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									Living Learning

           Summer 2008, Issue 3
                Honors Housing:
      What’s new in Liberty & Republic Hall?
                        Looking Back on the Semester
                        Warren Frisina
                        Dean of Hofstra University’s Honors College
                                Looking over at Liberty/Republic from the perspective of the
                        Honors College Dean’s office, I have to say that Spring 2008 was some-
                        thing of a breakthrough semester.
                                It began in January when for the first time the HUHC faculty
                        mentors and RA’s spent part of a day training together. The training went
beyond the usual “ice-breakers” and “get acquainted sessions.” John Zilvinskis, Liberty &
Republic Hall Resident Director, introduced a plan to form the RA’s and faculty mentors into
teams (he called them triads – 2 RA’s and a faculty mentor) who got to work planning specific
programs and activities for the coming semester. By the time we were done, each team had
an outline of activities for the coming weeks. Everyone left with a much clearer sense of how
the faculty mentors could complement and thereby build upon the good work that RA’s were
already doing.
        As a result, during the spring semester faculty participated in and sometimes led a
number of wonderful Liberty/Republic events. There were spaghetti nights, trips to on campus
theater events (with dinners!), in-house competitions (guitar-hero), and trips off campus as well.
Along the way Liberty/Republic grew as a community in new and exciting ways.
        Living-learning communities come in many forms. Sometimes, they coalesce around a
particular theme or issue. Other times, they emerge from conscious efforts to establish conver-
sations among people with a broad diversity of interests and commitments. Liberty/Republic is
a learning community of this latter kind. Liberty/Republic students are interested in all fields,
topics, political positions, and come from a wide variety of cultures. Moreover, Liberty/
Republic benefits from having a continuing population of returning sophomores, juniors, and
seniors, who help establish and carry forward the traditions that give Liberty/Republic it’s
reputation as one of the best places to live on the Hofstra campus.
        I expect that reputation will continue in Fall 2008. With an outstanding Residential
Programs staff, regular involvement by faculty mentors, a new cadre of first-year students, and
a steady population of experienced returning students, Liberty/Republic has all the ingredients
necessary to enable this living/learning community to grow and develop in new and exciting
ways over time, semester by semester. Even as we continue to enjoy the benefits of this break-
through semester, I am already looking forward to the new possibilities that the fall will bring.

  Living Learning Communities Newsletter
Interview with Terry Godlove
Associate Dean for First-Year Programs, Professor of Philosophy &
Living Learning Communities Steering Committee Member

                          Terry Godlove
                          Associate Dean for First-Year Programs
                          Professor of Philosophy
                      How did you originally become involved with Hofstra’s Living Learn-
                      ing Communities?

                      Well, as an undergraduate I lived in a house where some of the philoso-
                      phy professors hung out. I remember we sat around and tried to think
deep thoughts. That and we invented ultimate Frisbee. That was my introduction to the idea.
At Hofstra the idea of clustering first year courses had been around since the late 70’s. I got
involved in the late 90’s, when lots of campuses were adopting the idea of Living Learning
Communities, and I thought we should try it here. By 2001, Warren Frisina was already using
a professional residence director, specially trained RA’s, and faculty mentors in the Honors
house, so that became the template.

What do you contribute to the Living Learning Communities Steering Committee?
I hope I contribute some insight from the faculty side. I try to match faculty with themed houses.

What accomplishment are you most proud of the Living Learning Communities?
What gives me the most satisfaction is to look at the job Residential Programs is doing. Really,
it’s only been 2 years, and to see how much progress you guys have made—that’s quite im-
pressive. So I take a lot of pleasure in seeing how the institution has followed through on the
LLC idea.

What’s a goal that you have for Hofstra’s Living Learning Communities?
I’m all for expanding into the sophomore, junior & senior year students, as I think Chris Muller,
Director of Residential Living Learning Communities, is already starting to do. In a sense, I
would like the Living Learning Communities to erase Hempstead Turnpike. I hope they can
serve as an intellectual bridge between the academic and residential sides of

If you could go back in time and live in a Living Learning Communities which one would
you chose?
That’s a trick question, because now I’m going to be in print playing favorites. The Presidential Poli-
tics house has an edge this year just because of its connection to Educate ’08, and the others all seem
quite healthy as well, so let me avoid the question by proposing a philosophy house for fall ’09.

  Living Learning Communities Newsletter
  Living Learning Communities Newsletter
          Where each facet of your college EXPERIENCE enriches the other
                                                                           Summer 2008

                         A Year in Review
                         by Christopher Muller Director of
                         Residential Living Learning Communities
                                During the 2007-2008 academic year, we had an outstanding
                       year with the living learning communities program! I am truly impressed
                       by the countless hours of work that went into planning numerous initia-
                       tives and programs by the RAs, SRAs and GAs. I would like to recognize
                       Michael Arno, Assistant Director of Living Learning Communities, Susan
                       Guarrieri, Resident Director of Netherlands and John Zilvinskis, Resident
Director of Liberty/Republic for their leadership that they have provided to their staff.

        I wanted to recognize the efforts of the 6 RA’s that directly work within the LLCs in the
Netherlands complex and provide a sampling of the programs. In the Civic Engagement house,
Stephen Pellegrino and Laural Simeon truly have done an amazing job with creating a sense of
community within their house. During the spring semester, they had a “Presidential Candidate”
program and did a wonderful job on a program called the “American Game.” Mike Asham and
Ivorie Belk did a good job coordinating a program called “Valentines: Love, Relationships and
Health” and they hosted a interesting program on the “Education of Pizza” in the Health Sciences
house. In the Arts house, Mike Barnwell and Ashley Guzzo did some great initiatives and spon-
sored their second coffee house program which was a success. Also, they had a educational pro-
gram called the “Elements of Audio Production” within their house.

        Next, I wanted to talk about some of the programs that the staff of Liberty/Republic
sponsored during the spring semester. Caroline Kirkwood and Matt Weaver had a extremely
successful “Taco Night” program that was sponsored by a faculty mentor. Joe Bennethum and
Lindsey Ross had Super Tuesday Primary Party with one of the mentors and had over 50 resi-
dents attend this program. Andrew Mantuano and Jessi Garcia did an amazing job with their
dynamic Latin Dance program and had approximately 25 residents participate in this program.
I was impressed by the program that Casey O’Keefe and Joe Bennethum sponsored called
‘Guitar Hero” in which they also paired up with a faculty mentor. Finally, Caroline Kirkwood &
Kevin Galante sponsored a creative trivia game called “Battle of the Sexes” featuring questions
about the opposite sex in which they served both food and mocktails.

        I would like to recognize the 5 Honors College faculty mentors for their dedication in
working with the Liberty/Republic staff during this past academic year. The mentors include:
Brian Clocksin, Ray Greenwell, Sina Rabbany, Holly Seirup and Rebecca Slitt. On a final note,
Liberty/Republic had attendance numbers ranging from 20-50 people for 19 programs during
the spring semester alone! This is an excellent accomplishment for two buildings comprised of
163 residents and 8 RA’s.

  Living Learning Communities Newsletter
         Where each facet of your college EXPERIENCE enriches the other

                       Greetings & Congratulations!
                       From Michael Arno
                       Assistant Director of Residential Programs

                       I wanted to take a moment to congratulate you on a wonder-
                       ful year. Your participation in the Living Learning Communities
                       this year was excellent. You have proven that LLCs are a
                       positive addition to Hofstra’s residential community. I am very
                       proud of the accomplishments made by the three houses, as
well as the participation of the entire Netherlands Complex.
       Due to the overwhelming popularity of the LLC program, and due to your
participation, we have been able to expand our program. Next year we will be
introducing three new LLC houses to the Netherlands Complex. These houses will
include an additional Civic Engagement House, a Presidential Politics House, and a
Math, Science and Engineering House. It is anticipated that these houses will yield
awesome programs for residents next year. I hope you all will take some time to
pay a visit next year to the LLC programs these houses will offer. I hope your op-
portunity of living in an LLC and participating in the programs has given you the
opportunity to expand your horizons and gain a more inclusive residential experi-
       Thank you all for the roles you played aiding to the success of this program.
I wish you all very much luck next year and in your future endeavors here at
Hofstra. I hope you all have an enjoyable and relaxing summer vacation!
The Liberty/Republic Run Down! By Quinn McClure, President
       April has been extremely busy for Liberty/Republic. April is our spring
semester’s “Philanthropy Month” because of Earth Day and the campus wide
Relay for Life event. We are extremely proud of our Relay for Life team be-
cause we raised the most money on campus! Our biggest fundraising project for
this wonderful event was a benefit concert held in our courtyard. We had Sig-
ma’cappella and Toast and Jam (a group of Liberty & Republic residents) per-
form. We also sold a plethora of delicious baked goods and asked for any do-
nations people were willing to make. This event was extremely successful.
       To continue our philanthropy month and to celebrate Earth Day, we made
bird houses and bird feeders for our courtyard. This fun and easy project
brought the residents together, yet again, and let our creative residents decorate
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Netherlands Testimonials: What do Resident
Assistants have to say about living in an LLC?
                                          “Living in an Arts LLC this past year has
                                          been really exciting for me. As a film ma-
                                          jor and musician I really enjoyed living in a
                                          community of artists and having that com-
                                          monality right from the start. Seeing what
                                          projects others were working on inspired my
                                          own ideas and projects and throughout the
                                          year we all were able to really bounce
                                          ideas off each other artistically as we grew
                                          to know each others strengths and interests.
                                          Let say for example I needed a score for
my film but I didn't have experience with working with strings - I could walk down
the hall and talk with some of the other people in the house and see who played
string instruments or had previous experience in composition. Being amongst a di-
verse group of artists who are interested in a diverse group of mediums has also
exposed me to a lot of different forms and ideas. More importantly I think is that
when I come home from class or work I am surrounded by a bunch of movie watch-
ers, people to jam with, or just sit around and hang out with and that has made this
year a really enjoyable experience for
             -Mike Barnwell RA Arts House

                                     “This year I have had the distinct opportunity to
                                     be an LLC RA in the Health Science building. It
                                     has given me great pleasure to observe
                                     residents as they continued to advanced their
                                     education in the residence halls. Through my
                                     involvement in the LLC I have become well
                                     acquainted with faculty and my own knowl-
                                     edge has greatly increased in the sciences.
                                     Overall, it was by far the greatest way to gain
                                     knowledge in a comfortable environment.”
                                             -Ivorie Belk RA Health Sciences House

  Living Learning Communities Newsletter
Netherlands Testimonials: What do Resident
Assistants have to say about living in an LLC?
"This year I had the opportunity to be an RA in an LLC. The LLC was themed Civic
Engagement. From the start my residents have been enthusiastic about living in our
house and have loved attending our civic engagement programs. They have
ranged from lectures by faculty about being an active citizen and getting involved
with the political process, to debates on who is the best candidate in the 2008
election, to fun presidential trivia games. We've also been advocating recycling
projects on campus and will be participating in relay for life in April.

It's been a great year living with such great and engaged residents. I think the
idea of LLC's is a wonderful way to connect the classroom with residential living,
and also a great way for first year students to become comfortable with others
who they share similar interest with. Next year as SRA of Netherlands South I look
forward to working in the Presidential Politics House LLC and creating great crea-
tive programming initiatives with the office of presidential studies for our
residents."                       - Steve Pellegrio RA Civic Engagement House

The Liberty/Republic Run Down! By Quinn McClure (Continued)
...some beautiful bird houses. Make sure to come visit our courtyard and see
the beautiful homes.
       As the year winds down, the partying in
Liberty/Republic winds up. We are looking for-
ward to our annual Liberty vs. Republic field
day. Our field day is filled with outdoor events
like wheel-barrel races, red rover, Frisbee; any-
thing the residents want, we plan! This year, we
are hoping to add a BBQ to this end of the year
       On a personal note, I would like to thank
this year’s Liberty/Republic hall council for a
fantastic year. I have been involved with this
hall council for four years and I think this year
has been phenomenal. Thank you for all of your
hard work, enthusiasm, and fun. I will miss you
all next year!

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