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									                                  The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod
                                    Mount Pleasant, Michigan 48858

    Zion Lutheran Church & Preschool                                     Christ The King Lutheran Chapel
            3401 E. River Road                                                1401 South Washington
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January 2009                   Samuel B. Reith & Jonathon J. Bakker, Pastors            Volume 45, No.1


   “Jesus looked up and saw a great crowd coming toward him. He said to Philip, “Where shall we buy
   bread for these people to eat?”“ He asked this only to test him, for he already had in mind what he
   was going to do.” John 6:5-6

As I write this we are in the middle of final exam         knew all that he needed to know about the
week for our CMU students. These weeks are                 love and power of Jesus. But when he looked
always stressful for our students and those who            out over the mountainside and saw the crowd,
instruct them. No one welcomes times of testing.           the answer seemed elusive. Perhaps he was
These moments are necessary. Taking a test is one          wondering why Jesus singled him out with the
way to gauge our progress. Throughout life we are          test of the day.
required to pass various tests to determine our level
of progress. We must pass a driver’s test before we        When we look out over the new year 2009 we
can use the highways. There are tests to be taken in       see a mountainside covered with tests and
order to advance from one grade to the next.               difficulties. All of the experts tell us that we
There are skills tests that accompany admission into       are facing the most challenging economic times
various professions and trades.                            in the last 80 years. Those of us who live in
                                                           the state of Michigan have been warned that in
When a multitude of people followed Jesus around           the future our way of life will change. We will
the Sea of Galilee, Jesus used the occasion to             not be able to depend upon the “big three” as
administer a test to Philip. The test contained one        the guarantor of prosperity. Perhaps you are
question. “How are we going to feed all these              wondering why God has singled us out for this
people?” Normally when we are given a test we              historic time of testing.
make use of the information we have learned and
memorized. Philip had learned much from Jesus.             The test that Jesus administered to Philip was
He had knowledge of Jesus’ miracles, some of which         no ordinary test because Jesus was no ordinary
were amazing. He also had knowledge of Jesus and           teacher. Jesus is the son of God. As the text
his word. When Jesus gave his word, that word was          reminds us, “he already had in mind what he
reliable. This should have been an easy test for           was going to do.” Jesus’ test of Philip was not
Philip. But here Philip waffles. “Eight months’            designed to determine his aptitude or ability.
wages would not buy enough bread for each one to           Jesus was testing Philip’s faith so that it might
have a bite.”                                              become stronger.

Some of the tests we face in life are easy. Some are       God tests all Christians in this same way. He
more difficult. This is true even when we have at          exercises our faith by allowing questions and
hand all the information we need. Philip had all of        problems to enter our daily lives. His purpose
the information he needed. Still the scope of the          is not to hurt us, but to strengthen us.
testing seemed to him to be overwhelming. He               Scripture reminds us, “God is faithful; he will
 January 2009                     Zion Lutheran Church/Christ The King Lutheran Chapel                 Page # 2

not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear.                YOUTH NEWS:
But when your are tempted he will also provide a
                                                                                          ALL YOUTH KDGN
way out so that you can stand up under it.”
                                                                                          - GRADE 12: On
                                                                                          Sunday, January 18th
This is a comforting thought for those who face an
                                                                                          the kids will be going
unknown future. And dire predictions for 2009
                                                                                          sledding at Deerfield
aside, our future is always known only to God. So
                                                                                          Park. Meet at the
when you are tempted by Satan to doubt God’s
                                                                                          park at 1:00. Pickup
love and to question his purpose in the midst of
                                                                                          will be at 3:00 at the
suffering, remember that “he already has in mind
                                                                park. K-3 are invited, but MUST have parents
what he is going to do.” God promises that, for
                                                                with them. If there is no snow they will meet
Jesus sake, he will allow his people to suffer only for
their good. As the scripture again reminds us, “No              for a movie and games.
discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful.
Later on, however, it produces a harvest of
righteousness and peace for those who have been                 PIZZA TOPIC will be on January 18th at
trained by it.”                                                 5:30 p.m.

Pastor Reith
                                                                YOUR HELP IS NEEDED: The January-April
                                                                meal sign-up sheet is EMPTY. If you are able
                                                                to provide a meal or dessert for our
                                                                Wednesday night CCI meal, please sign up on
                                                                the sheet that is located on the refrigerator in
                                                                the kitchen at Zion. If you attend worship at
                                                                CTK you can call Bonny in the office at Zion
The 2009 flower chart is now posted on the new
                                                                and she will be happy to add your name to the
bulletin board at Zion. The cost for the flowers is
$20.00 and checks are made payable to Zion
Women’s Guild.

Thank you all so much for your generous donations
of Christmas cookies for our Cookie Walk and for
                                                                If you have submitted the following name of a
your purchases of cookies as well. The Lord has
                                                                friend or family member needing special
blessed us with a profit of $772.53. Ten percent
                                                                prayers, please call Bonny in the church office
of that will go to The Lutheran Hour. Thank you
                                                                so that she will know whom to contact for
and God’s blessings to you all. Merry Christmas!
The LWML Zion Ladies Guild.
                                                                Jane Alderink, Mary Alderink, Brian Baker,
                                                                Les Clark, Bob Davis, Dave Einhardt, Linda
                                                                Grable, Larry Gum, Brenda Lilly, Nicole
                                                                McDonald, Earl Netzley, Ray Rawson, Kevin
                                                                Schumacher, Verginia Stehlik, Erin Strayer,
                                                                Vickie Woodbury, Bob Woodward.
 January 2009                       Zion Lutheran Church/Christ The King Lutheran Chapel                    Page # 3

 STEWARDSHIP CORNER                                                          January Mission of the Month

         Monthly Income & Expense Report                                          ~Lutherans for Life~

                  through 11-30-2008                              Lutherans For Life (LFL) is a pro-life, pro-
                                                                  family life ministry whose mission is to
                             2008           2007                  "Witness to the Sanctity of Human Life
YTD Budgeted Expenses     $349,577.91 $331,327.48                 through education based on the Word of
YTD Actual Expenses       $277,541.65 $269,742.05                 God." Lutherans For Life is neither a church
                                                                  body nor a denomination but a voluntary
YTD Balance               $ 72,036.26    $ 61,585.43
                                                                  organization of "For Life" individuals. Through
                                                                  numerous State Federations, Chapters, and
YTD General Fund Income $276,148.98 $278,120.31                   Life Ministry Coordinators, Lutherans For Life
YTD Actual Expenses        $277,541.65 $269,742.05                educates on life issues from a Biblical
                                                                  Law/Gospel perspective through LFL-produced
YTD Income Less Expense     ($1,392.67) $      8,378.26
                                                                  videos, publications, audiotapes, and materials
                                                                  for worship and Bible study. LFL believes that
Merry Christmas! As we celebrate the birth of                     every human life—from conception to natural
Jesus, the greatest gift ever given, may we keep in               death regardless of physical or mental
mind that everything we have is a gift from God                   challenges or condition of dependence—is
which He entrusted to us as His stewards. Please                  precious in God’s sight.
continue to remember the needs of the church and
                                                                   Lutherans For Life is a non-profit 501 (c) 3,
all of our neighbors during this holy season.
                                                                  non-political organization. LFL strives to
The Stewardship Committee                                         network pastors and lay people to make a
                                                                  positive difference in people’s lives. By the
                                                                  power of the Holy Spirit, LFL seeks to change
2009 MISSIONS OF THE MONTH                                        hearts and minds through the Word of God,
                                                                  trusting that changed people will seek to
January - Lutherans For Life
                                                                  change laws. Lutherans For Life encourages
February - Lutheran Student Fellowship
                                                                  your membership, asks your support, and
March - LCMS Armed Forces Ministry
                                                                  invites your prayers. Our prayer is that
April - Women’s Aid Service
                                                                  together—in our churches and
May - Zion Youth
                                                                  communities—we can stand for the value and
June - Loon Lake Lutheran Retreat Center
                                                                  dignity of all human life from the youngest to
July - Central Michigan Pregnancy Center
                                                                  the oldest, the pre-born to the elderly, the
August - International Student Ministry
                                                                  weakest to the strongest. Jesus said,
September - Lutheran World Relief
                                                                  "Whatever you have done to the least of
October - Concordia - Ann Arbor
                                                                  these, you have done unto Me." May we see
November - Christmas Outreach
                                                                  the face of Jesus Christ in all people.
December - Lutheran Child and Family

Memorial Gift:
Pauline Reister
Jim and Delores Morford
 January 2009                  Zion Lutheran Church/Christ The King Lutheran Chapel                  Page # 4

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION NEWS                                                              From the Sr. Pastor’s
                                                                                      Thank You
The following students received an attendance
certificate in November and December for                                            Thanks again to all who
completing 13 Sundays:                                                              worked so hard during
                                                             this holiday season. Without your efforts we
NURSERY-KINDERGARTEN                                         would not be able to enjoy the decorations,
Lillian Bailey - Nursery                                     fine foods, programs and events which
Gabriel Camp - Nursery                                       enhance our congregational life.
Macey Novak - Nursery

1st & 2nd                                                    Monday Night Worship
Dana Hayes - 1st
                                                             Monday night services at ChristTthe King
Caleb Camp - 2nd
                                                             Chapel will resume on January 12.
Alexis Epple - 2nd

3rd, 4th, & 5th                                              Men’s Breakfast
Reyna Brown - 3rd
Hunter Breuer - 3rd                                          Our monthly men’s breakfast Bible Study will
Holly Chudej - 3rd                                           take place at the regular time this month.
                                                             We will be meeting on Saturday, January 17th
                                                             at 8:00a.m. We will be continuing our study
Please contact Julie Courtney at 779-5401 with               of the book of Acts. We welcome our regulars
any questions.                                               and guests and encourage all of our men to
                                                             consider participating in this time of fellowship
                                                             and study.

                                                             Life Light
                                                             Our next session of Life Light Bible classes
                                                             begin again on January 8th.m We will be
                                                             reviewing the seldom-studied books of Ruth
                                                             and Esther. Classes are held at 10:30 a.m. &
                                                             7:00 p.m. in the Mueckler Library.
                                              Zion Lutheran Church - January 2009
        Sunday                 Monday                  Tuesday                Wednesday          Thursday       Friday           Saturday
                                                                                                    1             2                  3

            4                      5                       6                        7                 8           9                 10

 8:00 Worship - Zion                            10:00 Quilting         5:30   CWLSG         10:30 Lifelight
NO SS/BIBLE STUDY        6:00 SS Teachers        6:30 LWML Bible       5:30   Jr. Choir                                    9:00 Ladies’
10:45 Worship - CTK          Meeting - Zion           Study            6:00   CCI            7:00 Lifelight                     Breakfast
5:30 Elders’ Meeting                             7:00 LWML Meeting     6:45   Sr. Choir
                            NO WORSHIP
           11                     12                      13                        14               15           16                17

 8:00 Worship - Zion     10:00 Evangelism Mtg. 10:00 Quilting          5:30   CWLSG         10:30 Lifelight                8:00 Men’s
 9:15 SS & Bible Study                                                 5:30   Jr. Choir                                        Breakfast/Bible
10:45 Worship - CTK       7:00 Worship at CTK    6:30 PPC Meeting      6:00   CCI            7:00 Lifelight                    Study
                                                 7:30 Board Meetings   6:45   Sr. Choir

           18                     19                     20                         21               22           23                24
                                                       NOON -
 8:00 Worship - Zion                                 NEWSLETTER        5:30 CWLSG           10:30 Lifelight
 9:15 SS & Bible Study   5:45 CTK Board Mtg.          DEADLINE         6:00 CCI
10:45 Worship - CTK      7:00 Worship at CTK                           NO JR OR SR CHOIR     7:00 Lifelight
 1:00 K-12 Sledding at                          10:00 Quilting
      Deerfield Park                             6:30 LWML
 5:30 Pizza/Topic

           25                     26                      27                        28               29           30                31
                                                                       5:30   CWLSG
 8:00 Worship - Zion                            10:00 Quilting         5:30   Jr. Choir     10:30 Lifelight
 9:15 SS & Bible Study   7:00 Worship at CTK                           6:00   CCI
10:45 Worship - CTK                                                    6:45   Sr. Choir      7:00 Lifelight

 7:00 Voters’ Meeting

   Zion-Office 772-1516, Fax Line-772-7640                Christ The King-Office 773-5050      Pastor Reith 775-6228 Pastor Bakker 772-5351
                                           January 2009 Volunteers
                                    Mission of the Month - Lutherans for Life

     Date        Service    Elder in Charge   Usher             Greeters                     Acolyte         Altar Flowers
                                              Team                                                             Zion/CTK
January 4       8:00 a.m.      Rod Dent          1    Delvin Dahms & Bonny Lipka                              Poinsettias
               10:45 a.m.    Wayne Kiefer        4       Jim & Delores Morford
January 5       7:00 p.m.
January 11      8:00 a.m.     Dick Harless       2       Dennis & Kaye Karlson
               10:45 a.m.    Wayne Reister       5    John & Claudia Schimmelmann
January 12      7:00 p.m.
January 18      8:00 a.m.    Todd Greenlee       3         Dale & JoAnn Gust
               10:45 a.m.    Tom Prenkert        6        Rick & DeDe Buerkel
January 19      7:00 p.m.
January 25      8:00 a.m.     Tom Emery          1       Roger Cole & Mel Coyne
               10:45 a.m.   Lynn Laskowsky       4             Jill Davis
January 26      7:00 p.m.

       ALTAR COMMITTEE:                                                          ** INDICATES OPPORTUNITY TO SERVE
   Zion Communion Set-Up: Amy & Rachel Mead
 Zion Communion Clean-Up: Sue & Katelynn Epple
                                     Birthdays & Anniversaries - January 2009
       Sunday           Monday               Tuesday              Wednesday          Thursday              Friday          Saturday
                                                                                          1                  2                 3
                                                                                                   Sydney Epple     Dan Daws
                                                                                                   Ken Johnson      Ron Guinther

                                                                                                                    Gary & Ann
                                                                                                                    Hayes - 7th

           4                5                    6                     7                  8                    9               10
Denise Brown     Yvonne Fitzgerald     Delvin Dahms          Diane Fleming     Brian Hancock
                                       Ron Deeg              Carlee Krueger
                                       Julie Murphy-Gronda                     Fred & Sue          Rich & Diane
                                                                               Hartway - 37th      Fleming - 26th
                                       Ron & Kathleen
                                       Huber - 2nd

            11              12                  13                      14               15                   16               17
                 Micah Milan           John Anderson         Mel Coyne                             Bob Pfeiffer     Keith Voeks
                 Tom Prenkert          Ray Rhines, Jr.       Jennifer Parker
                 Jesse Zalud           Sydney Warne          Diane Sowle

            18              19                   20                    21                22                    23               24
Chad Dush        Lindsey Bluemer                             Kaye Karlson                          Rod Dent         Travis Holloway
                                                             Troy Novak                            Jim Zalud

                                                             Lyle & Rose
                                                             Towslee - 20th

            25            26                     27                    28                29                    30              31
                 Dorne Davis           Lorraine Deeg         Eric Chaffee      Benjamin Arrowood   Jan Reister      Rachel Gray
                                       Vivian Windgaston                                           Bill Whitehead

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