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College Planning Guide by myr60070

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									                               CATALINA FOOTHILLS HIGH SCHOOL

             College Planning Guide                                                                                                                        Sept ‘07

CFHS Counseling
                                                 CFHS Counselors                       In addition to course selection ad-
                                                                                                                                   The CCC
    The CFHS Counseling Of-                                                        vising and general counseling, coun-
fice is open Monday - Friday,            Tom Vida           A-C     ext 1920                                                  College and Career Center
                                                                                   selors have primary responsibilities
7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Students          Nancy Lynn         D-H     ext 1510       in select areas: Mr. Vida is the CFHS     The CFHS College and Career
are encouraged to schedule ap-           Barbara Algire     I-Ma    ext 1012       liaison to the service academies and      Center, located in the House One
pointments with their counselor          Julie McCrea       Mc-R    ext 1555       other military opportunities and also     Counseling Office, is an important
to occur during a free period or         Jay Christopher     S-Z    ext 1090       works with students with special          college exploration resource center
before/after school.                                                               needs. Mrs.. Lynn is liaison to our       coordinated by a team of parent
    Students are assigned to               The Counseling office staff are          Falcon Rock alternative high school       volunteers. Computers are avail-
counselors by alpha division,           wonderful resources and are often          and also works with students with         able for researching both career
though a student is free to work        able to respond to your question or        special needs. Mrs. Algire serves         and college options; and print
with whom s/he feels most com-          concern in lieu of seeing a counselor.     as the AP testing coordinator and she     materials include college reference
fortable. All counselors are avail-     They are:                                  and Ms. McCrea coordinate college-        guides, entrance exam information
able for assistance with college                                                   related activities. Ms.. McCrea also      and registration forms, and infor-
planning and writing letters of         Secretary Joyce Donovan ext 1998           coordinates course registration. Mr.      mation regarding scholarships and
recommendation for college ap-          Registrar Gail Cusack    ext 1710          Christopher serves as AIMS and            career opportunities.
plications.                             Scheduler Maryann Jordan ext 1375          Terra Nova testing coordinator.

        Tom Vida                        Nancy Lynn                          Barbara Algire                 Julie McCrea                   Jay Christopher

Decisions, Decisions…                                                                        The College Search
Whether planning to continue your education after high school                   There are over 2000 four-year colleges and universities in the United States,
graduation or go into the world of work, there are many decisions               each with something to offer. Identifying your top choices can seem a daunting
to be made during senior year. It is important to talk with family              task. Begin by doing a self-assessment: What’s important to you? loca-
members concerning hopes, plans, and concerns surrounding life                  tion? size? weather? cost? Use the college inventory tool to guide you in
after high school. Discussions with friends can be helpful, too, as             this assessment. Research colleges. Talk to family members, adult family
students not only learn more about what options are available, but              friends, teachers and other professionals about schools they attended or are
more about themselves as well. Counselors are able to provide                   otherwise familiar with. Discuss college selection with your peers and recent
information concerning selecting appropriate courses and applying               graduates. Spend time on the internet. Visit the CFHS College and Career
for colleges, as well as support your efforts to gain self-knowledge.           Center and peruse college catalogs and view books. Meet with the college reps
What do you like to do? What are you good at? What kinds of                     who come to visit our campus. Attend the October college fairs in Tucson.
activities do you avoid? Why? Are you more interested in people?                Whenever possible, visit the college campus of potential interest.
...places? ...things? What did you want to be when you were a
child? What have you considered doing as you’ve grown? What                     Try to avoid the mind-set that “There’s only one right college for me.” The
do your parents do? Your parents’ parents? These are the kinds                  truth is that if well prepared academically and possessing good social skills,
of questions you will be called upon to answer over and over during             students will achieve personal and academic success almost anywhere they
the next few years. They are definitely thoughts to ponder as you                are admitted. The goal should be to find a good personal “fit” and the criterion
work through your senior year in high school.                                   should include:
                                                                                 What is the campus culture? - Artsy, brainy, athletic, conservative, diverse?
                                                                                  What about the surrounding community? - Recreation, arts, sports, shop-
                                                                                  ping, transportation? Is it a place where I will be happy/comfortable?
                                                                                 Is the academic program appropriate? Is it rigorous and competitive (“cut-
  The Counselor Role                                                                throat”)? Or challenging and stimulating, promoting learning for learning’s
                                                                                    sake, in a cooperative atmosphere? Or will campus life be as or more
  Counselors are available to assist with the application process,                  important than classroom learning? Most students will change their
  but are not able to get a student into a particular school. Colleges              major at least once so selecting a school based solely on major may not
  consider, first and foremost, whether the student will be academically             be the best criterion. Note also that two out of three CEO’s of Fortune
  successful at their institution. Second, the college wants to determine           500 companies attended small liberal arts colleges -- schools not usually
  if the student is a good “fit” with their school and how the student               associated with strong business programs.
  will contribute to the campus community. These are criteria for
  which the student is responsible. The counselor supports the student’s         Is the college affordable? Don’t rule out applying to a college on cost alone,
  college application process by providing information (about testing,              however, as scholarship or aid money may make it affordable. Many
  college resources, NCAA, military options, financial aid/scholarships,             very expensive schools have large endowment funds to distribute among
  career choices, etc.), helping to clarify goals and interests, and                qualified students.
  completing secondary school reports and providing recommendations              Is the college academically accessible? Can I get in? What other options
  as requested.                                                                     should I be exploring?
     College Choice Inventory                                                            It’s More Than A Name
                                                                                    The largest number of applicants to Harvard Med are from the Ivies, but
     There are over 4000 colleges and universities from which to                    they are generally a minority of those admitted. Students admitted from
     choose, each of them having something to offer. Consider the                   other colleges include CUNY Queens, Layman College, Lewis and Clark,
     following issues as you begin your college selection. Circle or                St. Olaf, Oberlin, University of Chicago, Case Western, Carnegie Mellon,
     otherwise mark the criteria that are important to you.                         Rutgers, Morehouse, University of Utah, Tufts, University of Maryland,
                                                                                    William and Mary, SUNY Stonybrook, NYU, the U.S. military academies,
     Geographic Location:                                                           Swarthmore, and Haverford. Another commissioned study asked PhD’s in
       near, far, warm, cold, sunshine, snow, mountains, ocean, new, familiar       research science where they did their undergraduate training. The leading
                                                                                    school? Carleton College (MN).
       serene small college town, fast-paced large metropolitan area,               A partial listing of Notable Alumni from a variety of colleges and universities
       transportation, safety, shopping, arts/culture                               culled from Peterson’s Guide:

     Size/Type of College:                                                          Rollins College, FL           Mr. Rogers; Donald Cram, Nobel Prize Winner
       small, medium, large                      single sex, coed                   University of Miami, FL Bruce Hornsby, Jon Secada, Gloria Estefan
       single focus or multi-college             liberal arts or pre-professional   DePaul University, IL         Richard Daley, Chicago Mayor;
       undergraduate or research oriented public, private                                                         Many corporate CEOs
       religious orientation or other traditions                                    Knox College, IL              Bob Jamison, ABC News; Ismat Kittani, former
                                                                                                                  President - UNGeneral Assembly
     Prestige: Ivy, top tier, Research I, other                                     Lake Forest College, IL Editor-in-Chief MS Magazine,
                                                                                                                  Many corporate CEOs
     Academic Atmosphere:
                                                                                    Georgia Institute of Tech. Jimmy Carter; Sam Nunn; D. Truly, former
       challenging, intense, competitive, scholarly, small classes, large
                                                                                                                  NASA Head; Ron Allen, CEO Delta Airlines;
       classes, relaxed, supportive, use of technology (video, computers),
                                                                                                                  Kary Mulles, Nobel Prize chemistry
       instructor rank (full professor or TA), teacher to student ratio, ok to
                                                                                    U. Illinois, Urbana           Roger Ebert; Lynn Martin, former Secretary of
       not declare major?
                                                                                                                  Labor; Dennis Swanson, Head, ABC Sports
     Special Programs:                                                              Wheaton College, IL           Billy Graham
       honors, study abroad, co-op/internships, other                               Grinnell College, IA          Herbie Hancock, musician
                                                                                    Tulane, LA                    Newt Gingrich; Michael Debakey, renowned
     Support Services:                                                                                            cardiac surgeon
       Disabled (physical/learning), personal/academic counseling,                  Bates College, ME             Bryant Gumbel, Edmund Muskie
       recreation/health center, etc.                                               Bowdoin College, ME Pres. of L.L. Bean; Joan Benoit Samuelson
                                                                                    Colby College, ME             Doris Kearns Goodwin
     Social Atmosphere/Student Body:                                                Loyola College MD             Tom Clancey; Jim McKay, ABC sports
       residential or commuter campus                                               Emerson College, MA Norman Lear; Henry Winkler; Jay Leno
       homogenous or diverse student population                                     Carleton College, MN Garrick Utley, ABC News; Many corporate CEOs
       liberal, conservative, traditional                                           Macalester College, MN Walter Mondale; Kofi Annan, UN Secretary-Gen
       student activities, involvement opportunities                                Bard College, NY              Blythe Danner; Chevy Chase
       fraternity/sorority influence, alcohol attitudes                              St. Lawrence U, NY            Kirk Douglas
                                                                                    Sarah Lawrence, NY            Alice Walker, Barbara Walters
     Opportunities:                                                                 Case Western Reserve, OH President of Saturn; inventor of Nike Air-Sole
       fine arts, intramurals, leadership, newspaper, music, collegiate sports       College of Wooster, OH Arthur Compton, Nobel prize winner in Physics;
                                                                                                                  Opera Singers and CEOs
     Cost: tuition, living (room and board), aid/scholarship available
                                                                                    Denison U, OH                 Michael Eisner, Walt Disney CEO
     List your top 4-6 criterion and use them to help narrow your                    Kenyon College, OH Paul Newman; E.L. Doctorow; Robert Lowell
     college search.                                                                 Miami U., OH                 Ara Parseghian, Notre Dame football coach;
                                                                                                                  Rita Dove, U.S. poet laureate
      1. ____________________________            3. __________________________      Oberlin College, OH          Carl Rowan, columnist
                                                                                    Allegheny College, PA Many, many CEOs
      2. ____________________________            4. __________________________      Susquehanna U., PA            Many corporate CEOs
                                                                                    Furman University, SC Betsy King, LPGA champion; Keith Lockhart,
                                                                                                                  conductor, Boston Pops
                                                                                    Fisk University, TN           Hazel O’Leary, Former Secretary Energy
                                                                                    Virginia Polytechnic Inst, VA Christopher Kraft, NASA
                                                                                    Beloit College, WI            Japanese Ambassador to US; FTC Chairman
        College Admissions Comparison                                               Ripon College, WI             Richard Threlkeld, CBS News; Harrison Ford
                                                                                    Union College, KY             Dr. Phillip Sharp, Nobel Prize Winner medicine,
                             State Universities              Private/Elite
                                                                                                                  Dir. Cancer Research at MIT
                               UA/NAU/ASU                     Colleges              Wabash College, IN            Robert Allen, Former CEO of AT&T
                                                                                    Syracuse U, NY                Bob Costas
            Grades and            3.0                    4.0 + honors/AP            Manchester College, IN Nobel Prize winner in polymer chemistry;
            Curriculum:                                  extra core classes,                                      person who discovered Teflon; another who
                                                         full Jr/Sr years                                         discovered the existence of acid rain
                                                                                    COMMUNITY COLLEGES:
            SAT* / ACT           1040* / 22              1600* / 36
                                                                                    Walt Disney - Metropolitan Jr. College, Missouri
            Scores:                                      SAT II 700-800             Arthur Goldberg, Supreme Court Justice - Crane Jr. College, Illinois
            (*CR and Math)                               ACT 34-36                  Frederick Hood, Yacht Designer, America’s Cup - San Jose City College
                                                                                    Jeanne Kirkpatrick - Stephen’s College, Missouri
            Personal,             NA                     + + + + strong essay,      Jim Lehrer - Victoria College, Texas
            Activities:                                  sports, music,             Ross Perot: Corporate Executive - Texarkana Jr. College
                                                         leadership, service        Dustin Hoffman, Actor - Santa Monica College
                                                                                    Annette Bening, Actor - Mesa College
            Cost :                $14,000                $30,000+                   Pete Rozelle, Commissioner of the NFL - Compton Community College
                                   (including housing and expenses)                 Jack Lemley, Chief Engineer, English Channel Chunnel - North Idaho College

    Mega Selective (top tier / top 50) - Yale, Stanford, Harvard, MIT, the             Harvard Rejects:
    military academies, Princeton, Brown, Penn, Pomona, Dartmouth,
    Amherst, Wesleyan, Williams, Columbia, Cornell, UC Berkeley, et. al.               Warren Buffet - Investor and Philanthropist
                                                                                       Meredith Viera - Co-Anchor, Today, and game show host
    Highly Selective (next 100) - Bucknell, NYU, Brandeis, Oberlin, Lehigh,            John Kerry - US Senator
    Mount Holyoke, Reed, Trinity, Tulane, et. al.                                      David Remnick - Editor, The New Yorker
    Selective - UC Irvine, UC Santa Cruz, UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego,              Harold Varmus - President, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
    San Louis Obispo, CalState Northridge, CalState Monterey, UC Boulder,              Lee C. Bollinger - President, Columbia University
    Regis, et. al.                                                                     Jann Wenner - Founder, Rolling Stone and Chairman, Wenner Media
                                                                                       Ted Turner - Founder, Turner Broadcasting System
    Somewhat Selective - State universities, many private, religious, and              Tom Brokaw - Journalist
    other institutions                                                                 Matt Groening - Creator, The Simpsons
                                                                                       Art Garfunkel - Singer and Songwriter
    Not Selective (Open Enrollment) - many small state colleges, Pima                  Scott McNealy - Chairman and Co-Founder, Sun Microsystems
    Community College,

 College Entrance Requirements                                                                         Abbreviated College
        & Factors Colleges Consider                                                                     Planning Timeline
College entrance requirements vary from school to school and students are encour-
aged to investigate each college’s academic requirements. When reviewing an                ONGOING: Take challenging classes, get good grades, do extra-
application, colleges and universities generally consider, in order of importance,         curricular / enhancement activities, research colleges/programs,
the student’s curriculum and GPA, test scores, and extra-curricular activities and         visit colleges as able.
personal attributes (resume, essay, recommendations).
                                                                                           SOPHOMORE FALL: ACT PLAN, ASVAB, optional PSAT

Academic Record - Curriculum and GPA                                                       JUNIOR FALL: PSAT
A strong academic record in challenging courses throughout the high school ex-
perience will be the factor most likely to influence a favorable admission decision.        JUNIOR SPRING: SAT and/or ACT, SAT II, AP exams
CFHS graduation requirements meet or exceed most minimum entrance require-
ments though we strongly recommend a fourth year of math (as is required by the            JUNIOR/SENIOR SUMMER: Consider summer academic/travel
Arizona universities), continuation of language study, and a full course load each         program (info available in College/Career Center), collect applica-
year. Selective colleges want to see that the student went above and beyond mini-          tion materials, do SAT/ACT prep (if retaking test).
mum requirements and didn’t take an “easy” senior year.
                                                                                           SENIOR FALL: Retake SAT/ACT if desired/necessary, work on
The student transcript is the official document detailing academic achieve-                 applications and essays. Priority deadline for Arizona applica-
ment in high school. The CFHS transcript includes the name of the course (Honors           tions is September and Early Decision applications are due to
and AP level indicated), letter grade received, and amount of credit awarded each          your counselor by October 1.
semester. Each semester’s GPA (grade point average) and the cumulative GPA are
also noted. The cumulative Grade Point Average is regarded as the best predictor           SENIOR JANUARY: Complete FAFSA (Free Application for
of the kind of success a student will have in college. Some colleges will unweight         Federal Student Aid).
the GPA. Some colleges will only review grades in core academic classes. All col-
lege applications require an official transcript signed and sealed by the high school       SENIOR SPRING: Consider college options, make decision, pay
Registrar.                                                                                 deposits, register for orientation.

A School Profile is included with each transcript to help assess the rigor of the                           Detailed timeline on back page.
academic program. The Profile is a description of the school including size and
location, the curriculum, the grading scale, graduation requirements, standardized
test score averages, and other information helpful in interpreting the educational
quality of the high school.
                                                                                            Grades and Transcripts
Ranking: Catalina Foothills High School, like most high-achieving high schools,
does not rank students. Students will not be disadvantaged by non-ranking and              A transcript is an official record of a student’s coursework,
should note “NA” on college or scholarship applications which request rank.                grades earned, credits earned, and cumulative GPA for grades
                                                                                           9 through 12. CFHS does not include standardized test scores
Test Scores                                                                                on the transcript (SAT, PSAT, ACT, etc.). CFHS also does not
While there is ongoing debate about standardized testing, SAT and/or ACT scores            rank students.
are required by most colleges and do play a role in the college admissions decision.
While interpretation of scores and the weight given to scores varies from institution       College and scholarship organizations often ask for “official tran-
to institution, standardized test scores can help colleges determine the quality of        scripts”. This means that Counseling must send sealed transcripts
the high school education and the integrity of the grading scale (if grades are true       bearing the Registrar’s signature and official school seal directly to
or inflated, for instance); and also possibly understand the correlation between a          the college or organization. To release official transcripts, students
student’s potential and their effort. For instance, a student with lower test scores       must somplete a Transcript Release Form n the Counseling Of-
but a high GPA may be perceived to be a hard worker and committed student, while           fice. (A parent signature is required if the student is under 18.)
a student with high test scores and low GPA may be perceived to be working below           There is a $3 fee for each Secondary School Report requested
their potential.                                                                           to cover official transcripts, mailing and other costs (waived for
                                                                                           in-state universities).
Reviewing a college’s admissions profile and the test score range for acceptance
also helps the student determine their likelihood of acceptance. The majority of
students admitted to highly selective colleges, for example, have over a 1500 com-                            CFHS Grading Scale:
bined critical reading and math SAT score. In a recent application year, for instance,                       Unweighted Honors         AP
Princeton received 240 applications from students with perfect SAT scores (1600                        A        4.0      4.25          4.5
CR/M). They admitted only one-third of those applicants. The Arizona universities                      B        3.0      3.25          3.5
prefer an SAT score of 1040-1100 CR/M (or 22 ACT). There are quality institutions                      C        2.0      2.25          2.5
that accept lower or no test scores and many two year colleges have open enrollment                    F          0         0           0
(anyone may enroll). The national average for the 2006 SAT I was 1017 (CR/M).
The CFHS average SAT score for CR/M was 1151. The 2006 national average for
the ACT was 21.2; the CFHS average was 25.5.
                                                                                                            Calculating Your GPA
Note: The new SAT writing assessment instituted spring 2005 will not be factored
into most college admissions decisions until results have been reviewed for a number                             # of Grades times Points
of years. For now, the critical reading and math scores are generally used.
                                                                                             Number of AP A’s          _____      X    4.5      =   _____
Extra-curricular Activities and Personal Attributes -                                        Number of Honors A’s _____           X    4.25     =   _____
(described in resume, essay, and recommendations)
Competitive colleges, those whose applicants are all well-qualified academically,             Number of regular A’s     _____      X    4.0      =   _____
are looking for that something “extra” in a student - either that unique talent, skill,
interest, or attribute; or an especially well-rounded student. Applicants express            Number of AP B’s          _____      X    3.5      =   _____
these characteristics primarily through their resume of activities and their essay.
Schools are savvy about reading through a list of clubs and activities, however, and         Number of Honors B’s _____           X    3.25     =   _____
look for a student to have demonstrated on-going commitment to an activity such
as music, sports, work, or community service, and have taken on leadership roles             Number of regular B’s _____          X    3.0      =   _____
where appropriate. Students should be involved in activities about which they are
truly passionate, and not simply associate half-heartedly with a series of clubs to try      Number of AP C’s          _____      X    2.5      =   _____
to “fill” a resume. It IS ok to sample different activities and show varied interests but
too much of this (or doing it for the wrong reason) will only make the student miser-        Number of Honors C’s _____           X    2.25     =   _____
able and the colleges will note the scattered effort. Quality truly is more important
than quantity. Enhancement activities, such as special camps, can demonstrate                Number of regular C’s _____          X    2.0      =    _____
sincere interest in a particular area as well as exposure and experience in that field.
Colleges understand, however, that not everyone has access to these opportunities            Number of transfer D’s _____         X    1.0      =    _____
or can afford such experiences so may or may not give weight to students who’ve
had these advantages.                                                                        Number of F’s             _____      X    0.0      =    ___0_

Students are encouraged to keep a record (or file) of their activities and achievements       Total Number of Grades: _____            Total Points: _____
each year in order to present a complete picture of their lives beyond high school
academics. Teacher and counselor recommendations are supporting documents,
generally highlighting the student’s skills and describing personal attributes.              Divide POINTS by NUMBER of GRADES = _______ GPA
             CFHS Pre-College Events                                                                                     College Visits
                 To access the CFHS College Planning Calendar,                                               Catalina Foothills is fortunate to be visited by admissions repre-
                      go to                                                     sentatives from many colleges during the school year. Seniors
                 and click on Falcon College and Career Center.                                              and Juniors are encouraged to make contact with the admis-
                                                                                                             sions representatives of schools of interest. If students have a
    Recommended Timeline for UA, ASU, and NAU Applications                                                   free period during the scheduled visit, they may simply attend
    September, Counseling                                                                                    that session. Students who have a scheduled class during the
                                                                                                             time of the visit must have their teacher approve their absence
    Students who are applying to UA, ASU, and/or NAU are encouraged to submit their
                                                                                                             ahead of time. One weeks notice is requested and any and all
    applications as early as possible. Early applications maximize the opportunity for
                                                                                                             class work missed must be completed. All students attending
    financial aid, housing selection, and other considerations. The applications require
                                                                                                             a College Visit also must sign in at the presentation.
    a $25 application fee, and students are encouraged to apply online (www.arizona.
    edu,,, Students must complete a Transcript Release
                                                                                                             The busiest college visit time occurs in October, particularly
    Form in Counseling to allow us to send an official copy of their transcript to schools
                                                                                                             the week of the TUSD/TCC College Fair. The list varies from
    of choice. The form requires a parent signature if the student is under 18. Also,
                                                                                                             year to year, but the following list of colleges generally make
    CFHS does not include SAT, ACT, or AP scores on the transcript, nor do we release
                                                                                                             annual visits to speak to CFHS students. Note: UA, NAU, and
    these scores to universities. Students must contact the testing agency directly for
                                                                                                             ASU representatives visit CFHS once a month.
    score release to their selected colleges. Contact for SAT
    and AP scores, for ACT scores.                                                               The list of College Rep visit dates, times and locations is posted
                                                                                                             on the bulletin board outside the Counseling Office in House
    Deadline for Requesting Counseling Support/Materials                                                     1. Check it often! The college visit schedule is also posted
    October 1, Counseling                                                                                    on the CFHS web site. Go to
    Deadline for seniors to submit secondary school reports and recommendation                               Click on Falcon College and Career Center and then Calendar.
    requests for Early Decision or Early Action college applications or for any college                      Bonus: Clicking on a particular college will take you to that
    applications dues in November.                                                                           school’s web site.

    CFHS College Visits - Ongoing at CFHS                                                                              A Partial list of colleges that visit CFHS...
    Catalina Foothills is fortunate to be visited by many college representatives during
    the school year. Seniors and Juniors are encouraged to make contact with the ad-                                       Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    missions representatives of schools of interest. Students are responsible for asking                                             Emerson College
                                                                                                                                    Hampshire College
    teachers in advance if they may be excused from class to attend a college visitation.
                                                                                                                                      Duke University
    All students attending a College Visit must also sign in at the College Visit. The                                             University of Arizona
    ever-growing list of College Rep visit dates, times and locations is posted on the                                          Northern Arizona University
    bulletin board outside the Counseling Office in House 1. Check it often!                                                        Vanderbilt University
                                                                                                                                      Ohio Wesleyan
    St. Gregory College Fair                                                                                                      University of San Diego
    October TBA, 2:00-4:00 p.m., El Mirador Gym, St. Gregory                                                                     University of Connecticut
    Over 50 colleges and universities will have representatives to speak about their                                             Sarah Lawrence College
    institutions and application procedures. CFHS students and parents are welcome.                                                 Skidmore College
    Go for date.                                                                                        Dartmouth
                                                                                                                                       Pitzer College
    Tucson College Night                                                                                                             Drake University
                                                                                                                                       Reed College
    October TBA, 6:30-9:00 p.m., Tucson Convention Center                                                                           Middlebury College
    Over 150 colleges and universities from around the country will have representa-                                                 Boston University
    tives available to share information about their institutions and admissions                                                    Evergreen College
    procedures. Parking is free if you let the attendant know that you are attending                                                 Colorado College
    Tucson College Night. For more information about the college fair, visit                                                        Occidental College                                                                    University of Pennsylvania
                                                                                                                                      Mount Holyoke
    College Planning Night                                                                                                           Lehigh University
    October TBA, 7:00 p.m., CFHS Cafeteria                                                                                         University of Portland
                                                                                                                                  Santa Clara University
    Juniors and Seniors and their parents are encouraged to attend this informative
                                                                                                                                     Hillsdale College
    program. College admissions representatives will discuss aspects of the application                                              Williams College
    and admission process.                                                                                                         University of Oregon
                                                                                                                                   Willamette University
    Deadline for Requesting Counseling Support/Materials - November 1                                                         Southern Methodist University
    Deadline for seniors to submit secondary school reports and recommendation                                                       Amherst College
    requests for any college applications dues in December.                                                                         Haverford College
                                                                                                                                     Wheaton College
    Final Deadline for Requesting Counseling Support/Materials - Dec 1                                                               Hamilton College
    Final deadline for seniors to submit secondary school reports and recommendation                                                University of Illinois
    requests for any college applications due in January or February.                                                               Marymount College
                                                                                                                                      Whittier College
    CFHS Alumni Day and Arizona College Fair - January                                                                               Tulane University
    CFHS alumni will be on campus to speak to juniors and seniors during Home Base.                                              Colorado State University
    Representatives from various Arizona colleges and other post-secondary programs                                                Lake Forest College
    will be on the plaza during lunch.                                                                                              Macalester Collge
                                                                                                                                University of San Francisco
    Financial Aid Night - January TBA                                                                                            Mount St. Mary’s College
                                                                                                                                     Davidson College
    A member of the UA Financial Aid staff will be at CFHS to talk about financial aid
                                                                                                                            Linfield CollegeSt. Mary’s College
    (not limited to UA).                                                                                                            Fort Lewis College
                                                                                                                                University of Puget Sound
    FAFSA Priority Deadline - February 14                                                                                             Vassar College
    National priority deadline for submission of the FAFSA.                                                                   Franklin College ~ Switzerland
                                                                                                                            St. Andrews University ~ Scotland
    College Planning Night - March TBA                                                                                               Emory University
    Students and parents of any grade level are welcome to attend this one-hour Power                                               Colgate University
    Point presentation on college planning. Overview will include college exploration,                                           U.S. Air Force Academy
    testing and entrance requirements, resources, and planning timeline.                                                              Tufts University
                                                                                                                                   Connecticut College
                                                                                                                                      Boston College
                                                                                                                                     Whitman College
     Tip Box                                                                                                                          Lewis and Clark
                                                                                                                                   Princeton University
     College ranking lists have become big business. U.S. News & World Report’s college ranking guide                          Claremont McKenna College
     is consistently their biggest selling issue. While rankings may provide inspiration on colleges to                     Washington University ~ St. Louis
     consider, relying on them for college selection may be a huge misstep. They condition us to think                           University of Notre Dame
     in terms of hierarchy rather than suitability (Patti Crane). The rankings focus on factual attributes                         Concordia University
     (many of these gathered from skewed data) and neglect to consider the importance of “best-fit”.                               University of Redlands
     The rankings do not provide information about a school’s sense of purpose, or unique environmental                            University of Arizona
     factors or programs that may facilitate a life-changing experience for a particular student. Do not                          University of Richmond
     overlook colleges that may not make the “list”. Talk to adult friends and colleagues about their                                 Grinnell College
     college experiences and you may find some personal stories about lesser-known alma maters that                                       Holy Cross
     speak to a best-fit success story.

   Out of State and Private                                                           The University of Arizona
    College Applications                                                                              

Seniors begin applying to colleges and universities early in the fall. For the               Approximately 50% of CFHS graduates attend UA.
most part, college applications should be submitted between October 1 and
December 10 of the first semester of the senior year. For specific information          Admissions:
always refer to the web site of the school to which you are applying.                 UA (and NAU, ASU) course requirements for admissions are met by CFHS
                                                                                      graduation requirements with the exception of Math. CFHS requires three
The out-of-state or private college application generally consists of two             years of math while UA requires four. Students will meet standards for
parts: The student information section asks for demographic and academic              “Assured Admission” with a 3.0 in the 16 core credits: 4 Math, 4 English,
information, as well as an activity list or resume, and applicant essay(s).           3 Science, 2 Social Studies, 2 Foreign Language, and 1 Fine Art. Other
The Secondary School Report form is completed by your counselor and                   students may be admitted conditionally with a 2.5 or better in the 16 core
includes academic and school information such as rigor of coursework and              classes. Like most high achieving high schools, CFHS does not rank its
GPA, as well as a transcript and the school profile. The Secondary School              students so class rank will not be a factor in admission. All CFHS seniors
Report forms must be submitted to the counselor with a $3 processing fee              are encouraged to apply to UA (or at least one of the in-state schools) in
per school a minimum of one month in advance of the application deadline.             case circumstances prohibit their attendance elsewhere.
This fee covers the cost of materials and postage for the initial mailing as
well as mailing of a mid-year transcript and final transcript.                         Application:
                                                                                      UA applications are available online at (NAU and ASU
The Secondary School Report also usually requires a letter of recommen-               can be found at and respectively.) UA prac-
dation from a counselor as well as teacher recommendations. The student               tices “rolling admissions’ but students are encouraged complete the online
must schedule a meeting with their counselor a minimum of one month prior             application as early as possible to maximize the opportunity for housing
to the application deadline when a recommendation letter is requested. The            selection, financial aid, and other considerations. Applications submission
counselor will request a student “Bio Form” and resume/activity list, as well         by Oct 1 is suggested. There is a $25 application fee for UA (as well as
as a parent “Brag Sheet” and/or copies of the student’s essays. It is the             NAU and ASU).
student’s responsibility to solicit Teacher Recommendations (see p 7).
 1. Begin reviewing college application materials as soon as possible                 UA does a comprehensive review of applicants and students are asked
    (summer before senior year or early fall).                                        to provide a brief personal statement as part of the application. UA also
                                                                                      requires SAT or ACT test scores and an official transcript to complete the
 2. Read all materials thoroughly and create a checklist of application               application.     CFHS does not include SAT, ACT, or AP scores on the
    requirements and due dates.                                                       transcript, nor do we release these scores to universities. If the student
 3. Draft responses to all questions and edit carefully before sending.               did not request that SAT/ACT test scores be sent when registering for the
                                                                                      test, they can do so after the fact by contacting
 4. Request required supporting materials: a) SAT and/or ACT test                     for SAT scores (as well as AP scores), and for ACT scores.
    scores from (SAT) or (ACT),                          To request a copy of the CFHS transcript be sent to a university, students
    b) Transcript (complete request form in Counseling,                               must complete a Transcript Request Form in the Counseling Office. A
    c) Counselor recommendation and d) Teacher recommendations.                       parent signature is required if the student is under 18.
 5. Complete applications.
                                                                                      Merit Scholarships/Honors Program:
    Complete ALL items.
                                                                                      The UA freshman application is also the application for freshman merit
    Use your complete given name (not nickname)
    Neatness is important as is spelling and grammar. Edit carefully!                 scholarships as well as admission to the UA Honors Program. UA consid-
    Include application fee as required.                                              ers several factors when identifying students for freshman merit awards and
                                                                                      the honors program: academic GPA (non-electives); number of academic
  6. Submit complete applications by the designated due date. Confirm                  units; number of AP, Honors or other accelerated courses; and highest test
     that supporting materials have been sent. Keep a hard copy of all                score (SAT I or ACT). Wildcat Excellence Scholarships range in value from
     completed application materials for your files.                                   $1000 to $7000 and are renewable if the student maintains the required
                                                                                      academic standards. Other scholarships may be pursued through the
Notes:                                                                                UA Financial Aid Office or specific academic departments.
- Keep information organized, filed.
- Pay attention to deadlines and work well ahead of them.                             Financial Aid:
- Apply early - best opportunity for housing, scholarships, financial aid, etc.        UA requires submission of the FAFSA for consideration of grants, loans, and
- The student must request an official transcript be sent to the university            work-study, as well as merit scholarships. Complete the FAFSA as soon as
   by completing a Transcript Request Form in Counseling (with parent                 possible in January or February for highest consideration of awards. Informa-
   signature if student under 18).                                                    tion and application available at
- Narrow your choices to four to ten schools that include ‘reach/dream
  schools’, ‘reasonable schools’, and ‘safety schools’.                               AIMS Tuition Waiver:
- Don’t let cost be a deciding factor until acceptance and financial aid/              Students who have an unweighted cumulative GPA of at least 3.5, who
  scholarship money has been offered.                                                 have B’s or better in the 16 core credits (no C’s), and who “Exceed” on
- All CFHS students should include UA in their list of ‘safety schools.’              all three sections of the AIMS assessment (or “Exceed” on two sections
  One never knows what circumstances might arise that make staying in                 and receive 3’s or better on two AP exams), will be eligible for the AIMS
  Tucson necessary (e.g. family illness, financial emergency, etc.) Applying           tuition waiver for the Arizona universities.
  early ensures an early admission decision and maximum opportunity for
  financial aid, housing assignment, etc.                                              Flinn Scholars:
- There is no fee for transcripts sent to UA, NAU, or ASU. Secondary                  CFHS students with a minimum 4.0 GPA and 1280 SAT score (CR and
  School Reports for out-of-state/private colleges require a $3 processing            Math combined) are eligible to apply to the Flinn Scholars Program. The
  fee to cover copies, mailing, etc.                                                  Scholarship provides full cost of tuition and fees, room and board, books
                                                                                      and some incidentals, two study-travel experiences, personal faculty
                                                                                      mentor, and other special activities and opportunities. For information
Reminders:                                                                            and application packet, contact The Flinn Foundation at (602) 744-6800
Requests for letters of recommendation from teachers and counselors                   or
MUST be made at least one month in advance of their required arrival at
the college or university.                                                            SALT (Strategic Alternative Learning Techniques) Program:
                                                                                      UA is home to a nationally recognized program for students with learning
Students must request official score release directly from the College Board           disabilities. Call 621-1242 for more information.
(SAT) and from the ACT records office (ACT) for all colleges and universities
where applications are being sent. The Counseling Office does not provide              Residence Halls:
or release these scores.                                                              It is strongly recommended that local students plan to live in the residence
                                                                                      halls for at least their first year at UA. In addition to helping to make the
                                                                                      transition from home to independence and providing the student with the
                                                                                      whole college experience (as college is more than just academics), re-
                                                                                      search repeatedly shows that students who live in the residence halls (at
  Tip Box                                                                             UA and elsewhere) have a higher GPA and a higher retention rate than
                                                                                      those who commute. Opportunities for involvement, leadership, intramu-
  Excellent qualifications and test scores will open the door to consideration by      rals, even jobs, increase when living in the residence halls. Also, student
  elite colleges, but the admissions process is idiosyncratic and sometimes unfair.   and professional staff are available as resources. Upon acceptance to UA,
  In any given year, top universities will reject 80% of applicants with 700+ SATs    students will be sent a housing application. The earlier this is submitted,
  and straight A’s. Always have back up plans and understand that sometimes           the more likely it is that the student will get his/her choice of housing.
  the best fit is that which is unexpected. Success in college is more based on
  suitability and fit between the student and the school than on the “prestige”
  of the school’s name.                                                                 College is a match to be made, not a prize to be won. (Frank Sachs)
                                                                              SAT and ACT
                      College Entrance Tests                                                                                  Test Scores
                                                                                                While interpretation of scores varies from institution to institution, standard-
    While there is ongoing debate about standardized testing, SAT or ACT scores                 ized test scores can help colleges determine the quality of the high school
    are required by most colleges and do play a role in the college admissions                  education and the integrity of the grading scale (if grades are true or in-
    decision. Students are encouraged to take the SAT and/or the ACT in spring                  flated, for instance); and also possibly understand the correlation between a
    of their junior year. While most students across the US take the test only                  student’s potential and their effort. (E.g., A student with lower test scores but
    once, students can retake the tests as desired, noting that most colleges                   a high GPA may be perceived to be a hard worker and committed student,
    take the highest of the reported test scores. We recommend no more than                     while a student with high test scores and low GPA may be perceived to be
    three test sittings, however. Early college applications are due in November                working below their potential.) Reviewing a college’s admission profile and
    of senior year so the latest testing or retesting should be done in October of              the test score range for acceptance also helps the student determine their
    senior year. As some students perform better on one test than the other, we                 likelihood of acceptance. The majority of students admitted to highly selective
    recommend students consider taking both the SAT and the ACT. Colleges                       colleges, for example, have over a 1500 SAT score (critical reading and math
    will consider the higher score in admissions decisions.                                     combined). The Arizona universities prefer a test score of 1040 (CR/M) on
        The CFHS CEEB Code, necessary for test registration, is 030476.                         the SAT, or 22 on the ACT.
                                                                                                Note: A writing portion was added to the SAT in 2005. However, most colleges
    SAT Assessment: The SAT I measures critical reading (formerly “ver-                         and universities will continue to use the math and critical reading (formerly
    bal”) and mathematical reasoning ability, as well as writing skills. A student              “verbal”) scores as admissions standards until the writing assessment scores
    may earn a maximum 800 points in each subject area. As the writing section                  have been reviewed over a number of years.
    was added spring 2005 and has not been analyzed over time, most colleges
    will not consider that portion in their admissions decision for a few years.                For more information about college entrance testing and for a list of
    Some schools, including the University of California system, require SAT II                 colleges which do not require SAT or ACT scores fro admission, go to
    Subject Test scores in addition to SAT I scores (check the college application    
    for requirements). Juniors taking both the SAT I and SAT II should plan on
    two spring test dates.                                                                      Accommodations are made for students with documented disabilities
    SAT II Subject Tests: Check the college application to see if SAT II tests are required     and religious conflicts. Students must see Nancy Lynn in Counseling as
    or preferred. (California requires SAT II subject tests.) If so, it is suggested that the   early as possible to request accommodations.
    student take the subject test as soon as possible after completing the related course.
    A student may take up to three subject tests on one test date.          See collegeboard
    web site for SAT II fees and information.
             Literature          World History      US History                                                           Test Prep Programs
             Physics             Chemistry          Biology (Ecological/Molecular)              Students may prepare for SAT/ACT testing by reviewing the provided
             Math Level IC       Math Level IIC     Languages - offered only on Nov test date
                                                                                                sample test booklet or by studying any of the several books, video, or
                     For more information on the SAT I or SAT II,                               computer programs available on the subject. For assisted preparation,
             or to register for the test(s), go to                        the following programs are available in Tucson. Fees subject to change.
                                                                                                          University of Arizona - Early Academic Outreach (EAO)
    ACT Assessment: The ACT measures aptitude (knowledge) in four                                             20 hours of class over 4 sessions, $50
    particular subject areas: math, English, reading, and science. An optional                                Call 626-2300 or go to
    writing section is also available. The maximum ACT score is 36 (an average                            Cambridge Test Prep – through CFHS Community Schools
    of the four subject areas). Colleges will accept either the SAT or the ACT for                           23 hours over 7 weeks, $545
    admissions.                                                                                              call 577-5090 ext. 1590
                    For more information or to register for the ACT,                                      Double800 PSAT/SAT Test Prep
                                   go to                                                         20 hours over 8 sessions, $600
                                                                                                             call 401-0014 or go to
                                                                                                          The Learning Lab, 797-1875 or 298-0266
                                                                                                              five 4-hour sessions (20 hours), $400.
                             Advanced Placement Tests
    Taking AP courses will enhance a high school transcript and support a college                         Sylvan Learning Center, 531-0431 or 290-6877
    application. AP Exams, graded on a scale of 1 (low) to 5 (high), measure                                   determined by individual, $40 per hour.
    proficiency of students taking high school Advanced Placement courses in                               The Princeton Review, 622-8985
    various subject areas. The exams themselves are not college entrance                                      five weeks - ten 3 1/2 hour sessions (35 hours), $800.
    tests but the scores earned may allow a student to receive college credit or                          Kaplan Educational Centers, 622-4256
    bypass some introductory college courses. Information about whether or                                    twelve 3-hour sessions (36 hours), $900.
    not your college of choice gives credit for AP scores can usually be found
    on the school’s web site. See your AP teacher or Counselor for additional                    Tucson-Pima Public Libraries hold free workshops in September and
    information.                                                                                   October. Call (800) 527-8378 for more information or to register.

                                                                Visiting A College Campus
      Through reading and discussions             books and other pamphlets provided            session or interview. Review the           and cancel. Distinguish yourself.
      with friends, parents and other             by colleges contain information about         catalog to become familiar with            . . be yourself. Dress appropri-
      adults, a listing of colleges and           campus life, facilities, history, and         admission requirements and to              ately, answer questions fully and
      universities of interest is devel-          admissions requirements. Check out            develop a list of questions about          frankly. Be prepared to answer
      oped. Visiting these colleges and           the college web site on the internet.         admissions, curriculum, facilities,        questions about your application,
      universities can provide an excel-          With this information in mind, ques-          etc.; and ask them! If appropriate         discuss your academic goals,
      lent opportunity to research educa-         tions can be formulated.                      and time allows, make an appoint-          tell why you are interested in the
      tional programs, faculty, facilities,                                                     ment with the financial aid office           college, describe favorite leisure
      the feel of the student body, school        Plan visits to five or six colleges and        as well.                                   time activities, discuss books you
      spirit, and general atmosphere.             universities of various sizes. Select                                                    have recently read, etc. Feel free
      While it is not necessary to visit          dates and times convenient for every-         Make the most of the campus visit.         to organize your thoughts before
      every college, it is very important         one and plan to visit no more than two        While on campus, plan to attend a          responding to a question. Being
      to visit those of particular interest.      college visits per day. Be prepared           class and talk to a faculty member.        familiar with the college’s materials
      Visiting local college campuses is          with alternate dates should first choice       Talk to students about the college         will help you ask questions about
      an appropriate and inexpensive              be unavailable.                               environment and its academic,              things not found in their catalog,
      way of establishing a baseline for                                                        extracurricular and social life. Visit     another sign of your interest and
                                                  Contact the Admissions Office & Ar-            the facilities of interest, and most of
      feelings of “fit.”                           range for a Visit. This initial contact                                                  enthusiasm.
                                                                                                them will be of interest, particularly
                                                  to schedule a visit (and interview, if        the library, residence halls, dining
      Tips for the Campus Visit:                  appropriate) may take the form of a                                                      Interviews usually last 30 to 45 min-
                                                                                                halls, student center(s). Pick up a        utes. It is important to be verbal,
      Read the materials sent by each             phone call or email and should be             copy of the student newspaper to
                                                  made four to eight weeks in advance.                                                     demonstrate interest, and to allow
      college. While the official col-                                                          see what issues are of concern to
                                                  It is through this initial contact that                                                  the admissions officer to direct
      lege catalog must sometimes be                                                            the student body.
                                                  communication is established and                                                         the interview. Be sure to send a
      purchased and is often less-than-
                                                  the student’s name becomes known                                                         thank you note to the admissions
      fascinating reading, it does pro-                                                         Interviewing:
                                                  within the admissions office. When                                                        officer with whom you met follow-
      vide descriptions of the academic                                                         Always schedule an interview if re-
                                                  possible, students should arrange to                                                     ing the interview. Enjoy reviewing
      course work and requirements                                                              quired or recommended by a college
                                                  stay overnight in one of the residence                                                   the view book and catalog again
      leading to graduation. Most colleg-                                                       or university - the time and effort will
                                                  halls. Allow plenty of time to tour the                                                  as the information may be seen in
      es now make their course catalog                                                          be well worth it. Be prompt; if you
                                                  campus in addition to an information                                                     a more meaningful way following
      available on their web site. View                                                         can’t keep the appointment, call           your visit.

                                   Sample Resume                                                                                 The College Essay
                                         Full Name                                                            The essay is a significant source of information about an applicant to an
Street Address                                                     Phone: (520) XXX-XXXX                      admissions committee. It allows the college to differentiate one student
City, State, Zip Code                                              E-Mail: XXXXX@XXX.XXX                      from another and to separate a student from his/her more objective data
_______________________________________________________________________________________________               (GPA/test scores); it allows colleges to get to know students in a more
                                                                                                              personal way as the applicant becomes a real person through writing.
HS:        Catalina Foothills High School, 4300 East Sunrise Drive, Tucson, AZ
                                                                                                              It adds the human element to the application package and can breathe
GPA:       4.01 weighted                             Rank: CFHS does not rank
SAT I:     CR 580       M 650        W 600           CFHS CEEB Code 030476
                                                                                                              life into activities, interests, and experiences. It provides insight into the
SAT II:    Math I 670 US History 580 Chemistry 600                                                            thought process, the maturity of thinking, and goals of the student. It is
                                                                                                              the student’s opportunity to tell about him/herself!
Educational/Career Goals: To pursue a four-year degree in science and
        eventually teach. I also plan to work in local and international missions.
                                                                                                              As essay length is limited, the applicant is encouraged to look at his/her
                                                                                                              life and select one element, event, experience or insight, and assign
Activities:                                                                                  Grade/Year       meaning to it. Make notes: people and/or experiences of influence;
         Academic Decathlon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . 11, 12       virtues admired; significant lessons; a failure providing growth or a fear
         Marching/Concert Band . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11, 12       conquered; a funny, weird, extraordinary experience. The applicant needs
         National Honor Society . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11, 12
                                                                                                              to prove the validity of that meaning, backing up and substantiating the
         Student Council . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9, 10, 11
         Library Volunteer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9, 10, 11
                                                                                                              view taken. The idea here is not to be solely different, noble, or schol-
                                                                                                              arly (although these qualities may help), but rather to be vivid and clear,
Leadership Roles:                                                                                             showing intensity, enthusiasm, insight and understanding. Be real and
       Student Council - Junior Class President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11               use a natural “voice”, not a thesaurus- driven or flowery voice.
       National Honor Society - President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
       Band - Drum Line Section Leader . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12                 An essay is also an opportunity to provide an explanation of grades or
                                                                                                              exceptional circumstances in the student’s background as it may be im-
Community Involvement:
     Community Food Bank Packer. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9, 10, 11, 12
                                                                                                              portant to let the college know about an illness, family situation, handicap,
     Middle School Tutor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11, 12         or other difficult situation. Essay writing can seem scary, difficult, and fun
     Literacy Volunteers of America . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11, 12               all at the same time. Basically, colleges are looking for you: your creativ-
     St. James Youth Mission (repaired homes in Mexico ) . . . summer 2004                                    ity, your enthusiasm for learning, exceptional recognition or rare talent,
                                                                                                              hardships overcome, initiative, persistence, and leadership.
Honors and Awards:
       Nominated for Soroptimist Youth Citizenship Award . . . . . . . May 2004                               In addition to the personal aspect, the typical admissions committee
       Top 10% in State Math Contest . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10. 11               reader is looking at writing skills:
       Academic Decathlon - First Place Fine Arts, Regional . . . . . . . . 11, 12
                                                                                                              Form — The essay is reviewed to see how well it is written. The student
Employment:                                                                                                   needs to demonstrate a command of the English language; spelling,
Temple Emanuel Summer Camp - Counselor for 7 year olds. . . . . summer 2003                                   grammar, syntax, and usage must be perfect. Logical organization is also
Jay’s Pet Store - Clerk, Stocker, Clean up . . . . . . . . . . . . . . April 2004 to present                  important, as is writing in a relatively economical and effective manner.
Interests: Running, Tennis, Reading, Music, Hiking, Nature, Geology                                           Content — The admissions committee considers the writer’s ability to
                                                                                                              write substantively. The admissions committee is also hoping to see
References: either list three references with names, addresses, phone num-                                    something creative. While humor may be difficult to write, an essay
bers (with their permission) or note References Available Upon Request.                                       peppered with some wit may be attractive.

               Teacher Recommendations
Who: Schools ask that recommendations be from people who know you well
                                                                                                                                 Essay Considerations
and who can speak to your academic abilities as well as your character and                                                    Do                                      Don’t
personality. Check the application requirements. Are teacher recommenda-                                     Tell a concrete story that reveals       Try anything silly, cute or outrageous
tions required from particular academic disciplines (math, science, English,                                      something about yourself            Try to be philosophical or profound
history), or are drama, music, or athletic recommendations accepted? If no                                    Write about the specific rather          Repeat information found elsewhere
guidelines are listed, at least one recommendation, if not more, should come                                      than the general, the concrete          on your application
from a teacher who can speak to your abilities in one of the core academic                                        rather than the abstract            Use your essay to sell your political,
areas. Consider who knows you well enough to speak of your intellectual                                      Be honest                                    religious or moral views
abilities and potential as well as of your maturity and personal skills. This                                Draft, draft, draft ! Let it sit for a   Exceed suggested length
may not necessarily be the teacher of your favorite or easiest subject. Other                                     day or two. Revise, reword
teachers may actually have more insight on your persistence, your growth,                                         and rewrite
and/or other notable qualities.                                                                              Edit for spelling and grammar
                                                                                                                  (proofread, don’t just trust
When you have decided whom to ask, be polite and respectful in your request.                                      spell check)                         Sample Essay Questions
Tell the individual for what you are applying (scholarship, college admission)                                                                        Describe a significant lesson you
and ask if he or she would be willing to write a supporting letter for you. Pro-                                                                          have learned.
vide all necessary forms and prepare a summary letter stating explicitly the                                                                          What scientific discovery or devel-
college(s)/scholarship(s) for which you are applying, what you’d like them to                                   To generate a theme or                    opment since 1960 has had or
highlight in the recommendation, and the deadline date(s).                                                       anecdote, consider...                    will have a significant impact on
                                                                                                             Five people who have influenced               humanity and how has it affected
Provide a stamped, addressed envelope for each college to whom the rec-                                          you.                                     your thinking about science and
ommendation is to be sent. If you are to personally collect the letter and                                   Three virtues that you admire and            society?
include it with the rest of your application packet, you may give the writer                                     respect.                             Discuss an issue or value of per-
the option of keeping their letter confidential by suggesting they put it in                                  Three significant lessons that you            sonal, local, national or interna-
an envelope and sign their name across the sealed flap. (Many colleges                                            have learned.                            tional concern about which you
will ask you to waive your right to see recommendation letters by signing a                                    Three memorable experiences                feel strongly.
Buckley Amendment/FERPA statement.)                                                                              you have had.                        Discuss a work of art, literature, music
Supporting information: Provide the letter writers with background in-                                       A failure and what it has taught             or drama that has influenced you
formation in the form of a resume listing your activities, awards, academic                                      you or a fear that you have              in a significant way.
achievements, etc. If possible, arrange to spend 10 to 20 minutes in con-                                        conquered.                           Drawing upon your life experience to
versation with your letter writers and share information about your goals,                                   Your greatest success.                       date, what does “diversity” mean
your interests, life influences, etc. so that they may better personalize the                                 The funniest thing that ever hap-            to you and how would you like
recommendation. It is also helpful to provide the letter writers with some                                       pened to you.                            it to be reflected in your college
information on the college or scholarship for which you are applying so                                      Five places that impress you.                experience?
that they may speak directly to why you would be a good candidate for the
particular college or scholarship. Be sure the letter writers have the name
of the college/scholarship in writing as well as the date by which the letter                                Recommendations Cont.
should be sent.                                                                                              Organization: It is helpful to keep a notebook or a checklist of deadlines
When: Pay attention to deadlines. Contact the references at least three                                      for applications to ensure you have completed all aspects of an applica-
weeks prior to the deadline for submission of application materials. Remember                                tion. You should also make and keep a copy of all applications in case
that extra time is needed for mailing so allow for this when giving information                              something gets lost in the mail or otherwise needs to be resubmitted.
to your references. Follow up one week before the letter is due and again a                                  Having copies of previous applications on file also simplifies completion
couple of days before the mailing deadline.                                                                  of other applications. Note that you will not be able to see or make cop-
                                                                                                             ies of any letters of recommendation which you have waived your right
Courtesy and professionalism dictate you follow up with a sincere thank you.                                 to see. If you will be needing more than one letter of recommendation
Writing a recommendation letter takes time and effort and the reference has                                  from an individual, you should make that clear at the time of your original
done you a service by providing one. Also, let your letter writers know of the                               request so that the writer can make additional copies or keep the letter
results of your application. They will be interested in your status.                                         on their computer for easy revision/duplication.
                                  Financial Aid and Scholarship Info
        Types of Aid                                 Applying for                                                  Scholarship Info
    The cost of college includes                     Financial Aid                          Scholarship money is different from federal student aid money (Pell Grants,
    tuition and fees, books and sup-                                                        Stafford Loans, etc.). It is usually awarded based on merit (e.g., grades,
    plies, room and board, personal           FAFSA                                         leadership/service, talents), though some scholarship programs also con-
    expenses (living, transportation,         (Free Application for Federal Student Aid):   sider need. Scholarships can range from the $100 poetry contest prize to
    clothing, and entertainment), and         Filing a FAFSA is the only way to             the $60,000 full ride to a selective institution. Unfortunately, it is a myth that
    travel expenses. In-state tuition,        access any Federal Aid in the form            money grows on trees and that thousands of dollars of scholarships money
    fees, and living expenses aver-           of grants or loans. Many colleges             goes unclaimed each year. Scholarship money is limited and requires effort
    age $14,000 per year. Private             also require FAFSA information as             to obtain. Many cash prize scholarship contests (art, essay, drama, etc.)
    and out-of-state expenses can             a means of documenting college-               are open to all grade levels so it is never too early to begin investigating
    top $30,000 per year. There are           supported financial aid (both merit            scholarship opportunities.
    three basic types of Financial Aid        and need-based). The FAFSA is
                                                                                            Most colleges and universities have their own scholarship office and award
    available to assist in defraying the      based on family financial status
                                                                                            scholarships based on merit - grades and/or talents (athletics, music, drama,
    costs of higher education.                (assets, income, need) and consid-
                                                                                            etc.) or special status (disadvantaged student, minority, etc.) The second
                                              ers parent and student contribution
                                                                                            place to look for scholarship money is through parental affiliation. Employers
    Grants or Scholarships - Grant            to college costs. FAFSA forms are
                                                                                            sometimes offer scholarships to dependents of employees and churches and
    or scholarship money is the pre-          available in the Counseling Office in
                                                                                            social/fraternal organizations often have gift money available to members’
    ferred aid as it does not have to         December and should be completed
                                                                                            dependents as well. Other scholarships are the highly competitive large
    be repaid. Grant programs such            and submitted as soon after Janu-
                                                                                            national programs (Coca-Cola, Target, etc.) that are usually based on a com-
    as the Pell Grant and the Supple-         ary 1 as possible (need is based on
                                                                                            bination of strong academics and exceptional community service; and the
    mental Educational Opportunity            current income tax returns). The
                                                                                            smaller local scholarships from organizations seeking to recognize student
    Grant (SEOG) are funded by the            priority mailing date for the FAFSA
                                                                                            leaders or those who have done significant community service.
    Federal Government to assist              is February 14. Within four weeks
    students who have high financial           of mailing, the U.S. Department of            The Counseling Office sends a weekly electronic newsletter to all seniors, the
    need.                                     Education will send you a Student             “Senior Scoop,” describing scholarship information that has been received in
                                              Aid Report (SAR) which will indicate          our office. The College and Career Center also has several reference books
    Scholarships have many funding            your Expected Family Contribution             on the scholarship search such as Cash for College and The Scholarship
    sources and may be affiliated with         (EFC) based on the information                Book. The internet is also a key resource and purports
    the college or a private source           provided on the FAFSA. Colleges               to be the largest internet scholarship search.
    such as a local business, a na-           will use the EFC to determine the
                                              amount of Federal grants, loans, or           Need-based Scholarships:
    tional corporation (Target, Coca-
                                              work-study awards and send you                Periodically, Counseling is notified of scholarships that are need-based. If
    Cola), civic or fraternal organiza-                                                     money is tight in your family and college seems unreachable because of it,
    tions (Elks, American Legion),            their financial aid “offer” soon after
                                              your receive the SAR. More infor-             please let your counselor know so that we may keep you in mind if a need-
    religious groups or denominations                                                       based scholarship comes to our attention.
    (Hillel, Lutheran Association), or a      mation about Federal student aid
    specific program (ROTC).                   programs and how to apply for them
                                              is available on the FAFSA Web site
                                                                                            AIMS Tuition Waiver:               Students who have an unweighted cu-
    Loans - These awards do have                                                            mulative GPA of at least 3.5, who have B’s or better in the 16 core credits
    to be repaid but usually not until                                                      (no C’s), and who “Exceed” on all three sections of the AIMS assessment
    the student has graduated. Loans          PROFILE:
                                                                                            (or two sections of the AIMS and receive scores of 3 or better on two AP
    may originate with the Federal            Some colleges and scholarship pro-
                                                                                            exams), are eligible for the AIMS tuition waiver at UA, NAU, or ASU.
    Government (e.g. Stafford Stu-            grams use information collected on
    dent Loan or the Perkins Loan),           the College Board PROFILE to help
    through the college, or through a         them award student aid funds. The                           Western Undergraduate
    private lending agency.                   PROFILE form was developed as a
                                              supplement to the FAFSA and a way                          Exchange Program - WUE
    Work/Employment - Many stu-               of predicting financial aid eligibility
                                              at an earlier date to better coincide         Out-of-state students at a public college typically pay 3 times (300%) the
    dents work part time during the                                                         in-state tuition rate. WUE scholarships cut this in half – students only have
    academic year to cover part of            with early admissions. PROFILE
                                              formsare available on-line at www.            to pay 150% of the in-state tuition. This can save thousands of dollars and
    their college expenses. The Col-                                                        allow someone to attend an out-of-state school who might otherwise not
    lege Work Study program (CWS)    Check
                                              your college applications to see if           have done so. Participating states include Hawaii, Alaska, Washington,
    is funded by the Federal Govern-                                                        Oregon, California, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado,
    ment and supports a student’s             they request the PROFILE and, if
                                              so, arrange to complete and submit            New Mexico, and North and South Dakota. However, only certain col-
    wages in specific on- and off-                                                          leges/programs participate in each of these states. For more information
    campus jobs.                              the form as soon as possible.
                                                                                            about the WUE scholarship program, visit web site You
                                                                                            will want to contact individual schools to determine:
    Financial Aid Terms:                                                                            Do they offer WUE scholarships?
    Award Letter: Written notification by the college advising an individual student of              Is WUE limited to certain programs of study?
    the dollar amount available through the various financial programs.                              Does WUE require a minimum GPA and SAT (or ACT)?
                                                                                                    How do you apply for the WUE at this school?
    Financial Aid Package: A combination of grants, loans, scholarships and work-                   What is the deadline for applying for the WUE at this school?
    study which is described in the Award Letter.
                                                                                            Note: Some colleges award WUE scholarships on first come, first served basis.
    Grant (Scholarship): Gift Aid which does not have to be repaid (sometimes re-
    ferred to as grant-in-aid).

    Loan: Money borrowed from commercial banks, savings and loan banks, credit
    unions, and insurance companies which must be paid back with interest (sometimes
                                                                                             Tip Box
    deferred until after graduation).                                                        Consider McGill University in Montreal or the University of Toronto if you want
                                                                                             a solid education at a reasonable price just a bit outside the USA.
    Estimated Family Contribution (EFC): The amount determined to be contrib-
    uted by parents and the student toward the student’s college costs. The amount
    is subtracted from the amount it costs to attend a college and the result is called
    “unmet need.” Colleges will try to meet students’ unmet need through a combination                         Scholarship Scams
    of grams, loans, and work study.
                                                                                      Con artists know there is a great deal of anxiety and hope in seniors and their
    Student Aid Report (SAR): Written notification which states information submitted parents. They prey upon this. Think twice before paying for financial aid or
    on the original financial aid form and listing the Student Aid Index Number.       scholarship information. Scholarships require an application fee are often
                                                                                      operated like lotteries. They pay out a certain number of scholarships but
                                                                                      they are funding them through the application fees of others. It’s also likely
     Tip Box                                                                          that they are selling your information to others, such as credit card companies,
                                                                                      phone card companies, etc. The Federal Trade Commission urges you to
     Don’t pay for any college scholarship search service, no matter how great the
                                                                                      watch for these scam warning signs:
     promises sound or how great the money-back guarantee. Avoid any scholarship
     competition that costs money to enter and don’t believe the old saw about          4The company guarantees a scholarship or your money back.
     millions of scholarship dollars going unused. Also, Who’s Who Among High           4The scholarship service promises to do all the work.
     School Students, Outstanding High School Students in America, and other such       4A fee is required for the scholarship lists provided by the company.
     programs which essentially make money by charging people to buy a book             4The scholarship company claims to have exclusive information.
     with their name in it, are not given credibility by colleges and universities or   4You become a finalist in a contest you can’t even remember entering.
     by savvy employers.                                                                4You are asked to provide your credit card or checking account number.

                                               NCAA                                                                    Volunteer and Travel
            National Collegiate Athletic Association                                                              Many students in Europe take what is called
                                                                                                                  a “Gap Year” and travel or perform community
 A student must meet specific academic criteria          identical number of scholarships. While football          service for a year between high school and col-
 set forth by NCAA before s/he can play a sport         and basketball tend to offer a full complement,           lege. This is an option for young people in the
 or receive an athletic scholarship at a Division I     most other sports do not. Scholarships are not            United States as well. If you are uncertain of
 or Division II college. To be eligible at a Division   guaranteed for four years; they must be renewed           your educational or career goals and are looking
 I school, the student with a minimum GPA will          on an annual basis.                                       to mature and explore the world through travel
 need a higher test score, and the student with a                                                                 and/or community service, you may want to
 minimum test score will need a higher GPA. E.g         College athletic recruiting is a complex business
                                                        bound by many rules and the student-athlete               investigate some of the opportunities posted in
 A student with a 2.0 GPA would need a minimum                                                                    the College and Career Center.
 SAT score of 1010 (CR and Math). A student with        and family should familiarize themselves with
 a 3.0 GPA would need a minimum 620 SAT score           the process as best as possible to avoid any dis-
                                                        qualification from eligibility. We ask that students              Suggested readings include:
 (CR/M). Students who meet CFHS graduation                                                                                 Taking Time Off
 requirements will meet (exceed) NCAA high              being recruited to play college level sports keep
                                                        in contact with counselors, coaches, and the                          by Colin Hall and Ron Lieber 1996
 school curriculum requirements.                                                                                           Time Out by Robert Gilpin and
                                                        athletic director about their status and any related
                                                        recruiting issues.                                                    Caroline Fitzgibbons 1992
 Athletes need to register with the NCAA                                                                                   Transition Abroad Magazine
 Clearinghouse in spring of their junior year if        Additional information is available directly from
 interested in playing collegiate sports. Register      NCAA.
 online at The
 NCAA Clearinghouse also requires an official                                                                      Tip Box
 transcript from each high school attended as
 well as test scores sent directly from the test-                                                                 Colleges who stand out for their programs for students
                                                                         Check out                                with learning disabilities: Landmark College in
 ing agency (student needs to note NCAA on
 SAT/ACT score reporting forms).                                                                                  Vermont, New York’s Adelphi and Hofstra, Colorado’s
                                                                               Fort Lewis, Ohio’s Muskingham, West Virginia
 Only colleges in Division I or II may offer athletic                                                             Wesleyan, and Bradford in Massachusetts. Also,
                                                                for more information.                             Marymount - Palos Verdes, California, has a great
 scholarships, and institutions may disperse
 these in the form of full, half or partial grants.                                                               two-year program. Check out the K&W Learning
 Scholarships must go toward expenses re-                                                                         Disability Guide (Princeton Review) or Peterson’s
 lated to tuition, room, board, fees, and books,                                                                  Colleges with Programs for Students with Learning
 and not all colleges participating at the same                                                                   Disabilities or Attention Deficit Disorders available
 competitive level in the same sport offer the                                                                    in the CFHS College and Career Center
                                                                                                                  or at one of the local bookstores.

                                         Military Service Options
Any of the three general military service options offers young men and
women the following: a chance to serve their country; free training for a
                                                                                                      MILITARY SERVICE ACADEMIES
career and a chance to travel; housing and food allowances; free medical            The military academies offer an outstanding free education, but competition
care; regular promotions based on performance; advanced education op-               is fierce for the few spots available each year. To have a chance, students
portunities at little or no cost; an excellent retirement program with qualifying   must complete a very rigorous course of study at CFHS earning excellent
years of service; programs to develop discipline, maturity, leadership and          grades and do very well on the college entrance (SAT/ACT) exams. They
confidence; an advantage seeking government employment and/or financial               must be physically fit and must have demonstrated strong leadership in
assistance for college after military service.                                      school and non-school activities. It helps to have participated in sports while
                                                                                    in high school. Good eyesight is a plus, especially if intending to pursue
Military service requires a serious commitment for a number of years. Young
                                                                                    pilot training at the Air Force or Naval Academies.
people cannot simply quit and leave if they do not like it. Training missions
and international conflicts can place military personnel in danger.                            U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD 21402
                                                                                              U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO 80914
There are three paths a student can take to enter military service:
                                                                                              U.S. Coast Guard Academy, New London, CT 06320
                                 ENLISTING                                          Students at the academies live a very strict military lifestyle without the same
A recruiter for each military branch is assigned to our school. Recruiters for      freedoms as civilian college students. They spend most of their summers
the Army and the Navy are located at 2302 E. Speedway. The Airforce recruiter       in training programs and owe a commitment to the military of at least six
is at 6741 N. Thornydale Road. The Army National Guard recruitment office            years after graduating.
is in the Valencia Armory located at 5500 E. Valencia Road. Coast Guard
                                                                                    All students interested in service academy candidacy need to begin the ap-
recruiters work out of their Phoenix office located at 826 N. Central Avenue.
                                                                                    plication process during their junior year of high school. Candidates must be
Marine recruiters are at 7290 E. Broadway. The web sites and local phone
                                                                                    U.S. citizens, between the ages of 17 and 22. The application process takes
numbers of various military branches are listed below.
                                                                                    approximately 12 to 15 months. It consists of the following steps:
      Army                      520-326-6957
      Navy                    520-795-9967                <
                                                                                        Open Admissions File - Spring of junior year
      Air Force               520-575-5781                <
                                                                                        Apply for Congressional Nomination - starting Spring of junior year
      Army Natl Guard          520-663-1701                <
                                                                                        Congressional Screening - Summer after junior year through December
      Coast Guard            602-379-3834                     of senior year
      Marines                  520-886-2946                <
                                                                                        Academy Screening - Summer after junior year through May of senior year.
Note: Enlisted personnel can apply for Officer Candidate School. If eligible,
                                                                                        Medical and Physical Testing - Summer after junior year through March
this offers another path to becoming an officer in the military.                          of senior year
                                                                                        SAT/ACTs - Best scores, submit as early as possible junior year, no later
           ROTC (Reserved Officer Training Corps)                                        than Jan/Feb of senior year
                                                                                        Congressional Interviews - November or December of senior year
Army, Navy and Air Force ROTC programs enable college students to earn              <
                                                                                        Appointments - December - May of senior year
an academic degree in their field of choice and a commission as a military
officer at the same time. Merit based scholarships pay partial to full costs
                                                                                    Note: Summer programs after the junior year of high school are available
of educational expenses at the selected college. After graduating and
                                                                                    on a competitive basis at the Air Force, Army and Naval academies. Ap-
completing obligatory duty (usually 4 to 8 years of active/reserve duty), the
                                                                                    plications must be submitted by mid-November of junior year.
officer can select to continue a military career or begin to pursue a civilian
career. Those electing to remain in active service may qualify for graduate
studies at government expense. ROTC programs are available at many
                                                                                         Students considering military options should take the ASVAB
colleges and universities throughout the United States, both two and four
                                                                                         which is offered free to CFHS students every fall and spring.
year schools. Nursing scholarships are also often available through ROTC.
Interested students must submit an ROTC application early during their                   For more information about military opportunities, check out
senior year and finalists will be required to complete a personal interview      Mr. Vida is the Counseling liaison
and physical exam.                                                                       to the branches of the military.

                                                           Selected Resources
                Students are encouraged to visit the                                    Tip Box
              College and Career Center in Counseling                                   Community colleges offer the opportunity to fill two years of general
                    for additional print resources.                                     education requirements for a lower cost before transferring to a four-year
                                                                                        college. University admissions offices look favorably on students who have
             Computers are available as well for internet research.                     been successful at a community college. The University of Arizona offers
                                                                                        a Community College Transfer Waiver (tuition waiver) for students who
                                   Guidebooks:                                          have completed 48 hours at an Arizona community college and earned a 3.2
                                                                                        cumulative GPA. Pima Community College is a fine choice but don’t overlook
     Peterson’s Guide to Four-Year Colleges                                             Central Arizona College, Eastern Arizona College, and other Arizona
                                                                                        community colleges. CAC and EAC are residential campuses with excellent
     The College Handbook - College Board                                               pre-professional programs as well as specialty programs (message therapy,
     Index of Majors - College Board                                                    welding, nursing, education, etc.). They also offer a full complement of arts,
                                                                                        music, and sports programs.
     The College Blue Book - Scholarships, Fellowships, Grants, and Loans
     Barron’s Guide to the Best, Most Popular, and Most Exciting Colleges
     Barron’s Guide to the Most Prestigious Colleges
                                                                                                             Suggested Reading:
     Gourman Report - A Rating of the Undergraduate Programs                            “Looking Beyond the Ivy League - Finding the College That’s
                                                                                        Right For You” - Loren Pope
     Rugg’s Recommendations on the Colleges
     America’s Best Colleges - US News and World Report                                 “Colleges That Change Lives: 40 Schools You Should Know
                                                                                        About Even if You’re Not a Straight-A Student” - Loren Pope
     The Best 306 Colleges - The Princeton Review
     The Insider’s Guide to Colleges                                                    “Selecting the Right College: Over 50 Little Known Tips From
                                                                                        A College President” - Norman R. Smith
     National College Databook-The Book of College Questions and Answers
     Peterson’s Guide to Colleges w/ Programs for Learning Disabled Students            “Letting Go: A Parents’ Guide to Understanding the College
                                                                                        Years” - K.L. Coburn and M.L. Treeger
     K&W Guide for Students with Learning Disabilities
                                                                                        “Behind the Scenes: An Inside Look at the Selective College
       Tip Box
                                                                                        Admission Process” - Edward B. Wall

       While colleges make big issue about their faculty to student ratio, consider
       that some classes are legitimately taught in a big-lecture format. Also, many     Fact Box
       classes that meet once or twice a week in a large lecture format also have
       a smaller discussion group meeting requirement or lab session. Also, the          Fewer than 1.5% of females attend women’s colleges, but one-third of the
       faculty-student ratio may be skewed by whether or not the school factors in       female board members of Fortune 1000 companies, and one-fifth of the women
       the faculty who only teach one small upper division class (sometimes as few       serving in the U.S. Congress, are graduates of women’s colleges.
       as six students).

                    College and Career Exploration and Information Websites
       College Exploration                                                             Careers
       Arizona Career Info System          www.azcis.intocareers.or                    America’s Job Bank       
       College Application                                  Bureau of Labor Statistics
       College 411                                        Career Magazine          
       College Board (SAT and AP)                       Career Paths On-Line     
       College Comparisons                  Career Resource Center   
       College Express                                 Future Scan              
       College Guides                                  Career Assessment        
       College Info                                        Career Planning          
       College Links                          Majors                   
       College Net                                        Kiersey Temperament Sorter
       College Planning                          Mapping Your Future      
       College Rankings                 Occupational Handbook    
       College Search                     Personality Tests        
       College Student                                Planning a Career        
       College View                                      Trade and Voc. Schools   
       College Scholarships      
       Go College                                           Financial Aid
       International Colleges                                 ACT FA Estimator         
       NACAC                                                   CSS Profile On-line       
       Peterson’s                                          Finaid Info              
       Princeton Review                               FA Awareness Month       
       Virtual Campus Tours                              Indep Higher Ed. Network 
       Yahoo Education Site                          Paying for School                           Peterson’s FA Page       
       XAP Web Links                                          Sallie Mae FA Info       
                                                                                       Yahoo FA Info            
       NAIA                                                     Scholarships
       NCAA                                                      College Scholarships     >
       Test Prep                                                                       FastWeb                  
       College Board On-Line                             Free Search              
       College Power Prep                                  Minority Scholarships    
       ETS                                                       College Board            
       Get Tested: College4u                        Scholarship Info         
       Kaplan Page                                            Scholarships on the Web  
       Princeton Review                              Scholarship Search       

                     World of Work                                                        Arizona Universities, Colleges,
While studies have shown that, on average, those who complete a college
degree earn over $200,000 more during their lifetime, there are many op-                        and Trade Schools
portunities available that do not require a four-year college degree. If college
is not in your game plan, consider a two-year program, trade school, or other          State Universities
specialized training. Depending on the field, skilled and committed workers
can sometimes earn even more than their college educated peers.                        ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY                        Tempe, AZ 85287
                                                                                                                  (480) 965-7788
Those wanting to succeed in the workplace need skills, training, and mo-
tivation. Our rapidly changing world, due to technological advances and
globalization, demonstrates an exceptional high rate of productivity and the           NORTHERN ARIZONA UNIVERSITY Flagstaff, AZ 86011
best jobs require special education and training. The fastest growing occu-                   (520) 523-5511
pational groups are those requiring two years of post secondary education,
a community college degree or trade school. Math, verbal and interpersonal             UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA                           Tucson, AZ 85721
skills are the foundation for more specific professional education. Spend                                      (520) 621-3237
some time checking out the Occupational Handbook section of the library for
information on the myriad of careers available, their growth rate and earn-
                                                                                        Arizona Community Colleges and Technical Schools
ings potential, and required education and skills. Also, interview people in
the community, from the electrician to the newscaster, about their jobs and                  * Academy of Radio & Television Broadcasting
their profession in general. Consider job shadowing or interning.                            * Al Collins Graphic Design School
                                                                                             * American Graduate School of International Management
                                                                                             * Apollo College
                                                                                             * Arizona Automotive Institute
                                                                                             * Arizona Institute of Business and Technology

                                  AZCIS                                                      * Arizona Paralegal Training Program
                                                                                             * Arizona School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
                                                                                             * Arizona School of Health Science
There are many college search and planning guides available on the
internet. See the list at the end of this guide for several to explore. One                  * Arizona School of Professional Psychology
that you may want to start with is AzCIS. The Arizona Career Informa-                        * Arizona Western College
                                                                                             * Art Institute of Phoenix
tion System (AzCIS) is an annually updated, comprehensive career and
                                                                                             * Central Arizona College
educational guidance system that provides information and exploration                        * Cochise College
tools. In AzCiS you can find information about occupations, programs of                       * Coconino Community College
study, colleges and universities, financial aids, job search skills, etc. You                 * CRM Airline Training Center
can also take interest and aptitude surveys.                                                 * Desert Institute of the Healing Arts
                                                                                             * DeVry Institute of Technology
     Go to Log on with CFHS user name
                                                                                             * Diné College
                “catalinafhs” and password “4azcis02”.                                       * Eastern Arizona College
                                                                                             * Everest College
                 Job Training Resources:                                                     * Fuller Theological Seminary - Phoenix
                                                                                             * High-Tech Institute
                                                                                             * ITT Technical Institute
Pima Community College                                                                       * Long Technical College
Center for Training and Development                                      206-5100            * Maricopa Community College District
Offers over 40 certificate programs in business, childcare, food service,                     * Mohave Community College
health occupations, and professional truck driving.                                          * Northland Pioneer College
                                                                                             * Pima Community College
Proprietary Schools                          link at                        * Pima Medical Institute
                                                                                             * University of Advancing Computer Technology
There are many proprietary schools in Tucson and Arizona that offer training
                                                                                             * Yavapai College
and certification in fields such as aviation, business, cosmetology, design,
massage, technology, etc. Check out the yellow pages of the local telephone
directory, visit the College and Career Center, or see your counselor.                  Other Arizona Colleges and Universities -
                                                                                             links at
Internet Resources:
                                                                                             * American Intercontinental University - Online
Check out Bureau of Labor Statistics at
                                                                                             * American Graduate School of Management - Online
or Occupational Outlook Handbook at                           * Arizona Culinary Institute - Scottsdale
for excellent information on a wide range of careers. Visit www.mapping-                     * Art Institute – Phoenix. Online for career planning and college information or http://users.                 * The Bryman School - Phoenix                                                                           * CollegeAmerica - Flagstaff
                                                                                             * Collins College - Tempe

 Tip Box
                                                                                             * DeVry University – Phoenix, Online
                                                                                             * Everest College - Phoenix
 Students should take their SAT and/or ACT tests in the spring of their junior               * ITT Technical Institute – Phoenix, Tucson, online
                                                                                             * Jones International University Online
 year, certainly no later than the first test date available during the fall of their
                                                                                             * Kennedy-Western University
 senior year. One or two sittings are acceptable; rarely will a student take                 * Long Technical College - Phoenix
 the test three times. More frequent test sittings may raise the eyebrows of                 * Phoenix Career College - Phoenix
 admissions officers.                                                                         * Remington College - Tempe
                                                                                             * Scottsdale Culinary Institute - Scottsdale
                                                                                             * Regis University - MBA
                    Admissions Glossary                                                      * St. Leo University
                                                                                             * Western International University
As is true with most institutions, organizations, and areas of interest, the                 * Westwood College of Technology - Online
college admissions process has a language all its own. The following terms                   * American College of Computer and Information Sciences
regarding admissions cycles are important to know:                                           * Arizona School of Health Sciences
                                                                                             * Chaparral College
Early Action/Admission: A notification procedure whereby the candidate                        * Chapman University
is advised of the decision on his/her application early (usually between De-                 * Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture
cember 1st and January 15th). Early Action/Admission generally requires                      * Grand Canyon University
submission of material by November 1 or 15. See the school’s web site for                    * Keller Graduate School of Management
deadlines. Students may keep other applications active as they are usually                   * Magellan University
not obligated to accept Early Action offers of admission until May 1st.                      * Midwestern University
                                                                                             * Ottawa University
Early Decision: Academically strong students, totally committed to a                         * Prescott College
specific college, apply to that college early in the fall (exact date provided                * RainStar University
by specific college) and receive an admissions decision usually during                        * Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine
December. Students must sign a contract agreeing to enroll at the college                    * Southwestern College
                                                                                             * Thunderbird Graduate School
if accepted and an Early Decision application should only be made after
                                                                                             * University of Advancing Technology
much serious consideration.                                                                  * University of Phoenix – Phoenix, Tucson
Regular Admission: Following regular application to a college or university                  * Wayland Baptist University - Ft. Huachuca, Phoenix
(usually a December or January deadline), the student receives notification
of admission on/about April 1st.                                                       Proprietary Schools
                                                                                       There are many proprietary schools in Tucson and Arizona that offer
Rolling Admission: Procedure allowing notification of an applicant of the               training and certification in fields from aviation, business, cosmetology,
admissions decision as soon as possible following receipt of the application.          design, massage, technology, etc. Check out the yellow pages of the
A “first come, first served” process.                                                    local telephone directory or link at

                                    COLLEGE PLANNING TIMELINE
     Freshmen / Sophomores                                                               Seniors - September
                                                                                         - Continue to take challenging courses (at least five solid courses)
     - Develop a four-year plan for your high school years; one outlining                  and be involved with community service and extracurricular activities.
       courses you plan to take to prepare for college, the other for school and         - Register to take (retake) September/October SAT and/or ACT if desired.
       outside activities in which you want to participate.                              - Give Counseling your college consideration list and email address.
     - Explore volunteer opportunities with local agencies, peer tutoring, etc.          - Submit Arizona college applications. (UA, ASU, and/or NAU)
     - Keep a file of awards, certificates, etc., and a roster of activities               - Meet with your counselor to discuss college choices and application
       (community, school, church/temple, music, sports, etc.)                             procedures if looking at private or out of state colleges.
     - Investigate summer programs - math, science, music camps and other                - Register with NCAA Clearinghouse if applicable.
       opportunities.                                                                    - Organize files and begin to fill out rough drafts of applications.
     - Read, read, read.                                                                 - Draft your college essays.
     - Take interest inventories, such as the ASVAB, as available.                       - Ask teachers to write recommendation letters at least three weeks
     - Check out the resource materials available in the College and Career                before application due date. (See Student Guidelines for Recommendation Letters).
       Center (in the Counseling Office).                                                 - Submit PROFILE financial aid registration form for schools requiring
     - Periodically search the web for career and college-related sites. A good            PROFILE. (Arizona schools do not require this.)
       one is AzCIS (see info on p 11.)
     - Have discussions with adult family friends about their careers and how            October
       they got to where they are today (influencing decisions, college choice,           - Submit Secondary School Report forms to your counselor if applying
       regrets, future, related career opportunities, etc.).                               Early Action to any colleges, with $3 per report requested, by October 1.
     - Get to know your teachers: What are they looking for in a high school             - Take October SAT and/or ACT if scheduled.
       student? How can you get more involved in their subject? What                     - Retake AIMS if needed to pass for graduation.
       careers are possible if interested in the subject?                                - Attend as many college visits as possible. Watch the Counseling
     - Develop study skills and techniques for managing projects and assignments.          bulletin board for information.
     - Use a daytimer to schedule activities, highlight schoolwork deadlines             - Attend TCC and/or St. Gregory College Fair.
       and test dates, etc.                                                              - Visit colleges and universities as possible.
     - Work on social skills - assertiveness, public speaking, listening, self-          - Finish all rough draft college applications and essays. Go over them with
       confidence, and self-awareness.                                                      counselor, parent, teacher.
     - Explore scholarships/contests for essays, photography, etc.                       - Review the weekly “Senior Scoop” sent electronically from Counseling.
     - Take the ACT Plan as a sophomore (and/or freshman).                               - Note deadlines for private scholarships and apply accordingly.
     - Take the PSAT/NMSQT in October of sophomore and junior years.                     - Register for SAT II Language Test with Listening if appropriate (offered
     - If you need to take SATII subject tests for college admission, check                one time only - November). for information and registration dates. Check
       first to see if your college(s) of choice require SAT II tests. (Most don’t.)      November
     - Review your high school academic plan and consider taking Honors                  - Confirm all paperwork has been submitted for selected schools. Most
       and Advanced Placement courses.                                                     colleges using early decision admission require test scores and applica-
                                                                                           tions by early or mid-November.
                                                                                         - Complete all applications as soon as possible for early decision, early
                                                                                           action, or rolling admissions candidacy.
     Juniors - Fall                                                                      - All Secondary School Reports and requests for Counselor recommenda-
     - Begin to think about your reasons for going to college. Talk to parents,            tions must be submitted a minimum of four weeks prior to the college
       counselors, teachers, and friends. Develop lists of your interests,                 application deadline (and no later than Dec 1 for any January deadlines).
       educational priorities, talents and abilities, social and cultural preferences,   - Take November SAT (or SATII) as necessary.
       and personal qualities.                                                           - Keep your grades up. Colleges do look at semester and year-end grades.
     - Take the PSAT in October.                                                         - Plan holiday visits to select colleges.
     - Take the ASVAB if interested.                                                     December
     - Retake AIMS to pass for graduation or as desired to “Exceed”.                     - All counselor recommendation requests for any January deadlines are
     - Attend as many college fairs and college representative visits as possible.         due to Counseling by December 1.
     - Arrange to take a prospective student tour at UA and drive up to NAU.             - Mail ROTC scholarship materials if appropriate.
     - Continue producing quality work and challenging yourself academically/            - Collect financial aid information and prepare to complete the FAFSA in January.
       intellectually. Colleges look closely at junior year academic achievement.        - Visit colleges as able.
     - Review your high school course plans.                                             - Receive Early Admission and Early Decision acceptance information.
     - Involve yourself in activities that offer leadership and growth.
     - Start investigating which civic, cultural, and service organizations award        January
       scholarships to graduating seniors. Start a file.                  - Attend CFHS Alumni panel during Home Base.
       purports to be the largest internet scholarship service.                          - Submit FAFSA ( as soon as possible after January 1.
                                                                                         - Keep in touch with college representatives at your first choice colleges.
     Spring                                                                              - Inform counselor of your status.
     - Attend CFHS Alumni panel during Home Base and Arizona College                     - Attend Financial Aid Information Night.
       Fair in January.                                                                  - Don’t stress. It is not too late to apply to many colleges.
     - Begin college search in earnest. Identify factors important for you.              - Check that colleges have received all materials - test scores, recommendations, etc.
       Start a file. Utilize the internet and guidebooks from the College and             - Apply for housing as soon as possible at college of choice.
       Career Center.                                                                    - Pursue scholarship opportunities.
     - Attend College Planning Night in February/March.                                  February
     - Continue to do well academically as this is your most important semester          - Inform counselors and teachers when you’ve heard from a school.
       for college applications.                                                         - Rerank your college choices based on information received, school
     - Retake AIMS to pass for graduation or as desired to “Exceed”.                       contact, and your gut feeling.
     - Research interesting and challenging summer courses, internships,                 - Send thank you’s to anyone who helped you through the process
       jobs, travel, or activities.                                                        (recommendations, advice, support, etc.)
     - Visit area schools and, if possible, try to visit distant colleges during
       spring or summer vacation. Call the colleges for tour information and             March
       appointments.                                                                     - If you filed a FAFSA, watch for your Student Aid Report (SAR) to arrive, telling
     - Register to take ACT, SAT I or SAT II Subject Tests in March, May, or June.         the amount of student aid amount. Make sure colleges receive a copy.
     - Take AP exams if appropriate.
                                                                                         - Register for AP tests.
     Summer                                                                              - All colleges should be responding with decisions.
     - Continue to research schools via internet and site visits and narrow              - Decide where you wish to go. Discuss options with parents, counselors, teachers.
       your choices.                                                                     - Write to colleges regarding acceptance or non-acceptance. Inform
     - Gather application materials and financial aid info from 5 - 10 colleges.            counselor / teachers of decision.
     - Create a checklist of test names and registration deadlines, fees, test           - Send in college deposit to selected school by May 1.
       dates, college application deadlines, financial aid applications and               - Sign and return financial award letter.
       deadlines and other materials that you will need.                                 - Turn in College Selection and scholarship information to Counseling.
     - Review for fall SAT or ACT tests if retaking for higher score. Consider
       a test prep program if needed.                                                    May
     - Work on rough drafts of college essays and your resume’ or biography.             - Take AP exams.
     - Do something none of your friends are doing. It could be attending                - Graduate! Give college e-mail address to Counseling.
       a music camp, reading War and Peace, teaching little kids to play
       basketball, or hiking the Himalayas.
                                                                                         - Attend all advising days, open houses, orientation programs, and
     - Read. Read. Read.
                                                                                           registration sessions offered by your college.
     - If you work, try to do something that requires real thinking or an interest-
                                                                                         - Read books and talk to those in the know about how to survive in college
       related internship. Regardless of your job, reflect on how it relates to
                                                                                           physically, academically, emotionally, philosophically, and spiritually. Talk to
       potential college success.
12                                                                                         parents about your (and their) transitions as you prepare to go to college.

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