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									                                Village of Bartlett, IL
                                     ...never far away
                                                                                                       February      2008
Special points of
                                         Retailers Wanted for Growing Area
  Bartlett has a new Prairie-
  style Metra commuter          Whether you represent a national retailer or are a   tant to the future of our community, Bartlett is
  station in its Downtown       mom-and-pop operation, Bartlett has the right        seeking developers and retail tenants that share
  that opened in December       location for you. Our Village offers major commer-   our vision for long-term success.
  2007.                         cial thoroughfares, a charming revitalized down-
                                town, a rapidly expanding business park and 13       Shopping centers can be found primarily along
  There is a major retail
                                neighborhood shopping centers.                       Sutton Road (IL Route 59), Stearns Road, Army
  development site on the
  drawing board at the
                                                                                     Trail Road and West Bartlett Road. Tenants fea-
  southwest corner of           Why Bartlett? As you can see by reviewing the        tured include Dominick’s Finer Foods, Jewel-Osco,
  Route 59 and Lake Street.     demographic information inside, Bartlett has put     the Home Depot, Starbucks Coffee, Oberweis
                                up the rooftops at a rapid pace over the past fif-   Dairy, CVS/Pharmacy, Wendy’s, Walgreens,
  The Village of Bartlett       teen-plus years. Furthermore, Bartlett’s rooftops    Blockbuster, McDonald’s, and many others.
  completed a special cen-      houses young, affluent families, who currently
  sus in 2007, showing a        travel to neighboring communities for many of    Our charming, award-winning downtown area
  population of 41,402.         their shopping and dining needs. Why not make    offers a growing array of dining opportunities, an
                                your next business expansion project into a town independent grocery store, several day spas and
                                where you have a tremendous likelihood of        salons, banking facilities and professional offices.
Inside this issue:              success?                                         Bartlett Town Center is the new mixed-use devel-
                                                                                 opment in the heart of downtown Bartlett. Space
                                Recognizing that retail development, economic    is now available—call Tony at 630.540.5940 for
                                development and redevelopment are vitally impor- details.
2008 Economic          2

Bartlett Town          2

Westgate               2

Route 59 & Lake        3
                                A Village with History, Harmony and Pride
Woodland Hills         3                                           Bartlett family to grow into the     lage’s website
Professional Ctr.                                                  16-square mile community of          ( to
                                                                   more than 41,000 that it is to-      learn more about new opportu-
Fieldstone Place       3                                           day.                                 nities in Bartlett.

                                                                   Bartlett’s motto of History, Har-
                                                                   mony and Pride summarizes the
                                                                   feelings that Village residents,
                                                                   elected and appointed officials
                                Bartlett has come a long way.      and staff have for this lovely
                                Decades of progress have en-       town. Explore the Economic
                                abled a farm site owned by the     Development section of the Vil-
  Page 2                                                                                                    Village of Bartlett, IL

                                  Economic Indicators
                                  Year       Population
                                                                       Households with Children:
                                  1980       13,254                    50.5%
                                  1990       19,373
                                                                       Avg. Single Family Home
                                  2000       36,706                    Sale: $342,236
                                  2005*      39,377
                                                                       Median Age: 35.5
                                  2007*      41,402
                                                                                                         High-quality housing abounds throughout
                                                                       % with College Degree:
                                  * Special Census                                                       the Village of Bartlett
                                  13,520 Housing Units
                                  Median Family Income:                Commercial development of
                                                                       over 700,000 square feet of
                                                                       shopping centers
                                  % over $75,000: 68.3%
                                                                       670-acre Brewster Creek
                                  Avg. Household Income:               Business Park now home to
                                  $118,929                             50+ businesses

                                                                                          Paramount Properties and the Village of Bartlett
                                                                                          seek high-quality tenants to fill the remainder of
                                  Bartlett Town Center                                    the retail and office space in Bartlett Town Cen-
                                  Downtown Bartlett is small and intimate, however,       ter.
                                  it is continuing to grow into a highly valued com-
                                                                                         The new Metra station, serving 1,200 daily com-
                                  modity for miles around.                               muters, is now open directly north of Bartlett
                                  Today, Bartlett Town Center is still under construc- Town Center.
                                  tion, with the first six businesses up and running. La
                                  Dolce Vita restaurant and martini bar anchors the      This mixed-use project including retail, office
                                                                                         and residential uses, was the winner of the 2007
                                  commercial portion, joined by Bartlett Vision Cen-
                                                                                         Community Vision award from the Urban Land
                                  ter, Black Tie Affair day spa, Fitness Together,
                                  Clique Photography and The Wine Bin. Lux Clean- Institute.
                                  ers will be opening in the near future.                 Contact James Young of Paramount Properties
                                                                                          at 630-513-8430 for leasing or purchasing

                                                Westgate Commons
A new commercial development is up and running, just east of Route 59
along West Bartlett Road. Westgate Commons is a 48,000 square foot
retail and office development along the rapidly developing West Bartlett
Road Corridor.

Many businesses have recently opened at Westgate Commons including a
family restaurant, a veterinarian, a convenience store, a salon and several
service providers.

Space is available at this highly attractive center for a number of retailers,
including home furnishings, clothing, pet supplies, and more. Contact
Brian Buoy of StoneLeat Properties at 630-587-5900 for leasing or pur-
chasing details.
February 2008                                                                                Page 3

               Southwest Corner of Route 59 & Lake
A team of major Chicago area develop-
ers is teaming up to develop the Village
of Bartlett’s third Tax Increment Fi-
nancing District.

A general description of the property is
a 50- to 60-acre development site at
the southwest corner of IL Route 59
and Lake Street (Route 20).

This will be a major retail site serving
more than 214,000 residents with an
average household income of $77,000
within a five-mile radius.

Retailers looking to expand into a highly of Mid-America Development Partners
visible location in a growing, affluent   at 630-954-7355 to learn more about
market need to contact Andy Robbins       this exciting opportunity.

Woodland Hills Professional Center
 Construction is com-            by its highly visible loca-
 pleted on a Class A             tion.
 25,000 square foot pro-
 fessional office building at    Contact Isaac Danon of
 the southwest corner of         Real Estate Consultants,
 Route 59 & Schick Road.         Inc. for leasing details at
 Woodland Hills offers
 stunning architectural
 features along with the
 excellent access provided

            Fieldstone Place seeking tenants
          Fieldstone Place is a new shopping center set to break ground in 2008 on the
          west side of Route 59 between Schick Road and Army Trail Road. This high-
          profile center with attractive architecture serves over 200,000 residents within
          a five-mile radius and is adjacent to the Village of Wayne, the City of West
          Chicago and the Village of Carol Stream in addition to the 40,000+ residents
          of Bartlett. Call Robert Erney at 630-483-1034 for details or learn more about
          the center at
 Bartlett Economic Development

Bartlett provides a great opportunity for new and expanding retailers and
restaurants to succeed in their business plans. We offer an attractive and
progressive community in a growing, affluent area. Retail opportunities
can be found throughout the Village, from modern commercial centers to
quaint downtown storefronts.

The Department of Community Development welcomes the opportunity
to work with your business during every step of the development process,
from site research and selection to final occupancy and beyond.

Contact Tony Fradin at (630) 540-5940 for additional information or to
schedule a meeting or tour of the Village.

                Our Economic Development Coordinator has access to information
                that may interest you, including:
                     Sites available for sale or lease
                     Demographic data and market profiles for 1, 3, and 5-mile market
                     rings. ESRI demographics for downtown and other major com-
                     mercial areas.
                     Traffic data for specific corridors.
                     Applicable zoning regulations, the development process and
                     application forms.
                     Information on upcoming development projects, Village policies,
                     and new business opportunities.

 Never Far Away from a Great Location!
 The Village of Bartlett is
 strategically located in Chi-
 cago’s northwest suburbs,
 21 miles from O’Hare In-
 ternational Airport. US
 Route 20 (Lake St) and IL
 Route 59 intersect in our
 community, with several
 major arterials, including
 Stearns Road, West Bart-
 lett Road, Schick Road and
 Army Trail Road, providing
 east/west access.

 You can also reach us by
 rail. The Metra commuter
 line links Bartlett with
 downtown Chicago. A new
 station has recently been
 constructed to service this
 growing area.

 With all of the growth in
 our community, Bartlett
 will look more attractive to
 you the closer you look!

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