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                                                                           September 2007

Greetings from Holly Peterson                                — ACTING DEPARTMENT HEAD AY 2006-2007

Dear Alumni,

Greetings! I am truly relieved that                                   tions enabled us to attract new stu-
Dr. Ganesan is back at the helm of                                    dents into our program and to sup-
the Environmental Engineering                                         port our returning students.
Department, but I wanted to thank
ALL of you who corresponded and                                       This newsletter highlights some of
who donated to the department                                         the recent activities and exciting
last year during my tenure as act-                                    accomplishments of our group.
ing department head. There is                                         Enjoy; thanks, again; and please
nothing in our profession as re-                                      keep in touch!

warding as hearing from previous
students, and your generous dona-
                                        HOLLY AND BIRKE BEINER,
                                          HER NEW PULI PUPPY

Scholarships for Students                           — THE ANNUAL FOUNDATION PHONATHON WILL BEGIN SOON

Because of the continued support of alumni like yourself, the Environmental Engineering Department
awarded nearly $10,000 in scholarships for the 2007-2008 academic year. Your support helps stu-
dents meet their critical needs. Donations from alumni, faculty and friends help us to maintain the
level of excellence that employers have come to recognize as inherent in the education that our stu-
dents receive. Again, we appreciate your continued support and dedication to our program and we
THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.

Montana Tech in the News                              — HIGH RANKINGS IN PUBLICATIONS

Montana Tech now has bragging rights. It has been listed among the Specialty Engineering Schools
in the 2008 edition of “America’s Best Colleges” by U.S. News & World Report, the nation’s leading
source of service journalism and news. Also, Montana Tech is listed in “Best 366 Colleges” by the
Princeton Review, and Montana Tech appears on the lists of “Best Values” and “Best in the West.”
Only about 15% of the four-year colleges in America and two Canadian colleges were chosen for the
publication. “This recognition confirms all of the attributes that we boast about regarding our campus.
This publication tells the world our campus is an outstanding small college with excellent industry rela-
tionships and placement rates. We are honored that they have recognized Montana Tech as a good
value among our peers,” said Doug Abbott, Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and Research.

                                      STUDENTS NEED YOUR HELP!
      Donate to the Environmental Engineering Scholarship Fund
           Montana Tech Foundation ▪ 1300 West Park Street ▪ Butte, Montana 59701
                                      WORK HARD,
                                           AND THEN
                                        HAVE FUN

    2007 WERC Environmental Design Team Contest
Once again Montana Tech placed at the 2007 WERC Environmental Design contest. Two teams
competed this year and both teams took second place. The first team comprised of Keri Petritz, Cam-
eron Clark, Anna Carter, Devin McCarthy, Jonathan Johnstone, Mary Kunish, Britney Welsch, Yana
Robertson, and Meaghen Kraft chose Task 4, Conversion of Biomass Resource to Useful Forms of
Energy and Other Products. The second team comprised of Josh Bryson, Laura Griffis, Narven Os-
teen, Grant Rodway, Mike Welch, Jessie Boettcher, Yana Robertson, and Meaghen Kraft chose Task
5, Bacteria and/or Virus Removal from Pond Water. Students were advised this year by Mark Peter-
son, Mine Waste Technology Program and Holly Peterson, Environmental Engineering Department.
CONGRATULATIONS, job well done!!

                      Second Place Winners of the 2007 Environmental Design Contest

                                 THE DESIGN TEAMS NEED YOUR HELP!!
  Sponsor Student Travel for the 2008 Environmental Design Team
          Montana Tech Foundation ▪ 1300 West Park Street ▪ Butte, Montana 59701
 Spring Workshop and Advisory Board Meeting
                                            In March we had another very successful workshop on Energy and
                                            the Environment in Montana’s Future. The Library Auditorium was
                                            packed as Governor Brian Schweitzer and Montana’s Chief Busi-
                                            ness Development Officer Evan Barrett took the stage on energy
                                            issues in Montana and abroad. Later they answered questions
                                            from a very captivating audience.
                                            Besides presentations from the 2007 Environmental Design
                                            Teams and the annual Panel Discussion, Alumnus Jeremy Clotfel-
                                            ter, Hydro Manager at PPL Great Falls and Dave Ryan, Energy
                                            Specialist from NCAT (National Center of Appropriate Technology)
                                            spoke to students on various energy issues in their fields.
Governor Brian Schweitzer was Guest         The workshop was well attended and feedback across campus
 Speaker at the 2007 Environmental
   Engineering Alumni Workshop              was very positive.
The day before the workshop, a Montana Tech Environmental Engineering Alumni Advisory Commit-
tee meeting was held. Many new faces were present after an extensive recruitment process for new
Board members that was initiated by the Department. Holly Peterson presented a PowerPoint pres-
entation on the history and progression of the Department and discussed topics on future recruit-
ment, retention and scholarships. Board members were split up into two groups, Recruitment Com-
mittee and Scholarship Committee, in order to focus on the Department’s needs.
MTEEAAC Board           Martin Carlson              Kyle Heitkamp                Dan McCaffery                 Brian Reed
                        CDM Technologies            Geomatrix Consultants        Envirocon                     Idaho DEQ
Angela Aalbers
USG Interior Division   Jeff Chaffee                Gary Jones                   Gina MacIlwraith              Rachel Roskelley
                        Bison Engineering           MSE, Inc.                    Xanterra’s Grand Canyon       Newmont Mining
Ryan Archibald
Earth Tech              Steven Coe                  Allison Kahl                 Tom Malloy (Vice Chair)       Joshua Vincent (Chair)
                        Woodgrain Millwork, Inc.    Barrick                      Butte Silver Bow Planning     Water & Env. Technology
Marty Bennett
Pioneer Technical       Glenn Eurick                Deb Keeland                  Rebecca Picchioni             Misty Yanok
                        Environmental Issues Grp    Granite Construction Inc.    Bison Engineering             GeoSyntec
Bonita Bogaert
John Deere Harvester    Lindsay Guzzo               Jennifer LeMay               William Pickett
                        US EPA                      URS Corporation              Vista Leak Detection, Inc.
William Bullock
Pioneer Technical       Kelda Hendrickson           Kathy Lundborg               David Searle
                        BP Cherry Creek Refinery    Park City Municiple Corp     Marathon Pennaco Energy

                        Missing Classmates                                          - have you seen the following alumni?

                         We have lost contact with the following Montana Tech alumni. If you know of
                         their whereabouts, please forward their information to us or contact them and
                         have them forward their address, phone, email and business information.
Abdulrahman Alshehri    Theodore J. Cochrane       Jacob M. Harris              David L. Longtin              Julie Reid
                        Clark J. Corey             Anthony L. Hightree          Michael B. Manz               Patrick D. Reilly
Mark M. Badick
                        Sarah M. Dakel             Lusia Indriawati             Jennifer A. Mehl              Susan A. Scott
Jennifer Bailey-Fuqua
                                                   Daniel L. Jarratt            Margaret M. Melly             Michael G. Summers
Daryl Balderson         Ibrahim A. Eid
Heather M. Bleile       Victor K. Eleeas           Gabriel L. Johnson           Kenneth E. Mullaney           Michael J. Talhami
Maximo D. Britos        Jose J. Garagorry          Ketan N. Kadam               Sonia Nandi                   Gee T. Tan
Allen F. Brittner       Darsen R. Gaughan          Reed A. Kaldor               Michael A. Noble              Terrance J. Ternes
Masten F. Brolsma       Gary D. Gilbert            Charis A. Kenck              Joan E. Norris                Steven J. Turner
Kelly L. Byron          Sean P. Gough              Gregory G. Klapwyk           Fransiska Oetami              Candelaria M. Vivas
Jeanien M. Carmody      Allan B. Hansen            Paul Kukay                   Yaw-Kong Pan                  Ruben J. Wallin
Carl G. Chapel          Carol S. Hardman           Tammy J. Larson              Pierre C. Pelletier           Walter W. Whetham
Youchang Chung                                     Gregory L. Lipnickey         Richard M. Racine

                                            STUDENTS NEED YOUR HELP!!!
 Sponsor Student Travel to the 2008 PNWIS Conference in Boise
               Montana Tech Foundation ▪ 1300 West Park Street ▪ Butte, Montana 59701
                                                                               U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                               Butte, MT 59701
                                                                                Permit No. 313

    Send New Information and Email Addresses To:

                       Shelley Reed
                       Environmental Engineering Department
                       Montana Tech of The University of Montana Tech
                       1300 West Park Street
                       Butte, MT 59701
                       Phone: (406) 496-4115
                       Email: sreed@mtech.edu

                               MARK YOUR CALENDAR

                                            Advisory Board Meeting,
                                            2:00-4:00 -- Kelly Steward, SUB

                              9/28-29/07    Campus Homecoming Events

                                            PNWIS Conference
                                            Double Tree Riverside, Boise, ID

                                            Montana Tech Alumni Event 6:00 p.m.
                                            Angell’s Bar & Grill, 999 W Main St, Boise, ID

                                            Advisory Board Meeting
                                            2:00-4:00 -- Mountain Con, SUB
                                            2008 Alumni Workshop
                                            Big Butte/Highlands, SUB

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