.com.
                                       Take care and stay blessed!!

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