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  ThiS iS iT
  Just two weeks before the first of Michael           The brilliant accompanying
  Jackson’s 50 sell-out concerts at London’s O2     soundtrack features the songs Jackson was
  arena, the King of Pop died in Los Angeles.       to perform, in the order of the set list. The
  Although he never performed his show, a           lineup includes classics like “Beat It”, “Thriller”
  new documentary, This Is It, allows a glimpse     and “Man in the Mirror”, as well as a spoken-
  of what the Jackson spectacular might have        word piece “Planet Earth” and new song “This
  looked like, with rehearsals and behind-the-      Is It”, a ballad with back-up vocals by the
  scenes footage of the concert preparation.        Jackson brothers.

                                   The Twilight Saga: New
                                   Moon Soundtrack
                                   You don’t have to be a fanatical Twilight fan to enjoy the
                                   soundtrack to the series’ second movie, New Moon. It’s full
                                   of top tunes and a great listen in its own right. The 15 tracks
                                   include songs from indie-rock heavyweights like Death Cab
                                   for Cutie, Bon Iver and the Killers. Radiohead frontman Thom
                                   Yorke’s “Hearing Damage” is a highlight.

                                   celine Dion
                                   Over the course of her stellar career, Celine Dion has won
                                   five Grammy Awards and two Academy Awards for Best
                                   Original Song – not to mention the hearts of millions of fans.
                                   My Love: Ultimate Essential Collection is a compilation of all
                                   the biggest hits from the world’s best-selling female artist,
                                   including “My Heart Will Go On”, “The Power of Love” and
                                   “My Love”.

  Spotlight: blaCK SabbatH
                       Despite getting very little radio play over the years
                       because their songs are about apocalypse, death
                       and destruction, Black Sabbath have managed
                       to sell more than 15 million records in the
                       United States alone. The band, who formed in
                       1969, are deemed one of the pioneers of heavy
                       metal — and many of today’s biggest metal
  bands, including Metallica, Slipknot, Pantera and Megadeth, cite Black
  Sabbath as one of their influences. We’ve got five of Black Sabbath’s
  best albums (from the period when Ozzy Osbourne was their frontman)
  on board this month.

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HOT TIPS Our top picks from this month’s wealth of talent.                                  cds

                          MAISEY rIKA
                         There’s something oh-so-summery about
                         the debut album from Kiwi artist Maisey
                         Rika, Tohu. Her smooth vocals, similar
to those of international artist Sade, seem designed to melt into
balmy summer nights. This diverse album has funky, rhythmic
and upbeat songs such as the charming “Ladeda Day”, as well
as haunting, melodic beauties like “Reconnect”. Rika’s lyrics, a
mixture of Maori and English, are emotionally raw, speaking of
love, heartbreak and issues within Maoridom. With Tohu, Rika
cements her reputation as a hot new star on the rise. Her song
“Repeat Offender” was a finalist in the APRA Maioha Award, which
celebrates Maori songwriting.

rock                               Classical                        State of Mind
The Checks                         Richard Farrell                  Faster Than Light
Alice By the Moon                  Volume 1 of the Complete         Tiki Taane
Danny McCrum Band                  Recordings                       Flux
Awake and Restless                 Jonathan Lemalu                  The Upbeats
Dimmer                             Love Blows as the Wind Blows     Big Skeleton HOT TIPS
Degrees of Existence               Jonathan Lemalu
The Electric
                                   Opera Arias
                                   New Zealand String
                                                                    Easy Listening
                                                                    Lydia Cole
Sweet Tooth                        Quartet                          Love Will Find a Way
Evermore                           Bartok                           Don McGlashan and the
Truth of the World: Welcome        New Zealand Symphony             Seven Sisters
to the Show                        Orchestra                        Marvellous Year
Barry Saunders                     George Gershwin                  Jayson Norris
Zodiac                             New Zealand Symphony             Freedom to Live
Various                            Orchestra                        Bic Runga
7 Worlds Collide                   Sibelius                         Birds
                                   New Zealand Symphony             Various
Pop                                Orchestra
                                   Vaughan Williams
                                                                    The Great New Zealand Songbook
Cinema 90
Cinema 90
Crowded House
                                   Kiri Te Kanawa
                                                                    Eru Dangerspiel
Time on Earth                      Hayley Westenra
                                                                    Great News for the Modern Man
Dave Dobbyn                        Treasure
                                                                    Jacqui Fitzgerald
Anotherland                                                         The Masquerade is Over
Flight of the Conchords            Alternative                      Nathan Haines
Flight of the Conchords            Cliff Hedley                     Right Now
Fly My Pretties                    Sink & Swim                      Mojave
A Story                            Midnight Youth                   Well Dressed Standards
Greg Johnson                       The Brave Don’t Run
Greatest Hits HOT TIPS
                                   Selon Recliner                   Chill Out
                                   The Orchid Door                  The Black Seeds
Ladyhawke                          Various                          Solid Ground
Opensouls                          Merry Christmas Baby
Standing in the Rain                                                dDub
                                   The Veils                        Medicine Man
Maisey Rika                        Sun Gangs
Tohu                                                                Fat Freddys Drop
Boh Runga                                                           Dr Boondigga & the Big BW
Right Here                         Gold                             Kora
Savage                             Crowded House                    Kora
Moonshine                          Recurring Dream                  Pacific Heights
Smashproof                         The Exponents                    In a Quiet Storm
The Weekend                        Sex and Agriculture              Salmonella Dub
Tahuna Breaks                      Split Enz                        Feel the Seasons Change
Black, Brown and White HOT TIPS    The Best of Split Enz
Flying Nun: 25th Anniversary       Dance
J. Williams                        Concord Dawn
Young Love T                       Chaos by Design

                                                                  watch/listen/play/discover 15

                                     Placebo                               Paolo Nutini
                                     Battle for the Sun                    Sunny Side Up

  books                              Barry Saunders
                                                                           Standing in the Rain
                                     U2                                    Jack Peñate
  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle             No Line on the Horizon                Everything is New
  The Hound of the Baskervilles      Various                               Maisey Rika
  James Long                         7 Worlds Collide                      Tohu
  The Lowdown: Blogging for          Wolfmother                            Boh Runga
  Business                           Cosmic Egg HOT TIPS                   Right Here
  Lucy McCarraher and                Neil Young                            Savage
  Annabel Shaw                       After the Gold Rush                   Moonshine
  The Lifestyle Lowdown:                                                   Smashproof
  A Simpler Life                                                           The Weekend
  Bram Stoker                                                              Jordin Sparks
  Dracula                            pop                                   Battlefield
  Danny Wallace                                                            Tahuna Breaks
  Friends Like These                 A-Ha                                  Brown, Black and White HOT TIPS
                                     Foot of the Mountain                  Tinchy Stryder
                                     Beyoncé                               Catch 22
  spotlight                          I Am… Sasha Fierce
                                     Black Eyed Peas
                                                                           Flying Nun: 25th Anniversary
                                     The E.N.D.                            Various
  Black Sabbath                      Blur                                  Now 73
  Black Sabbath                      Midlife: A Beginner’s Guide to Blur   J. Williams
  Black Sabbath                      VV Brown                              Young Love
  Black Sabbath Vol. 4               Travelling Like the Light             Robbie Williams
  Black Sabbath                      Cinema 90                             Reality Killed the Video Star
  Master of Reality                  Cinema 90
  Black Sabbath                      Coldplay
  Black Sabbath
                                     Viva La Vida
                                     Crowded House
  Sabbath Bloody Sabbath             Time on Earth                         & musicals
                                     Depeche Mode
                                     Sounds of the Universe                Nicholas Hooper
  rock                               Dave Dobbyn
                                                                           Harry Potter and the Half-Blood
                                                                           Prince — Original Soundtrack
                                     Dizzee Rascal                         Michael Jackson
  Alice in Chains                    Tongue N’ Cheek                       This Is It Original Soundtrack
  Black Gives Way to Blue            Newton Faulkner                       HOT TIPS
  Bon Jovi                           Rebuilt by Humans                     Various
  Circle                             Flight of the Conchords               Camp Rock
  Breaking Benjamin                  Flight of the Conchords               Various
  Dear Agony                         Fly My Pretties                       Mamma Mia! The Movie Soundtrack
  The Checks                         A Story                               Various
  Alice By the Moon                  David Guetta                          The Twilight Saga: New Moon
  Danny McCrum Band                  One Love                              Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
  Awake and Restless                 Imogen Heap
  Daughtry                           Ellipse
  Leave This Town                    Whitney Houston
  The Dead Weather
                                     I Look to You
                                     Michael Jackson
  Dimmer                             King of Pop: The New Zealand          Andrea Bocelli
  Degrees of Existence               Collection                            Incanto
  The Electric                       Michael Jackson                       Maria Callas
  Confectionaires                    The Motown 50 Mixes                   The Platinum Collection
  Sweet Tooth                        Jay-Z                                 José Carreras
  Evermore                           The Blueprint                         Mediterranean Passion
  Truth of the World: Welcome        Greg Johnson                          Cleobury: KCCC
  to the Show                        Greatest Hits HOT TIPS                Handel – Messiah
  Foo Fighters                       Jonas Brothers                        Richard Farrell
  Greatest Hits                      Lines, Vines and Trying Times         Volume 1 of the Complete
  Gossip                             Kylie                                 Recordings
  Music for Men                      X                                     Philip Glass
  Green Day                          La Roux                               The Best of Philip Glass
  21st Century Breakdown             La Roux
  Grinspoon                          Ladyhawke
  Six to Midnight                    Ladyhawke
  Kasabian                           Little Boots
  West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum   Hands
  Manic Street Preachers             Pixie Lott
  Journal for Plague Lovers          Turn it Up
  Muse                               Demi Lovato
  The Resistance HOT TIPS            Here We Go Again
  Paramore                           Madness
  Brand New Eyes                     The Liberty of Norton Folgate
  Pearl Jam                          Madonna
  Backspacer HOT TIPS                Celebration
                                     Daniel Merriweather
                                     Love & War

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HOT TIPS Our top picks from this month’s wealth of talent.                          cds

Il Divo                            Cliff Hedley
The Promise                        Sink & Swim
Rene Jacobs, Freiburg              Maximo Park
Orchestra                          Quicken the Heart
Mozart: Don Giovanni               Midnight Youth
Janine Jansen                      The Brave Don’t Run
Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto       Ohbijou
Katherine Jenkins                  Beacons
Believe                            Reverend and the
Jonathan Lemalu                    Makers
Love Blows as the Wind Blows       A French Kiss in the Chaos
Jonathan Lemalu                    St Vincent
Opera Arias                        Actor
London Symphony                    Selon Recliner
Orchestra & Sir Colin              The Orchid Door
Davis                              Regina Spektor                  The Doors
Sibelius – Symphonies Nos. 1 & 4   Far                             Very Best of the Doors
Anne-Sophie Mutter                 Various                         Bob Dylan
Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto –     Merry Christmas Baby            Dylan (Remastered)
Piano Trio in D Minor              The Veils                       The Exponents
New Zealand                        Sun Gangs                       Sex and Agriculture
String Quartet                     White Denim                     Ella Fitzgerald
Bartok                             Fits                            Gold
New Zealand Symphony               Wilco                           Fleetwood Mac
Orchestra                          Wilco                           Greatest Hits
George Gershwin                                                    Marvin Gaye
New Zealand Symphony                                               What’s Going on
Orchestra                                                          John Lee Hooker
New Zealand Symphony
                                   gold                            Hooker
                                                                   Led Zeppelin
Orchestra                          AC/DC                           Mothership
Vaughan Williams                   Back in Black                   Pink Floyd
Paul Potts                         Louis Armstrong                 Dark Side of the Moon
Passione                           Ultimate Collection             Queen
André Rieu                         The Beatles                     A Night at the Opera
You’ll Never Walk Alone            Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts     The Rolling Stones
Kate Royal                         Club Band HOT TIPS              Exile on Mainstreet
Midsummer Night                    The Bee Gees                    Simon & Garfunkel
Kiri Te Kanawa                     Greatest Hits                   Bridge Over Troubled Water
Kiri                               Black Sabbath                   Split Enz
Bruno Walter                       Greatest Hits                   The Best of Split Enz
Mozart: Symphonies, Concertos,     David Bowie                     Bruce Springsteen & the
Serenades                          Aladdin Sane                    E Street Band
Hayley Westenra                    James Brown                     Greatest Hits
Treasure                           Very Best of                    Various
Yo-Yo Ma                           Nat King Cole                   Motown 50
Appassionato                       The World of Nat King Cole      Stevie Wonder
                                   Crowded House                   Songs in the Key of Life
                                   Recurring Dream

The Acorn
Glory Hope Mountain
Controlling Crowds
Arctic Monkeys
Black Swan
Brendan Benson
My Old, Familiar Friend
The Big Pink
A Brief History of Love
Biffy Clyro
Only Revolutions
The Decemberists
The Hazards of Love
The Editors
In This Life and on
This Evening HOT TIPS
The Seldom Seen Kid
Empire of the Sun
Walking on a Dream
Florence and the Machine

                                                                 watch/listen/play/discover 17
                                           HOT TIPS Our top picks from this month’s wealth of talent.

  dance                          Frank Sinatra
                                 At the Movies
  Basement Jaxx                  Various
  Scars                          The Great New Zealand Songbook
  Bass Generation HOT TIPS                                          Courtney Pine
  The Best of Chicane            countRy                            Transition in Tradition (En Hommage
                                                                    à Sydney Bechet)
  Concord Dawn                                                      Seasick Steve
  Chaos By Design                Garth Brooks                       I Started Out With Nothin’ and I Still
  Lady Gaga                      The Chase                          Got Most of it Left
  The Fame                       Brooks & Dunn                      Stan Tracey
  MGMT                           #1s… and Then Some                 Alice in Jazz Land
  Oracular Spectacular           Johnny Cash
  The Prodigy                    At Folsom Prison
  Invaders Must Die              Kenny Chesney
  State of Mind
  Faster Than Light
                                 Lucky Old Sun
                                 Emmylou Harris
  Tiki Taane                     Pieces of the Sky                  Amadou & Mariam
  Flux                           Alison Krauss                      Welcome to Mali
  The Upbeats                    The Essential Alison Krauss        Buena Vista Social Club
  Big Skeleton HOT TIPS          Martina McBride                    At Carnegie Hall
                                 Shine                              Seun Kuti and Egypt 80
                                 Willie Nelson                      Many Things
  eaSy                           American Classic
                                 George Straight
                                                                    Gilles Peterson
  liStening                      Twang
                                                                    Panama! 2
                                 Live on the Inside
  Bon Iver
  For Emma for Ever Ago
  Peter Broderick
  Home                           jazz                               chill out
  Patrizio Buanne
  Buanne                         Chet Baker                         Love 2
  Leonard Cohen                  My Funny Valentine                 The Black Seeds
  The Essential                  Barber, Ball & Bilk                Solid Ground
  Lydia Cole                     Boaters Bowlers and Bowties        dDub
  Love Will Find a Way           Bill Evans Trio                    Medicine Man
  Celine Dion                    Sunday at the Village Vanguard     Fat Freddys Drop
  My Love: Ultimate Essential    Art Blakey                         Dr Boondigga & the Big BW
  Collection                     A Night at Birdland                Kora
  Nancy Elizabeth                Michael Bublé                      Kora
  Wrought Iron                   Crazy Love                         Mùm
  David Gray                     John Coltrane                      Go Go Smear the Poison Ivy
  Draw the Line                  Blue Train                         Pacific Heights
  Joan as Police Woman           Harry Connick Jnr                  In a Quiet Storm
  To Survive                     Your Songs                         Portishead
  Jack Johnson                   Eru Dangerspiel                    Third
  Sleep Through the Static       Great News for the                 Salmonella Dub
  Ronan Keating                  Modern Man                         Feel the Seasons Change
  Songs for My Mother            Dave Brubeck Quartet               Sleepreviva*
  Mark Knopfler                  Jazz Impressions of the USA        Perfect Nap
  Get Lucky                      Miles Davis                        Sleepreviva*
  Don McGlashan                  Kind of Blue                       Sleep Track
  and the Seven Sisters          Jacqui Fitzgerald
  Marvellous Year                The Masquerade is Over
  Monsters of Folk               Bill Frisell
  Monsters of Folk               History, Mystery
  James Morrison                 Melody Gardot
  Songs for You, Truths for Me   My One & Only Thrill                  Sleep tRackS*
  Jayson Norris                  Nathan Haines
  Freedom to Live                Right Now                             Performance Nap
  Pink Martini                   Herbie Hancock                        Music, binaural beats and
  Splendor in the Grass          Head Hunters                          voice — 20 mins
  Bic Runga                      Billie Holiday                        Sleep Track
  Birds                          Lady Sings the Blues                  Music, binaural beats and
                                 Manu Katche                           voice — 60 mins
                                 Charles Mingus                        To listen to Sleepreviva press:
                                 Mingus Ah Um
                                 Mojave                                LISTEN, GENRES and then
                                 Well Dressed Standards                CHILL OUT.
                                 Thelonious Monk
                                 Brilliant Corners                    * Do not use Sleepreviva if you suffer from
                                 Lee Morgan                            epilepsy, clinical depression or any other
                                 The Sidewinder                        nervous or psychiatric condition. If in doubt,
                                                                       please consult your doctor. Sleepreviva should
                                 Charlie Parker
                                                                       not be used when full alertness is required.
                                 Complete Jazz at Massey Hall

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radio shows & showcase

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Enjoy these shows produced
exclusively for Air New Zealand
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music today.

         kiwi fm

 Channel 01             PG
 New Zealand’s kiwi FM
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 these exclusive shows for
 your listening pleasure.

    classic hits                        urban flite                     sky symphony
 Channel 02             PG                                             Channel 08             PG
 radio DJ robert Taylor             Channel 06            R
                                                                       andrew McGregor presents
 rewinds time with a great          Join Jalen rose for the best
                                                                       classical music for travellers.
 selection of classic hits.         in r’n’B and hip hop from
                                    artists such as Mariah Carey,
                                    Usher and Ja rule.                  pure pleasure
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 Hosts Jaquie Brown and                                                hours of easy-listening
 Oliver Driver bring you the
                                    Channel 07            PG
                                    alyn Shipton presents the
 latest international pop songs.
                                    newest and the very                       kidstuff
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          wired                                                        Channel 10             G
                                                                       Hey kids! Sahana Christie
 Channel 04             PG
                                                                       takes you on an adventure
 Eddy Temple Morris’s top                                              with lots of great stories
 alternative picks from New                                            and music.
 Zealand and the Uk, plus
 remixes and rarities.
           z-roq                                                       Channel 11 PG
                                                                       atlantic Conveyor
 Channel 05             R
                                                                       production maestro Tubbs
 Chris Carter brings you the                                           presents the rarest new-
 very best rock music,                                                 wave disco beats he can lay
 including classic anthems                                             his hands on.
 from headliners like Pearl
 Jam and Slipknot.
                                                                        the blue room
   showcase                                                            Channel 12            PG
The Veils                          Indicator                           Chill out with this downbeat
31 TraCkS PG                                                           selection of tracks from
                                   26 TraCkS PG
                                                                       artists such as The Black
an interview and live session      aroha Harawira presents a           Seeds and Fat Boy Slim.
with kiwi band The Veils.          showcase of kiwi artists
                                   including Motocade and Fat                indicator
Dave Dobbyn                        Freddys Drop.
31 TraCkS R                                                            Channel 13            PG
One of New Zealand’s               Indicator                           a showcase of the hottest
biggest stars looks back at        31 TraCkS PG                        new indie talent New
                                                                       Zealand has to offer.
the high points of his career      Listen to some of New
and plays songs from his           Zealand’s best indie artists
album anotherland.                 including The Datsuns, The              relaxation
                                   Tutts and Nathan king.
Kora                                                                   Channel 14            PG
                                                                       a selection of music
21 TraCkS R                        Barry Saunders                      designed to make your flight
The kiwi five-piece reveal         25 TraCkS R                         as relaxed as possible.
how they create their blend        Listen to a showcase of the
of dub, funk and heavy metal.      best hits from The Warratahs’
                                   frontman Barry Saunders.

                                                                    watch/listen/play/discover 19