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Adam Frey

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                                                Fall 2008

             In This Issue                  What's a nutshell...
              New Music                

             Cool Website

             Travel Photo

             Practice Tip

   Consortium Commission Project

               IEI 2009

         What's on the Horizon

             Quick Links

              Forum                   We are in the final stages of the new  It will be
         Consortium Project           another few days until the release of the new site on December 1,
              Events                  but we know it is worth the wait.  There will be a Flash photo
                                      gallery, new layout, easier and more complete navigation, and
                                      more sound samples.
                                      Also in this edition, find information on the completed 2008
                                      Consortium Commission Project and also intial details about IEI

                                      Readers will also find details about new sheet music and sales on
            NEW MUSIC at              the left hand column including a new monthly feature, Standards
               on Sale, focusing on HUGE savings on pieces that are part of the
                                      standard repertoire for the euphonium.
                                      If you have trouble reading this, we have included a link to a
   We have some great new titles      webpage version and a PDF format newsletter to make it easier.
   in our quest to carry only the
   best titles in the repertoire. 
   We try to have PDF and MP3               2008 Consortium Commission COMPLETED!!
   samples so you adn "try before
   you buy" on most of our titles!!    

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                                      I am VERY happy to report great success with the 2008 Consortium
   The BRASS GYM - Pat Sheriden       Commission.  Thank you to all the people that contributed and
   and Sam Pilafian's GREAT Daily     made this endeavor possible.  If you want to know more about this,
   Routine                            visit the Consortium Commission Homepage.  I invite you to visit the
                                      website to hear a few of the sound samples of the 2008 works in
   Amsden's Celebrated Practice       both MIDI and live performances versions.
   Duets - TOP NOTCH and               
   HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.                Members of the 2008 Consortium Commission will enjoy a few
                                      monthes of exclusive use of these pieces as well as being able to
   Variations on Drink to Me Only     offer a "Consortium World Premiere" when they perform the pieces
   - Howard Snell for Falcone '09     until the end of March.  This is one of the advantages of being a
                                      part of this Consortium. 
                                                     COMPOSITIONS FOR 2008  
                                      Sonata for Euphonium and Piano - Eric Ewazen
                                      Pearls 2 for Euphonium and Piano - Roland Szentpali
                                      Victory!! for Tuba Euphonium Quartet - Eric Ewazen
                                      IEI 2008 Fanfare Collection for Tuba Euphonium Quartet

                                            Glen Meadow Fanfare - David Dover
                                            Fanfare No. 1 - Kenneth Friedrich
                                            Antiphonal Fanfare - Tim Jansa (8 Parts)
                                            Fanfare from Chester Variants - Christopher Tucker
   Concerto for Euphonium (In
   League with Extraordinary
   Gentlemen) - Peter Graham
                                                         PLANNING FOR 2009
   Relentless Grooves-CUBA - Sam      I hope you will visit the Consortium Commission Webpage to find
   Pilafian                           out more information about this past project as well as how YOU
                                      can be a part of this exciting opportunity in the future.  Plans for
                                      2009 are already in the works and more information will be
                                      available in January.  Membership levels begin at $45!!!  A bargain
                                      to be a part of helping to create GREAT new music for the
    Interesting Website               euphonium and tuba.  You also receive exclusive use of the music
                                      before it becomes available to the general public.  So please get
   I thought I would recommend        involved, join the movement, and spread the good word!!
   an interesting website.  Some
   people may already be
   familiar with the websites,
   but we have an worldwide
                                            International Euphonium Institute (IEI) 
   audience on this newsletter,             June 14-20, 2009 in Atlanta, GA
   so it will be new to others.        
   A very interesting site is about
   an incredible group put
   together in Japan called The
   Euphonium Company.  If you
   look at the list of players in
   the group when it was active
   in the 90's, you see many of
   the Japanese leaders of
   Also, follow the links to the
   concert videos where they
   perform completely by

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       Fall into
       savings +
       take 10%
   Enjoy some sale items below. 
   We will now always offer a
   "Standard" on sale each
   newsletter so you can add to
   your or your student's library. 
   Also, you can use a coupon for
   an EXTRA 10% off at the               While all the details for IEI 2009 are still finalizing, we are pleased Store.  Use             to announce that from June 14 to 20 world class euphonium talent
   coupon code "NEWS7230" The            will descend on Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia for an
   offer expires Nov. 30, so don't       inspirational and motivational week.  Here is an early sampling of
   delay!!                               ONLY SOME of the incredible staff:

   STANDARDS ON SALE                            Thomas Rüedi (Euphonium Soloist and International  Guest
                                                from Switzerland)
          Fantaisie Originale -                 Jens-Bjørn Larsen (Tuba Soloist and International  Guest
          Ermano Picchi (ONLY                   from Denmark)
          $10!!)                                Adam Frey (Georgia State & Emory Universities)
          Sonata in F Major -                   Steve Call (Brigham Young University)
          Benedetto Marcello                    Dwight Coleman (Director of Vocal Studies, Georgia State
          (ONLY $10!!)                          University)
                                                Martin Cochran (Univ of Montevallo)
   EXPLORE NEW REPERTOIRE                       Tom Gibson (Kennesaw State University)
                                                Caryl Conger and Magi Shumanova will also grace IEI with
          Summer Isles - Philip                 their supreme talents on piano.
          Sparke (Save $2)
          Mot d'amor - Sir Edward        There are many more to come and wanted to get everyones' whet
          Elgar(Save $2)                 everyone's appetite for this next inspirational week. 
          Kino Concertino -              We will have more details, confirmations, and finalized costs when
          Tadeus Kassati (Save           the new website opens on December 1.
          Concerto - John Stevens
          (Save $3)                            What's on the Horizon
          Offer Expires: Nov. 30, 2008
                                         Website Upgrade
                                         The website is almost complete.  We look forward to the showing
             Travel Photo                everyone the new look in December. 

                                         Concerts and Teaching
                                         January will be busy with recordings, a trip to Spain, and a

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                                       performance at Georgia Music Educators with the Georgia Brass
                                       Band.  We will also be bringing the Store to the US
                                       Army Band Conference and the Regional Tuba Euphonium
                                       Conference at the North Carolina School for the Arts in early
                                       March.  If you don't know about them, make plans to attend one of
                                       the Regional ITEA conferences.  You can find more information on
                                       the performance schedule.

                                       New Recordings
                                       There are a number of new projects on the drawing board for this
       I actually took a vacation      year.  With the success and response towards the previous
     WITHOUT my euphonium to           recordings, I continue to try to find new avenues and concepts.  So
    visit the wonderful country of     over the next year there will be three recording projects that
    Peru.  My wife and I hiked the     include the following:
   26 miles on the Inca Trail, had
   4000 ft vertical climb days, and          Telemann Canonic Sonatas including Duet Samples and a
       arrived at Macchu Picchu              Play-Along-Track and PDF sample.  TRY IT OUT!! (early 2009) 
      (pictured above).  It was a            Jan 8-10 - Beyond the Horizons - Volume 2 with more
     glorious experience indeed.             exciting new repertoire by Stephenson, Szentpali, Brusick,
                                             Ewazen, Sparke, Mikles, and Catelinet. (June 09) 
                                             Solos and Duets with Wind Band - Adam Frey,
             Practice Tip                    euphonium; Jeff Nelsen, French horn (Canadian Brass); Scott
                                             Hagen and the University of Utah Wind Ensemble.  Repertoire
                                             by Nelson, Robert W Smith, Tony DiLorenzo, and others!!
    To truly be efficient with your
     practice time, mark only the
   specific measures in a piece or           In closing...
       etude that you cannot play
     perfectly (if it is more than 1
    in 10, find an easier piece!!). 
      ONLY spend time practicing
   those marked measures.  Then,
   have a final run through to see
     if you can remove (or add) to
         your marked measures.

                                       I hope you have found this newsletter enjoyable.  Another view of
                                       the new site is above and I look forward to its completion

                                       As always, I encourage you to love to play, share the euphonium,
                                       communicate with other musicians, and get involved with
                                       euphonium events, forums, and promoting the instrument.
                                       Feel free to send thougthts or suggestions for the newsletter or
                                       website upgrade to

                                       Best wishes for a great start of the school year and I look forward to

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                                        seeing many of you as I travel. 
                                        Onward and upward,

                                        Adam Frey 

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