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					Greetings 4-H families:
Happy New Year to everyone! As you know, the 4-H year is well underway and in
2009,we have a special celebration, the centennial birthday of Florida 4-H. To help
promote our program and all of its wonderful opportunities, I want to encourage all of
you, even adults, to wear green on the 4th day of each month to celebrate Florida 4-H.
Tell somebody new about 4-H and what is means to you!
I thoroughly enjoyed the holiday celebration this year, with all of our fashionable
4-Her’s on parade, as well as the talent show where I listened to amazing pieces of
music being played, skits recited and more! Now you may be wondering at this point
what more is to come? Join us on Tuesday, January 27th for a workshop entitled 4-
H...more than you ever imagined part II. This will give you insight into upcoming
community service opportunities, speech contests, and overnight adventures! This will
take place at the Callahan Extension Service beginning at 6 PM.                                 IN THIS ISSUE:
I want to welcome several new clubs into our 4-H program: the Sassy Sewers, SCA 4-H,        4-H Opportunities
and West Nassau Homeschool 4-H. We also have some transitions with club leaders
and we want to thank Mrs. Denise Parker for all of her hard work and welcome Mrs.           Volunteer Notes
Connie Anders who will be stepping up to take leadership of the Town and Country 4-H
                                                                                            Club News
Club. According to Gail Sheehy, if we don’t change, we don’t grow, and if we don’t
grow, we aren't really living.                                                              Calendar
As you read through this newsletter, you will notice there are a lot of opportunities for
you outside of your regularly scheduled club activities. I would encourage you to not
bury, but instead occasionally work on your project books, and if you have any
questions on them inquire with your club leader or myself. They will be due before you
know it! This newsletter has a lot of opportunities and if you have any questions
regarding any of the content, please do not hesitate to call the Extension Office or send
us an email for more details. As always, I welcome your feedback and appreciate your

Amanda Thien, 4-H Program Leader
                                               4-H Opportunities
          The Centennial Calendar will capture the essence of the six counties in District 6 over the
         past century. District 6 photos from the present and past will be published in the
         centennial calendar along with featured 4-H dates for the 2009 year. The cost is $8.00
         for the first calendar and $7.00 for additional calendars. Come by the Extension Office to
         pick up an order form today!

    In the past Daytona 500 Experience has designated two days in January
    specifically for 4-H members and their families and friends to receive a special
    rate to the attraction. Instead of locking you into two days, we are going to open up the entire month of
    January to 4-H. Now all 4-H members, family, and friends will enjoy a discount valid January 1 st –
    January 30th. You pick the day that is most convenient for you. Come by the Extension office to pick up
    a flyer.

           Are you interested in livestock or forest ecology judging? Mr. Steve will hold two livestock judging
     review classes to prepare for the spring fairs. These will take place at the Callahan Extension office on
     January 20th and 27th at 4:30PM. If you are a senior aged 4-H member wanting the opportunity to judge at
     the Florida State Fair competition on Saturday, February 7th, please contact us asap! The 2009 Forest
     Ecology Contest will be held on Saturday, April 18, 2009 at Austin Cary Memorial Forest in
     Gainesville. There will be workshops held to prepare for this contest as well, beginning January 29th at
     4:30PM at the Nassau County Extension Service. Call to R.S.V.P. for all judging workshops!

                                       Florida 4-H Honey Bee Essay Contest
  Each year, the UF Honey Bee Lab organizes the Florida 4-H Honey Bee Essay Contest. The deadline for the
2009 contest is February 16, 2009. More information is available on our website: A
                                   direct link to the essay contest site is:
  You don’t have to be a member of the Bryceville Busy B’s to participate, so sharpen your pencil and begin
                                   working on this worthwhile contest!

  The West Nassau Historical Society invites Nassau County 4-H to participate in the annual Railroad Days Festival
 parade that will take place on Saturday, March 28th at 11:00 AM. If your club is interested in entering a float, motor
 vehicle, walking, or even riding horses, the entry fee is $40.00 and this is due March 17th, 2009. Call the Extension
 Office for a copy of the registration form.
                                                4-H Day at the Capitol 2009!
                                                  April 14th – Tallahassee, FL
         4-H Day at the Capitol is an exciting event that gives 4-H youth from across the state an opportunity
to come together and promote the Florida 4-H Program to their government officials. Participants will have
the chance to meet and hear from their local senators and representatives, explore the history of
Florida through exciting workshops and tours, and see first hand how their state government works. Since
this is our centennial year, 4-H youth will have a chance to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Florida 4-H by
sharing stories from a, “Century of Youth Success” with government officials and the public. Save this date on
your calendar and if you are interested in carpooling, give the Extension office a call!
                             Intermediate State and Youth Adventure Weekend (Y.A.W.)
Are you wanting to meet other 4-H members from around the State of Florida interested in some of the same project areas
as you? If so, plan to attend intermediate state. Intermediate State is open to youth ages 11-13 as of September 1, 2008
and this will take place the weekend of February 13-15, 2009. To find registration forms go to:
LAW.shtml. Registrations must be turned in to the Nassau County Extension Service by no later than Tuesday, January
20th. Youth Adventure Weekend will be held on February 27-28, 2009. All junior and intermediate 4-Hers are
encouraged to attend. This overnight retreat is sure to be loads of fun as local youth exchange greetings and ideas with
others from across the six county district and attend several educational and adventurous workshops. Registration forms
are available at the Extension Office, so call if you want one mailed to you today! Both events will take place at Camp
Ocala and transportation will only be provided if we have at least 5 youth registered per event.

1) Club Leaders: Charter and Compliance forms need to be turned in to the Extension Office. Please drop these by or put
   them in the mail today.
2) At our holiday celebration, you may have seen the 4-H Volunteer Leader Academy sign up. I would encourage all teen
   and adult volunteers to attend this workshop being held on the Westside of Jacksonville Saturday, January 31st. You
   will learn so much and have the opportunity to collaborate with others who are interested in positive youth
   development. Please call for a registration form if you have not already picked one up.
3) Would you be interested in reading for Agriculture Literacy Day? This event will take place on Tuesday, March 24th
   and I will need a lot of help with this program. I provide the book and the classroom assignments and ask for you to
   share a short story with students about agriculture and the impact it plays on our livelihood. Please call me if you are
4) Agriculture Extravaganza is another school enrichment opportunity where volunteer help is relied upon. If you would
   like to assist with the set up, teaching, or any other portion of this program please call.
5) Also begin to think about day camps and if you would like to assist in teaching a particular themed camp this summer.
   I would like to have a schedule ready for the next edition of the Lucky Clover Newsletter, so call me today!
6) Finally, here is a challenge to all 4-H Volunteers throughout the state of Florida. Do you want to attend the State
   Volunteer Forum (April 24-26) and/or the Southern Region 4-H Volunteer Forum at Rock Eagle, Oct. 25, and your
   county isn’t able to fund your way? Start today and save $1.00 a day and by April 1st you will have over $100.00. That is
   enough to pay for State Forum and save the rest toward Rock Eagle. Start saving again on April 1st and by the end of
   August you will have over $200.00 toward Rock Eagle registration. Then all you have to do is convince other volunteers
   in your county to do the same and you can all ride together and share gas.
Are you a member of the Florida 4-H Volunteer Association? If not – why not? The dues are only $5 and you will be
joining forces with volunteers from all over the state of Florida. The annual meeting is held at the State Forum.
            For more information or an enrollment form go to the state website at
                            volunteer_association or email

           A Word of Thanks to Nassau County 4-H(this was for the food and other items collected at our annual holiday celebration)

 Thank you for the wonderful surprise of gifts and food for our families at Christmas time. We delivered these to 3 very deserving and needy families in
 the Callahan area. Again, thank you so much for your time and effort that brought benefits to our families and agency.

 Casey Price
 Inclusion Coordinator
 Episcopal Children's Services
West Nassau Homeschool 4-H
During our last meeting we had a lot of fun at our Christmas party . We voted on our officers and they are : President - Samantha Addy , Vice
President - Doc Kramer , Treasurer - Joshua Lewis , and Secretary - Virginia Lewis .During our party we ate food , exchanged gifts , and
played Christmas music. Mrs. Vickie Moore , myself , Courtney , Katie ,and Nathaniel played the music. We played the Dulcimer ,Violin,
Piano ,and the Bells . We talked about our up coming field trips . Our field trip that is coming up is at the Flowers Bakery on January the 6th .
We also talked about something we might do for a community service project . Mrs. Shirley Stalvey has plants that she needs someone to
transplant . The plant is called Nandina. Submitted by Secretary Virginia Lewis.

Nassau County 4-H Shooting Sports Club
Wow! What a year! We began a new group with only 6 students in March and ended up with over 20+ students by years end.
And guys are awesome! The commitment that you and your youth have shown to this club and this sport is amazing.
Thank you for the support. Our club had applied for and was granted an NRA (National Rifle Association) award of $3,273.75 for the
purchase of related training materials. The check arrived the week of Christmas! What a gift. We will be adding several firearms to our
inventory in the next few months. Our next meeting date is Monday January 5th, 2009 at the multi-use bldg at 6pm. It is our scheduled club
meeting and January's club dues are to be turned in that evening. Our range dates are Monday Jan 12th and Monday Jan 19th. You can
start arriving at 4pm. We will shoot till the sun goes down. Thank you to those who signed up to take the 4-H Shotgun Instructor's
Certification course that is scheduled for the weekend of Jan 30 & 31, 2009. We will begin this year with a new badge system established by
the NRA.
You can earn points toward your Pro-Marksman through Distinguished Shooter badges at every class. Every shot will be
acknowledged. More information on that later. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Ya'll!!

The Callahan Country Kids recently completed a series of activities to celebrate and spread holiday cheer. For Thanksgiving, the club
held a food-drive outside the Callahan and Hilliard Winn-Dixie. Non-perishable foods and monetary donations were received to help
support six local families in need. After Thanksgiving was over, the club met in December. Members were recognized for their participation
in the fall fairs. Elections were held and the results were as follows: President – Matthew Simmons, Vice-President – Eric Byrd, Treasurer
– Lisa Anders, Secretary – Rachel Benoit, Reporter – Jane Benoit, and Chaplain – Kaylee Anders.
The club also had a holiday celebration of its own on Friday, December 12, 2008. Members enjoyed an evening of get-acquainted
activities, Callahan BBQ, cookie decorating, bingo, and musical chairs. During the club holiday celebration, members signed up for gifts to
donate to the family the club adopted for Christmas. The gifts were wrapped by club members on Monday, December 22, 2008. In
addition, the club would like to congratulate Arin Crossway for her participation in the 4-H Fashion Revue and Ethan Knagge for his
participation in the 4-H Share the Fun Talent Show. The club is looking forward to the New Year with its next meeting on Monday, January
19, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. at the Multi-Use Facility by the Extension Office.

The Juss Horsin Around 4H Club continues to grow as it starts it’s 2nd year. The club has 14 members. Officers were elected during the
October 14th meeting. The president is Hailey Hall, the vice president is Kara Braddock, the secretary is Kelli Braddock, the historian is
Catherine King and the treasurer is Carissa Seay. On the 11th of November the club had a guest at the monthly meeting. An equine dentist
came and demonstrated how he floats teeth. It was very interesting and educational! On November 22nd the club had a fun trail ride at
Deep Creek Plantation. They plan on a having a charity trail ride at the same location in March. In the December meeting the members
practiced their skit for Share the Fun and had a white elephant gift exchange. The club participated in Share the Fun with its Horsenality
skit. It was a great learning experience. The club also adopted an angel child to buy gifts for at the YMCA. The next meeting for Juss
Horsin Around will be on January 13th at 4:30 at Jennifer Hall’s house. Submitted by Kelli Braddock, Secretary

Busy B’s Officers were elected and they are as follows: President: Isaac Carter, Vice-President: Tom Freeland, Treasurer: Austin Cone,
Reporter: Hannah Cone, Chaplain: Phillip Lawson, Historian/Scrap booker: Kelly Hygema, Recreation Leader: Jay-Paul Stewart, Secretary:
Not yet elected.
The Bryceville Busy B’s visited the fire station in December to sing carols and spread holiday cheer to the folks on duty. They were so happy
to have pleasant visitors and they mailed the nicest thank you note to the club for spreading their holiday cheer. The next meeting will take
place on Thursday, January 22nd at the Freeland barn in Sunowa Springs. Don’t forget it’s potluck so bring something to share and be
prepared for a fun game of football.

 District VI News
 District VI’s last meeting was November 24, 2008. The district will be assisting the Muscular Dystrophy Association as its Community Pride
 Project. This project involves hosting a party for MDA members, planning a walk-a-thon for the entire district to take part in, and holding
 several fundraisers to raise money for the organization. The council just finished making and selling Christmas cards with photo/gift card
 holders to raise money for the MDA.
 Committees have been delegated to plan Youth Adventure Weekend, Centennial activities, and the first-ever District VI Legislature Day.
 This year’s theme for Youth Adventure Weekend is 4-Her vs. Wild. Youth will capture the essence of camping overnight and face what
 nature has to offer. Registration forms will be available in January.
 The Centennial committee is currently putting together a District VI Centennial Calendar. The calendar contains several now and then
 photos each brought in by the counties in the district. The calendars will be on sale in January. District VI has a lot in store for the year
                            The enclosed material is provided as one of the many services relating to the
                            educational programs offered by the University of Florida/Nassau County Cooperative   Non-Profit Org.
                            Extension Service. Our nationwide network of faculty is prepared to provide current
                                                                                                                  U.S. Postage Paid
543350 U.S. HWY 1           information on food, agriculture, marine and natural resource science, energy,
                            nutrition, family, 4-H youth, and related fields. We will be happy to help you with   Callahan, FL
Callahan, FL                additional information upon request.
32011                                                                                                             Permit No. 27

                            Amanda Thien
                            4-H Youth Development Agent I
Fax: 904-879-2097

                e Web!
    We’re On th

Nassau County 4-H

  4-H Humor– recently I was with a good friend getting her ears pierced for the first time and she
    had this look of terror on her face as the lady instructed her on breathing techniques for the
   process. When finished, my friend sighed and said, well at least I now know what animals go
  through when we put tags and notches in their ears. I thought to myself, only country folks can
                                     appreciate this kind of humor!

For more information about 4-H, check out these sites:
   Nassau County Extension Service/4-H………………………………...
   Florida 4-H………………………………………………………….
   National 4-H………………………………………………
   UF Animal Science Department………………………………….
                                      DATES TO REMEMBER
                  12 County Council Meeting, 4:30– 6 PM @ Multi-Use Facility
                               13 Youth Leadership Nassau Meeting
                    19 Office Holiday, Hag and Ham Workshop in Gainesville
                                20 Livestock Judging Practice, 4:30
                                   26 District Council Meeting
                                27 Livestock Judging Practice, 4:30
                      27 4-H...More than you ever imagined part II at 6 PM
                             29 Forest Ecology Workshop at 4:30 PM
                                  30 Fair board annual meeting
                                   31 4-H Volunteer Academy
                                       4 Wear Green today!
                                 7 Florida State Fair Fashion Revue
                               13 Intermediate State at Camp Ocala
                               19 Youth Leadership Nassau Meeting
                                      21 Model Horse Show
                  23 County Council Meeting, 4:30– 6 PM @ Multi-Use Facility
                           27 Youth Adventure Weekend, Camp Ocala

                                       4 Wear Green today!
                      6 Spaghetti Dinner to support 4-H Relay for Life team
                  16 County Council Meeting, 4:30– 6 PM @ Multi-Use Facility
                           20 3rd Executive Board, Camp Cherry Lake
                                   23 District Council Meeting
                                        24 Ag Literacy Day
                               25 Youth Leadership Nassau Meeting
                               28 County Events Day/4-H Field Day
*For those who participate in county events, we will have our first ever 4-H field day and you don’t
                                        want to miss out!