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The Praying Life Foundation Joins Forces with the Praying Pastors Project
"True prayer is when God's heart is expressed through your words," says Jennifer Kennedy Dean, author of multiple books on the subject of prayer, and member of America's National Prayer Committee. Jennifer is working on a new project to equip church leaders to disciple others in prayer. She's teaming up with the Praying Pastors Project to provide prayer resources, prayer support and prayer partners for every pastor in the US. "In uncertain economic times, when fear becomes commonplace, prayer moves to center stage and we want to be sure our pastors are ready to help deepen and strengthen the practice of prayer in our churches," says Mrs. Dana Simons, Executive Director of the Praying Pastors Project. "This project is designed to provide the newest prayer resources available to those who are facing the daily challenges of leading others to pray more fervently and effectively," she concludes. Working together with the Praying Life Foundation, the Praying Pastors Project will challenge communities to sponsor their local pastors so that they can receive all the many varied resources that have been generated through the efforts of both organizations. "By providing the first-ever textbook on prayer to our pastors, along with sermon notes, devotionals and prayer support, we can assure that those churches who are part of our One Year Challenge will be successful in becoming prayer-devoted churches," explains Jennifer. Author Beth Moore calls Jennifer "a gift to the body of Christ." Richard Blackaby says, "I always enjoy listening to Jennifer Kennedy Dean speak on prayer. Every time I hear her I learn something new and am inspired to reach new heights in my prayer life."
Heart's Cry New Hope Publishers Released in 2007 ISBN: 159669095X ISBN-13: 9781596690950 Retail: $9.99

A popular conference speaker, author, radio host and teacher, Jennifer is nationally recognized as an expert on the topic of prayer. Her desire to challenge people to live a praying life exudes onto the pages of her books and through the airwaves of her podcast, webcast and radio show. Jennifer believes a successful, powerful Christian life has its roots in a life of prayer. She challenges believers to grow past packaged, formula prayers and instead live in a continual state of openness to the power and provision of God.

Dean's knowledge of prayer topics, pleasurable personality and skilled use of language make her a favorite at conferences and retreats. She communicates God's Word in ways that are spiritually relevant and intellectually understandable--endearing her to Christians everywhere who have previously been bogged down with unsatisfactory prayer lives. As founder of The Praying Life Foundation, Dean has purposed to provide sound teaching and biblical resources to churches and individuals who are serious about living a life of prayer. Her book, Heart's Cry is the National Day of Prayer signature book. 2009 promises to be a life-changing year for churches participating in the One Year Challenge hosted by Jennifer Kennedy Dean. She's committed to providing resources--many free--to pastors and churches through her website, equipping churches with the materials to move from stagnant, weak or powerless, to powerfilled churches of prayer. Resources can be downloaded for free at Jennifer Kennedy Dean is available for interviews. Contact Kathy Carlton Willis at for more information.

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