Albert A. List College of Jewish Studies

Between Us -                                                 development of
                                                                                                           Winter 2008

                                                             essential skills,
DR. SHULY RUBIN SCHWARTZ, DEAN                               and facilitate an
  Though it keeps a low profile, the List College Advisory   exploration      of
Board has played a pivotal role in enabling the College      what it means
to flourish and helping JTS expand its reach. The            to be a Jewishly
board is a small, dedicated group of individuals who         responsible
believe deeply in the mission of the College and who         professional.
are committed to raising communal awareness about            This          year,
List College and to providing the financial resources        the board is
and guidance crucial to our success.                         working on an
  So many of the signature programs of the College           initiative that will
– the ones that get to the heart of our mission of           provide selected
cultivating socially responsible Jewish adults – have        students       with
been spearheaded by visionary members of the board.          an       internship
For example, Links to Leadership, with its “Leaders          and integrative
Among Us” workshops and annual board-alumni-                 seminar.       Thanks to the board’s generosity, we
student retreat, originated with a UJA-Federation            have hired an educational consultant, Anna Levy,
Continuity Grant that we developed with the board. In        to spearhead the planning process, and we hope to
addition, the board provides career and employment           launch this program in the 2008-2009 academic year.
leads for graduating students and alumni, enabling             Raising and Donating Funds Essential to Attract
them to connect with leaders in fields such as medicine,     and Support Students: Board members are acutely
law, and business. I am so grateful for the work of          aware of the high cost of our dual-degree programs,
the board, and I wanted to share with you some of its        and they have established a scholarship fund to
recent initiatives.                                          begin to address students’ financial needs. Whether
  Taking the Lead in JTS-wide Initiatives: the Diane         hosting parlor meetings or bringing potential donors to
& Howard Wohl Alumni Office: Conscious of how                JTS, the board is always helping us reach out to new
important it is to strengthen ties with alumni, the board    constituencies for support.
built a case for creating an office of alumni affairs to       Rachelle Kaiserman, chair of the List College
coordinate outreach to alumni from all five JTS schools.     Advisory Board, has provided stellar direction for
I am thrilled to acknowledge the very generous gift by       these initiatives through her astute leadership, savvy
List College Advisory Board member Diane Wohl, and           organizational skills, and especially through the
her husband Howard Wohl. The Diane & Howard Wohl             inspiring personal example that she models. This year,
Alumni Office is up and running with Rochelle Rudnick        she offered List College alumni a challenge grant that
as the Director of Alumni Affairs. Rochelle will work        matched every dollar donated with one of her own.
closely with Melissa Friedman, List College Director of      Energized by this commitment, the alumni campaign
Career Development, to enhance List College alumni           has raised nearly $11,000, and we hope to reach a
services and extend List College alumni benefits to          goal of $15,000.
JTS’s approximately 6,000 alumni.                              I look forward to each board meeting as an opportunity
  Preparing Students for Socially Responsible                to brainstorm, strategize, and work together with an
Careers:       the Social Justice Fellowship: The            exceptionally talented group of lay leaders. It is deeply
Social Justice Fellowship will expose students to            satisfying to know that List College is supported by a
professionals who are effecting social change, foster the    board so profoundly committed to our mission.

 List College acknowledges its dedicated board members:
 Rachelle Kaiserman, Chair • Ruth Aach • Evelyn Berger • Stephen Bodzin • Gloria Cohen • Judith Fellner • Laurel Grass
 • Alan Jay Kaufman • Alfred Kingsley • Jay M. Kornsgold • Ruth Lefkowitz • Paul Levy • Jonathan Lopatin • Benjamin
 Metsch • Robert Orley • Barbara Resnek • Alan Schecter • Alvin T. Schwartz • Robert B. Slosberg • Riki Tulin • Leonard
 Wasserman • Diane Wohl • Joseph Yohlin

List College Newsletter                            Winter 2008                                               Page One
Joshua Berman (JP ’95) and Dr. Jenn Berman announced the birth of twin daughters, Mendez Justice and
Quincy Marisol, on October 4, 2006…Dr. Beverly Gribetz (Seminary College ’72 & GS ’95) built the city-
owned Evelina de Rothschild junior high school and rehabilitated the failing Evelina high school over a period
of six years. In September 2007, Beverly opened a licensed high school for religious girls in Jerusalem, “Beit
Sefer Tehilla Jerusalem,” to serve as a model of quality education for students from diverse backgrounds…
Lisa and Ben Metsch (JP ’89) announced the birth of daughter Gabriella Ilana on January 22, 2008.

Josh Blumenfeld (JP ’99) and Michelle Witman-Blumenfeld announced the birth of daughter Shayna Liat in
June 2007…Menachem Creditor (JP ’97, RS ’02) and Elizabeth Creditor announced the birth of daughter Raya
Meital in July 2007...Ilana Garber (DD ’00, DS ’03, RS ’05) and Dr. Adam Berkowitz were married in November
2007 in Waltham, MA. Ilana is a rabbi at Beth El Temple in West Hartford, CT. List alumni and current students
in attendance were: Yaffa Garber (DD ’07), Alison Joseph (DD ’01), Becky Cole Lurie (DD ’01), Yoni and
Jessica Rezak Schwab (JP ’00), Adina Rosen (DD ’11), Ariella Rosen (JP ’08), Rami Schwarzter, (JP ’10),
Ellen Wolintz-Fields (DD ’94, RS ’99)…Rebecca (JP ’00) and Eytan Hammerman (JP ’99, RS ’10) announced
the birth of twin daughters, Rena and Ary, in September 2007 in Jerusalem…Evan Jacobs (JP ’00) became
Senior Consultant for the Transformation Consulting practice in the Cambridge, MA office of Capgemini, a
French consulting firm…David Levy (JP ’99, DS ’04, RS ’04) received the Exemplar of Excellence Award
at the 2007 Hillel Professional Staff Conference…Erica (Newman) Nash (DD ’99, DS ’00) and Josh Nash
(CC ’99) have two children, Hannah (6) and Jonah (2.5). Erica is a Licensed Massage Practitioner and has a
private practice specializing in injury treatment, sports massage, and maintaining health and wellness...Robin
Rosenbaum Rubenstein (JP ’96) lives in West Bloomfield, MI with her husband Rabbi Steven Rubenstein (RS
’00) and their two children, Ari (6) and Tali (3). Robin is the Alumni Coordinator for Camp Ramah in Wisconsin.

Lauren Appelbaum (JP ’05) was promoted to a staff position in NBC’s political unit in Washington,
DC in September 2007 and writes about the 2008 presidential campaign on Lauren
is the president of the Syracuse Alumni Club in Washington, DC…Keith Apple (JP ’01) earned a
JD from the Georgetown University Law Center in May 2007 and passed the Maryland Bar Exam in
November 2007. He is currently working at Leventhal, Senter & Lerman in Washington, DC…Dan
Dorsch (JP ’05, RS ’10) became engaged to Amy Greenfeld (DS ’07) and is spending his third year of
rabbinical school in Jerusalem. They plan to marry in June 2009…Elizabeth (Seabrook) Earne (JP ’01) and Rabbi
Matthew Earne (RS ’06) announced the birth of son Jonah Matan on February 15, 2008…Adam Farber (JP’02) became
engaged to Sara Roizen. Adam works for the marketing department of Legacy Recordings. He and Sara plan to
marry in September 2008…Jennifer Fishbein (DD ’03) became engaged to David Rak, of Orsay, France. Jennifer
works as a reporter for BusinessWeek in Paris. They plan to marry in summer 2008…Sheridan Gayer (JP ’04, DS
’05) became Director of Teen and Community Services at the Sid Jacobson JCC in East Hills, NY…Rachel Gildiner
(JP ’05) and Adam Small (CC ’04) were married in August 2007 in Chestnut Hill, NJ. Rachel is the Innovation and
Implementation Associate for Hillel’s Schusterman International Center.             They live in Washington,
DC…Ilan Glazer (JP ’03) was ordained as a Maggid, an Inspirational Speaker and Storyteller, in
December 2007 and began studying for ordination at the Aleph (Jewish Renewal) Rabbinic Program in
January 2008...Ari Greenberg (JP ’04) became Director of Business Development for…
Alison Joseph (DD ’01) married Matthew Kirschen on September 2, 2007 in Closter, NJ. They live in the San
Francisco Bay Area where Alison is a PhD student in Hebrew Bible at UC Berkeley…Brian Lipsky (JP ’05), along
with a few others, including future List alumni Rachel Lipsky (JP ’08) and Michael Bohnen (JP ’09), incorporated
a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to hosting events to raise money and awareness for various medical
charities. Founding members credit List College for giving them the idea and skills to create this corporation...
Daniel Max Kestin (JP ’01) became engaged to Elissa Meth. They plan to marry in June 2008. Daniel is
Technical Program Manager for Operative Inc...Mira Kogen (JP ’05) married Josh Resnick in September 2007.

List College Newsletter                         Winter 2008                                           Page Two
They live in Washington, DC where they both
work on the Hill…Meryl Kramer (DD ’06) and
Benjy Brown (JP ’06) are engaged and plan to
marry in Cleveland, OH in July 2008…Daniel
Remba (JP ’04) began the MBA program at San
Diego State University in January 2008. He and
Emily Brodie Remba (DD ’04) live in San Diego,
CA…Debi (Horowitz) Rosenberg (JP ’05) and
Moshe Rosenberg announced the birth of son
Shmuel Zev in January 2008…Aliza Slosberg
(DD ’05) and Stuart Weintock (CC ’05) are
engaged and plan to marry in summer 2009...
Aaron & Lucy (Rosenthal) Werner (JP ’03)
were married in June 2004 and announced the
birth of son Daniel Henry on October 23, 2007.

Adam Goodkind (JP ’07) moved to
Salt Lake City, UT, in February 2008
and     is    an   Operations     Analyst   for    List College is everywhere! While traveling in Italy this
Goldman Sachs. He’s looking for friends –          summer, Dean Schwartz ran into Leigh Abrams (JP ’05) and
email him at         Lesley Hoffman (JP ’03).
Grodick (JP ’07) was accepted to medical
school for fall 2008 and is currently working
for Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions…Yael Hammerman (DD ’07) became engaged to Joshua Rabin (RS
’10). Yael is Community Events Coordinator for Special Programs at B’nai Jeshurun. They plan to marry in
August 2008 in Baltimore, MD…Alex Helfand (JP ’07) and Ilanit Shtull-Leber (DD ’07) are engaged. Ilanit
is pursuing a PhD in mathematics at Northeastern University, and Alex is completing the post-baccalaureate
requirements for medical school at Harvard…Suzanne Lipkin (JP ’06) is a program associate at
American Jewish World Service. She also plays violin in the New York Symphonic Arts Ensemble
and in the band Huxley Vertical, which recently released its first CD...Shoshana Holzberg-Pill
(JP ’06) recently became Office Manager at the National Ramah Commission…Hy Safran (JP
’06) joined the Obama for America team in fall 2007 as Deputy Field Supervisor for Obama’s Iowa
Presidential Campaign. Following his success in the Iowa primaries, Hy was asked to be Regional Director for
the Wisconsin campaign…Ilan Schwartz (JP ’06) is working as Program Coordinator for USY on Wheels…Shira
Steinberg (JP ’06) recently married Steven Abraham (RS ’11). They live in NYC, where Shira is Chapter Services
Coordinator at USY…Shana Wertheimer (JP ’06) was promoted to Assistant Director of Programs at The
Christopher Residence at Common Ground Community, a supportive housing organization.

             A publication of the                          Dr. Shuly Rubin Schwartz - Dean
                Albert A. List                            Rebecca Grabiner - Associate Dean
         College of Jewish Studies,                Melissa Friedman - Director of Career Development
        the Undergraduate School of
                                                         Reina Cohen - Director of Admissions
      The Jewish Theological Seminary
                                                             Jill Kovalsky - Office Manager
              3080 Broadway
                                                      Sergio Lineberger - Administrative Assistant,
            New York, NY 10027
               212-678-8826                                            Admissions


List College Newsletter                      Winter 2008                                         Page Three
PROFESSOR PROFILE: Rabbi David Hoffman
Jen Abrams, JP ’10
                                   As a graduate of            especially List students, are “thirsting to hear how
                                 three of the schools of       their Jewish education can be integrated into their own
                                 JTS (List College, the        secular and spiritual lives.” As a List College alumnus,
                                 Graduate School, and          he recognizes that students are looking for role models,
                                 the Rabbinical School),       “people who care about the questions they care about
                                 Rabbi David Hoffman           in secular culture, at Columbia University, and through
                                 considers List the most       the world.” Students, Rabbi Hoffman believes, want
                                 interesting,      exciting,   role models who can bridge those two worlds. He
                                 and engaging of all           fondly remembered his experience in a Barnard College
                                 three. He recalls that as     political theory class with Professor Dennis Dalton,
                                 a List College student,       who is “deeply committed to proving the meaning of
                                 he was “challenged to         the subject matter in the lives we live now.” Professor
                                 think about secular and       Dalton had a profound impact on Rabbi Hoffman’s
                                 Jewish ideas in new           philosophy of teaching.
                                 ways—ways in which               Rabbi Hoffman thinks JTS should make questions of
                                 [he] was never asked to       meaning a priority. He believes it is possible to “teach
                                 again.”                       scholarly texts objectively while still discussing how the
   Rabbi Hoffman majored in Talmud and Political               authors cared about essential human questions.” He
Science in the Joint Program, is a JTS-ordained rabbi,         affirmed that JTS needs to commit to being a part of
and is completing a PhD in Talmud.                             the conversation of how and why ancient texts have
   For Rabbi Hoffman, learning at JTS means engaging           meaning today – JTS should not be afraid to say that it
in both Jewish scholarship and history, but his                is our goal to create thoughtful human beings.
greatest passion is learning with people. He enjoys               Based on my own experience and that of my friends,
the discussion of “how ancient texts are pieces of a           I can say unequivocally that Rabbi Hoffman has
conversation on how to construct lives of meaning.”            motivated, and continues to motivate, students at JTS,
He recalled a quote from Heschel which he learned              and especially List College, through his commitment to
during his List years: “construct your lives as if they are    finding the meaning of ancient texts for modern Jews.
works of art.” Rabbi Hoffman finds the elements of a           His lectures are exciting and captivating, and he is
rich human life in the details and looks for those details     always willing to have a cup of coffee with a student
within the “tapestry” of ancient Jewish texts.                 to help him/her find that meaning. After praising List
  As a professor of Halakha and Rabbinic Literature            College students, Rabbi Hoffman noted that List College
– and a popular guest lecturer in the List 101 class           students love learning for learning’s sake. “What could
last fall – Rabbi Hoffman has noticed that students,           be more exciting than that?”

  List College Extends Heartfelt Condolences to…
  Alisha Deluty (JP ’10) whose grandmother died in November 2007.
  Sheridan Gayer (JP ’04) whose grandfather died in December 2007 and grandmother died in February 2008.
  Elena Graff (DD ’09) whose grandfather died in September 2007.
  Jonathan Henkin (JP ’09) whose grandfather died in November 2007.
  Miryom Kass (JP ’63) whose mother died in January 2008.
  Tova Leibovic (JP ’08) whose grandfather died in March 2008.
  Noah (JP ’05) and Jonah Liben (JP ’11) whose grandfather died in June 2007.
  Alyson Miller (JP ’09) whose father died in February 2008.
  Ita Paskind (JP ’04) whose grandmother died in March 2008.
  Matthew Platt (JP ’09) whose grandfather died in April 2007.
  Shoshi Rosenbaum (DD ’09) whose grandmother died in March 2008.
  Leora Rosenblum (DD ’06) whose grandmother died in November 2007.
  Alison Silverman (JP ’08) whose grandfather died in September 2007.
  Hadara Stanton (JP ’99) whose grandmother died in May 2007.
  Justin Turnofsky (JP ’10) whose grandmother died in January 2008.
  Sarah Waxman (JP ’07) whose grandmother died in November 2007.

  List College Newsletter                              Winter 2008                                           Page Four
Mitzvah Bridal Shower
Rabbi Ilana C. Garber
DD ’00; DS ’03; RS ’05
Rabbi, Beth El Temple, West Hartford, CT

   I serve as a congregational rabbi, so it should come as no
surprise that when I announced my engagement in January
2007, everyone in the synagogue started planning our
celebration! They wanted to offer advice, buy us gifts, and of
course, host parties in our honor. I loved the idea of celebrating
our simha with our congregational family, but I did not want to
be the primary focus, and I was uncomfortable with the thought
of receiving so many gifts when we already felt so blessed.
   List College and my strong Jewish upbringing taught me                Lisa Gelber, Ilana Garber and Celia Tvrdik
that the answer was to find a way to combine our celebration with a cause that was important to us. The
Sisterhood wanted to host a bridal shower during Sukkot, and since I like to teach about the fragility of the
sukkah as a symbol for the fragility of our relationships, I invited Rabbi Lisa Gelber, Associate Dean of the
JTS Rabbinical School, to speak about domestic violence in the Jewish community. Instead of receiving gifts
personally, I contacted My Sister’s Place, a local shelter that has rescued over 16,000 mothers and their children,
and registered their wish list on the Linens and Things website. Thus my Mitzvah Bridal Shower was created.
   Over 75 women attended the party, and over 100 beautiful gifts filled the room.                                  The
                                              women           brought         shower           curtains,         towels,
“   I was so pleased to see                   toiletries, pots and pans, mixing bowls, dish drainers, cleaning
how much the women cared products, and more! Everyone wrapped their gifts beautifully – just
                                                                for a regular shower. They put such care into the
about their sisters – women like they wouldmy favorites was a laundry basket filled with neatly
                                              gifts. One of
they had never met – and                      rolled towels, each one tied with a ribbon and wrapped around
how far they would go to                      a small bottle of shampoo or lotion. I was so pleased to see how
                                              much the women cared about their sisters – women they had never
perform a mitzvah.          ”                 met – and how far they would go to perform a mitzvah.
                                                 Rabbi Gelber taught us so much that night about how all of our
relationships are precious and must be cared for. A representative from the shelter accepted the donations and
spoke about the women we were serving. As it was truly a bridal shower, we sang and danced together. And
I invited everyone to bless me and Adam and our marriage by writing blessings, hopes, dreams, and advice on
cards that we collected. I know we will cherish these even more than any presents we could have received.
   I had intended this Mitzvah Bridal Shower to be a one-time experience – a great lesson in responsible
Jewish citizenship. What I did not anticipate is what happened next: as we learn, mitzvah goreret mitzvah, one
mitzvah leads to another. Just days after my Mitzvah Bridal Shower, a congregant told me she had created a
registry at Target to benefit our local children’s shelter in honor of her 50th birthday because she had learned
from my leadership that when we feel blessed, the best thing to do is to bless others. This has been a truly
blessed experience.

         Dana Kresel (JP ’09) and Becca Farber
         (DD ’09) make time for extracurricular
         activities during their semester in Israel.
         Eight List College students are studying
         abroad this semester: seven in Israel,
         and one in Australia.

List College Newsletter                            Winter 2008                                              Page Five
List College Thanks You for Your Generous Contributions!
Elie Schwartz Memorial       Susan & Larry Katz                Jane-Rachel & Aaron Schonbrun
Scholarship Fund             Kenneth & Sharon Kaufmann         Sarah & Alan Schorr
Ruth Aach                    Rhena & Steven Kelsen             Ivy & David Schreiber
Lori Abecassis               Allan Kensky                      Aviva & Joel Schwab
Linda & Len Abrams           Barry & Judith Kenter             Ilan Schwartz
Adele Ajl                    Doron Kenter                      Jeff Schwartz
Diane & Neil Ajl             Daniel Kestin                     David & Lori Seed
Amy & Doug Ashinsky          Goldie & Bob Kieval               Judi & Steve Shapiro
Nadine Belkin                Elaine & Walter Kleinmann         Robin & Gerry Skolnik
Mara Berde                   Rebecca & Tim Kolman              Rivka & Ken Stanton
Mindy & Steve Blechman       Liba Kornfeld                     Sandy Starkman
Karen & David Blivaiss       Norm Koven                        Ellen & Jay Steinberg
Roz Bolusky                  Bernadette & Noel Kriftcher       Marc & Arleen Sternfeld
Pam & Michael Brill          Risa & David Krohn                Richard Stup
Joe & Erica Brodie           Jerry & Phyllis Kurshan           Len & Barbara Sugin
Benjy Brown                  Alisa Rubin & Neil Kurshan        Sharon Urbas
Shelly & Steve Brown         Gail Labovitz                     Renee & Rob Van Naarden
Mike Chapper                 Ruth & Bob Layman                 Sandy & Burt Visotzky
Bruce & Amy Chapper          Bill & Beverly Lebeau             Gayle & Warren Vogel
Bob Cohen                    Carol Levithan                    Leonard Wasserman
Bobbi & Burt Cohen           Eric Levy                         Susan Weinstein
Sandy Cohen                  Steve & Jane Lindemann            Simmie & Allen Weiss
Michelle & Arnold Cramer     Judy & Bill Loy                   Bracha & Marty Werber
Anna & Eddie Edelstein       Joyce & Martin Mann               Jody & Steve Wernick
Claire & Bob Edelstein       Paula & Sol Marenberg             Dava & Eric Yanoff
Judith & Jim Edelstein       Marilyn & Jeff Margulies          Pam, Joe, Hilary & Elizabeth Yohlin
Josh & Judy Elkin            Joan Mattisinko                   Helene & Norman Zipkin
Sandy & Howard Feder         Miriam & Paul Maurer
Judy & Azriel Fellner        Andi Merow                        Dean’s Fund
Eileen Finkelstein           Maddy, Bob & Robyn Mierzejewski   Jeffry & Susan Beinart
Eric Fishman                 Dale & Phil Mintz                 Talya Bock
Carol & Joe Friedman         Susan Mitrani                     David Boder & Susan Grossman
Beth & David Galinsky        Barbara Gerstel & Mayer           Melvin & Susan Broder
Robin & Steve Garfinkel        Moskowitz                       Steven & Jeanette Brownstein
Carol & Bruce Gaslow         Louise & Doug Mund                Sara Bucholtz
Sheridan Gayer               Pam & Ed Nadell                   Stephen Davis
Harry Goldberg               Annie & Marc Nerenberg            Michael & Beverly Fein
Marvin & Deborah Goodman     Lynn & Larry Oxenberg             Deena Friedman
Lynne & Arnie Gordon         Israel Paltin                     Richard & Erica Friedman
Marlane & Harvey Guttmann    Rachel Zivic & Micah Peltz        Becky Friedman-Charry
Sharon & Richard Hammerman   Edward & Debbie Perkes            Richard & Sharon Hammerman
Nellie & Robbie Harris       Joyce & Frank Podietz             Bruce & Laurie Henkin
Bruce & Laurie Henkin        Doris Pohl                        Shanna Hocking
Shari & Bob Henry            Philip & Sharon Pohl              Jerry & Susan Katz
Adele & Mel Ilberman         Lynne & Fred Poritsky             Kenneth & Sharon Kaufmann
Carol Ingall                 Roberta & Jay Post                Daniel Kestin
Alan & Sharon Iser           Linda & Isaac Rabino              Gary & Linda Kogon
Eileen & Sol Kamhi           Mayer & Renah Rabinowitz          Neal & Roslyn Kushner
Cara Kantrowitz              Selma & Marty Roffman             Fred & Brenda Landes
Paul & Judith Kantrowitz     Leslie & Jack Rubin               Aaron Leibovic
Fran & Michael Katz          Sheila Rubin                      Uri & Rebekah Monson
Marsha & Darin Katz          Adina Schecter                    Jonathan & Ellen Parker
List College Newsletter              Winter 2008                                        Page Six
List College Thanks You for Your Generous Contributions!
Steven & Sandy Passer                Jaime Hecht                           Sheridan Gayer
Perry & Ellen Rank                   David & Shara Israel                  Rebecca & Jeremy Gerber
Joel Schwab                          Adina Schecter                        Janet Hod
Steven & Sharon Schwartz             Audrey Shore                          Adam Jacobs
Rachel Gildiner Small                                                      Alison Joseph
Stuart & Denise Sprague              Fellows Program                       Eli Kaiser-Blueth
Richard Stup                         Menachem Creditor                     Jenny Labendz
Ralph & Lori Taber                   Deena Fox                             Sue Levin
David Waldman                        Doron Kenter                          Suzanne Lipkin
Howard & Jo-Ann Waxman               Eugene & Leah Krakowski               Bryan Lipsky
Allen Weinstock &                    David Miner                           Sara Pollack
 Judith Weiner                       Andrea Wershof Schwartz               Richie Reaven
                                                                           Jeremy Ruberg
Sylvia Ettenberg Fund                YAD Scholarship Fund                  Shira Schwartz
Gary Creditor                        Nava & Adam Cohen                     Tali Schwartz
Betty Ephros                                                               Michal Shear

JTS Goes Green!
Renna Khuner-Haber (DD ’08/’09) and Adi Segal (JP ’11)

  List College students are leading the way in greening JTS. With the increasing concern about
environmental matters, JTS has pledged to become a sustainable institution. Last summer, the JTS
administration created the Green Committee in order to spearhead these efforts. At the beginning of the
fall semester, Chancellor Arnold Eisen signed the American College and University Presidents Climate
Commitment, a national initiative to encourage and guide university campuses to eliminate their global
warming emissions. Since then, we have not seen as much progress as we had hoped toward making overt
changes in to the JTS campus and residence halls.
  Recently, concerned students from List College and other JTS schools, independent of the institution’s
efforts, approached the administration about initiating change. The result is the JTS EcoReps, co-chaired
by Renna Khuner-Haber (DD ’08/’09) and Adi Segal (JP ’11), an environmental advocacy and action student
group dedicated to changing the attitude and ways of the JTS community and infrastructure. While the
administrative Green Committee will serve as the institutional support for greening JTS, the EcoReps will
develop the agenda and implement the change.
  Even though the student group is less than a semester old, we already have big plans. Some of our visions
include: working with Facilities to create an improved recycling system and to make the JTS buildings more
energy efficient; collaborating with Dining Services to bring more sustainable food options and to reduce the
amount of waste produced daily; and raising community awareness about the reduction of energy and water use,
recycling practices, green purchasing, and ways to make Jewish living more sustainable.

Here are some ways you can go green:
• Turn off lights when you leave the room • Next time
a bulb burns out, replace it with a Compact              For more information on sustainable living, visit:
Fluorescent Light (CFL) • Turn off the faucet when you   Recycling:
are brushing your teeth and washing dishes • Learn       Jewish environmentalism:
about your local recycling practices • Choose more       Eco-eating:
sustainable food options, such as local and organic •    For further questions and suggestions,
Buy environmentally friendly cleaning supplies.          email the EcoReps at

                The List College Newsletter goes greener! This newsletter is saving paper by
                        being sent to you as a self-mailer, rather than in an envelope.

List College Newsletter                        Winter 2008                                         Page Seven
Philosophy Salon                                         Rabbi Levin argued for a reconciliation between religion
                                                         and science.
Ari Brenman, JP ’09                                         Dr. Dacey spoke second. While he disagreed with
                                                         the proponents of the aggressive “new atheism” on the
  As part of an attempt to make Jewish Philosophy        point that religion spoils civilization, he defended their
more accessible to students, Dr Alan Mittleman, chair    use of scientific theory to examine religion in a way
of the Jewish Philosophy department, organized a         fitting any other serious intellectual pursuit. Dr. Dacey
Jewish Philosophy “Salon” in the Mathilde Schechter      directed his discourse toward the unsatisfactory nature
Residence Hall this fall. While students enjoyed         of the world, and his unwillingness to believe that a
pizza in the MSRH Music Room, the aggressive             world filled with such suffering could have been created
attack on religion led by, among others, Richard         by a deity conceived of through traditional theology.
Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, was addressed by          After the initial presentations, the speakers responded
representatives of both sides of the dispute: JTS        to one another’s arguments, and students had the
professor Leonard Levin and Austin Dacey of the          opportunity to ask questions. The Jewish Philosophy
Center for Inquiry.                                      Salon raised important questions about evil and
  Rabbi Levin spoke first. Stressing that religion and   innocent suffering, and prompted serious discussions
science do not necessarily disprove one another, he      of theodicy and scientific theory both during and after
contended that, while science is useful in addressing    the event. This dignified and civil debate encouraged
the physical particulars of the wider universe,          students to become engaged with tough, modern
religion serves as a moral compass that provides         theological and philosophical problems. We eagerly
an underlying spiritual meaning. A believer in guided    anticipate the next Jewish Philosophy Salon, so that
evolution (the idea that God purposefully directed the   we may again have the opportunity to ask those hard
course of the world and its creatures’ development),     questions.

                                   Listen to the podcast of this and other

                                        JTS events at

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