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									                   BSC newsletter     p
                                                       Winter 2008

                                                      A note from the Dean of Students
                                           Dear ’Southern Parents,                      a number of ideas and initiatives. Among
                                                                                        them, increased communication from the
                                          Season’s Greetings from the Hilltop!          college was encouraged. This newsletter
                                          By now, your son or daughter has              serves as one step in that process.
                                          likely returned home for the winter
                                          break, or soon will be back under             We plan to send these to you periodi-
                                          your roof for a few weeks. Please for-        cally to keep you informed about campus
                                          give them if they seem a bit tired; after     events, highlight students and parents, and
                                         all, they do have much sleep to catch          share news from the Hilltop. We hope you
                                         up on after a busy fall term and taxing        will find them valuable!
                                         final exams. We trust after some time
                                         at home, they’ll add lots of cheer to          In the months to come, we will tell you

BSC parent                               your Holidays.

                                          We are happy to send you the BSC Par-
                                                                                        more about our plans for parent programs
                                                                                        and contact. For now, I can tell you that
                                                                                        we are gathering a group of parents to
                                          ent newsletter to tell you more about         work more closely with us as we enhance
                                         life at Birmingham-Southern this fall,         current programs and develop new en-
David Eberhardt                          as well as inform you about some excit-        deavors. We would like to have input from
Dean of Students                         ing activities coming up, like Mama’s          as many parents as possible, including
                                         Home Cookin’. See page 4 about how             those both close to us here in the Magic
MANAGING EDITOR                          you can participate in this tradition of       City and further away. If you are interested
                                         warming your student’s soul (and stom-         in contributing to our work, we would
Brandon Gresham
                                        achs!) during our Interim term. You’ll          love to hear from you. Please e-mail me at
Communications Specialist               also find an important message from   , or call me at 205/226-
                                        BSC President David Pollick that I urge         4725. If you have questions apart from
ART DIRECTOR                            you to read, and stories about Home-            parent programs that we can help with,
Tracy Thomas                            coming and how our athletics teams              please feel free to contact me as well.
Associate Director for                  have fared.
                                                                                        In this holiday season, we wish for you
                                        With this edition of the newsletter, we         and your family a joyous and peaceful
                                        are also letting you know about our             time. As the break from busy routines
                                        desire to connect with you more fully           provides each of you with moments to rest
                                        as a valuable part of the BSC commu-            and reflect, we hope you will enjoy times
BSC Parent is published three times     nity. Earlier this fall, several offices from   with family and friends and be able to re-
                                       across campus came together to discuss           call blessings from the past year. We look
a year by Birmingham-Southern
                                       how we could strengthen our relation-            forward to a wonderful 2009 at BSC, and
College, 900 Arkadelphia Road,                                                          hope the same for you as well!
                                       ship with you as ’Southern parents. Out
Birmingham, AL 35254.                  of that meeting came a group of cam-
                                      pus professionals charged with working                   towards that goal, which I am gladly
                                      coordinating. As part of our work, we             David Eberhardt
                                      recently sat down to lunch with a group           Dean of Students
                                      of your parent peers, where we discussed
       From the President:
       The qualities of BSC students
       Dear BSC Parents:

       As you receive this issue of our BSC Parent newsletter, we
       have come to the end of another exciting and rewarding
       semester at Birmingham-Southern. I continue to be amazed
       by the quality of the students we have on our campus—not
       just the quality of their work in the classroom, but by their
       maturity and compassion as young adults who are deter-
       mined to take what they learn here and make this world a
       better place for us all. That is what a Birmingham-Southern
       education is about, and you should be as proud of your BSC
       students as we are.

       I can think of no better way to demonstrate this to you than
       to share parts of an e-mail we received earlier this month
       from one of your fellow parents. I do not know who the
       student is in the story which follows, but I prefer to think
       of him as an “every student.” Actions such as this often go
       unheard and unseen, but this is reflective of the compassion,
       goodness, and caring that I’ve witnessed from so many of
       our students in my years at Birmingham-Southern. Enjoy
       this story of charity in this season of giving, and from every-
       one on the Hilltop we wish you the happiest and safest of
       holiday seasons.

       Dr. G. David Pollick

       Today at lunch, I went to BSC to pick up some tables I let my      driver got out of the car, and in the downpour took off
       children borrow for their homecoming festivities. As I was         his rain jacket and put it on the man. As he jumped back
       leaving campus, I passed the auto check where one of the           into his car, the man was yelling, “Thank you!!! Thank
       guards was checking the oil and tire pressure on a car with        you!!! I love you man!!!” The light changed and the stu-
       a Tennessee license plate. There was a sole young male stu-        dents drove away … too fast! I tried to catch up to them
       dent in the car. And I thought how comforted I would feel          to thank the driver for making my day, but I couldn’t.
       if either of my kids were in college out of state and I had the
       assurance of knowing that campus security was making sure          After two consecutive days of heartwarming BSC encoun-
       they were safe for a long drive home.                              ters, I will tell you again what I have said to you and
                                                                          others before. My heart continues to be touched by BSC,
       Yesterday I was on my way to campus to deliver a survival kit      the faculty, all of its staff, and so many of its students I am
       of comfort food to my daughter. I was sitting at the traffic       blessed to know. Sometimes we all need to be reminded
       light waiting to turn onto Arkadelphia Road. Despite the           that what we do makes a difference. Your institution has
       pouring rain, there was a beggar standing by the side of the       indeed made a tremendous difference in my life!
       road with a black plastic bag wrapped around his head. He
       wore no jacket; just jeans and a T-shirt. The car directly in      So again, thank you.
       front of me, a BSC decal on the back window, clearly had
       several students in it. I saw the driver roll down the window      I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday
       and they all began yelling at the beggar. Cynically, I initially   season.
       assumed they were jeering, taunting him. Then the young

2/   BSC parent
BSC Homecoming 2008:
Living for the Weekend
Birmingham-Southern welcomed thousands of alumni and friends to
campus earlier this semester for its annual Homecoming/Reunion festivi-

This was an extra special year for BSC, as the college welcomed back
football to campus for the first time in nearly 70 years. The BSC Panther
football team defeated Sewanee 49-0 in the game.

The week was full of activities for students and alumni to enjoy. From a
Sewanee Tiger piñata bash to a pep rally and bonfire the night before the
game, students showed their support and excitement for BSC throughout
the festivities.

Bringing football back to campus also brought numerous tailgaters to the
Hilltop prior to the big game. Students and alumni were treated to BBQ
before kickoff, with many of the campus organizations setting up their
own tailgate tents.

During halftime of the Homecoming football game, Meagan Langford
of Hueytown and William Moore of Clanton were crowned the 2008
Birmingham-Southern College Homecoming Queen and King.

Langford, a senior music major, is the daughter of Lloyd and Rene
Langford. Moore, a senior biology major, is the son of Richard and Sally
Moore. The pair was selected in a campus-wide vote of the student body.

Following the victory over Sewanee, the BSC community headed to the
front lawn of the Admission Welcome Center for a Shrimp Boil and
Homecoming concert with country music band Whiskey Falls, including
BSC alumnus Buck Johnson ’88.

To see more images from the BSC Homecoming/Reunion 2008 celebra-
tion, go online to:

                                                                            Winter 2008 / 3
          Mama’s Home Cookin’
          Good eats for Birmingham-Southern Interim students
            Students taking part in Birmingham-Southern In-
          terim term will get to enjoy a little of “Mama’s Home
          Cookin’” again this year.
            The event, which will take place on Monday, January
          26, encourages local moms and dads of BSC students
          to bring their favorite homemade dishes to campus for
          Interim students to enjoy in a potluck style dinner.
            “Last year’s dinner was an overwhelming success
          thanks to the support of parents from Birmingham
          and surrounding areas,” BSC Director of Residence
          Life Dana Bekurs said.
            The seventh-annual Mama’s Home Cookin’ will be
          held at 6 p.m. in Bruno Great Hall on the third floor
          of the Norton Campus Center. Parents are asked to
          bring there dishes at 5 p.m., which will allow time
          for setup. You are also encouraged to stay and enjoy
          dinner with the Interim students. Campus police
          will direct you to the building and parking once you
          arrive on campus.
            For more information about “Mama’s Home
          Cookin,’” and to register your dish, please contact
          Cheryl Waters at 205/226-4726 or
          by January 21, 2009.

     BSC Residence Life:
     Dates to Remember
      INTERIM TERM 2009

      Sunday, January 4........………………………………...................... Residence Halls Open for Interim Term at Noon
      Monday, January 19.......…………………………………………...... Martin Luther King, Jr., Day (No Classes)
      Saturday, January 31 – Monday, February 2…....………………..... Winter Break

      SPRING TERM 2009

      Saturday, March 21 – Sunday, March 29...……………………….... Spring Break
              Residence Halls Close Friday, March 21, at 10:00 a.m.
              Residence Halls Open Sunday, March 29, at Noon
      Monday, May 18.…………………………………………………...... Residence Halls Close at 2:00 p.m.

      SUMMER TERM 2009

      Full-Term Courses
      Monday, June 8……………………………………………………..... Residence Halls Open at 10:00 a.m.
      Friday, July 3…………………………………………………………... Independence Day Holiday (No Classes)
      Saturday, August 1………………………………………………….... Residence Halls Close at 10:00 a.m.

4/   BSC parent
you are here!
If you’re reading this edition of BSC Parent, you’re already familiar with Birmingham-
Southern’s new parents Web site. Thanks for visiting!

Please make sure we have your e-mail address. We’d love to have an e-mail address for
each parent in every BSC family so that everyone can receive our latest issue. To send us
your address, just click on “E-mail Info” at

And please feel free to pass along BSC Parent to anyone you think might be interested.

Do you have any comments, suggestions, or article ideas? Please send them on to David
Eberhardt, Dean of Students, at

                                                                                            Winter 2008 / 5
                                                   BSC ATHLETICS
                                         Fall Sports Wrap-Up
                         Birmingham-Southern’s fall sports season was another success,
                      with Panther players earning accolades both on and off the field.
                         The volleyball team put together an impressive 27-8 record with
                      seven wins over Top 25 opponents. The squad won the Emory
                      National Challenge and recorded a 15-match win streak during the
                      season. Sophomore setter/defensive specialist Christine Denning
                       earned College Sports Information Directors of America (CoSIDA)
                       Academic All-District post-season honors, and junior libero Alex
                       Norten was named to the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference
                       (SCAC) All-Sportsmanship Team.
                           The women’s soccer team went 11-6-2, led by freshman Alicia
                        Plotky with 11 goals and junior Serena Murphy with seven assists.
                        Junior Lydia Rice was also named to the SCAC All-Sportsmanship

                  x     Team. On the men’s side, with a roster heavy on freshmen and
                         sophomores, the soccer team went 4-16, and senior Nick Pihakis
                         earned SCAC All-Sportsmanship honors. Additionally, both soccer
                  x      teams were honored by the National Soccer Coaches Association of
                         America (NSCAA), earning the Team Academic Award, presented
                          to teams with a cumulative grade-point average of 3.0 or higher.
                          The women’s team posted a combined 3.57, while the men’s team
                          had a 3.28. The women’s GPA tied them for the fifth-highest team
                           GPA in the country for all NCAA divisions and NAIA programs.
                           They also posted the highest GPA of any school in the SCAC.
                              The Panther football program, in its second year since the
                           school dropped the sport in 1939, was 3-7 with wins over Divi-
                           sion I non-scholarship Campbell and SCAC foes Colorado Col-
                            lege and Sewanee. The team played its first game in the brand-
                            new on-campus Panther Stadium for Homecoming on Nov. 8,
                            handily defeating Sewanee 49-0. Ten players received All-SCAC
                             honors, including First-Team accolades for sophomores Walter
                             Arrington and Jeremy Jones. Senior Drew Jackson, sophomore
                             David Kelley, sophomore David Langston, and sophomore Joe
                             Thigpen all earned Second-Team honors; freshman Luke Chap-
                             man, junior Bobby Gray, sophomore Jonathan Jones, sopho-
                              more Brad Stockdale, and junior Tay Walker also were named
                              Honorable Mention All-Conference. Stockdale also earned
                              SCAC All-Sportsmanship honors.
                                The men’s and women’s cross country teams also had suc-
                              cessful seasons. On the women’s side, the Panthers had four
                              top-five finishes, with a season-high fourth-place finish at the
                              Great American Cross Country Festival in Hoover, Ala. The
                               men posted two top-five finishes with a season-high third-
                               place finish at the Coach “O” Invitational in Troy, Ala. Two
                               runners – Mary Elaine Williamson for the women and Forrest
                               Boughner for the men – had two top-10 finishes apiece.

6/   BSC parent
“What are you going
          to do with                                                that?    ”

From career assessment to résumé writing,
from interview prep to job referrals,
we help answer the eternal question.

BSC Career Services
Send us your student.

Lauren Tilden
Interim Career Counselor

             BSC Giving:Parents Fund
               The Parents Fund Bridges the Gap
                The Birmingham-Southern Parents Fund provides a
             steady stream of income each year to help bridge the gap
             between your costs and those of the college.

                Parents Fund donations support all areas of BSC life,
             from student scholarships and faculty salaries to athletics
             and books in the library. This year, the goal for the Parents
             Fund is $100,000. Reaching this goal will mean that the
             Parents Fund will have raised the most money ever for four
             years straight.

               Keep in mind that every gift counts—No gift is too small
             and your participation is so important!

             For more information, contact:

             Susan Smith Ellard
             Director of Annual Giving

                                                                                 Winter 2008 / 7
                                                                                                           In the spirit of the
                                                                                                           BSC Chaplain John
                                                                                                           Richardson (far left),
                                                                                                           Bunting Center Assistant
                                                                                                           Director Sara Doughton,
                                                                                                           and Student Develop-
                                                                                                           ment Coordinator Kyle Lo
                                                                                                           Porto serve BSC students
                                                                                                           in the cafeteria (“Caf”) for
                                                                                                           the first Late-Night Exam
                                                                                                           Breakfast during final exam
                                                                                                           week. The breakfast was
                                                                                                           sponsored by the Student
                                                                                                           Government Association
                                                                                                           and the Office of Student
calendar of events

                     December 18                                         March 23-27
                     Fall grades posted online at TheSIS                 Spring Break

                     January 4                                           March 29
                     Residence halls open at noon for Interim            Residence halls re-open at noon

                     January 5                                           April 10
                     First day of Interim classes                        Good Friday, no classes

                     January 30                                          April 23
                     Last day of Interim classes                         Honors Day

                     January 31 - February 2                             May 6
                     Winter Break                                        Last day of Spring term classes

                     February 3                                          May 16-17
                     First day of Spring term classes                    Capping Ceremony, Baccalaureate,
                                                                         Commencement, and President’s Reception
                     February 11
                     Interim grades posted online at TheSIS              May 18
                                                                         Residence halls close at 10 a.m.
                     March 20
                     Midterm assessments posted online at TheSIS         June 4
                                                                         Spring term grades posted online at TheSIS
                     March 21
                     Residence halls close at 10 a.m. for Spring Break

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