A. Tammy Dransfeldt - 6-8 Social Studies Textbook Adoption B. Matt by xnh13238


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                  DISTRICT       72-C
        Regular Meeting of the Board of Education
                Monday, April 21, 2008
                      Work Room
                       7:00 P.M.


   I.      Call to order

   II.     Roll call

   III.    Pledge of Allegiance

   IV.     Review and approval of Board Minutes for regular meeting held
           March 18, 2008
           Review and approval of Board Minutes for the special Board
           meeting April 16, 2008.

   V.      Financial Business
           A. Motion to approve the payment of bills for the month of
              April, 2008. The payroll is in the amount of$7l,628.89
           B. Motion to approve the Treasurer's report

   VI.      Audience to Visitors
           A. Tammy Dransfeldt - 6-8 Social Studies Textbook Adoption
           B. Matt Pasternak - Boy Scouts' Project

   VI.     Superintendent's Report
           A. Volleyball Sports COOP Agreement with South Wilmington
              and Braceville
           B. GGS - Financial Recognition
           C. IDEAL, Door lock
           D. Architect meeting
           E. Gym signs
           F. RtI data
           G. Building Insurance
           H. Special. Ed COOP Status Report
           I. TIF

   XIII.   Old Business
           A. Building Committee
           B. Discipline/Advisory Committee - set meeting date
           C. Recognition Committee
           D. Personnel Committee - set meeting dates

    IX.    New Business
            A. Motion to renew Application for School Board Legal Liability
               (Errors and Omissions) Coverage through WCSIT for 2008-09.
            B. Motion to renew Workmen's Compensation coverage through
                WCSIT for 2008-09.
            C. Motion to renew the School District's Treasurer's Surety Bond
                for 2008-09 through Worker's Compensation Self-Insurance
               Trust as a benefit of membership and at no added cost to the
            D. Motion to approve the Young Authors Reading Council
               Conference trip on April 26th.
            E. Motion to approve the yearly trip to Barnes and Noble for the
               awards for AR and Battle of the Books.
            F. Motion to approve the Kindergarten and Early Childhood trip
               to Miller Zoo in Bloomington
            G. Motion to approve the Young authors filed trip to Grand Bear
               Lodge on April 23 rd.
            H. Motion to aEprove 4th grade field trip to Halpin's Diary Farm
               on May 13 .
            I. Motion to approve 3rd grade filed trip to Chicago Field
               Museum on May 5th.
            J. Motion to adjourn into closed session to consider information
                regarding the appointment, employment, or dismissal of an
                employee, student discipline, or any permissible matter under
                the open meetings act. 5 ILCS 120/(2)(1)
            K. Motion to come out of closed session
            L. Motion to act on the appointment, employment, or dismissal
               of employee(s) discussed in closed session

    X.    Items for May 19th Board Meeting Agenda

    XI. Other
        A. Superintendent's calendar
        B. IASB - survey
        C. Van literature
        D. Discipline

    XII. Adjournment

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