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Medical Uses of Aloe Vera Aloe Extract


Medical Uses of Aloe Vera Aloe Extract

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                                                          Medical Uses of Aloe Vera

                        Medical Uses of
                          A l oe V er a

        Dr. Narges Hosseini , MD
        Dr. Reza Fakhraee, MD
        General Practioners

     General Information                         There are also many romantic tales
     The Aloe Vera plant is a member of lily     about it, suggesting that the Egyptian
     plant which is full of juice and closes     queens Nerfertiti and Cleopatra used it
     similar to a cactus. It produces            as part of their regular beauty regimes.
     approximately 25 fleshy, gray-green         Supposedly Alexander the Great in 333
     leaves in a beautiful rosette display.      B.C. was persuaded by his mentor
     There are about more than 200 species       Aristotle to capture the Island of
     of Aloe Vera. The most beneficial           Socotra in the Indian Ocean for its’
     specie of Aloe Vera plant is Aloe Vera      famed Aloe supplies, needed to treat his
                                                 wounded soldiers.(3)
     The aloe plant and its’ derivative          The leaf of Aloe Vera is rubbery and
     products have played a role in medicine     smooth in touching from outside and
     and health care dating as far back as the   inside the plant is the Aloe Vera gel. It
     4th century B.C. when ancient Greek         is available in a variety of products such
     doctors obtained aloe from the island of    as medicated cream, hand and body
     Socotra in the Indian Ocean. The name       lotion, heat rub, pure Aloe Vera juice,
     Aloe Vera or True Aloe probably stems       mini lift mask, medicated jelly,
     from the Arabic word Alloeh meaning         moisturizer and etc.
     "Shining bitter substance".(2)              Aloe Vera has number of uses and
                                                 mainly they are used as a food
                                                 preservative and medicine.
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    Dr. Narges Hosseini, Dr. Reza Fakhraee

Commercially, aloe can be found in            There is promising preliminary support
pills, sprays, ointments, lotions, liquids,   from laboratory, animal, and human
drinks, jellies, and creams, to name a        studies that topical aloe gel has
few of the thousands of products              immunomodulatory properties which
available.(2)                                 may improve wound healing and skin
Health benefits of Aloe Vera                  Aloe Vera, both oral intake and topical
                                              dressings, is an especially effective
Aloe Vera and skin disorders: Pure            treatment in cases of frostbite, all sores,
Aloe Vera is often used liberally on the      from canker sores to bed sores, any kind
skin. There are no reports that using         of skin wound, as well as blisters and
aloe on the skin causes absorption of         burns, rashes, urticaria, allergic
chemicals into the body that may cause        reaction, abrasions, herpes lesions,
significant side effects. Skin products       hives, insect bites, stings, scalp
are available that contain aloe alone or      itchiness, psoriasis, and sunburn
aloe combined with other active               pain.(7)
ingredients.(4)                               - It lightens the dark spots on the face
When used externally, aloe is the best        and      reduces    the     intensity    of
wound dressing ever discovered. It            pigmentation.(8)
works by simultaneously sealing the           - It is used as a moisturizer and helpful
wound while attracting an increased           in removing dead cells.
flow of blood to the wound,                   - It is also helpful in the penetration of
accelerating wound healing.(5)                healthy substances.(9)

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                                                           Medical Uses of Aloe Vera

                                                   - Aloe Vera ends constipation
                                                  (laxative): Dried latex from the inner
                                                  lining of aloe leaves has been used
                                                  traditionally as a laxative taken orally.
                                                  So      combination      herbal     remedy
                                                  containing aloe was found to be an
                                                  effective laxative in research.(17)
                                                  - Aloe Vera is a natural medicine for
                                                  IBS: Regular consumption of Aloe Vera
                                                  gel worked well in the majority of
                                                  patients who suffer IBS.
                                                  - Aloe Vera halts colon cancer, heals the
                                                  intestines and lubricates the digestive
                                                  Aloe Vera relieves joint and muscle
                                                  pain: Pain in the joints and muscle pain
                                                  occurred due to arthritis is reduced by
                                                  the application of Aloe Vera sprays or
     - Aloe Vera is beneficial in stimulating     Using aloe topically is well known to
     the production of elastin and collagen       ease inflammation of joints, reducing
     which are necessary for preventing the       arthritis pain. But aloe can also be used
     aging of the skin.(10)                       internally,     reducing      inflammation
     - It hydrates the skin and accelerates       throughout the body from the inside out.
     skin repair.                                 People who drink Aloe Vera for two
     - It has anti-aging effects.(10)             weeks typically begin to experience a
     - It is helpful for seborrheic dermatitis    significant reduction of inflammation
     treatment.(11)                               symptoms.
     Aloe Vera cures gum disease: The             Of course, if you continue eating a pro-
     Aloe Vera actually heals gums and            inflammatory diet (red meat, milk,
     eliminates gum disease, mucositis, lip       sugar, white flour, fried foods, and etc.),
     fissure and mouth herpes lesions.(12)        you'll never get rid of all your
     Aloe Vera and digestive disorders:           inflammation with aloe alone, but aloe
     Polysaccharides in the Aloe Vera plant       can help ease your pain while you move
     have curative effects on numerous            to a healthier lifestyle that eliminates
     digestive disorders. The Internet is a       the inflammation for good!
     storehouse      of     information    and    Other situations in which it appears to
     testimonials about Aloe Vera curing          work when taken internally include
     IBS, ulcers, Crohn's disease, ulcerative     congestion,        intestinal       worms,
     colitis (13,14) and other disorders of the   indigestion, stomach ulcers, colitis,
     digestive tract. This is one of the best-    hemorrhoids, liver problems such as
     known applications of Aloe Vera              cirrhosis and hepatitis.
     gel.(15)                                     Aloe Vera and kidney disease: It
     - Aloe Vera ends acid reflux disease:        protects the kidneys from kidney
     Taking Aloe Vera gel on a regular basis,     infection and urinary tract infection
     reduce your heartburn symptoms within
     a few days.(16)

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    Dr. Narges Hosseini, Dr. Reza Fakhraee

                                              Aloe Vera heals radiation burns from
                                              radiation cancer treatments: For those
                                              cancer treatment victims who have been
                                              maimed by radiotherapy treatments
                                              (which don't cure cancer, by the way:
                                              the treatments are largely a medical
                                              hoax), applying Aloe Vera topically to
                                              the radiation area will rapidly accelerate
                                              the healing response. Consuming Aloe
                                              Vera internally will also help heal
                                              radiation burns. Of course, it's smarter
                                              to avoid radiation in the first place,
It prevents kidney stones and protects        since the procedure actually causes
the body from oxalates in coffee and          cancer just like mammograms do. Radio
tea.(17)                                      modifying effects of the leaf extract of
Aloe Vera fights against AIDS: Aloe           Aloe Vera were observed on the testes
is showing real promise in the fight          of Swiss albino mice at 50 and 100
against AIDS, and the virus has become        mg/kg dose levels. This extract was
undetectable in some patients who used        non-toxic when injected up to 800
it on a regular basis, due to its’ immune     mg/kg, and significant enhancement in
system stimulant properties. It also          survival time of the irradiated group
seems to help prevent opportunistic           was observed. In addition, treatment
infections in cases of HIV and                reduced radiation-induced damage to
AIDS.(18)                                     germ cells and loss in body weight.(19)
Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory               Aloe Vera amplifies the antioxidant
effect: The asthmatics were able to cut       effects of vitamins: It makes vitamin C,
down on their usage of inhalers,              E and other antioxidants work better! It
including the steroid inhalers. These         actually      potentiates      antioxidants,
effects were probably due to Aloe             probably due to its’ effect on enhancing
Vera's innate anti-inflammatory effect        blood quality and allowing the blood to
as well as its effect on the immune           more effectively transport oxygen and
system.(3)                                    nutrients to the cells of body.
Aloe Vera boosts immune function              The gel of Aloe Vera provides benefit
and destroys cancer tumors: Scientific        in     reducing      triglycerides,    total
research           shows             strong   cholesterol and blood fat lipid and blood
immunomodulatory and anti tumor               sugar levels.
properties       for      Aloe         Vera   Aloe Vera stabilizes blood sugar and
polysaccharides. That means the gel           reduces cholesterol in diabetics:
helps boost immune system function            Laboratory studies show that aloe can
while destroying so it halts the growth       stimulate insulin release from the
of cancer tumors.                             pancreas and can lower blood glucose
It appears to be of help in cancer            levels in mice. Results from two poorly
patients (including lung cancer) by           conducted human trials suggest that oral
activating the white blood cells and          aloe gel may be effective in lowering
promoting growth of non-cancerous             blood glucose levels.(20)
cells.(3)                                     Diabetic patients who take Aloe Vera
                                              for 3 months experience a significant

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                                                          Medical Uses of Aloe Vera

     drop in fasting blood sugar levels. They
     also exhibit lower cholesterol levels and
     slight improvements in total cholesterol.
     Aloe Vera extends lifespan: A
     summary of results are as follows: Aloe
     ingestion, both crude and processed,
     was shown to extend (10%) average life
     span and slow the mortality rate
     doubling time. Also, several beneficial
     effects from aloe ingestion on age-
     related disease were found: Group 2 and
     3 showed a lower incidence of arterial
     thrombosis than Group 1. Furthermore,
     Group 2 showed a significantly lower
     incidence of fatal chronic nephropathy
     and occurrence of multiple causes of
     death compared to the control group.
     All groups ingesting aloe showed a
     slightly lower incidence of fatal
     leukemia. Moreover, no adverse, toxic       chlorine, plus minerals, calcium,
     effects were found with the ingestion of    chlorine, copper, germanium, iron,
     Aloe Vera.                                  magnesium       lactate,     manganese,
     Aloe Vera reduces high blood                potassium, silicon, sodium, and sulfur.
     pressure: Aloe Vera reduces high            But its uniqueness lies in its wealth of
     blood pressure by treating the cause, not   photochemicals such as the organic
     just the symptoms. It will also reduce      acids chrysophanic, salicylic, succinic,
     high blood pressure because part of the     and uric, polysaccharides such as
     reason due to which blood pressure is so    acemannen,      enzymes       such    as
     high in some people is that their blood     glutathione peroxidase, and various
     has turned into a thick, viscous liquid     resins.
     that flows like molasses. Basic physics
     tells you that a thicker liquid will take   Other benefits of Aloe Vera (1, 2, 17)
     more pressure to pump through any           - Repairs "sludge blood" and reverses
     system. By reducing the viscosity and       "sticky blood".
     making the blood flow in a more             - Boosts the oxygenation of your blood.
     frictionless manner, blood pressure is      - Protects the body from oxidative
     automatically                    lowered.   stress.
     Aloe Vera reduces stroke and heart          - Alkalizes the body, helping to balance
     attacks: Aloe Vera by enhancing the         overly acidic dietary habits.
     quality of the blood (by changing sticky    - Nourishes the body with minerals,
     blood to unsticky blood) will have a        vitamins, enzymes and glyconutrients.
     significant impact on reducing heart        - Replaces dozens of first aid products,
     attacks and strokes.(17)                    makes bandages and antibacterial sprays
     Aloe Vera Health Nutrients                  - Prevents and treats Candida infections.
     Aloe Vera juice contains a wealth of
     vitamins, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, and

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   Dr. Narges Hosseini, Dr. Reza Fakhraee

- Functions as nature's own "sports      5- Dennis P, et al .Evaluation of aloe
drink" for electrolyte balance, making   vera gel gloves in dry skin associated
common sports drinks obsolete.           with occupational exposure. Am J infect
- Boosts cardiovascular performance      Control 2003:31:40-2
and physical endurance.                  6-Vermeulen, H., Ubbink, D.,
- Speeds recovery from injury or         Goossens, A., de Vos, R., Legemate, D.
physical exertion.                       Dressings and topical agents for
- Prevents kidney stones and protects    surgical wounds healing by secondary
the body from oxalates in coffee and     intention. Cochrane.Database.Syst.Rev.
tea.                                     2004;(2): CD003554.
- Hydrates the skin, accelerates skin    7- Syed, T. A., Ahmad, S. A., Holt, A.
repair.                                  H., Ahmad, S. A., Ahmad, S. H., and
                                         Afzal, M. Management of psoriasis with
References                               Aloe vera extract in a hydrophilic
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                                                         1387      - 39            76
                                                           Medical Uses of Aloe Vera

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