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Siebel Testing Training

VIEWS: 290 PAGES: 2 conducts customized, hands-on trainings on all technical and functional aspects of Siebel CRM via online webinars as well as instructor led classrooms. Trainers travel globally as per client requirements, more details available on the website:

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Course Duration:             2 Days                            Click here to Request for this Training

Course Fee                   INR 3,500 + Service Tax (10.3%)

                             Understand Siebel CRM features and navigation
Course Objective             Understand how functional processes/designs work in Siebel CRM
                             Understand how technical design is implemented in Siebel CRM, and
                             Create Data Setup for smooth testing

                             Application Features and Capabilities
Modules Covered:             Common Business Entities
                             Siebel Processes

                             Basic Concepts
Content Depth                Extensive coverage of features
                             Understanding of Processes

                             Real Project Examples,
Mode of Training             Classroom Interaction,
                             Application Demonstration,
                             Hands-on practice sessions

                             IT Professionals
Audience                     Non-IT Professionals

                             Basic Software Concepts
                             Comfortable with Windows XP, Microsoft Office |                                                  Page 1

Siebel Basics for Testers – Course Details
Join Us on LinkedIn

                             Contact us:

                             +91 808080 7352 |

Course Schedule

                                           •Overview of Siebel eBusiness Applications
          Day 1, Session 1                 •About Siebel Client
                                           •Siebel UI

                                           •Siebel Application features
          Day 1, Session 2                 •Common Business Entities
                                           •Siebel Processes

                                           •Siebel Processes
          Day 2, Session 1                 •Data Setup
                                           •Using Requirements document for testing

                                           •Using Functional design document for testing
          Day 2, Session 2                 •Using Technical design document for testing
                                           •Questions and Answers |                                          Page 2

Siebel Basics for Testers – Course Details

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