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                                                                   Sigma Theta Tau
                  International Honor Society of Nursing
                                   Zeta Phi Chapter News

                                               PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
       As the World Turns
       by Donna Miles Curry, PhD, RN

               I attended the ARISTA 3 International                with incoming president of Sigma Theta Tau
       Conference in Sorrento, Italy as an invited respondent.      International, Daniel Pesut, PhD, RN. Dr. Pesut will be
       The focus of this ARISTA was to develop a position           talking about critical thinking model innovations. See
       paper on the preferred future of nursing in the              the listing of upcoming events for further information.
       Mediterranean region. Conference attendees came              The goal of SONK is to have at least ten members
       from diverse places such as Italy, Greece, Morocco,          from each of their chapters attending the event. Please
       Spain, and Malta. A hot topic at this conference was         consider coming. You may contact me by e        -mail at
       who should teach nursing.          Interestingly, nursing for additional information.
       education in Italy is done by physicians as few nurses                Lastly, Zeta Phi chapter co-sponsored the
       hold degrees and have no tenured faculty positions.          Spring Into Research Conference held on March 7 at
       Other educational issues revealed that nursing education     the College of Nursing and Health at Wright State
       in Spain is mostly at the BSN level and the European         University. The guest speaker was Lynne Sommer,
       Union is making strides in standardizing nursing             Director of Nursing Research at University of Cincinnati
       education throughout their region. Also discussed was        with four additional speakers and 11 poster
       the nursing shortage which has been somewhat                 presentations. The conference was well attended.
       problematic in the Mediterranean region. The status of       Thanks to Denny Russell for his assistance with the
       the nursing profession there is low. However, the pay is     conference arrangements and also to our program chair,
       seen as acceptable when compared to other female             Jane Hutcheson.
       dominated jobs of similar status.                                     Hope to see you at Induction. Best wishes for
               Moving around to our corner of the world, I’d        a happy healthy Spring.
       like to briefly mention the Chapter Leadership
       Academy held in Indianapolis. Chapter members
       Bobbe Gray, Christa Barlow (our Leadership Intern),
       and I attended. I gave a brief talk about the
       development of the Southern Ohio–Northern Kentucky                            Donna Miles Curry, PhD, RN
                                                                                            Associate Professor
       (SONK) Consortium of four area Sigma Theta Tau                                College of Nursing & Health
       chapters. SONK will be sponsoring a half day event
ume 20, Issue 3
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            Sigma Theta Tau President May Wykle, RN,
                            PhD, FAAN
            President Elect Daniel J. Pesut, PhD, APRN,
                             BC, FAAN
           Zeta Phi Chapter President Donna Miles Curry,
                              PhD, RN
               at the Chapter Leadership Conference
 Volume 20, Issue 3                                             Spring 2003                                        Page 2

                                                   ZETA PHI OFFICERS

 President                            Donna Miles Curry
 Vice President                       Jane Hutcheson 
 Recording Secretary                  Leatha Ross    
 Corresponding Secretary              Bobbe Gray     
 Research & Awards Committee Chair    Jan Belcher
 Treasurer                            Madalyn Galloway
 Faculty Counselor                    Susan Praeger  
 Faculty Counselor                    Ann Stalter    
 Nominating Committee                 Jane Doorley   
 Nominating Committee       Margaret Graham      
 Nominating Committee       Jayne Gmeiner     

                                             QUOTABLE NOTABLES

“To make the distinction between a trade and a profession, let me say that the laying on of hands to wash
around a body is an activity, it is a trade; but if you look behind the activity for the rationale and intent,
look beyond it for the opportunities that the activity opens up for something more enriching in growth,
learning and healing production on the part of the patient–you have got a profession.” –Lydia Hall (1969)

L pg 1    *President Message/ As the World Turns                               L pg 5 *About Our Members, continued
                                                                                       *Calendar of Upcoming Events
                                                                                     * International Events

L pg 2    *Quotable Notables                                                   L pg 6 * Regional Events
                                                                                      * Call for Volunteers
                                                                                      * Zeta Phi Events
                                                                                      *Research and ScholarshipCommittee
L pg 3   From Our Members
                                                                                      *Undergraduate Applications
       *The Relationship of Attitudes, Beliefs, and Expectations about Pain
       with Postoperative Pain Ratings Following an Abdominal
    Hysterectomy: A Secondary Analysis by Cindra Holland, MS, RN
       *Nurse’s Health Study - A Wealth of Information to Healthy Living
         by Bobbe Ann Gray, PhD, RNC, Corresponding Secretary

L pg 4    *Nurse’s Health Study - A Wealth of Information to Healthy Living,   L pg 7 *Graduate Applicantions
          continued.                                                                   *Research Funding
         *About Our Members                                                            *Clinical Scholarship Awards and
                                                                               L Back cover:
                                                                                        *Upcoming Zeta Phi Meeting
 Volume 20, Issue 3                                      Spring 2003                                           Page 3

FROM OUR MEMBERS                                                and disagreed with the statement that "good patients do
                                                                not complain of pain."
The Relationship of Attitudes, Beliefs, and                               Clinical Implications. Nursing must address
Expectations about Pain with Postoperative                      changes regarding attitudes and beliefs, which are
Pain Ratings Following an Abdominal                             acquired over years, and share information that will foster
Hysterectomy: A Secondary Analysis                              realistic pain expectations. Results indicate the need for
                                                                further research related to the association between
                            by Cindra Holland, MS, RN           attitudes, beliefs, and expectations and the reported pain
          Extensive research has addressed how the
nurse's attitudes toward pain influence the assessment of             See you at the Southern Ohio
a patient's pain. However, limited research has been                 Northern Kentucky Consortium
done regarding the impact that a patient's attitudes,
                                                                   (SONK) Conference in Cincinnati,
beliefs, and expectations about pain have toward
postoperative pain ratings.                                              OH on May 16, 2003
          Purpose. The purpose of the secondary analysis         See Upcoming Zeta Phi Meeting Schedule
was to examine how years of formal education, age, and
attitudes and beliefs about pain prior to the surgical
experience influenced postoperative pain ratings.
          Design. A descriptive correlational design was                     Nurse’s Health Study
chosen to study the relationships between women's                   A Wealth of Information to Healthy Living
attitudes, beliefs, and expectations toward pain, and how
those concepts were related to postoperative pain ratings.                             by Bobbe Ann Gray, PhD, RNC
          Sample. The volunteer sample from the original                                     Corresponding Secretary
study included 85 Caucasian women, at least 21 years of
age, who could read and understand English, did not have        As a long-time participant in the Nursing Health Study
cancer as a preoperative diagnosis, and received                (NHS), I’ve always looked forward to the annual
analgesia per patient controlled analgesia (PCA).               newsletters sent out to keep us updated on interesting
          Method. The study was a secondary analysis of         findings regarding life-style and health. For those of you
data previously gathered from a larger study, where             who may not be familiar with the study, the Nurses'
prospective participants were approached on the second          Health Study was established by Dr. Frank Speizer in
postoperative day and rated their present pain on a Visual      1976 with funding from the National Institutes of Health.
Analog Scale (VAS), which consisted to a ten-centimeter         Initially, the NHS was designed to investigate the
horizontal line with "0" and "no pain" as the anchor on the     potential long term consequences of the use of oral
left end and "10" and "worst pain possible" as the right        contraceptives on women. Dietary issues were added in
sided anchor. Subjects also scored nine statements              1980 as we began to recognize the tremendous impact
related to attitudes, beliefs, and expectations about their     diet plays in the development of chronic illnesses. In
pain on a 1-6 Likert scale ( = .68), with responses             1989, a second study called the NHS II, was funded to
ranging from 1 = "strongly disagree" to 6 = "strongly           look at many of the same variables among a younger
agree."                                                         cohort of nurses.
          Findings. Results included a positive correlation
between higher postoperative pain ratings by those              The NHS and NHS II are the largest studies ever
women "having trouble dealing with pain" (r = .29, p <          conducted on the health of women and have provided
.01) and the "belief that the nurse should know their pain      enlightening results. Here are a few interesting findings
status" (r = .31, p < .01). Women with more years of            gleaned for the responses of over 250,000 American
formal education had lower postoperative pain ratings           nurses over the past 25 years.
 Volume 20, Issue 3                                     Spring 2003                                           Page 4

[Nurse’s Health Study, continued]                              Nursing in the Mediterranean held in Sorrento, Italy on
                                                               March 13-15, 2003.
–The evidence is quite clear. The development of type 2
diabetes mellitus is a function of what we eat, how much       Bobbe Gray, PhD and Donna Curry, PhD, attended
we exercise and what we weight. Losing weight and              Sigma Theta Tau International's Chapter Leadership
keeping if off can immediately and substantially reduce a      Academy held in Indianapolis, IN. in April. Dr. Curry
woman’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes.                    was also part of a panel for the Community Building
–Women who consume large quantities of high glycemic           session.
foods (white potatoes, white rice, white bread, non-whole
grain pastas) had a 50% higher risk of developing type 2       Cindra Holland, MS, will give a poster presentation,
diabetes than women who eat these foods sparingly.             "Developing a CNS brochure to inform patients of CNS
–Women who eat three servings of fruits and vegetables         services: A class assignment" at the National
per day reduce their chance of developing heart disease        Association of Clinical Specialists conference, Many
by 20% compared to women who consume fewer                     Faces, One Mission: CNS Excellence in ClinicalPractice,
portions.                                                      to be held in Pittsburgh, PA, on March27-29, 2003. She
–Replacing saturated and trans-unsaturated fats with           also gave a poster presentation on Developing a CNS
unhydrogenated (liquid) monounsaturated or                     Brochure to Inform Patients of CNS Services: A Class
polyunsaturated fat is more effective in reducing coronary     Assignment at the National Association of Clinical Nurse
heart disease than reducing overall or total fat intake.       Specialists Conference, Many Faces, One Mission:
–The risk of hip fracture in older women almost doubled        CNS Excellence in Clinical Practice and Leadership, held
for those women who consumed high doses of retinol, a          in Pittsburgh, PA.
nutrient frequently found in supplements and fortified
                                                               Paula Reams , has been selected to do an oral
                                                               presentation in the Leadership Sessions at the Biennial
–Women consuming at least one serving of whole grain
                                                               Convention in Toronto. Her topic is, "A Service Learning
foods had a 30 to 40% reduction in risk for ischemic
                                                               Honors Program--Forging New Ground in Multi-
         Those interested in obtaining copies of past          disciplinary Health Education."
annual newsletters can access them on-line by going to
                                                               Zeta Phi representatives to the MNRS convention in
                                                               Grand Rapids Michigan include Yvonne Lu, PhD, Jan
                                                               Belcher, PhD, Bobbe Gray, PhD, Candy
ABOUT OUR MEMBERS.........                                     Cherrington, PhD, Carol Holdcraft, DNS, Patricia
Jane Doorley, MS, published "The role of nebulized             Martin, PhD, and Gail Moddeman, PhD. Gail
opioids in managing terminal dyspnea" in Clinical Nurse        Moddeman and Cindra Holland presented "The
Specialist 17(1), pp 19-21 (2003). Coauthors were              influence of attitudes, beliefs and expectations related to
Michelle Hobbs, Elizabeth Delaney, and James Murphy.           postoperative pain on pain ratings and analgesia use" at
                                                               the Midwest Nursing Research Society 2003 Annual
Cindy Gibbons, PhD, will give a poster presentation,           Research Conference in Grand Rapids, MI, in April. Jan
"Disaster preparedness: University-community                   Belcher and Carol Holdraft presented “A two year
partnerships," at the Ohio League for Nursing                  descriptive study of depression websites.” Yvonne Lu
Conference, Advancing Nursing Education and Practice:          presented “The needs of community services among older
Strategies for Success, to be held in Columbus, OH, on         adults.”
March 28, 2003.

Donna Curry, PhD, was also one of 17 invited reactors
at the Arista 3 Global Think Tank on the Future of
 Volume 20, Issue 3                                            Spring 2003                                 Page 5

                                                              to Manage Patient Care at the 29th National Organization
[About Our Members, continued]                                of Nurse Practitioner Faculty Conference held in
                                                              Philadelphia, PA. Also presenting were Margaret
The University Promotion and Tenure Committee of              Graham, PhD, who presented Teaching Health
Wright State University’s College of Nursing and Health       Assessment Online: Strategies and Lessons Learned and
supported the promotion of Alice Teall, MS, to Clinical       Martie Teter, MS, who presented a poster presentation
Assistant Professor. She will receive formal notification     titled Interdisciplinary Education of Nurse Practitioners
after the Board of Trustees meets on June 13, 2003. The       and Medical Residents in a Diabetes Treatment Clinic.
promotion will become effective for the 2003-2004             Also attending the conference was Latanya Davis, MS.
academic year.
                                                              CALENDAR OF UPCOMING                         EVENTS
Jacalyn R. Golden of the Ohio Association of Advanced         Spring and Summer 2003
Practice Nurses praised the contributions that Martie         By Bobbe Gray, PhD, RNC
Teter, MS, has made to the organization as an educator
and nursing leader. In particular, Ms. Golden mentioned       For further details on events and
Martie's contribution to the discussions held at the Region   abstract submission, please go to
Five Invitational Leadership Meeting hosted by the            the STTI events under
American Academy of Nurse Practitioners in Chicago on
November 9, 2002.                                   
Drs. Yvonne Lu, Patricia Vermeersch and Gail
Moddeman have been selected as Hartford Institute
Geriatric Nursing Research Scholars. They will attend                              INTERNATIONAL
the Summer Geriatric Nursing Research Seminar of the                               EVENTS
John A. Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing at New
York University for the week of July 7 through July 11,                            1."Mindful Inquiry," Ninth
2003. They were selected as three of 12 outstanding                                  International Reflective
participants from the Midwestern states. The purpose of                              Practice Conference, June
the workshop is to hone research skills and gain a                                   23-25, 2003, in Cambridge,
competitive edge in research proposal submission.                                    England.
                                                              2.   "Building Excellence through Evidence," June
Susan Praeger, EdD, was the keynote speaker at the                 27-29, 2003, in Marrakech, Morocco.
Pennsylvania Association of School Nurses and                 3.   14th Annual International Nursing Research
Practitioners Annual Education Conference, Bridging the            Conference “Evidence-Based Practice:
Gap: Health and Education. Her presentation was titled             Strategies and Successes in Clinical
Wellness Wednesdays: A Morning Broadcast with                      Implementation, July 9, 2003 at the Wyndham
Children. She also attended the Ohio Association of                Sugar Bay Resort and Spa in St. Thomas, U.S.
School Nurses Annual Conference in Dublin, OH.                     Virgin Islands.
                                                              4.   "Best Practice: Improving Quality," 2003
Dr. Patricia Vermeersch attended Stop Surfing, Start               Second Annual Summer Institute on
Teaching: Teaching and Learning through the Internet,              Evidence-Based Practice, July 10-12, 2003, in
held in Las Vegas, NV.                                             San Antonio, Texas.
                                                              5.   "Building Bridges for Collaboration Between
Alice Teall, MS, presented Using Handheld Computers                U.S. & Russian Nurses," Fourth U.S.-Russian
 Volume 20, Issue 3                                        Spring 2003                               Page 6

               Nursing Conference, Aug. 1-16, 2003,
               in Russian Waterways.                      ZETA PHI EVENTS
6.   “Building Diverse Relationships: 37th Biennial
     Convention,” November 1-5, 2003 in Toronto,          1.   Zeta Phi Chapter Induction of New Members
                Ontario, Canada.                               and Installation of New Officers, The Berry
                                                               Room, Nutter Center, Dayton, Ohio, May 15
                REGIONAL EVENTS                                2003 at 7:00 p.m.
                                                          2.   Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky
                1.    Clinical Reasoning Using the             collaborative program featuring Dr. Daniel
                      OPT Model, May 16, 2003 in               Pesut at Sharonville Convention Center, May
                      Cincinnati, OH.                          16, 2003. Please send your payment of $50.00 to:
2.   National Teaching Institute and Critical Care             D. Wendt, Dept. of Health Sciences College of
     Conference, May 17-22, 2003 in San Antonio,               Mount St. Joseph, 5701 Delhi Rd., Cincinnati, OH
     TX.                                                       45233-1672. For more information, see the
3.   Evidence-Based Nurse Executive Practice                   following two websites:
     Invitational Conference, May 29-30, 2003 in     
     Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.                               or
4.   "Going with the Flow: Mapping the Course of          3.   Zeta Phi 20th Anniversary reception and dinner
     Menstrual Experience," June 5-7, 2003 in                  with Dr. May Wykle, President of Sigma Theta
     Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.                                 Tau International as the featured speaker,
5.   Institute on Nursing Informatics and                      September 6, 2003.
     Classification, June 9-12, 2003 in Iowa City,
     Iowa.                                                RESEARCH
6.   "Best Practice: Improving Quality," 2003             AND SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE
     Summer Institute on Evidence-Based Practice,
     July 10-12, 2003 in San Antonio, Texas.              Do you need scholarship money?
7.   Fifth Annual Penn Macy Institute: Building the                                By Jan Belcher, PhD, RN
     Evidence Base, July 13-15, 2003 in Philadelphia,
     Pennsylvania.                                        We now have up to $100
8.   National Alzheimer's Disease Education               grants for Honor Projects.
     Conference, July 20-23, 2003 in Chicago, Illinois.

                                                          Zeta Phi Chapter of Sigma
                                                          Theta Tau, Inte rnational
                                                          has funding for one
     CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS                                  undergraduate and one
                                                          graduate $750 scholarships
  Zeta Phi needs volunteers to work on the Zeta           DUE APRIL 2004!
  Phi 20th Anniversary Celebration scheduled for
   September 6, 2003 at WSU’s Berry Center.               Undergraduate Applicant Criteria:
 Interested members should contact Donna Curry
                                                          1.   Minimum GPA of 3.5
                                                          2.   Undergraduate BSN student (traditional/basic or
                                                               RN) in the Wright State University-Miami Valley
 Volume 20, Issue 3                                             Spring 2003                                Page 7

        College of Nursing and Health                          Awards will be made twice a year in amounts up to
                                                               $2,500 (e.g. one award each time).Grant should be
3.   Does not necessarily need to be member of Zeta Phi        approximately 6-8 pages in length.
     Chapter, Sigma Theta Tau, International

Graduate Applicant Criteria:
1. Minimum GPA of 3.5
2. Graduate student in NLN approved graduate
program in nursing                                             Research Incentive Awards:
3. An active member in good                                    Two research incentive awards, each worth $500, will be
standing of Zeta Phi Chapter, Sigma                            presented to one novice and one experienced researcher.
Theta Tau, International                                       Novice and experienced researchers both must meet the
Do you           need       research                           following criteria:
funding?                                                       1. be a Zeta Phi member
                                                               2. earned a Baccalaureate or higher degree in nursing
Sigma Theta Tau International has compiles a 19 page           3. have formal preparation in the conduct of nursing
booklet entitled, “2003-2003 Research Grant                         research
Opportunities.” For ongoing information about calls for
abstracts and presentation opportunities, please visit their   Research Incentive Award
website at                             Proposal Criteria:
                                                               1. Research in the area of nursing practice,
Zeta Phi Chapter has funding for several research awards          administration or education
and please note deadlines submission changes!                  2. Awards to be given for research in progress
                                                               3. Meets research proposal selection criteria (request
Clinical Scholarship Awards:                                      from contact person)
The purpose of the Clinical Scholarship Grants are:            4. Written evidence of approval of study by appropriate
1. support clinical scholarship focused on outcomes               IRB or written evidence of review in process must be
   ( i.e. conducting research, utilizing research, research       attached
   based quality improvement projects) that have
                                                               Research Incentive           Award      Submission
   applications in multiple settings. A project can be
   conducted at a single site if it has implications broader   Deadlines:
   than a single site.
2. Congruent with Sigma Theta Tau International's              NOW OFFERED Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters!!!
   mission of promoting the scientific base of practice
   and advancing the development and application of                  Deadline Date: October 30, 2003
Proposal Categories:                                           For more information see our web site:
Qualitative Studies and Quantitative Studies         
Quality Improvement Studies
Research Utilization Studies

Clinical Scholarship Applications
Submission Deadline: October 30, 2003
and February 28, 2004
                              Sigma Theta Tau International
                                               Zeta Phi Chapter 163
                                                     Region 9
                                                 Key Chapter 1997, 1999, 2001

UPCOMING ZETA PHI                                        The Zeta Phi Chapter News is published
MEETING SCHEDULE                                         quarterly for the Zeta Phi Chapter, Sigma Theta
                                                         Tau International, Inc. The Zeta Phi Chapter
May 15, 2003 at 7 p.m.
                                                         News welcomes information about members’
Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of
Nursing and Wright State University-Miami                accomplishments in research, publication,
Valley College of Nursing and Health Zeta Phi            promotion, and/or presentations. Please submit
Chapter Induction of New Members and                     to: The Zeta Phi Chapter News, Wright State
Installation of New Officers, The Berry Room,            University–Miami Valley College of Nursing and
Nutter Center, Dayton, Ohio, May 15 2003 at              Health, 3640 Col. Glenn Hwy., Dayton, OH
7:00 p.m.                                                45435. Attn: Bobbe Gray, PhD, RNC, Editor,
                                                         134 UH
May 16, 2003 8:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky
collaborative program featuring Dr. Daniel Pesut,
PhD, RN, CS, FAAN, at Sharonville Convention
Center, 11355 Chester Rd., Cincinnati, OH
45246. This workshop will benefit all registered
nurses, advanced practice nurses, nursing
administrators, and nursing faculty. A $50.00 fee
                                                         Zeta Phi, Chapter 163
includes lunch, materials, and continuing education
                                                         Wright State University–Miami Valley
recording. Request for a refund must be made             College of Nursing and Health
prior to the start of the program. Available for 2.5     3640 Col. Glenn Hwy.
continuing education credits.                            Dayton, OH 45435

Please send your payment of $50 to:

D. Wendt
Dept. of Health Sciences
College of Mount St. Joseph
                                                                         Don’t Forget to
5701 Delhi Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45233-1672                                                    Vote.

Make checks payable to “Omicron Omicron                                Zeta Phi Officers
Chapter”.                                                              Election packet to
September 6, 2003
Zeta Phi 20th Anniversary reception and dinner
with Dr. May Wykle, President of Sigma Theta
Tau International as the featured speaker.